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Mr. Negan ~ Negan x Reader

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Author’s Note: hi !! im glad people enjoyed my first imagine enough to actually like it !! hah, hopefully you guys will like this one. obviously it’s a smut and it may be very cringey, but oh well. i love writing, especially when it comes to negan himself ;;))

Warnings: language, LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX, blowjob, etc.

- You sighed as you made your way to Negan’s little “office” if you called it that. It wasn’t even a office - just a simple table and a couple of chairs. But whenever Negan asks you to go to his office, it scared you and made a hitch in your throat. It wasn’t because you knew you were in trouble, it was because you wanted him to fuck you senseless since day one.

When he would make dirty comments to you, your panties would get soiled right there and then. When he would flirt with you, he sent chills down your spine and just made you horny for him. Even at night, you’d replay his husky voice in your head over and over and just wished he was right with you. Sadly, he hasn’t tried to get in your pants. Yet.

You walked down the hallway before noticing that his office was on your right. You sighed and took a minute to take a breather before walking in. Negan wasn’t there yet strangely enough, so you took a seat on the chair by the table. You face another chair across from you, knowing this is where he will be facing you.

Suddenly, you heard a door open and close, already feeling the wetness in your panties. Your eyes widened, not knowing that your panties could get soaked so fast.

“Hello, darlin’. Miss me so much that you had to come early? That’s a good girl,” Negan said with a smirk before you saw his full view. He wore his usual attire - a white plain t-shirt and the leather jacket you always craved to wear. It smelled like him you bet, and you knew that would get your panties all up in a bunch. Literally. “Earlier, you weren’t such a good girl. In fact, you were a naughty girl.” Negan said in a deep and low voice, sitting in the chair across from you and placed his leg on the table. You felt your stomach turning. You didn’t know what was going to happen, and hoped it wasn’t anything too bad.

You looked up at him in his brown eyes, to see he didn’t wear that smirk he always wore. This made your palms sweat and your throat hitched. There it was - the butterflies in your stomach. But, in a bad way this time.

Negan realized that you didn’t reply to him about being a naughty girl. This made him even more upset. “You will speak when you are spoken to.” Negan said with anger, looking at you with cold eyes. You swallowed past the knot in your throat before letting out a small cough.

“I’m S… Sorry.” You said in a low voice before looking down at the table in front of you. You tried to escape from the Sanctuary earlier, but obviously that didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Negan murdered your friends and you didn’t want to get murdered yourself. You planned a whole escape route and everything, only for Dwight to find out and let Negan know all about it.

“Sorry what?” Negan asked and looked at you, his eyes burning into your skin. He thought that you were hot and had to admit that none of his wives are as sexy as you.

“Sorry… S-sir.” You spoke softly, trembling on your words. You didn’t want to upset him. After all, you did want to hear his voice more and more. That turned you on quickly, and which you already were. But you tried to be serious about this because it could cost you your life.

“It’s Mr. Negan to you, doll face,” Negan spoke as you looked at him with fear in your eyes. You watched as he gripped his bat and played with it a little, keeping his eyes on you. “What to do with you..?” He thought to himself before clicking his tongue. “You disrespected me, tried to escape, and for what? What’s out there for you?” He asked as you shrugged and looked down at the table. “And no fucking eye contact?! Shit, I think you need to be taught a fucking lesson.” Negan said as your eyes widened. What was he going to do?

You quickly looked up from the table to see him standing up and walking over to you. You started to freak out - you were shaking and wanted to beg for him to not kill you. But you stayed put to try and not anger Negan more than you already have.

“Who am I?” Negan whispered huskily in your ear as you sat there and looked across the room at the chair he just sat in. He didn’t reply which made him fierce. He threw Lucille on the floor before yanking your hair. “Who the fuck am I?!” He screamed, making you jump.

“M… Mr. Negan,” you choked out as he loosened his grip on your hair and he calmed down a bit. You sighed a breath of relief when he didn’t kill you yet.

