im sorry i posted it

  • Johnny: i don't even <i>like</i> men
  • Ten: [breathes]
  • Johnny: well, fuck

rose-colored girl! 🌸

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ancreativeusernamee  asked:

headcanon that if Drarry did happen Harry would buy Draco a cat and Draco says "tch why would you get this" and Harry walks in on him cuddling the smol baby kitten

ok im so hekcity sorry this is so late but fu k c !!! !

  • ok so i see him bringing home like a pitch black or snow white cat (tbh i see any kind of cat, but they’re the first that came to mind sh)
  • draco wasn’t really a cat person (he grew up with owls and peacocks and crups as a child), so when harry came home with one, he grimaced. he doesnt want that shedding ball of fur in their house
  • for like a solid two weeks, draco’s complaining like a motherfucker about the fur flying all over the place, and how the cat brings home dead mice. (harry reminds draco that he uses dead mice in potions all the time, but apparently “those are different”
  • but harry is at the ministry working late, and draco’s sitting on the sofa, dead tired, bored out of his mind, and the kitty crawls into his lap
  • he’s annoyed but is honestly too tired to do anything about it
  • and then the thing started purring
  • draco’s kinda confused but also wt f this is so nice
  • and so he kind of?? pets the cat and it purrs louder and hell if that’s not healing
  • so harry comes back home at like 3 in the morning, and sees draco sleeping on the couch, cuddling with the kitty and carries them both to bed
  • he gets the rights to smug, “i told you so”s for two weeks
  • but harry loses his spot in bed to the kitty so who’s the real winner here

you: tododeku

me, an intellectual: todoiideku

anonymous asked:

... do you know what the meaning of homophobic is? Homophobic is being AFRAID of gay people. Making jokes about gays or not "agreeing" with it doesn't make you homophobic, it just means you don't agree with it lmao

firstly i have no idea what post this is in reference to but i feel like i need to correct u so. actually that ISN’T the definition, the official dictionary definition is “dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people” (no fear in there anywhere). dislike can mean disagreeing, dislike also means prejudice (”preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.”), making jokes about them just because of their sexuality is prejudice. need i go on?? just a tip, in future, when trying to correct someone on a definition, make sure u use the correct one urself xo

  • me: *makes a minor criticism of a subset of cartoons*
  • someone who doesn't even follow me or know what this blog is about: wow, turns out YOU are the person getting really mad at cartoons... really makes you think 🤔

the actual file name of this pic is “Jon but like George Washington Werewolf”

I don’t really like how this turned out but??? the important thing is that I tried instead of giving up, so go me. Dynamic lighting is hard :( but the only way to get better is practice.

But the most important thing is the pun.
*wipes tear* i’m so proud.