im sorry i still have no idea what im doing

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

little adhd things (inattentive type edition):
  • i put a thing down 6 seconds ago and now it has vanished into the fucking ether
  • im going to do something productive, i say, proceeding to do one totally useless thing for 4 straight hours
  • time is an illusion
  • whenever someone interrupts me whatever train of thought i was on is gone Forever never to be seen again
  • except then that train of thought comes back half an hour later and i have to bring it up regardless of what we’re talking about now
  • tf do u mean that’s due Tomorrow. wait what day is it. wait shit
  • im going to take a quick break, i say, getting distracted by one totally useless thing for 4 straight hours
  • suddenly the sun is rising
  • im sorry i have no idea what you just said i got distracted bc my brain got stuck on something you said ten minutes ago
  • i can do this!! (thirty seconds later) im so bored im going to commit a crime
  • movies/podcasts/shows that are longer than 10 minutes an episode: too long. cannot pay attention for that long. going to do some other totally useless thing for 4 straight hours
  • rereading the instructions 16 times and still missing something
  • getting yelled at for forgetting things like Sorry Im Mentally Ill
  • “why am i like this”

feel free 2 add (haAHha) ur own


[…] It still shocks me that I even managed to get this far just from walking around my apartment filming myself. Sometimes I watch other YouTubers, and I’m just like, “How the f*** did I get here? Who let that happen?” But from the day I started making videos, when I thought about what kind of YouTuber I wanted to be, I am still moving towards that. So whether you’re new or you haven’t even subscribed yet, the best is still yet to come. You have no idea.

Your Name Kallura AU

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Pairing: Kallura

Word Count: 3113

Part One

           “Princess Allura, Princess Allura. Up goes the sun, a new day has begun! It is time to awake, Princess.”

           The first thing that Allura registered was that she was being gently shaken awake by her royal advisor, Coran. She struggled to free herself from sleep’s hazy clutches, but she couldn’t completely shake off the feeling that she was forgetting something.

           “I am awake, Coran,” Allura mumbled, as she rose from bed. She gave her royal advisor a smile. “Thank you for waking me, as always.”

           Coran gave her a funny look.

           “Not always, Princess,” Coran said as he twisted one end of his mustache. “Why, just yesterday you were already up before I entered the room! Gave me quite a scare, you did. Especially when you asked me questions of my identity and our whereabouts. You were a bit aggressive, like an angry Klanmurl mother asking for her kidnapped cubs!”

           “I did what?!” Allura asked in disbelief. That was quite disturbing to hear, especially when she had no recollection of it at all.

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And we hit 7000+ followers! Holy geez!

AAAA! That was even faster! ; O ; / I didn’t even get a chance to rest! So now I’m REALLY not sure what to do! You guys are free to throw ideas in for now, but as for the video, I might have to just save it till 8000, because the numbers are still climbing and I don’t think I can catch up this time! Sorry about that! ; O ; / I’ll try to do something else but suggestions would be great! Thank you everyone for your continued support! <3

first kiss in the rain w/ dino ↴
  • short + sweet
  • because I need to hit the hay
  • you and chan were hanging out on his day off
  • he loves spending time with you
  • his best friend
  • you both decided to go bike riding 
  • he wanted to stay active on his days off
  • because he believed if he got lazy, he’d be lazy forever
  • which is semi-true
  • “wait up!”
  • you call after chan and he continues to speed up ahead
  • “it’s going to rain soon! I’m not trying to get wet!”
  • you look up at the sky and see how dark it was getting
  • the clouds filled with water
  • blocking the sun 
  • you could feel the moisture in the air
  • this only makes you speed up even more
  • you finally catch up to chan
  • but the rain began to fall
  • you look up again
  • and for the slightest second you were distracted
  • your bike and you went tumbling down
  • you scream and chan immediately stops
  • “y/n!” 
  • he drops his bike and runs up to you
  • your bike fell on top of you
  • and the rain wasn’t making it any easier
  • “are you hurt?”
  • he lifts the bike off of you
  • he checks your body
  • examining your legs and arms
  • “no, nothing hurts”
  • you notice a few scratches
  • but they didn’t even hurt
  • “you scared me! I thought you got run over or something!”
  • chan pulled you into a hug quickly
  • “Im sorry! Im okay!” you reassure him
  • but he still seems ticked off
  • “do you have any idea what I would do if something happend to you?”
  • “I’d go crazy!”
  • chan keeps rambling on and on
  • his voice getting louder because he couldn’t hear himself over the pouring rain
  • you felt flattered that he cared so much about you
  • just as much as you cared for him
  • the only way to to shut chan up
  • was to kiss him
  • you grabbed his cheeks and pulled his face close to yours
  • you smile before pressing your lips on his
  • chan smiled in the kiss
  • and you were satisfied that your plan worked
  • you pull aways slowly
  • chan rubs the rain that was getting in his face, off
  • “now let’s go home before we both get sick”
  • you stood up and chan followed your steps
  • “you drive me crazy” 
  • he laughs before collecting his bike
  • “but you know you like it”

