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{internet friend!tom headcanons}

for my girls over at spiderjizz, especially ruby who came up with this and let me steal the idea for this, larb you rubs!
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  • okay so to start you had no idea it was tom to begin with
    • his username was “marvels-biggest-fanboyxx”
    • and he obviously didn’t go by tom but by his middle name stanley instead
    • there was never really a tip-off that it was tom
  • you just knew whoever was behind this screen made some badass edits
    • seriously they were some of the best gif edits you had seen
  • you also knew he posted some photos and videos of tom that no one had really seen before
    • “where’d you get that picture of tom? i’ve never seen it before?”
    • “oh i got it from a friend.”
    • “i’ve never seen that video before, where’d you find it?”
    • “i had to search through a lot of youtube videos”
  • anyways, you messaged whoever this stanley was because he seemed cool and you were really just looking for friends
  • you would have been building this friendship for months
    • he had basically become your best friend on this website
    • you send “stanley” pictures of tom all. the. time.
    • “snslsnsos did you see tom’s hair in his latest ig story like stab me in the fAcE”
    • “ahahahahah yeah same”
    • “tom had such a nice ass i wonder what it feels like”
    • and tom is laughing at this, thinking “real nice. it feels real nice.”
    • but you just get “i bet it feels really nice” in response
  • aside from him being your best friend, you don’t know much about him personally
  • and you totally respect his privacy about that
  • and one day “stanley” finally asks if you wanted to skype
  • and you of course jump at the opportunity because you had become so close to each other
    • you told him practically everything
    • he told you everything he could without giving away the fact that he was actually tom
  • you swap skype users and very soon after you call him
  • and you’re sitting there waiting for it to connect and wondering why the hell you’re so nervous about this
    • he’s one of your best friends for crying out loud
  • anyways it connects and you don’t see his face instead you see Tessa
  • at first you’re thinking “stanley what the hell”
  • and then it clicks like “wait a minute, i know that dog” and your eyes widen and the only thought in your brain is “no way, this must be a joke”
  • tom them pops onto the screen, holding tessa all “hello darling!”
    • mainly because he knows how much you love it when he says that
    • and you definitely ranted to him about how badly you wanted him to call you that
  • you just kind of sit there somewhat in shock going on and on about how “this is a joke. this is seriously a joke. there is no way i am on a skype call with tom holland”
  • and tom just laughs and says “it’s not a joke, darling, it’s actually me”
  • and you’re feeling so flustered and slightly embarrassed because you had basically talked about him all the time to him
  • lots and lots of blushing from you
    • tom finds it completely adorable
  • after your first initial call you guys become skype buddies
    • you’d try to call nearly everyday when you could
    • it took you ages for you to stop blushing at the SIGHT of him
  • it took a while for you to be calm around him and not blush every time he looked at you
    • tom found this absolutely adorable
  • you soon realize you don’t really have much to talk about
  • mainly because all you did was talk about him with him
  • so you talk about spider-man and all the other avengers because he’s such a marvel nerd
  • you take quizzes online to see who’s better and smarter with their avengers trivia
    • there’s lots of teasing afterwards from the winning party
  • after a while, tom gives you his phone number which is a huge step for him
  • just so he can call you and have late night calls over the phone
    • you always want to talk but you don’t want your phone bill to be absolutely insane
    • “tom i really wanna talk but my phONE BILL”
    • “pfft i’ll pay for it now please just stay on the phone with me, i wanna talk to you”
  • you guys fall asleep on the phone quite frequently because neither of you want to hang up
  • okay and hear me on this
  • tom would definitely be the type to surprise you by paying a visit to your hometown
  • and not telling you a single thing about it
  • he just sits and waits for you to figure it out
  • you’d be sitting at home in your pajamas having only woken up a few hours ago
  • and tom would skype you while he’s walking around your city/town
  • and you’re just casually talking until “hey wait a second I KNOW THAT THE CAFE”
  • he just laughs at you and probably winks
  • you’re in a slight bit of denial and don’t think twice about it before running out on the streets in your pajamas
    • which typically consist of spandex shorts and a hoodie most nights
    • it didn’t matter if it was two miles away you ran the whole entire way there
  • and your first real life meeting you run into him, knocking him backwards because you had been running so fast
  • you just stand there in front of him in your pajamas, red in the face and out of breath with your hands on your knees
    • “i just ran…two miles…to see if you…were actually here”
    • he laughs because there’s his adorable girl in front of him in her pjs who ran into town just to see him
    • he feel pretty flattered
  • it’s a little awkward though
    • he goes for a hug and you go for a handshake
    • you both kind of awkwardly laugh and switch the roles
    • more awkward laughing ensues because we’re good friends but we’ve never actually met in person before oH nO
    • but he just pulls you into a tight hug and your cheeks flush and you realize that he smells really good
  • tom offers to talk you out to breakfast in your pajamas
    • it’s pretty adorable to say the least
    • he definitely makes a comment about them
    • “by the way i love the outfit darling”
    • you just sit there pretty mortified
    • “alaodjsosnSHUT UP TOM”
  • and after he takes you to breakfast he begs you to show him around
    • “please y/n i really wanna see where you grew up”
    • “tom”
    • “please please please”
    • “tom i’m iN mY pAJAMaS”
    • “i don’t care, cmon please”
    • “!!!no i’m at least going back home to get actual pants”
  • and toms pretty confused and he’s like “what am i supposed to do then?”
  • “you come with me doofus”
  • he’s pretty shook because he actually gets to see where you live
    • even if it is for two seconds while you change
  • you get to your house and go to change completely forgetting about the old baby, school, and family photos hanging on the walls
  • he’s completely enthralled by them all
    • “aw y/n look at you! you’re so cute and tiny”
    • “jsksl thOMAS NO STOP”
  • you’re completely mortified because all of  those are the worst photos of your entire existence
  • and when you actually change you have to physically drag him out of the house
    • “aw but i wanted to see more pictures”
    • “you can see more later”
    • that’s a lie you don’t ever want him seeing old pictures of you again
  • the whole time you’re showing him around he never stops smiling
  • because you’re actually glowing when you explain things and tell him your different childhood stories
  • and then you suddenly remember that time you talked about how nice his ass is
    • you just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and tom’s looking at you so confused
    • he just sits there and laughs at you
    • “it’s okay love i promise”
    • you’re still mortified by it
  • so!! much!! blushing!!
    • not just from you but from him too
  • overall you spend the entire day together creating so many new memories and inside jokes
    • you take lots of silly pictures together
    • and of each other
  • you’re pretty bummed when he has to leave to go back home
    • “do you have to leave?”
    • “unfortunately love”
    • “i’ll miss you this was fun, next time warn me though”
    • and he laughs and nods and promises he will
  • “i’m serious though i’m really going to miss you”
  • “i know darling i’ll miss you too”
  • and wow i need tom as my internet friend right now

