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New Tattoos {Tattoos iv}

Warnings: pregnancy and miscarriages talk (duh), and tattoo getting (not in detail), you’re at 11 weeks now, also beware for angst.

Summary: Shawn finally finds out, but not before something takes you to the doctor’s office at the crack of dawn.

Word count: 3.6k

A/N: if you read this and you like what’s down there, send me your favorite Shawn lyric of all time in my inbox. ALSO, I don’t know how hospitals work especially OBGYN, so please bear with me?


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“y/n? y/n, wake up.”  Shawn groaned next to you in bed. 

You let out a string of incoherent words to express your displeasure. You sure as hell didn’t have to wake up early today. What was up with him?

“y/n, wake up.” He moaned, giving your hip a little squeeze.

“Why? Sleep is good.”

“I know it is, but you’re bleeding. Go change and come back to bed.” 

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Jaehyungparkian; Backspace

It’s hard, being apart for so long. The distance digs a gap in their relationship and sometimes it just seems too wide to overcome, like Brian would fall right down into it if he ever tried jumping over, but they’re trying to make things work. And it is working. Mostly. At least when Brian doesn’t fuck up. Like now.

(Or, Brian has been trying to come home for a long time now. Jae just keeps waiting.)

Sequel to Screen Talk, which you can read here on Tumblr or here on Ao3.

Read on Ao3 for better formatting. 

The crowd is still screaming by the time Brian makes his way out of the stage.

He stumbles his way to the end of the concert hall, waves one last goodbye to the fans, and then stumbles down the stairs leading backstage. Someone hands him a towel, pats him on the back in congratulations after another show well done. Brian makes an effort to give a small nod in thanks, too tired to muster up a real smile. He pats his forehead clean of sweat, swipes his bangs away from where they’re plastered uncomfortably against his skin, and tries hard not to collapse against the wall in exhaustion.

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just friends? ; brett talbot

anon requested;  Can I get a Brett imagine where you two are best friends and you have a flirty fluffy relationship (you are always together and touching each other and cuddling and stuff) and the pack always asks when you two are getting together. He’s also very protective of her when any guy tries to talk to her but they end up together (I’m sorry this is so long lol)

authors note; once again, sorry this is so late!

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*You told him the problem you were facing and he tried his best to comfort you but he felt that he should do something more to brighten up your day. He was scheduled to feature as a radio host that night and made sure to mention you*

K: “remember to all of you out there who are facing hardships, everything gets better within time. You just need to be strong because you have people around you to support you like me”

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*Sehun spent time thinking about how he could help you out and make you feel better. You called him to rant about your home situation which led him to talk to the other boys about allowing you to stay with them for a while (omg) until you could sort everything out. He turned up at your house later on in the day*

S: “Y/N get your things, you are coming to stay with me and the guys for a while”

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*He had to go away for work leaving you to skype him telling when things were going wrong. He assured you that as soon as he got back he would do everything he could to help your situation. In the meantime he offered a ear and tried his best to give you advice on what you should do*

S: “We are gonna make everything right when I get back y/n”

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*To put it plainly your parents were horrible. Chan knew that, he had met them of several unfortunate occasions. He also knew that you couldn’t wait to get out of that house, and you would come to his a lot to escape and have some fun with someone who made you smile. He caught your phone ringing from the side of the table and accepted the video chat. Straight away you mothers voice started yelling through the phone asking where you were.*

C: “She is with me, and she is going to stay here from now on to get away from the likes of you”

*You tried to get the phone from him bc you knew it would make your mother even more mad but he just offered you a place to stay so who cares*

Y/N: “Do you mean that?”

CY: “Obviously y/n, I can’t have you staying there anymore and this house needs someone as cool as you so you’re more than welcome”

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*This guy just wanted to become your distraction from everything going on at home. He would take you out to do fun things a lot, make you smile uncontrollably, but lend a ear if you needed to talk about anything too. He would constantly tell you that if you needed anything all you ever had to was ask and it would happen*

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*He had come to your house to meet up with you, and as he got to the front of your house you stormed out crying with your parents shouting behind you. He quickly took your hand and lead you away from your house and hugged you until you stopped the tears. He spent the time listening to your rants and bitching about your parents with you making the both of you laugh. 

