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Blog Before Baby?

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Sorry to bother again, but I have a question about TST that I don’t really know who to ask about. In the scene right after the opening where John is typing on his laptop even though it’s not actually his blog, just a screen shot I suppose, the fake blog post called 221Back he says that “the baby runs all of our lives” and “if im not changing nappies, I’m buying nappies” but Mary is still obviously pregnant at this point in the show (like a second before it goes to his screen, it shows her grimacing and grabbing her stomach, it’s also before the birth scene). Why would everyone be so extremely busy with the baby and why would John be constantly changing and buying nappies if the baby hasn’t even been born?

OH. This is interesting.

I mean, we already figured out that the blog entry isn’t even real, so… why… show us a blog entry about having a baby and changing nappies if… it hasn’t even happened yet? Further proof about this possibly being Sherlock’s unreliable narration?!

Plus this blog entry was actually pointed out to Arwel, and he is aware that it is a graphic and not the blog (I believe his response was just a winky face). So.

This is interesting.

I might be completly wrong in this and yall have free pass to come scrub it in my face when YOI ends, but like…. I don’t think the whole point of the show is having an antagonist?

Yes, compared to what we know of almost every character (and the writers put some effort in telling why they skate, what are their motivations and a little bit of everyone’s past), Viktor can seem a little… Off? Because the writers don’t dwell as much on his thoughts, and there’s very little we know about him (except he likes surprising people and he’s bored of winning at this point).

(I mean, look at this smile. It looks really fucking fake, even for someone thats 24/7 cheery af like Viktor.)

And while this might seem a bit iffy, considering we’re already halfway to the end of the show, I kind of just want to point out that Yuri on Ice is, mainly, about Yuuri (duh, Heloisa, you say, but hold on a second). And Yuuri’s development is really tightly walking together with Viktor’s. Through those episodes, it’s clear that Yuuri has a lot of talent and skill. He is perfectly capable of suceeding (as shown by the perfect copy of Viktor’s routine that won him another gold), except for the fact that he’s insecure and a very anxious person. He still pretty much anxious, even by episode 6, when he is able to perform Eros perfectly, as shown by the fact that he is freaking out about being first place. But I think that this is where Viktor comes through: Yuuri is dealing with his feelings way better this time. He is opening up to someone, which we all know he’s very wary of doing. He doesn’t like showing weakness, don’t like people thinking less of him. But he feels safe when Viktor is listening (the beach scene anyone?). And that’s really important! This is a really nice example of a healthy relationship.

(This is actually the most pure scene is the story of media, fight me on this.)

So, back to my point. Until now, he have been following closely Yuuri’s story, since his failure at the Grand Prix (that wrecked him) and his decision to get back up, to try ice skating, to go “well, I really love this thing, and so I’m going to keep trying, even if my body hurts and I’m tired and upset still”. When Viktor shows up, this resolve strenghtens, and Viktor puts him back on intensive training. Not only that, but Viktor urges him to be more confident and sure of himself. Viktor makes himself available to Yuuri, pushing ever so slightly until Yuuri is able to come to him and talk about what he’s feeling. But! There’s one more thing. It’s not only Yuuri that’s benefiting from it.

(Compare this man’s joy in this pic to the first one. I mean… Yuuri isn’t even close to winning the Grand Prix yet, but Viktor is more happy at his routine – this is before the scores came out – than when he won the gold medal for the 500th time.)

Some speculations have surfaced about Viktor being a very lonely person, which might or might not be true. But well. He was a child prodigy, reached fame at a very young age, and has been in the spotlight ever since, grew under it, every move hyperanalysed to exhaustion. As charming and extroverted as the guy is, that must be tiring. Which probably had a huge impact on his decision to just drop his career and go “well, look at this kid performing my routine better than I did. It would be a shame if I didn’t fly to Japan to coach him”. While we aren’t 100% sure of his full motivations (except Viktor does say that Yuuri creates music when he performs, and that sounds pretty much enough of a motivation, considering that Viktor wants to surprise and be surprised and wants passion, most of all) and past and wishes, etc, etc. What we have of Viktor right now is his development very strongly intertwined with Yuuri’s.