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idk if this has been done but how about mc lyric pranking the rfa+v+saeran? can be sfw or nsfw!

Saeran: Little Did You Know by Alex and Sierra 

You: Little did you know...

Saeran: Don’t tell me you ate my ice cream. 

You: How I’m breaking while you fall asleep, Little did you know… 

Saeran: Muffin, what are you talking about? Tell me, please remember no secrets between us 

You: Im still haunted by the memories…. Little did you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

Saeran: Look I know I don’t deserve you okay but please tell me how can I help you because (y/n) you helped me pick up my pieces please babe please let me know how to help you… your scaring me…

You: Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside, Ive been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind…. 

Saeran: Please.. don’t tell my.. my biggest fear is coming true… please.. noo.. lets talk about this when I get home… please..

You: Im ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight 



Saeran: @$#%! HDFGJQN GD^!*@ 

Jumin: Ego by Beyonce 

You: Aw, baby, how you doing? You know I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh? Some women were made But me, myself? I like to think that I was created For a special purpose, You know? What’s more special than YOU? You feel me?

Jumin: Continue Kitten

You: It’s on, baby let’s get lost, You don’t need to call in to work ‘cause you’re the boss, For real, want you to show me how you feel, I consider myself lucky, that’s a big deal, Why

You: Well, you got the key to my heart, But you ain’t gonna need it, I’d rather you open up my body, And show me secrets you didn’t know was inside, No need for me to lie

Jumin: Keep going my love, you have my full attention *he exits the limo* 

You: It’s too big, Its too wide, its too strong, it won’t fit, its too much, it’s too tough, You got a big ego, such a huge ego, I Love your big ego..

*you hear the door open and then you felt your back lightly hit the couch* 

*You see jumin licking his lips and suddenly you felt his hot breath tickling your neck* 

Now now my kitten, lets see you stroke *grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch* this ego and lets make it fit shall we? 

Seven: Acquainted by The Weekend 

You: Baby you’re no good, caused they warned me bout your type, got me ducking left and right

Seven: You got that right ;)

You: You got me touchin on your body, to say that were in love is dangerous, but seven I’m glad we’re acquainted 


Seven: Oh and if I was you, I would pick a song that we didn’t fuck to :) love you see you in 10 mins!! 

