im sorry i just love these games so much

hi uh,,, i forgot,, that tumblr was a thing i could submit art to. so like hi I’m Summer and yeah

so um. I drew thomas and @benjpierce because like. ahgdg this took ages bc all the LITTLE LIGHTS


so uh. La La Land is definitely a very important thing to me and,, a lovely night is ,, my favorite song. Ever. and so,, these two ANGELS sang it???? like WHAT?? i actually legitimately cried haha

and thomas has helped me through,,, so much,, with like. self worth and all. and i just recently found out about ben! i of course knew of Little Game and all but YEAH omg i’m rambling im so so sorry

so WITH ALL AWKWARDNESS ASIDE i hope u,, like this

//sweats nervously and runs bc im hoping this is being submitted to the right place

Thomas: Summer, I LOVE this!!!!! You always do such a good job, and I am truly glad we were able to do the song justice for you!! Thank you for all the art you do, and especially for THIS beautiful work!!!


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer

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Top 10 pics/gifs of geno?

okay bless you for this, i needed a distraction from the game, honestly there’s so many good pics/gifs but i’ll go with these for now, obvs none of these are mine

he’s so cute here goD

good lord, i choked when i saw this gif

why did this happen?? 😩but i love it

geno proving why tall people, me included, can’t dance for shit

What your fav Spyro 2 level says about YOU!!

glimmer: aesthetic as all hell. watches steven universe and collects gem geodes. hates moneybags

idol springs: likes to dance!! takes a lot of aderral PROBABLY. still cant figure out the yellow blocks puzzle

collusus: obsessed with cryptids?? probably calls mothman their bf or whatever.

hurricos: SUCH a nice and calm person!! looks moody like all the time but we all know they just straight chillin

sunny beach: idk what to tell you. you’re probably a sadist

aquaria towers: kinda scary but in a good way?? listens to deep house and likes neons. wants to go to the club every weekend. Chaotic good

crush’s dungeon: their default setting is ?????????. uses ‘like’ all the time

summer forest: so full of sunshine and joy. Possibly a fairy. still likes flower crowns and probably wants to go to coachella

skelos badlands: actually quite popular but they are really kind so a lot of people are drawn to them! they have this like…..iconic aura.

crystal glacier: has an aesthetic that knocks people dead,, the ‘hard shell soft inside’ stereotype. INTJ maybe. hates money bags 

breeze harbour: a night owl!!! loves drama and lurks on social media. A “fight me in the pit” type person. authoritarian left 

zephyr: a history buff with straight As in school. an Earth person….and theyre under 5 ft. authoritarian right 

scorch: super bubbly!! in a million fandoms, calls people their cinnamon roll. misses gravity falls

fracture hills: gay 

magma cone: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh lawful evil. meme dealer. hates moneybags 

shady oasis: kind of closed off but they are SUPER COOL. watches chopped and Hell’s Kitchen..has some really weird secrets 

gulp’s overlook: watches lets plays and speedruns like all the time. likes hans zimmer. doesnt know how to use makeup

autumn plains: ACTUALLY fell from the sky cos theyre an angel!! they just radiate peace omg 

mystic marsh: they are so weird I love it!! We all do!!! they have the best stories but are waaayyy too clumsy i am sorry 

cloud temple: loves metal gear solid. people dont joke on them because they will DRAG them back..impossibly high standards

metropolis: unironically likes vaporwave. watches too much anime. they are really intelligent but have zero street skills

robotica farms: disattached from the social dogma 

ripto’s arena: is a theatre kid and broadway stan. likes to play games on the difficult setting.

winter tundra: they are just so cute and sweet, really anxious too. and they run like 7 aesthetic blogs for some reason.

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SCREAMING AHJSHDHAJSKAKAHAJAJAJAJDHDHDHHA!!!!!! You bought saints row PH MY GOOOD!!! Sorry im just so mcfreaking excited you dont even know!! Amazing games honestly! (have fun with driving lmao) btw the cc in 2 is alright but it gets much better & totally different in 3 & 4!! And my fav weapon on sr3 is The Penetrator (il let you see what that is lmao) also lin is my gf & i love carlos... Anyways have fun!!!