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*You couldn't be around Chen and not feel better he just had that effect on you. He was so understanding and so fun to with it made you forget about your home struggles. He offered to help you out as well if you found that you couldn't stay living where you were*

C: “I’ll pay for you to stay somewhere else or you can stay with us y/n. I mean I would prefer if you stayed with me but thats just a suggestion”

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*Tao took you away to get away from your parents for a while. You liked the beach so thats exactly where he took you. You stayed there fora  few days in order to get your head clear before going back to try and resolve all the issues going on*

Y/N: “Where are we going”

T: “To a place with sand, sea and more importantly no parents”

look at him in that shirt and those trousers im suffering 

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*After hearing your troubles he wanted to cheer you up, so he did the thing he knows best and wrote you a song. He conveyed through the lyrics and melody how best to overcome your troubles and that you never had to feel alone bc he is always here for you any time. He deemed the song so good he put in on his upcoming album and before he performed it he introduced the song as a gift for someone special to him*

L: “I wrote this song for someone close to know who you are. This song is also for anyone who is struggling at home, things always get better”

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*You hadn't spoken to Kris for over two weeks, which he didn't get because he had been calling and messaging you constantly. He thought you were mad at him for some reason and so went round to your house. When you came out you tried to make excuses to go back in but he wouldn't have it and persisted for you to tell him what was wrong*

Y/N: “I’m sorry I just haven't felt like seeing anybody at the moment, I don’t really wanna bring my mood on others”

K: Y/N, you haven't spoken to me for weeks and if i am not mistaken we are meant to be as close as close can be. If you dont talk to me then it means you are trying to keep your distance, and distance eventually means no longer talking. I can’t have that, you can confide in me anytime you know that. I’ll help you through everything”

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*Every time you were upset you would skype him if he was away and then instantly feel better. Luhan hated seeing you upset so making you smile was a must for him, he offered to take you away with him when he went away for work so you didn’t have to be at your house all the time*

L: “You should come with me from now on, you will have much more fun with me, plus I miss you when I’m gone”

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*Minseok would take you out for ice cream a lot and listen to whatever you had to tell him. After hearing your problem and thinking over an ice cream cone he would always come up with some words of wisdom and support which made you feel a lot better with the situation*

XM: “Everything can be solved after a bit of ice cream y/n”

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Reunited (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

It had been two years since you last saw him. The day that the two of you had agreed to end things. You had choose to go to a certain college while he had choose to attend another. One that was halfway across the country from yours. At first you had been okay with the distance but as the days soon became numbered you were feeling apprehensive and willing to try it, however he had a different plan. He had been the one who wanted to end it and as much as you wanted to scream at him you had agreed with him. You knew in your heart it was the best thing to do. And so the two of you had ended it and you hadn’t seen or heard from him since.

You couldn’t even begin to count the number of times you had wanted to call him and tell things that had just happened to you, good, bad, sad, and everything in between. The two of you had been together since freshman year of high school. Almost four years together. He was your best friend. He knew everything about you and you knew everything about him. He was your first everything. First date. First kiss. First love. First heartbreak. And everything in between.

But that was a lifetime ago and now you were in one state while he was in another both of you attending college. It was your junior year and you hadn’t been on a date yet. You and your roommate had lived together the entire time and she was constantly bothering you about going out.

“Earth to Y/N?” your roommate, Skye, called, snapping you out of your thoughts.


“Will you please come with me tonight?” she begged.

You sighed. “Why? Isn’t this kinda like a date?”

Skye looked confused, thinking about her answer. “Well…kinda…I mean..I don’t know! Maybe! But some of his friends are gonna be there and he said I can bring a friend if I want! So please, please, please come?”