V: Gotta Catch em All - Pokemon Theme Song 

You: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was 

V: Hello my precious angel :) I hope you can accomplish your dreams and be the best in your field! Know I love and support you always! 

You: To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! 

V:  …… 

You: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide!

V: Teach Pokemon to understand!!!! The power that’s inside!!!! Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me!!!!!!! I know its my destiny!!!!

You: Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me, I know its my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend!!!!! In a world we must defend, Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true!!!Our courage will pull us through




YOU: POKEEEMOOOON !! I never would of that the amazing, carefree, would know the Pokemon theme song! I never knew you liked those stuff :

V: I like to be a bit mysterious… it goes with me.. Me and Jumin use to battle each other all the time..We still do…. I started with popplio.. he started with Rowlet… 

You: Dont fuck with my litten.

Yoosung: Burn by Usher 

You:  Its going to burn for me to say this but its coming from my heart 

You: It’s been a long time coming, we da been fall apart 

Yoosung: Baby do you need me to call an ambulance!! ARE YOU AT THE APARTMENT A HEART BURN SOUNDS SERIOUS 

You: I really want to work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change

Yoosung: Have I done something wrong? :( I know you are out of my league, I hear my classmates whispering how can a pathetic guy like me have someone so beautiful as you :( 

You: I think its best we go our separate ways… 

Yoosung: I always dreamed of this day coming.. first… sally left… then Rika… and now you… I… respect your wishes (y/n).. can you please.. just wait till my last class is over? May I have permission to buy you your favorite flowers and food because if this is going to be my last time seeing you, I want to have a good memory of you….

You: *dies* *guilt* *his heart shattered* *your heart is shattering* YOOSUNG IM SORRY IT WAS A JOKE A LYRIC PRANK IM SORRY!!! YOU KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! IM SORRRY 


Zen: Pullin me Back by Chingy 

You: Every time I try to leave….something keeps pulling me back, Telling me I need you in my life

Zen: What do you mean ‘leave’. Define it and use it in a sentence. 

You: It was meant to be, You were meant for me, So that means we gotta make it work

Zen: I am legit confused. This is worse than an unpolished script. So you want to break my heart but then you want to make it work. We are talking about this when I get home. Im leaving practice right now. Just look at a picture of me and just remember all the good times we have. Please. 

You: It was all good at first, Spending money, going shopping, Eating at the finest restaurants,And then from club hopping

Zen:  So when you think and see a picture of me, all you think is materialistic things! REALLY! Wow, Jaehee was right about you, you were just using me. I’ll help pack your things when I get to my house. Thanks for breaking my heart. 


Zen: *sends winks face selfie* Cute how my acting skills even work on you ;) I love you too baby, don’t ever think about messing with me ;) 

Jaehee: Come and Get It by Selena Gomez 

You: You ain’t gotta worry, its an open invitation 
Jaehee: Did you open my mail? 
You: I’ll be seating right here, real patient, All day all night, I be waiting standby 
Jaehee: Please (y/n) don’t stay up for me, Mr. DickHead has me working over time :( I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me :( 
You: Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.
Jaehee: You speak beautiful words hehe *3* thank you for making hell more bearable :) 
You: I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
Jaehee:  What do you mean show me……. 
You: *sends nude* 
*jaehee in the office* 

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Got7 Reaction-Insecure S/O

Mark: *Constantly trying to reassure you*

“Babe, you’re so beautiful, and I love you so much.” “Please don’t feel insecure”

Jaebum: *Slightly agitated at the fact that he has to reassure you so much*

“Listen, I love you, but stop being so insecure” “I’m in love with everything about you”

Jackson: *Such a sweetheart. Constantly reminding you that you’re beautiful and he loves you exactly the way you are*

“I love you” “You’re perfect in my eyes, baby”

Jinyoung: *Will act like your constant complaints and insecurity doesn’t bother him at first, but ends up snapping and expressing his feelings all at once”

“Will you stop?” “How many times do I have to tell you that I love you” “Are my words and actions not enough? Am I not doing a good enough job as your boyfriend?”

Youngjae:*Sad that you don’t think you’re good enough for him*

“You’re so perfect, baby.” “I love you a lot, and if anything, I’m not good enough for you”

BamBam: *Slightly teasing about it, but will be serious if he needs to be*

“You’re right, maybe I should find someone else” “No, babe, I was joking. I wouldn’t trade you for the world”

Yugyeom: *He would try to up his game to show you how much he loves you and how perfect you are to him*

You: “Why are your home and lock screen two different pictures of me?”

“Because they were both so perfect, I couldn’t pick just one.” “I must be whipped”

(A/N) This was requested, but the request disappeared from my inbox? So I couldn’t post it in answered form. I’m really sorry!