💜 💜 💜

(nb boss - they/them)

Help meeeEEEE i’m addicted to this game lmaO

 I love it so much lol

one day i’ll finish these doodles maybe

but for now i hope you enjoy these drawings lmao i was kinda bored at work cause i finished all things i had to do so i decided to go ahead and make some fanart, i couldn’t look up references so im sorry if i fucked up some stuff lmaO 

i mean these are just some sketches so it shouldnt matter anyway lol

Got7 Reaction to - You Feeding Them


Requests are open guys! 

Mark- Tiny little fluff ball would love it okay. Like, he would be so surprised at first and then you would do it again and he’d be like “oh okay this is a thing now sweet” and you would put the food in his mouth and he would smile his cute smile and it would be so adorable and then he would ask if he could feed you too and you’d be like “as long as you promise not to smear food on my face” and he would be so shocked that you would even think that cause he would never! And then he would do it just to see your reaction cause that’s how he is he’s a monster someone stop him.

Jaebum- This man loves his food. And he loves you. He would LIVE FOR IT. like okay imagine thing right? You’re sitting on the couch together and you’re in his lap cause that’s his favorite place for you to be and you would be eating something and he would ask if he could have some and you’d just like yeah okay of course and instead of handing it to him you just reach back and stick in it his mouth for his so that he doesn’t have to use his hands cause they are currently around your waist and that would be waste right? And he would be kind of like “oh okay” and just take the food with his mouth and then this would continue cause he would love it yes.

Jackson- No. just. He would be such a dork about it. You would tell him to open his mouth and he’d be like “what why what are you going to do to me i don’t know if i trust you or not please don’t poison me okay i am too young to die” and then you’d shove the food in his mouth violently just to shut him up and he would pout and say he was just kidding and “come back jagi i promise to be nice please ill let you feed me!” this is a fact he is a child.

Jinyoung- He would let you do it once because you wanted to but then be adamant that he was an adult and he could feed himself. He is such a guy and would be like “no no i should be feeding you not the other way around come here i’m your mom” im sorry i couldn’t help myself. He would think it was cute once but then nah.

Youngjae- My sweet sunshine oh my gosh he would love it so much! He would constantly ask you to feed him cause his hands are busy playing a video game and he just wants food oh my gosh imagine how cute. Or like you are watching a movie and you just put a piece of candy in his mouth cause he’s already holding something like a stuffed animal or pillow or maybe you are in his lap and he would love it okay.

BamBam- This fucker. He would make it into something dirty. Like ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME. you would be like ‘here let me feed you’ and he would say something like ‘no no let me feed you something i have something better than food’ that little shit he would do it okay don’t argue with me. But also he would love it cause he is a baby. But he would still take any chance he got to make it dirty.

Yugyeom- This could either of two way. Either he is going to pull a BamBam and make a sexual comment or be like Youngjae and be all for it cause he would think it was the cutest thing that you are feeding him like a child cause he loves to be spoiled and he would say something like ‘see my jagi loves me she feeds me cause im special’ and you’d have to flick him in the forehead for being a little shit but you secretly love him so it’s okay.


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Thank you guys so much!!

im both yugyeom and jinyoung in the lower left photo always

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so i just got back from wonder woman????? and i have transformed as a person??? i’m hopefully going to have a review video up on my youtube this week but for now here are my immediate jumbled post-movie thoughts:

(some spoilers ahead??)

  • so good?????
  • so fucking incredible???????
  • okay honestly though i love diana prince so much,
  • no sexualised shots of diana??????? it was so refreshing!! what a concept????
  • steve x diana is the real otp to end all otps bye. 
  • characterisation of every character was beautiful. all of the boys felt well rounded and individual and they all helped the story!
  • etta was a gem!! and she wasn’t just there to ogle steve like i foolishly assumed. she was there to oogle diana and it was great!!!!
  • my only main issue was the lack of women interaction once diana left the island so i would have liked a lot more etta and diana interaction but oh well. 
  • amazon women are actually incredible and i want a whole movie/series just following their day to day lives without men please. 
  • the soundtrack destroyed me. fully destroyed. i am gone. also the only i’ll be listening to from now until eternity. 
  • the wonder woman theme song kicked in and i gasped so hard i nearly choked. 
  • i cannot believe i saw a movie with a female hero who was full of compassion and empathy and she was never shown to be lesser because of it????
  • a superhero who wasn’t driven to her journey because of a tragic backstory??? i mean yes sort of but she was already determined to help the world anyway. like sorry clark and bruce but ur sob stories are officially boring now bye.
  • i have never cried so hard during a fight sequence. 
  • everyone needs to see this movie. it has chanGED. THE. GAME. every movie from now on has a lot to live up to.
  • good luck to any movie ever making me feel this incredible and empowered ever again. 
  • i just love diana so much. 