You threw your arms in the arm, defeated. “Ok fine! Whatever, I’ll come!”

“Yay! Thank you!” Skye cried, running over to you and embracing you in a hug.

“You owe me,” you laughed, pushing off.

She nodded, walking over to her closet, going through her clothes.

“What should I wear?” She mumbled.

You, on the other knew exactly what you were wearing. A pair of skinny jeans, an Old band tee, and your Converse.

You sat on your bed, laptop on your lap, but you were mostly focused on Skylar. She had changed at least three times even though you had told her she looked fine each time. She had finally settled on a pair of leggings with high brown boots and a long sweater. Now she was fussing about her makeup even though it looked fine to. She already had more on than you.

The car ride was filled with Skye talking excitedly about this new guy, Ashton. They had met at a party a few weeks and had been talking since. You could tell that she really liked him so as much as you didn’t want to be included in their “date” tonight you were happy for her.

There was two cars parked outside of Ashtons house as Skye parked the car. Getting out of the car you made a final glance in the glass making sure you looked ok before walking up to the front door with her. She had suddenly gone quiet and reached over and gave her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder.

“It will be fine,” you said, just as the door swung open.

“Hey!” a guy, with shaggy brown hair and green eyes said. He stepped aside, allowing both of you to enter.

“Y/n, this is Ashton. Ashton this is Y/N,” Skye said.

He smiled and looked over at the four people on the couch, pointing at each and introducing them.

“My roommate will be back soon,” he added and Skye nodded.

“There’s beer in the kitchen,” Calum added from the couch, holding up his bottle.

You nodded and grabbed Skye’s hand, dragging her into the kitchen.

“Are you trying to set me up?” you hissed.

“What? No! Of course not!”


She sighed, throwing her arms in the air. “Ok fine! So what? As long as I’ve known you you’ve never gone out on a date. You need to start dating again! It’s been what? Two years? Get over he-who-must-not-be-named and get out there!”

“I am over him!” you argued.

“Good! Then you won’t have a problem meeting Ashtons roommate then!” she huffed. “He’s really hott by the way. You’ll thank me later.”

She opened the fridge and grabbed a beer before heading back in the sitting room, leaving you alone. Grabbing a beer you walked back into the room, looking around at them.

“Where’s the bathroom?” you asked.

“At the top of the stairs,” Calum said and you nodded.

Slowly you walked up the stairs taking your time to get there. Sure enough the bathroom was right in front of you, however so something caught your attention from the corner of your eye. There was an acoustic guitar sitting in the corner of the room but that wasn’t what caught your eye. It was the sticker that was on it. The same one that your ex had on his acoustic guitar. Laying on the floor, was a red journal, with a pen sticking out of the top. You instantly recognized it because you had gotten it for him for his birthday right before the two you broke up. You were surprised that he still had it.

You took a step towards the room stopping at the door frame, not sure if you should go in. Walking over you picked it up, flipping through the pages. You had always loved reading his new songs before he sang them to you. You liked to guess the tune. As you were flipping through you stopped when you saw your name at the top of the page. The lyrics were messily written but in the same writing that you knew.

Torn in two
And i know i shouldn’t tell you
But i just can’t stop thinking of you
Wherever you are
You wherever you are
Every night i almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

Memories came flooding back as you read. Lazy days when you would stay in bed. He would quietly play his guitar while you sat next to him, reading.

“What one are you reading?” a familiar voice asked softly.

Turning around, you saw your ex leaning against the doorframe arms crossed across his chest.

“Luke,” you replied. “How long have you been there?”

He shrugged, using his shoulder to push himself away from the wall. “A minute or so.”

He walked towards you, coming to stop, looking over your shoulder at the book in your hands.

“Do you like it?” he asked, nodding towards the book.

“Yea,” you whispered.

Silently you handed the book back to him and headed towards the door. A picture on his dresser caught your eye. It was one that you had given him for his birthday a few years ago. The two of you looked so happy. Not a care in the world at the time. A tear ran down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away not wanting him to see.