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I heard about the hate, who do I have to stab? I'll slap a hoe, don't say I won't.

its alllllll good kiddo. people can have their t r a s h opinions about me. but at the end of the day i love myself so im chillin. also to that anon under this ask, im sorry for bein a wee bit extra and i know you’re trying to give a positive idea but this blog isnt about popularity. if anything. its GOOD to have a voice when you have a large crowd. i want people to have a voice whether its a negative or positive one because its YOUR opinion. i understand i need to watch what i say and most of the time i do! but i still wont be silenced bc of that yall get me?

Dear Evan Hansen

So I posted this fic on wattpad and ppl liked it a lot (for some reason) so Im posting it here as well. 

tagging people who wanted to be tagged in my other fic (that i still havent started) if you want to be added or removed feel free to message me.

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sorry for any mistakes but im on phone and i have no idea what im doing.

Summary: typical soulmate Au where the first words that you hear from your soulmate is tattooed on you since birth etc..

The idea came from tumblr but i dont know who wrote it actually so i cant credit them sorrry

Warnings: death mention (dont worry its not mayor), DEAR EVAN HANSEN SPOILERS!

Pairings: I think poly i mean idk i never wrote poly/lamp before but i mean enjoy lol

Human! Au

It was on his arm for so long. And he still didn’t know what it meant.

I can’t believe Connor Murphy died.

Who is Connor Murphy? Why is he dead? Why is this the first sentence he will hear from his soulmate? Why?

Questions were building up in Virgil’s head. He spent the past 19 years of his life asking the same questions over and over again. He surely won’t find his soulmate after 19 long years. But his best, and only friend Patton still pushed him, still believed in him. He didn’t tell anyone, not even Patton what his tattoo said.

Patton didn’t find his soulmate either and he was 20. But he never gave up. He went outside as much as he could, in hopes that someone will pass by and say these five words:

This doesn’t make any sense.

He also had no idea what his tattoo meant, what made sense but he was hopeful.

And that is why they were sitting in Patton’s car to go the theathre. Virgil didn’t want to go, of course he didn’t he wasn’t the going outside type but Patton said he feels something is different. He couldn’t explain it but he said this night will change their life. And boy was he right.

“C'mon Verge it’s going to be fun! I promise.” Patton beamed with a comforting smile. He loved going outside. Virgil didn’t.

“Whatever. I still don’t like this idea. What are we even watching? I hope it’s something not that boring. But who am I kidding theathre is just boring..” Virgil said with a bored tone in his voice. He didn’t like theathre. It was dark, loud and they were sometimes singing. He didn’t like that kind of singing. He was more of the sad emo type.

“It’s called Dear Evan Hansen! If I remember right it’s about two boys who go to high school. One of them is Evan Hansen and the other is… What’s his name? Verge check that little prospectus please. I think it’s on the backseat.” Patton said not getting his eyes off of the road.

Virgil didn’t say anything just nodded and climbed to the backseat. It was not the easiest to find the little paper in the mess that was in Patton’s car but he succesfully pulled it out from between the two seats.

