im sorry i saw it on my dashboard

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Hi! I'd like to request root and shaw having a chance encounter with each other, in the past? Something they've probably already forgotten by now? I'm not really sure, but basically, I'd like you to draw young Root, if that's okay with you!

Why do I feel like I’ve always known you?

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aaaa im very sorry you had to see that gross stuff ;; if you need anything lmk!!! i love you snd i hope you still have a nice day neo ! <3

yeah it was so scary??? like my heart stopped i seriously just followed that person cause i saw they liked captain underpants and then next thing i know there’s child gore on my dashboard. what the fuck

thanks pablo, i actually am having a GREAT day despite this. i passed my algebra class with flying colors and i’ve been playing webkinz lately and i’m pretty sure i’m going to an asian festival tomorrow with my bf

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Hey can you please recommend some jungkook fics? They can be multi chapter or one shots, I'll take anything lol. Pleaaaaase

anything by @zeurin, shes a lowkey junghoe but wont ever admit it. 

anything and everything by @an-exotic-writer im trash for her

protege by @baeseoul is my absolute favourite

hmm who else oh @infiressi wrote an awesome werewolf!jungkook fic called criminal. 

oh, my babe @jungkxook writes amazing fics too, her fluff amortentia is my absolute favourite with jungkook, its hogwarts!au.

@ktaehyngs is an amazing writer as well, i havent read it yet but i just saw she has a badboy!jungkook fic??? im screaming

bunny boy by @jiminniemouse is a masterpiece omfg

@jungee‘s game over rules my heart tbh

i also like i hate you, i love you by @jungblue