im sorry i just really really really love this movie

on the topic of morals in “moana”

someone’s probably already said something along these lines but

i just wanna say how much i love the morals in moana?? not even the main one of “ follow what calls you and you’ll find what really makes you happy” but the one from the beginning of the movie as well

its an unpopular moral cause every kids movie is all about “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “do whatever makes you happy” but the moral presented in the first 10 minutes of the movie really spoke to me

that message of “even though you may want to do this, you cant always do what you want so you should focus first on finding happiness in your current situation” is so fantastic and let me explain why

all through your childhood you’re told you can do anything you put your mind to, but it’s clearer when you grow up that it’s not as easy as that, that making your dreams reality takes A LOT more work (another very good moral thats actually present in “princess and the frog”) and sometimes people dont have the money, resources or even just the motivation / health to do the things it takes to make your dream possible

so that message that “moana” gives in the first 10 minutes may be unpopular but i love it; when you can’t do the things you’ve wanted and wished for, there’s no point in being bitter or miserable, and its more beneficial to you to look for the good things right where you are instead of trying to accomplish something that may be currently out of your reach

idk, that might just be me

tldr; moana is a fantastic movie with a lot of really good morals even tho some may be unpopular and i……  this movie………

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hey! if i sent in just one prompt would you be able to maybe write it tonight? im so sad and i really just need it rn. so... you are harry fly to cheshire for annes bday from LA, and you already know the family and they make you feel really welcome. and you're really tired from the plane ride so when everyones watching a movie at the end of the night you end up falling asleep on him and you hear him and his mom talking about you. and somehow you whisper i love you to him without anne noticing.

(I don’t know how good this is going to be lol sorry but I’ll try my best)

It’s been a terribly long day. Everything leading up to the moment you pulled into Harry’s old home. He smiled widely over to you and grabbed your hand from across the dash. “You ready?”

You nod, squeezing his hand in yours. It was always something you would do with him. Hold his hand, give him hugs, sometimes even kiss - a lot - even though there was no official name for it. Sometimes you wish there was. It was always something though, there was something there behind the ‘Best friend’ title.

He leant over the dash, pulling your intertwined hands to his chest so he could lean further over to you. Planting a pursed kiss to your cheek.

“Let’s go!” He cheered, way too perky from an right hour flight.

You immediately miss the feeling of his hand clasped around yours when he pulls away to remove the keys out of the ignition and exit the car. You take a deep breathe, rubbing your eyes roughly to try and rid of the excess sleep.

“Coming.” You mumble and exit the car. Harry smiled from now, in front of the car, holding yours and his night bag in his abnormally large hands.

You let him lead you into his childhood home, feeling immensely at home yourself when Anne comes rushing in with a birthday hat on and a bright smile. “Nice to see you my love!” She cheers and pulls you into a right hug, completely blowing off Harry which makes him frown at her.

“Nice to see you, Anne, Happy birthday.” Anne smiles and hugs you tighter. 

“Thank you, thank you.” She coos into your hair, pulling back only slightly to get a good look at you. Her eyebrows furrowed in disbelief. For moment, you saw a glimmer of tears in the corner of her eyes. Not the happy kind that she shed when she found out that you and Harry had finally came back in touch with each other at the many years of distant talk on the phone. It was the sad kind - the kind that you mother cried when you told her your plans to move to L.A. When, she realized that she would never be a big part of your life anymore. You couldn’t help but feel like this was your fault - she hadn’t seen you in years, Harry barely comes to visit anymore without your persistence and annoying phone calls when he’s in the area. —

She smiles brightly however, and keeps the small drops of salt water in her eyes as she brings you into another hug. “Okay, okay mother, that’s enough hugs, she’s suffocating -” He chuckles, Anne turns to give him a hard glare, but it’s hard when her face is soft and lovingly gazing between the both of you. “Come give me hugs.” He frowns, and holds out his arms.

You laugh as she practically jumps into his arms, and - squeezes the life out of him. But Harry’s smiling and biting his lip trying not to cry or tear up for that matter.