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Number 83 with Taehyung pretty please? Maybe a little smut/angst? Thank you!❤🙈😳🙈🙈🙈🙈

I Need You (Taehyung x Reader) ~Suggestive Fluff 

Taehyung and I had been dating for about a year now but this was the longest we had ever spent apart. Six months. Six months without a hug, a kiss, a meal together or a date at least. That also meant it had been six months since we know.

I’ve always been very shy when it comes to s-e-x. It took me months and months to warm up to Taehyung and when I finally did, I had no regrets. I missed him more than I could ever imagine missing someone. I missed all of him, especially his contagious laugh. He could make me laugh just by laughing. Jimin and the other guys had also made me aware of how much Taehyung missed me. Apparently being away from me has brought forth an alter ego of Taehyung that is moody and aggressive. Jimin and Jungkook have made a group chat dedicated to complaining to me about Taehyung’s mood swings.

From Jimin

Taehyung just cussed me out for not closing his door. I think I should bill him in advance for the therapy I’ll need after this tour.

“Only two more months..” I say sweetly into the phone. I hear Taehyung sigh. “Two more months and you’re all mine..” “Yup. Hang in there, the time will fly by.”

Taehyung groans. “I hate thinking about time. I just want to think about skipping forward and about everything we’ll do when I get home.” My skin tingles hearing him say that. I’m glad he can’t see me because I’m sure he would tease me on my flaming cheeks. “Why did you get quiet all of a sudden?” I know by the sound of his voice he is smirking. “N-n nothing. So did you take any pictures? Send me some.”

“Now you want me to take pictures? Wow, Y/N and I thought you were my innocent girl.” I groan, “Taehyung….”

“And now you’re moaning my name?! But I haven’t even said anything yet!”

“Tae!” I yell, laughing and covering my face as if to hide my embarrassment from him. “Okay you cannot be this turned on. Baby you are literally screaming my name.”

I go quiet, not wanting to let him win, knowing he must have that goofy smile on his face. “Where did you go my love? You’re just leaving me here? Should’t you at least have the decency to let me finish you off?”

“Oh my God, Tae! Aren’t you sharing a room?!” I say lying back on my bed and twirling the tips of my hair. “Yeah but I’m alone right now.– You can’t see me but I’m winking.”

“Okay no, we are not doing this over the phone.” I say shaking my head in disbelief.

“C’mon babe. I neeeedddd you.” He whines, putting a smile on my face. “At least send me a picture.”

I think for a moment. “Okay fine.” I say finally. “Really?!” Taehyung says excitedly. “Yeah, one sec.” I can practically hear Taehyung’s anticipation as I take a photo and send it to him. I hear the ding over from his side and then a moment later he exclaims. “Y/N I swear to God when I get home-”

“Bye. Love you!” I yell over him and hang up quickly. I take a look at the photo I just sent. It’s a picture of the word “YOU” written on a piece of paper.


You said, “I need YOU” Hehe.


… You have no idea babe ;)


INFJ's thought process when deeply hurt
  • Fe: *is a crying little girl*
  • Ni: *pictures a sinking ship in a dark night with no help*
  • Se: *overeats, oversleeps, binge watches favorite show*
  • Ti: GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER GUYS... ITS OKAY! ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Look Se its a beautiful day outside lets go out
  • Se: nah fam, Im just gonna masturbate
  • Ti: jesus christ.. Look Fe please stop feeling sorry for us its okay ..we're okay.. c'mon now ..we are loved by many people.
  • Fe: *crying*...really?
  • Ti: YES!!
  • Fe: *wipes tears* okay. *Fe goes to sleep*.
  • Ti: Thank God, now i can take over this shit.
  • INFJ: becomes a fucking robot with no emotions

guys idek why but i was looking at todays training pictures & vids and got emotional bc the team has become such a family over the past year and a half, theyre all so kind and affectionate and relaxed with one another and it made me remember how stressed benitez had made the team last year (&mou way back when) but now under zizou there’s nothing but love and good spirits and damn man just shout out to zizou for building up that kind of atmosphere and camaraderie i really respect and appreciate that man

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RFA reactions upon finding out MC has sixth sense and has a little ghost clinging to them? And the ghost would always play pranks from innocent ones to rather dangerous things to the MC because he/she became jealous of being close to RFA?