@fluffyish @aftgexchange!! this is for tina!! who’s a cutie and had the best headcanons that i most definitely would love to write too!! I am sorry, this is already a day late, but school and work and everything piled and i had no time at all, i hope this is still ok!! <3 

“ I have poor circulation and sometimes get chills and you have the warmest body so i like to cuddle with you as much as possible.” with jerejean!! they’re the cutest my lovely otp 

  • jeremy knox being a californian boy, our sunshine dreamer, is of course very used to the warm temperature and almost non-existent summers
  • therefore, when the team has to travel to away games in colder states, of course jeremy finds himself and his poor circulation at a loss as he is left no choice but to either layer up
  • or cuddle endlessly 

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Assassin’s Creed meme - four otps/brotps (4/4) Ezio and Yusuf

Funny Comments about Ain in Korean Elsword Fan Forum

“I’m glad there’s a new char but he’s not really my type…”

  • I don’t care, I’m just happy that he’s a male character
  • We don’t know how his 2nd classes look like… you know most of base characters look ugly as fuq

“It would be hilarious if he has a spinning attack”

  • You mean like a spinning top???
  • lmao, wait, that thing is a weapon? I thought it was a necklace

“… You don’t think he can freely change his gender around…. do you?

  • Fuck if KOG does that shit Ima be so mad
  • I doubt KOG will do that… or maybe.. they will…
  • Well ya know this game is being supported by people of strange tastes so it could happen…

I can’t believe you guys are losing shit over a freaking illustration; LuCiel looked amazing as illustration but they turned out so shit compared to their illustration. It’s all about how the 3D modeling is going to go…”

  • Oh fuck, you don’t think Ain’s going to have super big hands and feet?!
  • NO that can’t happen, look at Rose, she has nice figure
  • What the fuck are you talking about, my Ciel is beautiful, you can go fuck yourself

“Why is everyone calling Ain an eraser???”


“Who are you going to ship Ain with?!”

  • Add x Ain!
  • Rose x Ain!!!
  • … someone said Elsword x Ain

Ain fine, thank you! …I’ll see myself out, Im sorry.”

  • Exit’s that way.

“Ah… I love Ain so much… Take my wallet…”

  • You’ve become an Elswordwhore like the rest of us
  • He’s the savior who’s come to ruin my life hahahaha
  • Da fuq you talking about, he’s my husband
  • ???????????????????????
  • This game needs more male character. No, we just need only male character. Fuck all the female characters. GIB US ALL DA MALES

“Hi guys I quit this godforsaken game 2 months ago but I’m back already because of Ain. FUCK ME UP


“Fuck you guys and your Ain… I have to serve my obligatory military service next month (for 2 yrs)…”

  • GG
  • RIP

This is   ;  F a t e ♥(˘◡˘ )

So This is a game, where each member picks someone and buys him a gift without revealing who he was to anyone til the end. Somehow Taehyung got himself when he picked a paper and Namjoon was the only left member to pick, which explains why Tae knows his secret friend. What I really like about this moment, is the game of fate in here; as you can see taehyung liked those bracelets and you see on the other side, Namjoon bought him very similar ones! :’)  even tho he said He won’t find what will please Tae! Isn’t this just beautiful?

Now repeat with me:  VMON is love VMON is life VMON is love VMON is life

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sorry i just... kinda had to... but i'd suggest checking out #aroacejugheadorbust on twitter to find out why a lot of people are really against bughead? u don't have to, but! aroace jughead means a lot to people and u may wanna take a look!! (if this comes off as rude or anything i didn't mean for it to, sorry !!)

im not against!! i love it so so much but just like bellarke its end game !! but yeah ill check it out and dont worry youre fine just giving me something to read into which i really enjoy so thank you really <33

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I've followed you for awhile and I always saw ace attorney stuff on my dash. I was always intrigued by it, and a couple days ago I got the first 3 games. I love the games so much! Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get into such a cool fandom!

Ahhh, sorry i saw this late D: Im SO happy to hear you enjoyed them!! Welcome to the fandom, I hope you enjoy your stay! I’m glad i convinced you to give it a chance hehe, feel free to talk to me about it anytime if you want to! I hope you will check out its other games, they’re awesome as well ^^ #asks

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