Anne breaks away from the hug and smiles widely. “Well, I was in the middle of making dinner. You can drop off the bags in the first room on the right. Hope you guys don’t mind sharing a room, the whole family decided to come this weekend so all of them are occupied.”

You felt your stomach swirl with a funny feeling that made you want to puke or kiss his cherry red lips - but mainly puke.

“It’s okay, right babe?” He asks, with a small smile. You nod, unable to answer without blood rushing to your face in embarrassment. He chuckles softly and makes his way upstairs. You move to follow him but Anne grabs your hand and leads you into the large kitchen that she is just so proud about.

“Everyone left this morning to go shopping..” She flushes and picks up her spoon to stir the chicken broth. “They said they’d be back in a few hours but for right now it’s just you and me, and Harry, of course.” She laughs.

You chuckle but it’s cut off when you let out a large yawn. You try to hide it behind the back of your hand. You hated this, the tiredness, you were always grumpy when you ran on less than six hours of sleep.

You were running on three and a half, if you include Harrys persistence to let you sleep in the car ride over to his child hood home. “Tired, Love?”

His voice made you jump and clamp your mouth shut/ Anne turned around for the split second to glance at us before turning back around to her chicken broth.

“M’ fine.” You utter back, he chuckles softly and wraps his arms around your waist. Pulling you flush into his chest and resting his head on your shoulder. You bite your lip to suppress another yawn, leaning back into his chest.

“Okay, sure whatever.”

The night went on like that, suppressing your yawns (and when you did let one slip it was always covered by the napkin or your hand) - And harry continued to give you pestering glares. Eyes soft and full of concern, as your eyes brimmed with tears, staining your eyes red as you swallowed another yawn. You shook your head with every glance because you were fine. And not tired. But perfectly fine and awake.

“Are you okay with that honey?” Anne says, your face fills with confusion before nodding unknowingly. Harry snorts, knowing that you were in fact in a daze of sleep and awake. (He also knew because he knows you so well. In fact, he would say he knew you inside and out.) Anne got up, taking her husbands hand in hers as they walked to the living area.

Harry stays until you find the energy to get up from the table. “What did I agree to?” Sleepiness slurring your voice.

“Love actually.” He smiled softly, walking around the table to pull you securely into his side. “It’s okay, you can sleep when it starts. Mum wouldn’t mind.”

You shake your hand. “No, m’ not going to do that. It would be rude.”

He leads your jelly legs, and fuzzy brain to the living area where Anne had already dimmed the lights and pressed play on the movie. Harry quickly took a seat on the love seat, and pulling you into his lap.

It was weird, being this close to him when others were around. You were only ever like this when you were alone and in the comfort of your own home. When you potentially cross the line of ‘best friend’ and ‘girlfriend’ most of the time. This would be one of those times. When he tucked your head into his shoulder, his hands resting on the small of your back and rubbing small circle into your shirt, before he lifted it up slightly to rub your bare skin.

It didn’t take much of his fingers soothing your muscles into relaxation and his warm breath petting along your hair - and his heart beat. Thrumming in a nice pattern that makes your eyes finally flutter close.

“She asleep?” Anne whispers. Harry moves some hair out of your face, and you force yourself not to smile. He hums - probably nodding his head .

Anne nods and bites back a large smile. “You love her?” It’s soft, and you can barely hear it over the movie. You feel Harry stiffen slightly from beneath you.

“Uh - well, -” Your heart beats louder and when he stops talking for a split second it’s the only thing you can here. Praying that he cant hear it too. “Yeah, I really do.”

You smile against his chest, and unfortunately he can feel it. His face flushes and his hands grip onto your hips more so.

“Oh, don’t be shy love..” Anne giggles and smiles wider. “I’m glad you finally found someone. ”

He nods, afraid to say anything else because you were awake. Awake for the whole (small) conversation where he openly admitted he loved you.

You smile and slightly shift your head up to his hear. “I love you too baby.”