MOD SAERAN HERE :D here a HC i promised C: *sorry if its short im focusing on the giveaway and everything* 


  • OKAY SO this poor muffin is believing the world is against him
  • You saw him become really REALLLY FUCKING paranoid
  • You decided to sit him down and talk to him that you have a ghost that follows you around
  • He was laughing and he was believing you were joking around
  • But then you just looked at him and said Stop laughing
  • He continue laughing until his picture fell
  • JESUS Christ he became so fucking quiet. He became so quiet that Elizabeth 3rd can fucking walk in and he wouldn’t sneeze
  • You told him that the ghost doesn’t like him because the ghost is really clingy to you
  • He literally was ready to talk to the ghost
  • “OKAY look Mr. Ghost….. I am sorry that I love myself *another picture frame fell* AHHHH OKAY IM SORRY I CAME FROM A FAMILY WHO TORE ME DOWN ALOT I HATED MYSELF OKAY and I can’t control myself sometimes but what I do know MC is the most beautiful person ever. You and me are both lucky to be with such a wonderful person……. I understand you want her to yourself….. but I would love to make a compromise :’).
  • The ghost was silent probably thinking and shit
  • “Please…… let’s make this work *cue the tears*
  • The ghost was good because Zen actually talks to it whenever you are around and you help translate :)


  • ever since you started to live full time at his place Elizabeth 3rd became paranoid O.O like that cat became bipolar big time. He was really worried that Elizabeth was jealous that another female was getting his attention.
  • So he decided to control the situation by analyzing every little single thing. One day when he was analyzing by pretending to do his work he swore to JESUS Christ he saw your hair being pulled. He thought he was seeing things till a week later he saw something trying to trip you when you were bringing him some pancakes.
  • Okay this man was full on suspicious. He went online and looked up “ why are strange things happening to my girlfriend” and he found that you may have a demon ! :O
  • He was fucking shook
  • He was ready to call demon busters and shit. He wasn’t gonna let his kitten be haunted by a demon. But he was really nervous because what happens if he is wrong then you are gonna think he is fucking crazy so he decided to ask you…..
  • “Kitten…… I am…..uhh… worried that someone may be trying to play tricks in you… because I’ve been analyzing that..”
  • “ Jumin his name is bob the moody ghost and he is just mad at me because I love you .-.”
  • “Oh um *leans in and whispers* can CAN he he hear everything we do……?”
  • “ yes Jumin the FUCKING the loving and everything”
  • “ oh… :O”
  • “Mr. Moody Ghost, i understand your *cough* implications that you may not like that I’m taking MC away from you but I’m not. MC IS a wonderful person and we can schedule visitations *a lamp fell over* OKAY im SORRY WE can learn how to get along. “
  • You just laughed because he was trying to make a business deal with bob :’)
  • He is a keeper :)


  • OKAY he swore he felt that your body was literally ice
  • When he tried cuddling with you at night you were cold but when he turned around you were your regular temp O.O #suspicious
  • So he thinks you are pretending to add some cold weather or something because you don’t want to cuddle with him
  • So he decided to see what else you do O_O
  • So he looked at every previous camera security footage and he noticed that a lot of shit was happening to you from like small to big !!?!??
  • He saw you carrying groceries and he swore he saw your sweater being pulled that made you fall.
  • When you were trying to cross the street he noticed that a rock magically appeared to make you fall right when a driver was about to hit you
  • What in the mother of honey Buddha chips is this
  • He went to church and got holy water and was spreading it everywhere
  • He was just blessing EVERYTHING
  • When you got home… you saw him blessing everything and you asked him what’s wrong and he started to cry because he thinks the devil is trying to get you
  • YOU explained to him that Miss Foxy is mad because you don’t spend time with her because all you do is take care of the family.
  • He was laughing but then he saw you were serious and he started to crack jokes at the ghost and tried to gain its trust
  • LOWKEY he knew he should be scared of you but why the fuck not
  • He had his own demons as well :(


  • he was playing LOL one day and he noticed that for the past few weeks his computer was becoming really laggy :/
  • He wanted to cry because how can the love of his love BE BREAKING!!! He literally hugged the computer “ baby…. I I love you so much…. WHAY have I done….. have I not been spending time with you baby??? I’m so sorry…. I will spend more time with you now”
  • The FUCKING computer started to work perfectly and he was shook
  • So you let him spend time with LOL while you cooked or did chores around the house but he felt bad so he decided to go to his real life baby C:
  • That’s when his computer started to buzz again O.O he went closer to it and continue to play and it was working just fine…. he left to help you and the computer started to buzz again
  • You knew who was playing tricks on him that you had enough because it was starting to affect your relationship
  • Yoosung was !!????!?!?!??  You dragged him to the sofa and you told him everything
  • “ so that is why I have the scar on my shoulder because Patricia gets jealous when I have a S/O … and she can be really mean :/”
  • Patrica was shook !!
  • Like someone standing up to her !!!??
  • Shit he is a keeper :’$
  • So she left you alone sometimes


