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i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho



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I'm here for lesbian songs, what are your favorites right now?

Hard question! (Cause I have very little to no idea what im talking about)

I was actually checking out the lesbian singers precisely BECAUSE I don’t really know any wlw musicians beyond Janis Joplin, Hayley Kiyoko and Halsey o-o’’

But there’s this one lesbian singer in particular that I found around a year ago called Zolita, who is really cool. Back then she’d released her first EP and you could listen (and still can do it) to all her songs on her YouTube channel and they were just my style of music. Really cool songs.

The first song by her that I listened to was Explosion (Still amazing after a year):

And while I was doing my little music research the other day I found out about her song “Holy”, which is neat as well (And damn, that video is amazing):

… And I don’t really know much about other bands/singers, but I guess I can share a couple of the songs I’ve been listening to that I really like:

SEE - Potions: It’s the kind of sound I like, so I’ll probably check out more songs by her in the future.

Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm: This gave me diabetes. Cutest song. Cutest video. Cutest couple. If you like your fluffy sweet soft gentle slice-of-life love stories, this is exactly what it is.

Elektra - I Don’t Do Boys: Definitely the catchiest song in this post I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. Also, I’m not sure if the band’s name is Elektra or Ellektra (I’ve seen videos with the name written in different ways). The video is actually not very safe for work. It’s not explicit, but there’s a lot of lesbians making out passionately and with some quite suggestive scenes.

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls: A classic. The song that gets most people in the Lesbian Zone of YouTube. Great song. (Tumblr doesn’t let me add more than 5 vids, just click the link if you don’t know the song)

Those are my current favorites right now! Feel free to recommend other wlw songs or singers or bands to me, I’m always looking forward to finding new cool music!

long ass hux meta im sorry

I’ve seen a few posts complaining that the new Hux backstory invalidates the narrative that he legitimately believes what he is doing is right, or at least a shitty means to an ideal end, instead replacing it with the idea that “he’s just doing this to make his dad proud/prove him wrong”.

I disagree.

Because as much as Hux’s actions may be driven by a need to prove himself, I still think he wholeheartedly believes in the First Order. Because despite being illegitimate, despite having a father who has called him useless (we don’t actually know whether Brendol was necessarily an asshole throughout Hux’s childhood, as much as I think he would have been - because what kind of a father complains about a kid who’s barely more than a toddler being weak and useless? That’s kind of what happens when people are that young) - despite that, he still would have felt the effects of the Empire’s fall.

He still would have been taken from what would have been a relatively stable life in a presumably nice house (I’m assuming his father took him in at some point before the fall since he had plans to make him “better”) into exile on starships in the Outer Rim. There still would have been days where his family probably struggled to make ends meet, there still would have been sneers from people in the streets of planets they visited, he would have seen New Republic media depicting Imperials as evil, tyrannical scum and celebrating the day the Empire fell. He still would have lived on a barebones starship surrounded by impoverished planets seeing civilians on Hosnian Prime dressed in elaborate robes and stuffing their faces. He’d still be resentful towards the Republic for forcing him into exile and ignoring everyone but the Core Worlds when it came to cries for financial aid, more food, more resources, more crime control.

As much as Hux’s father expected his son to go into the First Order, as much as Hux’s success and drive may have been a result of his need for validation and eventually, when that need wasn’t fulfilled, his need to prove his father wrong - he’s still pissed at the Republic, and I think he has been since he was around six years old. Because how can the Republic be just, how can democracy be effective, how can they be considered morally superior when all they do is foster disorder and chaos, which leads to poverty and children being taken from comfortable beds on Arkanis to shivering in a cot on a freezing, groaning, beaten up star destroyer?

Destroying the Republic is still personal. It’s still enjoyable. It’s still going to bring about a system which Hux genuinely believes will be better for the starving, displaced, angry people he’s grown up around.

And I honestly don’t think that the First Order would care about illegitimacy. At least not the younger members, which seem to make up the majority of low to mid level command positions - most of the people on the Finalizer don’t look older than 40 at the very most. As long as you’re dedicated to the cause, as long as you’ve shared the struggles, as long as you know what the hell you’re doing (which Hux definitely does - he’s the most competent member of the First Order we’ve seen so far), who cares whether your mother was a kitchen servant?

tl;dr: Hux still believes wholeheartedly in the First Order, he legitimately wants to see it succeed - not just to fulfill expectations or as a fuck you to his father but because of what he believes. He’s still a scary ass villain. He still wants to rule the galaxy, and he still believes things would be better for it. The fact that he had an asshole dad who called him useless and probably never showed him any sign he loved him or was proud of him, and probably called him a failure every chance he got, doesn’t change that.


Just a quick drawing of Shintaro in his birthday cause I’m still in my hell week but I’m willing to spend my precious time for this dork. Also I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m so sorry