“I found it” He said as he sat back in the front seat.

“Check who’s the other boy in the play please. I can’t remember his name and you know I hate forggetting things.” Patton said. He didn’t hate a lot of things but his forgetfulness was one of them.

Virgil’s eyes scanned the paper for a few seconds when he spotted a name on the page.

His breath caught up and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“So what is it kiddo?” Patton asked. After a few minutes of silence he turned to look at Virgil who was just staring at the prospectus in front of him.

“Connor Murphy” Virgil whispered and let out a shaky breath.

“Is everything alright Verge? Do you want me to pull over?” Patton asked worriedly as he looked back at the road. He felt awful. He wanted to support his friend but he was in the middle of driving.

Virgil stayed silent for the rest of the ride. He only shook his head when Patton asked if he wants him to pull over for the second time.

“We are here Verge. Are you sure you don’t want to go home? You know it’s okay, I didn’t actually wanted to watch this that much, it doesn’t sound that interesting, so we can totally go home, it would be fine.” Patton rambled as an attempt to calm his friend down.

Virgil just shook his head and started to walk towards the theathre pulling Patton with him.

Virgil didn’t want to admit but he was actually kind of excited to see this musical. From what he knew it sounded interesting, but of course, it had to be ruined by some random person.

“Will you tell me why are you so silent?” Patton asked as he was walking next to Virgil. The boy let Patton go when he was sure that he is following him.

“No” Was all that Virgil said but it was enough for Patton to know not to push it. They will just enjoy this together and everything will be alright.

They sat down in their seats at the front and waited for other people to fill up the theathre. Beacuse of Patton if they ever went somewhere together they were always super early beacuse Patton didn’t want to miss anything.

The play didn’t start for another 15 minutes so Virgil decided to listen to music. As he reached in his pockets to grab his headphones he had to realize that they are in fact missing.

“Are you searching for your headphones? Sorry kiddo but maybe today is the big day you can’t miss it out just beacuse you were listening to music.” Patton said with an apologetic smile.

Roman’s Pov

“Logan we have to go! It’s Dear Evan Hansen!”

“I am aware Roman. But is it really that important? There’s no reason for me to go.” Logan asserted.

“Yes there is silly. You might find your soulmate! But most importantly I might find my own soulmate. My princess. I’m sure she is beautiful and we will be a perfect match.” Roman exagerrated.

“You shouldn’t assume Roman. You might be disappointed. What if it’s not even a girl? It can be a boy. Or a non-binary person. And what if you will be polar opposites. You set your bar too high, and that will cause disappointment.” The other boy stated.

“You don’t understand Lo. I can feel it. We will be perfect. I can feel it.” The dramatic one said.

“That makes no logical sense. And you can’t know for sure that you will meet them tonight. Also if you really want to see the play, we should go now or we will be late.” Logan pointed out.

“Oh gosh you are right we need to go right now. C'mon Logan you don’t wanna miss the play do you?” Roman said and hurried out the door.

Logan only sighed and went after the other boy. He was stuck with this drama queen till he finds his soulmate so he, secretly of course, also wants Roman to find his soulmate. And he would never admit it, not even to himself but deep down he too wanted to know who his “other half” is. It was stupid and illogical but he had to know.

The theathre wasn’t that far away, it was maybe a ten minute walk and with Roman’s fast walking they arrived in less than five minutes.

They went in and sat in the front row. Not that far away two boys sat around the same age. The only reason Logan noticed them is beacuse they looked like they are perfect opposites of each other. One of them wore a dark hoodie with purple paches and the other wore a blue t-shirt. The dark boy’s hair was in his face and his eyeshadow seemed to be under his eyes rather than on his eyelids. They looked odd but Logan didn’t think about them for too long.

Everyone fell silent as the play started.

Time skippity bc im lazyyy and also dont have any fucking time lol

The first act has finished and there was a 15 minute break. Almost everyone stood up to go to the bathrooms or to call someone etc..

They passed in front of the two boys when Logan heard it.