You could feel his blue eyes staring after you as you left the room and turned to go down the stairs.

“Hey Y/N, Ashton’s roommate Luke is here. Did you see him upstairs?” Skye asked, as you walked into the room.

You silently nodded, afraid that if you spoke tears would come spilling out. You walked back into the kitchen to take a moment to compose yourself. Opening the fridge, you grabbed a beer out and took a long drink.

“Are you ok?” Skye said, walking into the room.

“Um yea…im fine,” you said, forcing a smile but she didn/t buy it.

“What happened?” she asked.


“Ok fine whatever don’t tell me,” she snapped turning around to leave.

“Luke is my ex,” you whispered causing her to turn around.

“Oh my god! He-who-must-not-be-named? Y/N i had no idea! I’m so sorry! Do you want to leave? Lets leave. I’ll go Calum that i’m not feeling-”

A small laugh escaped from you. “It’s fine skye. I think I’m gonna head home but you stay and have fun.”

She nodded, gave you a quick hug, and went to join the others in the living room. A figure appeared in the doorway and you looked over to see Luke. He grabbed a beer and turned his blue eyes on you.

“Can we talk?” he asked.

Reluctantly, you nodded and followed him onto the back porch taking a seat beside him on the deck stairs.

“I’m sorry,” he said, taking his black snapback off and running his fingers through his blonde hair.

You looked over at him, surprised. “For what?”

“For ever agreeing to leave you…”

“Luke….it was both of our choice…”

“Yeah but I’m the one that suggested it!”

It was silent for a few moments, the sound of crickets filling the air. Sitting next to Luke bought back so much memories. There was so many nights when the two of you would go to parties but end up somewhere outside just the two of you in your own little world.

You felt him wrap an arm around your shoulder and you leaned against him. You looked up at him, catching his blue eyes. Your eyes lingered on his lips a second too long and he gave you a questioning look. He slowly leaned down, his eyes staying locked on yours. His lips brushed against yours before locking together, the kiss filled with need.  Even though it had been two years, the feeling was still familiar and comfortable to the both of you. His tongue slowly slid into your mouth, intertwining with yours before you came to your senses.

“Luke…” you whispered, pulling away.

He gave you a confused look. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do this,” you said, standing up and going back inside, leaving a stunned Luke, alone on the steps.

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Hey! Tell me 3 things you find attractive about each member :D hehe

Omg okay this is gonna be a real challenge… I think I got more deep with this than you intended, but I couldn’t help myself.


his face, his smile, his laugh

quietness – I’ve actually grown to like Mark’s quietness. Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to take it as him being more humble and wanting to sit back and let his members shine rather try to bring the attention to himself.

versatile – Lately, I’ve noticed that while Got7 is close in general, I think Mark has the best relation with each member in the group. Not only is he closest to the older hyungs, but he’s close with the maknaes as well, and it’s obviously not for any reason. Mark can probably adjust himself to different situations and relate to them all on different levels, which is how he manages to have such a playful relationship with Jackson, a more emotional connection with Junior, and yet, a same-aged brother relationship with Yugyeom.

loyal – I’m honestly so attracted to the fact that Mark is clearly such a loyal person when it comes to his family and his friends. To hear that he videochatted with his friends back home frequently when he was a trainee and is still really close with all those people now is just really humbling. Also how he facetimes his sister and his nieces nearly everyday. And omg, whenever he’s back in LA, the first thing he does is visit his home and family– LIKE MARK TUAN PLS.


his jawline, his smile, his physique

responsible – you can see clearly see how JB processes every word that comes out of his members’ mouths during interviews, and I don’t think it’s because he’s intently listening, it’s more of like, if they try to spin the situation around on them, he can react quickly to properly answer and handle it.

ambition – It’s always nice to see how humbled JB is when they ask him about acting in the future and he always responds that he wishes to focus on music before delving into acting. It’s touching to see that he hasn’t forgotten his roots and his sole purpose in becoming an artist.