And, I mean… Viktor looks absolutely thrilled with Yuuri. Even more than Yuuri himself because, even when he’s building his confidence, Yuuri is still aware that a) people aren’t taking him that seriously just yet, b) everyone wants Viktor back to performing and c) most think Viktor is wasting his time. So, honestly, tha fact that Yuuri basically raises the middle finger (although, yes, metaphorically) with his performance to every single one of these people, because he doesn’t care how much they cry out, he did fucking stole Viktor. Deal with it, he says. So it’s safe to assume Viktor is more than slightly encouraging Yuuri to think like that.

Would all of this be necessary if Viktor was only doing this because he wants to create a new competitor worth of his time (when, I don’t know, Yurio seems strong enough to steal Viktor of his first place without so much extra care)? Would all this endless flirting and touching and intimacy be necessary to build up Yuuri’s confidence? Would Viktor actually say Yuuri to seduce him just to, you know, build His Straight Friend confidence? Would Viktor do all of this just to get more attention, when the reactions of everyone of their closeness isn’t even of shock at this point? Like, Phichit posts a picture of Viktor half naked all over Yuuri on the internet and the worries are “will people think I’m fooling around before competition?” and not that he’s fooling around with Viktor instead? Besides some embarassed reactions like Minami watching them hug, the whole affectionate thingy isn’t really a surprise anymore. Sure, photographers took a lot of pictures of Viktor and Yuuri hugging during the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship but, as showed on episode 6, Viktor is all over Yuuri any chance he’s got.

On live television, also… Just like Yuuri’s love confession (also, I super recommend reading this post on Yuuri’s speech. Just read all of OP’s posts because great analysis! And great translations!).

So, anyway, my point is that, if Viktor is doing this for pure and only his personal gain, he takes his objectives really fucking overboard and should get some sort of acting prize.

And my other point is that, if the show ends up making Viktor some sort of evil-only self-absorbed selfish douchebag, it won’t be a plot twist, it will be bad writing and very misleading (and I’m not only saying this because of the past episodes: both the open and ending of the anime are very upbeating; the tone of the anime and its writing are overall light, even when dealing with hard issues; etc).

Also can we just drop the whole narrative of same sex/gender relationships always having heavy drama, because it’s really getting tiring at this point. The drama is the Grand Prix, it’s all these fucking skaters trying their best and falling and getting up again, it’s the literal depression Yuuri went through and is trying to get out of with the help of Viktor and everyone else. That’s enough drama, don’t yall think?


6 selfies from 2016! I was tagged by @loonysl (ughhh how are you so pretty!?!)

I’ve been asked so many times to show my face and I guess this is my excuse to post some selfies :P I never really take selfies so it was hard to find 6 (my phone is just filled with peoples art and pretty sunsets) so the last one was a cute pigeon I found, that according to my friend, looks like me (my hand is in the shot so that almost counts?)

anyway I tag anyone who wants to do this :D so you can just say you were tagged by me <3