“I can’t believe it kiddo.” The sentence was followed with a sob which meant the person was crying.

Logan grabbed Roman’s arm and pulled the royal boy with him.

“Jesus nerd calm down you look like you just saw a ghost or something. What’s up with you? Why do you look so frightened?” Roman bombed the other boy with questions.

“I saw him. My soulmate. I saw him. I heard the sentence.” Logan breathed out.

“Why are you so weird? I thought you didn’t care. I mean I’m happy for you but you said you don’t care.”

“I thought that too.” Was all Logan said before they heard the theathre guy tell them that they have to go back.

Logan hurriedly went back to his row not even waiting for Roman. He kept muttering this doesn’t make any sense.

Apparently he was too loud as he heard a squeal from next to him. Of course he was standning right im front of the odd boy with the other weird guy.

“Virgil, Virgil, Virgil.” The boy shaked the dark one next to him. Logan just stood there looking at what the two were doing.

“What happened Patt? Are you hurt? Why do you look so… happy?” The other boy, Virgil as he just learned his name asked.

“Look!” He pulled up his cardigan’s sleeves and revealed that his tattoo was fading. Then Virgil noticed Logan standing there.

“Oh. Cool. So you are the guy. That’s cool.” Virgil said as he put his headphones on. At least there was an attempt to put them back, when he heard it.

“I can’t believe Connor Murphy died.” It was a boy who wore an outfit close to a Prince’s. There was no way that guy was his soulmate.

“You! You are the one!” He shouted suddenly.

The royal boy froze in his place and the two boys next to him looked in his direction as well.

“Roman?” Logan asked.

“Wait you know this guy? I don’t even know you. What’s your name anyways?” Virgil asked as he turned to Logan.

“Oh apologise. My name is Logan and that right there is my roommate. His name is Roman. And it seems like you said the words that are on his back.” Logan stated.

“Well Roman you spoiled the whole fucking play you know that right? You could have said literally anything else that didn’t contain these words but you, you had to say this. Thanks for spoiling this play. It was really great living my life in fear beacuse the word dead was on my arm. So really thank you.” Virgil scuffed.

After a few minutes Patton broke the silence.

“Verge calm down, it’s not Roman’s fault. It’s no one’s fault in fact.” The fatherly figure tried to calm both of the boys down.

“You… you are a boy. And-and you wear all black and you literally just look like an emo nightmare. I’ve waited 20 years for this?” Roman asked as he pointed towards the dark boy.

“Woah there. You don’t have to be mean. You don’t even know Virgil. You just critize him by his appearance. And that is not a good thing to do.” Patton said with a serious voice. “Very much so. Roman I told you. If you set your expectation too high you will probably be disappointed. Your soulmate doesn’t have to be a girl that is just plain stupid. Gender shouldn’t matter. Nor appearance. Personality is the one thing that matters.”

 Virgil’s eyes were scanning between the three boys in front of him. They were defending… him. Of course Patton always stood up for him, since he started high school the bubbly boy was always with him. But this new guy. He didn’t even know him. Why can’t the smart and kind boy be his soulmate? As he was thinking about this he felt something burning on his upper arm. It seemed like the three other boy experienced this too so they looked at each other then at their arms. He pulled up his sleeves and saw that the question What? was on his arm. But that’s not all. He also had I don’t understand and This makes no sense all tattooed on both his arms.

 "What?“ Patton suddenly asked. He was as confused as the others but everyone gasped as the word What started to fade from all of their arms. “I don’t understand.” Was the next sentence that started to fade from the boys’ arms. It was Roman who said this in complete confusion. “This makes no sense” Logan stated. The last sentence faded from Virgil’s arm. The other three looked at him. They all had the same sentence on their arm and Virgil said it immideatly. “I’m gonna faint.” He said and he fell to the ground. Or he would have fell if Roman didn’t jump behind him to catch him.

 okay so im ending this here beacuse im shit at endings sorry.