  • she always knew something was off ever since she met you.
  • She didnt want to mention it because well THAT WAS GONNA BE RUDE AND JAEHEE AINT GONNA BE RUDE WITH YOU BOOBOO
  • But she noticed that you were getting gradually sick…… so she thought you had a disease :/
  • She took you to the doctor and everything was fine so she demanded more test to be done with you and she was a crying mess because you …. You… looked dead :/
  • She knew she had to do something so she was going to ask jumin for help
  • The next day… YOU WERE PERFECTLY FINE.
  • You felt awful for lying to your S/O so you decided to tell her the truth fearing what she will say…. So you put your big girl panties and sat her down
  • “Babe drink this tea…..I I need to talk to you..”
  • “ * grab her hand* look jaehee.. Ive been born with this gift….. I see dead people… and this little boy is attached to me because of my aura and he is a bit… possesive… if i dont pay attention to him 24/7 he likes to play pranks… sometimes involving my health…..
  • “……………….”
  • “Jaehee???”
  • “……………………”
  • “Baby say something please anythi-”
  • “Jaehee he is here please dont get him mad…”
  • You saw the ghost start to cry and it ran to you for a hug and it said sorry
  • weeks later you helped the boy cross the light c: 

!!! babrs

(note: for the kathryn picture it looks weird without context. in the beginning of the stream there was a picture of kathryn in one of the facecam panels and ethan looked down at it and he was like “whadda you think kathryn” and of course there was no answer and i was dyING OF LAUGHTER when ethan just says “ah shes a lil shy, sorry” cause it was so cute and funny)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just found your blog, and I love your art! How do you do your inking, especially your really thick outlines?

ahhhh thank you <3, im glad you like my arts ^^ and i’m so sorry for my late answer.
so……… on how i do my lineart? since i don’t own any pentab i have to improvise a bit with mouse XD. I use photoshop CS3 for my art program.
im gonna explain on how i make my linearts :)

1. Geting my sketch ready
i make my sketch traditional on paper then take a picture of it, for this example i use this sketch

2. Use the pentool tool on photoshop 
make sure the pen tool setting is on path only, the default setting is usually shape layer. and set the setting of the pen tool as shown bellow

3. trace the sketch
just trace the lineart sketch and make a few anchor points, don’t worry about the line being to pointy, you can set the line curve later using “convert point tool”. Lets do the lining for the eye, the result will be like this.

and then use the “convert point tool” to one of the anchor point to make a curved line there.

4. Then click right on your mouse then pick fill path
make sure you already have a empty layer first, the layer where you want the lineart to be. and already pick wich color you want the lineart to be

and set the setting of the fill path like this

and the result will be like this

after that just right click again and delete the path


That’s all of how i make my lineart. I believe that there’s is a easier way to do this, but this is just how i draw XD. the result of the finished lineart of this tutorial is this

Sorry if this tutorial is kinda messy, thanks for reading :).
I hope this tutorial is useful, or if you want to give me suggestion, go right ahead :). I’m actually looking for more ways to draw with mouse ^^.
and excuse me if my English kinda bad :) its not my primary language.


confidence tag✨

i was tagged by a really pretty girl ( @devilester ilysm) !! basically you have to post 4 pictures that make you feel confident so blame vanessa for these pictures of me !!

i tag @phlippingphandom @gorgeous-howell @blushinlester @goddesslester @spiritedawaydjh and anyone else who wants to do it !! seriously,, just say i tagged you you dont have to do it if you dont feel like it or you already did it!!

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ok so im starting hs next week and my dads getting deployed tomorrow to countries he can't tell me and my family and im just... im really scared that he won't come back. with that and going into somewhere that really counts for my future every step of the way, im having all sorts of nerves and anxiety attacks and idk why im telling you this. i just needed to get it off my chest. sorry for bothering you. have a good day.

Take a picture with your dad and tell him you love him. I’m sorry, but there’s always a chance he won’t come back. Make the time you have with him count. But always have hope he will. Compare this to highschool, hs is a piece of cake! It’s just bigger than your middle school basically. It’s okay to be anxious and nervous and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong or stupid or dumb. If you ever need a friend to talk to or a therapist I’m always here! Just breathe and everything will be okay. Maybe carry a picture of your dad in your binder at school. He’ll always be with you and that might help your anxiety.

update: i took my cat to the vet today

sorry for the trouble but yea i took lily to the vet and she has a really awful ear infection (and arthritis poor thing) and im out $120 just from this visit and the vet wants me to come back in a few weeks for more tests

lilys 12 years old and shes the love of my life and i just want to take care of her as well as i possibly can !!