yuuri headcanons
  • loves hugs and cuddles but also hates them aka there’s only like two people whose touches he’s okay with at more than a handshake level
  • innuendos just fly over his head he never notices shit
  • also, lots of comments in general cause he gets lost in thought
  • “huh? im so sorry, i wasn’t listening”
  • coffee > tea
  • can actually cook p well but he doesn’t bother so he lives off cup noodles when left on his own
  • tends to go all or nothing on things like. he spends 72+ hours awake then passes out, has periods of binge eating then goes days barely eating anything at all
  • cranky af when he wakes up but it doesn’t really show, he just. doesn’t want to communicate at all for the next hour or so and gets way more blunt than usual if someone tries to
  • has such a hard time getting up in the morning. sets up like a hundred alarms and sleeps through every single one
  • once, viktor tried to nudge him awake and yuuri muttered something like ‘fuck college’ and punched him in the face, somehow still asleep
  • can sing really well? hits all the right notes without even trying
  • never in public tho he’s 2 shy
  • listens to artists like woodkid and gotye, instrumentals and very melodic stuff
  • also, songs with nice rhythm that you can dance to
  • cried to hearts a mess at least 17 times
  • trying new food is fun and all, but when there’s something he knows he likes he’s way more likely to order that
  • pan and demisexual fite me on this
  • low blood pressure. gets dizzy if he stands up abruptly
  • less nervous without his glasses on, bc if things are blurry it’s easier to forget about them and not fixate on people’s facial expressions and negative things they might mean
  • people always walk up to him asking for directions, even when he’s abroad and has no idea where he is
  • those street sellers and advertisers too
  • he avoids eye contact like the plague but it’s no use
  • sleeps with his socks on, under like a thousand blankets

viktor yurio


look what i found !

Why isn’t there BBS Sweetest moments blog?

Most of their sweetest moments are like twitter like when Mini was like “I couldn’t get this far without you guys :’)” and Daithi, H2O and Basically was like “Awwww” 

or when Lui wore his friends shirts. 

Or when Vanoss released his shirt and Daithi was like “Gonna buy alot for myself :D”

Or just the thought when Cartoonz went to H2O’s house and showed H2Os Play button but not one picture showed H2O’s face (& respecting his privacy). 

Also when they were playing a Zombies game (Im not sure which one). Vanoss effed up and he was like “It was my fault sorry :(” and Daithi was like “Its okay man :D”. 

Or in Moo’s Zetsubou No Shima video with Basically and Daithi, Moo had a time of his life and said “I’m really happy right now”.

And when in GTA 5 videos, When Everyone was like goofing around, Vanoss was like “These are my friends people…” Or during the Valentines day DLC, Moo was wearing a mask with a long nose and he was like “Guess where I like to stick this ;)” And Wildcat laughed whilst saying “God, my friends are weird”

And just flat out caring for each other.

I never seen a group of entertainers that has a genuine friendship as  theirs :’)

it just doesn’t make sense. why would a gay man, actively against queerbaiting, queerbait on one of the most popular shows in the world? why would he have nearly a whole cast of people basically in on this queerbaiting and hyping up and acting like a big “rug pull” would happen? why does none of this make sense? why did season 4 feel out of place, add stuff that doesn’t even add up, and basically change the whole course of the show? why does it feel so unecessary? what was mary’s real point in the show? why were many things added in this season at all? why aren’t loose ends all tied up? how did two writing styles change so drastically? how did they get so out of touch with bbc sherlock? when did “love conquer all?” 

Only For You[Smut]

Word Count: 3k
Warning: female!reader, oral, smut, dirty talk, daddy kink, very explicit ! ! !
Synopsis:Warren’s the hot bassist in an underground band, you’re a fan who was forced to one of his shows. He notices you in the crowd and you guys end up hooking up.  

A/N: this is my first smut on this blog omg sorry if it sucks I didnt proof-read it because it was hella long and I promised it would be up tonight

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hey listen. *pulls up a chair, sits on it backwards, lets be real

im like really really sorry… for not answering a lot of asks i get sent to me. i know, im real lame, but i promise i read em, i just dont always reply. guess i dont really know how to respond to a lot of them and it can get a little overwhelming.

…. if ive ever not responded to you then: im sorry. i really care about you guys, im just not so good at showing it at times ૮( ᵒ̌ૢཪᵒ̌ૢ )ა 


A Shelagh & Trixie friendship in 1963 pls pls pls with a cherry on top

Don’t ask me why I randomly thought about this at 2am and decided to make a post about it because I seriously don’t know (like why am I not asleep? I have class in the morning) but ANYWAY -  if you’re bored, read this and hear me out..