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5′5 (shout out to that inch I grew last year)


neither but im convinced I need them I cant see shit

ive never had them


Hmmm I have no idea I was thinking about this the other day I go through like phases of wanting to wear really feminine things which im in right now but then ill go into wanting to wear wide legged pants and sweaters and loafers……. Idk for the most part I wear my straight legged jeans and sweatshirts and ankle socks I look like a grandmother

October 6th


2 younger sisters

I go to college in nowhere ohio

the kind that gets motivated at night to wake up and do everything for the week then end up waking up at noon and watching youtube until 4 pm….. but I think im a good student other than that

im an English/writing/reading hoe but im not taking any of those classes anymore…..i take a lot of infant development classes because that’s what im going to school for

oh damn idk I don’t watch a lot of movies but its getting to be holiday time and love actually is on the brain I also watch a lot of animated movies and cry at all of them

going to the thrift shop, going to the coffee shop that’s also a book store, drinking too much coffee while doing homework then spending too much time browsing books


Oh girl don’t even get me started

at this point I just wanna be happy in my career i wanna work with kids n see them grow all that good stuff I love it

absolutely the hell yeah I do

I really want a lot like 4 or 5 but realistically I might not get there but I darn sure will try

I went to Canada when I was a literal newborn my parents thought it would be a good idea to camp but other than that 0

I dream so much but none of them are scary but I have a lot of stress dreams such as last night I dreamt I had to handwrite transactions at work and got yelled at



1. Autumn leaves – BTS

2. Firework – GOT7

3. 2nd Thots – Jay Park (I literally only listen to this in the shower)

4. That’s Why – Yerin Baek

5. Don’t Wanna Know – JJ Project

6. Bad 4 Us – Superfruit

7. Out – GOT7

8. She Moves in Her Own Way – The Kooks (wow an oldie)

9. Angel 2 Me (feat. Jeff Bernat) – McKay

10. I Love You More Than You Think – Rizzle Kicks

11. DDD – EXID (I’ve literally only been listening to this what a fucking bop)

12. Sincerely, Yours – Sophie Meiers

13. Prove It – GOT7 (I would die for this song)

14. Only Angel – Harry Styles

15. 1 of 1 – SHINee (I miss the 90s)

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Hi idk if you have answered this before and if you have I'm sorry for asking again but what brushes do you use in sai and where did you get them from? I recently ripped sai from online and it came with very few brushes and idk if there like a secret place to get new ones or what

im REALLY not the best person to ask abt this stuff, i started as a hobbyist and i still am, thats why i dont have any stores/merch with my art so i really dont pay attention to brushes and updates on the digital art scene, so youre really off better asking someone who is way more professional than me

anonymous asked:

do you have any other hc about GS and HT's brother? i found solace thinking about them talking about HT in secret(or in front of him lol) to know better how is doing and how he was like in the past.

this is really late and im so so sorry about it, anon!! i hope you’re still around to see this!! 

so, i do have some more headcanons about guan shan and he tian’s brother, but sadly they’re not that many and not that good, mostly because we know very little about he tian’s brother and have no idea of what happened between him and he tian, so i feel like im missing some vital information to be able to do them properly. still, i LOVE the idea of guan shan interacting with him one day, im really keeping my fingers crossed for it to happen in the story!! in the mean time, here is what i’ve been thinking!!