leadership – While yes, they refer to him as the dad of the group and Junior as the mom, I think JB got this title as a result of how he’s more on the brusque and indifferently objective end of the spectrum when it comes to handling internal conflicts within the group. With that, I admire the fact that even though he is the leader and has to make tough choices and call people out, they still respect him as a member, a hyung, and a friend.


his eyes, his charisma, his hips

energy – We all know Jackson is the mood maker of the group but it’s so apparent that that energy not only livens up situations, it’s also brought out the weirder sides in his members and that’s always a sight to see. It’s always uncomfortable seeing groups where they’re so like stick-stiff and no one is willing to make a fool out of themselves, but Jackson will do it without a second’s hesitation and I admire that.

filial – I honestly would kill to have a son like Jackson. Someone who avidly cultivated his skills and ultimately became the best from such a young age, but still manages to remain level-headed and remember where he came from, is someone I find to be quite admirable. He has so much respect and love for both his mom and dad and it’s so heart-warming to know that even though they don’t need his money, he sends it anyway, sort of like a repayment for raising him and allowing him these opportunities. Not to mention, his manners/respect for elders is ridiculous. He was raised so well.

caring – I wish I could come up with a better word, but Jackson’s overall consideration for others is impeccable. He literally thinks of the fans in all he does. He does what he does because he knows we are what got him to where he is today. He never forgets to thank the I Got7; and he always makes sure fans at fan meets are comfortable and in good health. Like, how many caring celebrities do you know like that?


his eye wrinkles, his smile, his jawline

thoughtful – When I found out when they were training as a group/for comebacks, Junior was the one who would bring printed lyrics for the members when they practice, I just thought was such a simple but thoughtful thing to do for someone else. It doesn’t have to be done and it also seems like a total no-brainer, but how many people do you know will actually go out of their way to do that?

gentlemanly – I don’t know why it’s something I’ve noticed but Junior is such a humble, gentlemanly person. During some of the US fanmeets, you can literally see Junior helping the staff coordinating the event by moving chairs, clarifying things between members and MC, etc. He doesn’t have that celebrity mentality/prince syndrome, and that’s soooo admirable to me. He always makes an effort to remember to acknowledge the fans and to give as much fan service as he can without losing his mind.

good with kids – Man, if you haven’t seen Junior interacting with kids yet, you need to at least watch Real Got7 Season 3 Episode 4. He is so frickin cute with the kids and omg, he with Mark’s nieces… omg please… my heart :’(


his laugh, his derp faces, his newfound fashion

hard-working – Youngjae is such a talented artist and it’s kind of sad to think he’s one of the more underrated members. Can you imagine how hard he worked to debut with Got7 when he was suddenly named the main vocal after having nearly just entered the company? He probably had to bust his ass to make sure he didn’t blow his one opportunity. I do think about what would’ve happened if Shownu stayed with JYP, but then we wouldn’t have our sunshine!!!!!

independent – I think it’s nice to hear from his hyungs that Youngjae likes to do things on his own. It shows his maturity for his age and how he doesn’t have to depend on anyone just because he’s one of the youngest.

shameless – I think it’s so cute how Youngjae will randomly make derp faces whenever he just feels a situation needs livening. He’s not afraid to look a little silly every now and then. He knows it makes the fans laugh and he even said in an interview somewhere that he’ll someday hope to make his wide smile with his silly faces. I wanted to include his fantastic english skills but let’s just lump it into this category.


his teeth, his selfie game, his confidence

talented – I do think Bambam’s talent gets a little overshadowed by his talkativeness and desire to be a lil fashionista. But I think we’re all forgetting that Bambam began training for JYP when he was 13 and not only that, when they battled YG trainees, Bambam got the highest praises from YG himself… like I think that’s a pretty huge accomplishment. He’s such an amazing dancer and sometimes you totally forget, but if you just zone in on him during a live performance, you really get to see how effortlessly great he is at dancing.