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sooo idk if you've heard of neir: automata before but i started playing it and for some reason i kept thinking of u during it! i mean idk if you like video games but i do think you'd like the character designs(?) im not asking for u to draw them or anything bc id rather commission that kind of thing but i just wanted to hear ur thoughts on the character design and stuff,, yeah lmao sorry this is awkward!!

hell yeah i love it DAMn im getting inspired

ty for showing me - on my opinion, I think they’re really nice; there’s a tinge of mystery and darkness but not a gory, macabre darkness (e.g. tokyo ghoul) - sort of a subtle, gothic (?) feel. The two elements combined make me really want to learn more about the characters, which I rarely want to do just from char design alone (and i would play it if i had time..T_T)

okay im not done with this but like

i headcanon that cecil is like anime trash and he’s currently crying right now because the last episode of yuri on ice comes out tomorrow and he’s just so happy that the show’s ending with victor and yuri being together

and carlos meanwhile likes yuri on ice but isn’t really /into/ it but he really REALLY likes overwatch and while he doesn’t main as tracer he’s currently freaking out over her and her girlfriend

and the two of them are just sitting on the couch with their phones out and just losing it online over their respective CANON gay ships and occasionally they’ll look up at each other and just let out an excited noise and then go back to their tumblr dash

and it’s just. they’re both so happy.

–Thursday, 8:36 PM | Woes.

© Benjamin Trent

i just gotta rant a little. many booktubers were/are acting as if magnus is a predator (which is completely bs) and were complaining about magnus and alec’s age difference. but like?? in the tv show, at least alec is in his 20s, while in the books, alec was seventeen in the beginning cause according with the bane chronicles alec was turning eighteen when he and magnus were already on a kinda relationship. you know what that fucking means? magnus and alec fucking made out at least three times (that i remember) while alec was underage! and you wanna fucking tell me tv show!magnus is the predator here?

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wait im confused sorry you dont have to answer if you dont want but what show? And what did danielle mom do and what twitter?

I honestly have no idea, and I don’t really care. I presume they were referring to the “Hetero Laddy Bro Pal Woman-Shagger Louis” show, but who’s to say. 

I was just reading this tweet and this entire thing is so aggressively absurd. The tweet had this calendar of a brief history of Louis’ girlfriends…

They’re so desperate to emphasise his straightness that there is literally no regard for the fact that in both instances it looks like he was cheating with Eleanor, but maybe that’s the story they want to spin given that the narrative would certainly suggest that he cheated on Eleanor in 2015. Those who will cheat with you will cheat on you, I guess? 

OR, maybe it’s that the moment Louis is single articles about how close he’s getting to bandmate Harry Styles start popping up.


They’re really trying to say that Louis is so serially monogamous that he can’t stay single for more than a week? 

The amount of suspension of belief in reality required to believe any of this is just…

I gotta Zayn.

I’m really so over the excuse antis are throwing out about got7 only succeeding because they’re from JYPE a big company like …? 🤔 Ok so according to you the company has bought sales, bought albums, won award shows for them, paid for yugyeom to win HTS so?? Tell me how they’re “paying” for all this AND a new comeback and they’re still not broke like??? …your logic is just flawed I support recycling ♻️ but please ….get some new “facts”…

  • Ciel: (to Sebastian) Alright, good. Thanks dad.
  • Ciel: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Mey Rin: You just called Sebastian dad. You said ‘thanks dad’.
  • Ciel: What? No I didn’t. I said ‘thanks man’.
  • Sebastian: Do you see me as a father figure, my Lord?
  • Ciel: More like a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.
  • Finny: Hey! Show your father some respect!

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I feel super shitty a lot bc I'm 19 & pre-t and cis gay men never show interest in me and it's like? Super invalidating? I wish I didn't feel like I need cis men's approval but I do and I just. Idk I'm having a bad day lol

im sorry :( i know it feels really shit to need cis men’s approval