  • the two of them don’t get along at all at the beginning: he tian’s brother believes guan shan too weak and undeserving of he tian’s affection, while guan shan, already wary of him because of his involvement with the mafia, doesn’t like how cold and haughty he is
  • this slowly starts to change after some time, when they both realise how fiercely the other cares about he tian and find a common ground in that
  • (my dramatic ass loves the idea of something happening to he tian because of she li, or he tian’s brother telling guan shan he has to break up with he tian, and guan shan just showing him exactly who is weak by fighting tooth and nail for he tian)
  • (i also like the idea of he tian and his brother getting closer again because of guan shan in a way, like……the moment his brother accept guan shan is also the moment he tian finally decides to give him a second chance)
  • after that, the two of them learn to appreciate each other, and it turns out that they actually get along better than anyone thought
  • he tian’s brother is not half as hopeless as he tian is in the kitchen, so he and guan shan often exchange recipes and try new ones together
  • they tease he tian mercilessly every time he is around, telling each other embarrassing stories about him and looking at old pictures of him as a kid
  • it’s on one of these occasions that guan shan learns about he tian saving that golden retriever puppy all those years ago, so as his birthday approaches guan shan calls he tian’s brother and they go together to a dog shelter to pick one for him
  • they actually call each other a lot, mostly because of he tian, like you said (even if he tian and his brother’s relationship got better, it’s still hard for he tian to open up with him like he used to, so his brother often calls guan shan to make sure he is actually okay and not just saying that), but sometimes they end up talking for hours about some cooking shows they both watch or simply about their days
  • from time to time he tian’s brother takes guan shan shopping and buys him all the fancy clothes he can find, maybe as an apology for being such an asshole to him at first, and guan shan tries to tell him that it isn’t necessary, but he never manages to dissuade him, and since he doesn’t want to offend him he has no choice other than accepting them (he tian considered telling his brother to stop, but guan shan deserves nice things, and it can’t hurt for him to get used to them. besides, guan shan looks really good in those fancy clothes his brother likes)

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hi! im not sure if you already said this(im sorry if you did and im just wasting your time)but do you have an idea of when the new shirts that you were gushing about on snapchat are going to be on your store?

sometime tomorrow! i’m folding and stocking them now, if there’s still enough natural light i’m gonna try and take some pictures and start setting up product pages. thanks for watching my snaps btw, i know they’re long winded and dumb but knowing that people are actually sitting through them and listening to what i have to say is a real nice thought

sorry for the awful edit its 2am but i tried

oh my god oh my god oh my god i remember when i just made my blog and i had no idea what i was doing and i didnt know anyone and now fast forward 2 years later and im still on this stupid site with all you cute friends and cute followers i just love all of you okay thank you for putting up with me and being incredibly rad for 2 amazing years

im super sorry if i forgot u, i didnt get everyone because everybody changed urls and im a poop at keeping up with urls but i still love u lots ok

italic means i have a lil crush on u
bold means i cry over ur blog at 2am
none means ur still rlly special to me and i heart eye emoji u

*:・゚✧ let us begin ✧ *:・゚

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Idk if you still want prompts but stripper!dean letting Cas break the universal "no touching" rule?

/holy fucking shit this was really hot to write okay wow im really turned on now sorry. no but listen i literally changed from present tense to past back to present again and i read it over and i was like what the fuck are you doing what the actual fuck. but i think i fixed it. sorry if there are still any weird errors. also remember that im the fucking virgin mary and i’ve never been to a strip club so i have no idea what strip club etiquette is like so, my apologies/

The lights in the club are dim; Castiel’s vision is limited to something short of two feet. Except, that is, when the lights are flashing. He catches only slight glimpses of what’s going on around him. That’s the fault of the beer he’s drank as much as it is the lights.

He’s drunk enough to start paying attention to the boys around him. The theme of the night seems to be underwear and suspenders, he notices. The men that move around the club are built well, muscular backs and strong shoulders that pull their suspenders tight the way a harp pulls its strings. Castiel watches them for a while with heavy lidded eyes, scanning over the bulges in their underwear and the heat in their eyes.

He’s never sure where to put his hands during a lap dance. Maybe, he thinks, he’ll know after a couple more beers.


He notices the dancer with the green eyes on his second day at the club. Memorized by the way his muscles move as he grinds his hips, Castiel watches him closely, stares at the way the muscles in his back clench.

The harsh beat of the music synchronizes with the lights and they flash: once, twice, one more time, and he loses track of the man.

He sighs in disappointment, leans back in his seat, takes another gulp of his beer.

And then the dancer he’s been watching and standing in front of him, pretty pink lips pursed into a smile and cock outlined through his tight, gold briefs. Castiel isn’t sure where to look first.