my paypal is thank you thank you

id add a picture of her but im on mobile just know that she is VERY cute and pretty

You broke me. You broke my heart and I hate you, because I still love you, and I hate myself even more for. You are my first love and I want more than anything for you to be my last.
But I can’t do this anymore.we’re done? where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in, again it was you. I can’t stop loving you.
It’s not gonna be easy for me.because without all the memories maybe it wouldn’t hurt SO DAMN said you wanted to stay friends and i said would like more than that. I’ve loved you, through everything and you don’t even care. Go ahead with my heart out, show me what love is all about.Your choise is simple: her or me?
do you need someone or do you need me? How is this easy for you? Ever since i met you, everything i cared about was you.the day i feel in love with you was the day i should’ve run for my life.I don’t want to feel it, i don’t want this to be over. I need you to need me back But you have someone else who is beside you every single moment.i don’t want us to be strangers again.i feel Like i want to die tonight you know? Because tonight is just one of those nights where I miss you terribly and I want to talk with you.its Like we never happened?was it just a lie?if what we had was real, how could you be fine?! cause Im not fine At all.I’m sick of all the fighting between hurt me! At this time, you really hurt me.“everything will be okay, I promise” WHEN? You are in love with another girl and still tell me you love me. I just wanted to be the best for you.if you loved me, Why Did you leave me?distance? Tell me, what do you see in her? It is beauty, it is what you need?it is good enough for you? You stole the love I saved for myself and I watched you give it to somebody else…i miss your voice so damn are all i want and all i need to be happy.i stay up all nights thinking about you. Guess, I’m not still good enough for you, I’m only a fool. Your love worth it, and I never win, you want the best, so sorry that’s clearly not me.this is all I can be, go on put the knife in.fuck you for making me feel like im not good enough for you.i want you back,I want my relationship back.i’d really don’t give a fuck about anyone but baby, I’d give everything for you. YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY HURT? Seeing you slowly lose interest in here waiting for you, just don’t give up on me. Hurt Like hell. Im lying on my bedroom floor with mascara running down my face, crying and looking at your picture with your new are so happy. I love you, dont you mind? Show me you care because im tired of guessing if you do or not.You just cant give me love and go to another no longer need me in your life and i’m trying to be okay with that. “Just promise me you’ll think of me every time you look up the sky and see a star” .if you really care about someone you work shit out you don’t just leave.distance is a test and you failed this point, love me or leave me alone.sorry, but i cant move on.i cant keep you being your second choice when you are my hurts because it mattered.i love you, but I’m losing myself in you while you’re finding yourself in places that I’m not apart. So damn sorry for my darkest hours and my overthinking. you don’t dare say you have never killed anyone because in this night you killed me. This is everything I didn’t say, babe.i fucking miss you, come back.i need you.
—  That girl you called babygirl.

okay sorry to interrupt my usual content stream but can we take a moment here and talk about tom skilling

hes the weatherman for my local news channel and i just love him so much

here he is telling us about hazardous weather advisories. thanks tom skilling

and HERE is a photo of him chasing away dangerous storms to keep us safe. a true guardian. i trust him.

in conclusion: honestly i dont care what anyone says. there is friendship in that man’s eyes. i love you tom skilling

Reasons To Date BI

When he wants something

And when he gets what he wants

When he feels like being a sweetie

When he misses you 

Taking pictures together

You know just those days when he wants to be RUDE AF

When you have to get him toilet paper

Late night talks in bed

And cuddling after 

Celebrating his birthday together

When he cant stop thinking about you (so his friends end up teasing him)

When he tries to take a peek at you but you catch him

The way he shyly smiles at you 

Meeting your parents

Just being together

When he’s overly happy to see you

How he looks at you

Ahhh why we all love him



authors note: so i’ve seen many many imagines about shawn calming y/n’s anxiety attacks and tbh sometimes i think to myself that stuff like anxiety should NOT be glorified in any way. so i don’t want anyone to think that i’m writing this thinking that anxiety attacks or cool or something idk?? anxiety isn’t fun and i understand that a lot of people go through it and sometimes ( i know for me ) reading imagines about shawn helping you through it can be sweet and reassuring which is why i decided to write this. sorry for the long note but anyways, enjoy :)

“Shawn! Shawn look over here!”

“Shawn please take a picture with me?! I drove all the way from New York to see you!!

“Y/N what’s it like dating Shawn Mendes?”