loving – Bambam has so much love for the fans, it’s unreal. He always keeps his SNS updated to let us know what he’s doing, what he thinks is funny these days, and just to even remind us that he’s always thinking of us. I thought that when he did that #JustRight photo challenge, it was the cutest thing to ever happen because he made the fans feel included while giving the group a lil PR in the meantime. He really does care about us and that’s why he can be a bit of a fool sometimes but if someone can be a fool for his daughter… Bambam can be a fool for the fans.

easy-going – Honestly, I love that no matter how much all the members pick on Bambam, he never shows his anger (at least on camera). But from what I see, I feel like Bambam just isn’t easily offended and takes all the comments as terms of endearment. In an episode of Real Got7 Season 2, Yugyeom literally calls Bambam stupid and he just laughs it off. I think it’s just kind of nice to see that he doesn’t get so butthurt because he knows they’re kidding and he doesn’t let it affect him and what he wants to do.


his cheekbones, his smile, his dance moves

maturity – Yugyeom really gives off such mature vibes that I almost always forget he’s younger than me. He doesn’t act like a real maknae, like being cutesy and naive, instead he’s so manly and burly that you’d think he was one of the hyungs.

humble – Yugyeom is really talented as well, having trained at such an early age, then even winning a dance competition when he was 15. But you don’t know that about him unless it’s brought up. He doesn’t like to toot his own horn but he knows he’s a good dancer and he owns it… as he should! No one can floor hump, crotch grab, hip thrust, and krump like our maknae can :’)

personable – I think it’s kind of funny how Yugyeom has no regard for the seniority system in Korea and will physically push his hyungs since he’s so much bigger and stronger than them. But I think it’s also Mark’s fault since he and Mark are so close and Mark probably doesn’t care for honorifics himself, Yugyeom got away without using them; but when it comes to JB and Junior, they’re appalled at his guts to not use it. Regardless, he still constantly attempts to have closer relations with his hyungs on a more personable, “same-aged friends” level than a “hyung-dongsaeng” level.


I got some more requests in my inbox but I couldn’t help but do this, y’all don’t hate me~ IM SCREAMING I CANT HANDLE THIS AU I CANT *screams like a goat* this is so long, I’m  sorry :( But I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:)