“You don’t look like you’re having much fun, angel,” the dancer quips, running his hands down his sides and catching his fingers on the waistband of his briefs, pushing down them down just an inch so that Castiel can see the head of his cock peeking out from the tops of his underwear. He steadies his hands on either side of Castiel’s head, leaning on the back of his chair and climbs onto Castiel’s thighs, straddling him and immediately swirling his hips.

Castiel slips a twenty out of his front pocket and hastily stuffs it into the waistband of the man’s underwear, quickly returning his attention to the dancer himself. His eyes are vivid, shifting across Castiel’s face, gaze catching on his cheekbones and fluttering eyes. The dancer’s lips pull into a cocky smile as he lays a hand on top of Castiel’s shoulder, using the leverage to grind deeper into Castiel’s lap. He smiles genuinely when Castiel lets out an involuntary groan from the back of his throat.  

“That’s it, darling, don’t be shy.”


He shoots Castiel a honest smile when he spots him in the club again a day later. Castiel really couldn’t hold himself back, and watching the dancer make his way towards him, clad in nothing but a pair of lace panties, he thinks coming back wasn’t too bad of an idea.

“Fancy seeing you in here, hmm?” the dancer winks at him, hips swaying to the beat of the music that’s nothing more than background to Castiel now. The man pulls Castiel closer to him by the belt loops of his slacks, then pushes against him until Castiel’s calves touch the back of a lounge chair. He falls into it and the dancer’s body follows his own, slipping back into a comfortable position where the man’s calves sit on either side of Castiel’s thighs and his barely clothed crotch pushes up against Castiel’s stomach.

Castiel’s breath hitches and in the back of his hazy mind, he remembers to slip his dues into the waistband of the panties stretched low across the dancer’s hips. His fingers linger lightly on the lace that covers what must be feverish skin.

“Never got your name,” the dancer says curiously, pressing his thumbs into the muscles of Castiel’s shoulders as though he’s giving him a massage.

“Castiel,” he answers, and the dancer repeats the name, rolling it off his tongue like he’s trying it out, figuring out what it tastes like. Castiel can feel his dick filling out.

“Castiel. I like it,” the dancer mutters, darts out his tongue to wet his heavy lips.

“Can I ask yours?” Castiel’s eyes are lidded and his voice is low, practically a growl. He has to keep up a conscious effect not to push his hips upward to meet the rhythm of the man’s movements. The dancer hesitates for a moment, biting his lip. Then he responds.

“Dean,” he answers, quiet. “My real name, I mean,” he seems to be wondering if he’s already said more than Castiel wanted to hear.

Castiel’s lashes flutter and his lips let go of Dean’s name, breathing it out softly, making the dancer smile. Dean’s fingers wander up his chest, then down again, catching at the waistband of the underwear, fingertips curled around the lace. He stutters his hips forward, relishing the feel of Cas’ thighs below him, the soft lace at his front.

“You can touch,” he leans forward and sighs out into Cas’ ear. “I don’t mind.”

Castiel swallows the lump in his throat and tilts his head up to face Dean.

“Are you sure? You’re okay with it?” he asks tentatively, checking in and smiling when Dean nods. The dancer takes hold of Cas’ hands and places them on his chest, arching his back into Cas’ touch. He runs Cas’ hands down his sides, pulls them around his body so that Cas can press his palms against Dean’s ass and pull him closer on the down stroke. Dean can’t ever remember being this turned on at work, mouth opening under his pants and groans, hands reaching up to curl in Cas’ hair.

“My shift ends at 12, if you’re wondering,” Dean says as he lifts himself from Cas’ lap.

Castiel’s dick twitches in his pants; he doesn’t think he’s ever seen someone look so shy and seductive at the same time.


Dean writhes on the bed like he’s paid for it, which this time he isn’t. He rolls his hips up so that his cock slots perfectly with Cas’, rocks up into Cas’ tight grasp like he’s hungry for it, spreads his legs impossibly wide so that he can pull Cas closer, make his strokes filthier.

Cas groans against his throat, still getting accustomed to the softness of the body beneath his own. He doesn’t regret for a second going back to Dean’s apartment, not now that he has both his and Dean’s cock twitching in his grasp.