You listened to fans and the paparazzi yell at you and Shawn as you walked through the streets of LA hand in hand with your boyfriend of one year now. You had just went to dinner with him and now you’re being mobbed by people as you walk to Shawn’s car. You were normally used to people taking pictures of you and Shawn whenever you went in public but today was different. This situation seemed to just be breaking your heart. You watched fans continuously ask Shawn for pictures and he was so upset about them getting in your face that he said no. Shawn never says no to fans. The fact that these girls drove so far to seem him only to have him reject them was making you sad.

As bad you felt for the fans, you never felt bad for the paparazzi. You wanted to be a nice person but you never had anything against Shawn yelling at them sometimes considering how rude they could be, like right now.

"Come on guys, please give us some room.” Shawn said for the like the third time.

"Shawn, it’s okay you can take pictures. I don’t want to stop you from meeting fans.” You say trying to make the situation less stressful for you. Shawn knew how much you hated paparazzi and flashing lights and screaming girls. It gave you anxiety and Shawn always tried his best to make sure you didn’t feel stressed out. You hated to be the one to stop him from living his life though.

"No Y/N, it’s fine, we should really be getting home anyway it’s getting late and these people aren’t being that nice anyway.” Shawn was getting angry now.

You were almost to Shawn’s Jeep when you suddenly lost grip of his hand. There were people with cameras behind you pushing you back and forth trying to get pictures of Shawn. You tried so hard to keep it together but you couldn’t. You head was spinning and your chest started to get tight. You could barely process what was around you but soon enough you heard Shawn yelling at fans and paparazzi. Seeing him so angry made your heart drop and you suddenly couldn’t breathe. You felt tears forming but you swallowed hard trying not to draw attention to yourself. At this point it didn’t seem to matter though. Shawn found your hand and grabbed it as hard as he could before leading you towards his car. You felt his mouth against your ear, telling you to breathe and that everything was going to be okay. He continued to say reassuring things, up until you finally got into the car. The air was thin and all you could see were cameras flashing outside the window. You heard Shawn raise his voice one more time and finally people started to walk away. There were still a few people outside the car but the lights and screaming were not as dramatic as before.

"Are you okay? Do you need me now or should I drive home or at least somewhere more private?” Shawn asked you and kept a tight grip on your hand. He has dealt with your attacks before and he knew how to get your breathing back to normal although you seemed to be getting better at it yourself. He obviously knew though that once we got into the car you started to feel a bit better. If you didn’t he wouldn’t have even asked you if you needed his help. He would’ve just gave it to you and did what he always does, and helped you with breathing techniques.

"Home.” Was all I could get out and so Shawn started driving. He always drove faster when he was nervous or angry. It didn’t exactly help my stress but it was just a bad habit of his. I squeezed his hand to let him know, and he slowed down.

The ride home wasn’t bad and my breathing was okay. I was more worried about Shawn’s anger from earlier. It seemed that the only reason I started to get so stressed out was because of how angry Shawn had been. I’ve been with him for so long and I’ve seen him angry before but this was different. We finally arrived home and after Shawn made me take some advil and drink some water I layed down on the couch with my feet in Shawn’s lap.

"I hate people so much sometimes. I’m sorry you had to go through that baby.” Shawn said as he rubbed my leg.

"It was really no big deal Shawn. I just wish you could’ve gotten pictures with those girls. You shouldn’t have gotten so angry with them. I felt bad. Honestly, that’s what mostly caused me to freak out. I don’t know I’m sorry. I don’t want it to sound like I’m blaming my attack on you because Im not. I just don’t like seeing you so upset.” I let out everything I was feeling hoping it wouldn’t upset him even more. I love him dearly and because of that, his stress gives me stress.

"I’m so sorry for being like that Y/N, I just know how much you hate being in public with me and I hate seeing people get so close to you. I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything and yeah you’re right, normally I wouldn’t say no to pictures but I just.. I wanted you to be okay. I don’t know what I’d do if something ever happened to you.” He ran his hands through his hair while he spoke.

"Aw Shawn. It’s okay, really I can take care of myself. I love it when you help me but I’ve gotten better at helping myself I really have!” You were telling him the truth. You’d hate to be that girlfriend that always was needing some kind of protection. You weren’t a baby or something.

"I know baby. I just get worried.” Shawn looked down.

I sat up and put my hands on his face. “I love you Shawn. I don’t want you to think Im upset at you for not getting pictures with fans or something. Anxiety attacks suck yeah but seeing you upset is what gives me the most anxiety. That’s why I lost it. I hate seeing you so frustrated. I love you.” You kissed his head.

"I feel the same about you Y/N. I love you too. You’re never going to be dealing with your anxiety alone though okay? You know that right?” Shawn said and looked at you with the sweetest face.

"Yes. I know that.” You kissed him again and wondered how you got so lucky to have him.