  • Suga’s wardrobe choices: 50 shades of black and white (and sometimes red)
  • Is the vocalist of the group and also writes most of the songs
  • Can play every instrument, even the triangle
  • Is bandmates with Drummer!Namjoon, Guitarist!V, Bassist!Jimin, Keyboardist!J-Hope
  • Jin used to be in the band but injured his wrist, so he became the manager, while Jungkook was still too young to join the band, he’s the PA.
  • Suga sleeps shirtless, in his ripped jeans, on the couch with lots and lots of sheet music surrounding him.
  • Has low blood pressure, and will kill  people if they disturb his sleep
  • loves to collect vinyl records 
  • has a small houseplant by the window and calls it Jerry
  • Is bad at cooking, Jin has to cook for all of them 
  • Also bad at housekeeping since he has an “organized mess” set up
  • Holds practices in his apartment, because renting a studio all the time costs alot of money.
  • Sleeps during the day, Wide awake at night.
  • Besides band responsibilities, the only way to make Suga wake up is when Namjoon, V, Jimin and J-Hope starts playing their song incorrectly and Suga wakes up to correct their mistakes.
  • Namjoon, You missed a beat.
  • V your strumming is messy 
  • Jimin are you even trying?
  • J-Hope there’s no keyboard in this song
  • Does gigs all around, you can find them at Itaewon and Gangnam most of the time.
  • Suga can concentrate more when he lights a cigarette, but he never  finishes it.
  • Goes around the apartment complex shirtless, with messy sexy bed hair with a cig between his lips. (Lol he’s actually getting mail and the bills)
  • Loves his guitars more than anything.
  • He would rather let his guitars fall on V, than let them fall on the actual floor.
  • Has a small box for his guitar picks, but uses a sleek matte black one most of the time, because it was given to him by their first fan, a 5 year old boy across the hall from his apartment.
  • Suga playing the guitar, Suga playing the guitar Suga playing the guitar 
  • for some reason, cats like him? Every event they go to, there are cats there who would meow at him and he’s like ?????
  • Ends up petting them anyway and talking to them nonchalantly.
  • Doesn’t let people touch his stuff, especially instruments or equipment
  • Walks around with headphones on and a stoic look on his face, but is actually listening intently to the music
  • Always gets special treatment from bartenders because he is smooth af
  • He treats every gig like a concert, because there’s no opportunity too small or too big, an opportunity is always a locked door that leads to places as long as you play the cards right.
  • Suga’s Motto: “Not my band, Not my Problem”
  • Finds inspiration in everything and would randomly go out of his apartment to observe and watch people (mostly for love songs) He would always note the good things he sees and the bad ones.
  • One time he wrote a really sad song about lost and drifting away, when asked by Jungkook what was his inspiration, Suga shrugged and replied, “I saw clouds getting blown by the wind a while ago lol”
  • One time, during a performance, someone threw a bra at him and he just dodged it like it was nothing and continued singing
  • Said bra got stuck on Namjoon’s drum stick and kept on playing with a disgusted look on his face LIKEwHY
  • Wears leather jackets all the time? Even during the summer? (How is he even alive?)
  • Sleeps anywhere and everywhere
  • Would sometimes pour water on himself during gigs, because it gets hot and he gets sweaty, so he needs to cool off and everyone in the audience just died because why MUST HE DO THAT 
  • Your first encounter with Rocker!Suga is when he was doing a gig near your place, and you were always up for new music. It was a bit refreshing when you saw him and his band doing some songs.
  • You were by the bar, sipping your drink and in a glimpse, you two made eye contact.
  • Suga took notice of you immediately, and from that night on, his thoughts have been clouded with you.
  • Suga changed the tracklist on the spot and just, “This next song is for all of you beautiful people out there.” Whilst looking at you.
  • V would whisper, “It’s not even on the list?”
  • And Suga would just continue to start the song and everyone just went along with it, making sure you were there to hear it.
  • Suga gave this lopsided smile from the stage and you smiled back.
  • The song was about to finish, when you got a call from your work, you stepped outside to receive the call, you were disappointed you wouldn’t hear the rest of the song.
  • Unfortunately, it was their last song to perform. Once you were out of Suga’s sight, he instinctively hopped off the stage to look for you, looking by the bar, in the crowd and somewhere in the corners of the place, but you were nowhere to be found.
  • Hyung let’s go Jimin would come from behind, since they had another event to go to. 
  • Suga looked fairly disappointed, nodding in response as he went back to the stage to get all of the equipment off and into their van. 
  • It was the first time someone caught his eye, since all he ever thought about was his and his bandmates’ future with their music. He aimlessly looked down, rolling up the last cord and unplugging a few amps as they set out in the back where their van was waiting.
  • As soon as your business call ended, you came back inside to find Suga out of sight. You were disgruntled, you should have sent your boss to voice mail.
  • You sighed heavily, you were so sure he was looking at you, you found him enchanting and his lyrics interesting, but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found anymore.
  • Since then, Suga couldn’t get you off of his mind. He would find himself spacing out, with his chin resting on his hand, thinking where you went that night. 
  • He would gain inspiration from you, he would spend sleepless mornings finding the right tune, the right melody and the right words about his experience that night you two exchanged looks.
  • Which it soon became a hit via fancam, and Suga’s band gets acknowledged not only from the Korean public but also international. 
  • Numerous agencies and companies wanted to sign them up, it was truly a hard decision for the band and for himself.
  • They really couldn’t believe it, since it was a song trying to find you, but it seems like the world found him.
  • Eventually, they signed with a trust worthy company, making their way to the meeting only to find you in the meeting room along with the president of the company.
  • Suga’s eyes widened with shock, he firmly believes he was dreaming, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you during the contract signing, turns out you work as a producer there.