“Feels so fucking good, Cas, c’mon,” Dean’s cock spurts out slick against the palm of Cas’ hand and he keens up further into Cas’ touch, reaching up to kiss the bolt of Cas’ jaw.

Cas smiles and lifts his head up to look at Dean. In between pants, he stutters out a response.

“This really breaks the “no touching” rule, doesn’t it?”

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Just a quick drawing of Shintaro in his birthday cause I’m still in my hell week but I’m willing to spend my precious time for this dork. Also I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m so sorry

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In the scene of Sasuke's apology to Sakura, she doesn't ask 'why' because she dismisses his sins. On the contrary - she wants him to admit them out loud to her and most of all to himself, as she has no intention of letting him off the hook too easily (what a contrast to Karin who was all happy and rainbows as soon as Sasuke uttered his lousy, emotionless 'sorry' to her). I can't believe people actually misinterpret this scene, but then again, if they could misinterpret the whole manga..

Actually yes, Sakura could never dismiss Sasuke’s bad behaivor - or i least want to belive that - but i still think that Sasuke won’t say out loud until he is ready for it- or until he faces trial. 

Sakura could never say the “why” as in “what for you dummy, you didnt do anything wrong” so i really like the idea you have.

"i don’t want you to leave”- luke hemmings imagine

ok so i got this idea and i thought i should post it, so i hope u like it 



the irritating sound of the alarm clock rang through my ears. 

i put the pillow over my head to block the sound, but it didn’t help at all. “oh god” i sighed. Then i felt something, oe well, someone move beside me. Luke.

I had totally forgot, today was the day he were leaving for tour. yesterday had been amazing, it was just the two of you making the most of the time you had together, but now was different. The clock were ticking and you had to leave for the airport in one and a half hour. It was raining outside, and you felt like it couldn’t get any sadder.

Luke turned around, smiling at you. His hair was messy and some strands of it hung down his face. He was so beautiful. 

“goodmorning babe” he said kissing my cheek. “morning” i smiled, cuddling closer to him. 

“i don’t want you to leave” i said, looking up at his blue eyes.

“ i don’t want to leave either. sure, i love being on tour and travel the world, but i want to do it with you. are you sure you can’t come?” he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“you know i can’t luke” 

He didn’t answer, just a heavy sigh left his lips. 

The rest of the morning were spent in silence, luke was on our room all the time and i assumed he wanted to be alone, so i let him be. I hated that i had to leave, i knew it’s a part of his job and i can’t hold him back. 


“LUUKEE, BABE, ARE YU COMMING? i yelled and he rushed down the stairs, it was time to leave. 

 i drove us to the airport, me and luke singing along to the radio, with hi holding my hand. 

We finally reached  the airport, greeting the other boys, and before i even knew it it was time to say goodbay. 

I hugged the boys, wishing them good luck before luke dragged me away. 

He pulled me in to one of his warm hugs, and i breathed in his scent. I think he noticed because he laughed and said “i left a shirt of mine under your pillow”. i just smiled, and hugged him harder. Why can’t we just stay like this forever. 

he had to leave in 3 minutes, and before i knew it i had his lips on mine, his soft lips with the cold lip ring. I never got tired of kissing him. 

“hey, i got you something. That’s why I spent all the time on my room this morning, instead of spending time with you.” He put one hand in his pocket and reached out a CD- cover with my name on it with a heart beside. 

“it’s all the songs that we listen to together, but also song that reminds me of you. I have a copy of the CD aswell, so we can listen to it the same time, that way it will like we’re closer.” 

“I love you-”

I couldn’t say more before his body guard came and dragged him away, he kissed me quick and said “i love you too”, then his tall figure disappears.

He left me smiling, not crying like i thought. Sure, I would miss him, and it will be hard and a lot of lonely nights when everything feels hopeless. But our love is too strong, we eill never leave each other sides.

Oh god, what have you done to me Luke Hemmings. 



and also there might be 10000 of grammar wrongs but like i said im tired, and english isn’t my first language and i’m to tired to think properly.