“Good girl,” Negan cooed in your ear before sighing. “I think you need to be taught a fucking lesson.” He said before you heard his belt buckle. Your eyes widened at the sound, wondering what he was going to do. Was he going to child you with his belt. When he slid it off, he took your hands and wrapped them together for whatever reason. You looked up at him, tears almost coming to your eyes. You didn’t want to die.

“P-please, M-Mr. Negan. D-dont kill me.” You asked him as you looked up at him. He stood in front of you and if you looked straight ahead, all you could see was his junk in the trunk. You blushed at the sight of this, but still begged to not get murdered.

“I’m not gonna kill you, sweetheart. Maybe your fucking pussy,” Negan spoke as you looked up at him wide eyed. Was he being serious? “Don’t look at me like that you fucking whore. Do what your mind is telling you and suck my dick.” He said as you looked at where his dick would be located. Your eyes widened as you looked at the already hard member before stuttering. Holy shit, was Negan being serious? Did he really want to get in your pants finally? All of those comments are paying off - your wet pussy was unbelievably soaked. He unzipped his pants for you and pulled them down.

You couldn’t believe that this was happening. Your wet dream was becoming reality and it flashed in front of your eyes. You were excited and wanted to truly see how Negan was. You hesitated for a moment before he pulled out his manhood fully.

“Fuck…” You mumbled as he slowly took out the flesh, and held it in his hand. Jesus Christ, he was definitely big. It wasn’t your dream, it was real. Your eyes widened and looked up at Negan innocently, watching his reactions. He smirked which made you look back at the thing before you started to slowly suck it.

“Shit! You’re already doing better than my fucking wives,” Negan said as he watched you take him in your small mouth, obviously enjoying it. You sucked more and more of his length, becoming more familiar with his member. “I never knew you were such a fucking whore, baby..” He said which made your panties even more wet even if that was possible.

You continued to suck and suck until Negan stopped you. He took himself out and looked down at you with an amusing smirk. He stood you up before leaning you against the table, your face on the table and his dick leaning against your thigh.

“Now, what’s my name again?” Negan asked in your ear which made you feel hot inside. You could feel his breath against your neck as his hand started to grope your ass.

“N-Negan…” You said, whimpering a bit. You just wanted to fuck him already, but knowing Negan he would probably take his sweet ass time. Your hands were still tied and was trapped between the table and Negan. Suddenly, you felt a sharp pain in your ass from his hand making contact with your ass hard and painful. You realized you didn’t call him the name he told you to say, so you quickly said it. “Mr. Negan!” You whimpering as you felt his hand suddenly go to your pants zipper.

“Good fucking answer,” Negan whispered in your ear before he slid your pants down. Shit, he’s gonna see how soaked you are and you know you’re gonna be embarrassed. He took them off fully before looking at your soaked panties. “Shit, baby.. all for me?” He smirked as quickly took off his jacket and white T-shirt, throwing them on the ground next to his bat. He picked you up before placing you on top of the table, looking at you with that devilish smirk. He chuckled before he kissed your lips, wanting you more and more.

Negan started to move down your neck, but stopped when he realized you still had clothes on. He quickly took your tied hands and held them up so he could take off your skinny tight shirt. He smirked when he saw the view - two beautiful titties in front of the man’s face. “My oh my. What has Mr. Negan been missing out on?” He asked himself with a small chuckle before going back to your neck and left small little marks, claiming you his.

“Oh, Mr. Negan,” you moaned as you were feeling delighted. The man you always wanted to fuck got into your pants first, and you didn’t even need to seduce him. That was a first. His beard trailed up and down your skin which made your ovaries basically explode. You still couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Negan moved down to your breasts and your nipples were already hardened. He smirked at this before he started to suck on one, the other one being messaged by his hand. His hands felt so fucking right. Once he was done with them, he moved down and rested you down on the table. He kissed your stomach all the way to the edge of your panty line, before looking up at you with a smirk.

“Let’s see what we got for dinner,” Negan said before pulling your panties off, seeing how soaked you are. “Shit, baby. I could eat you all night.” He said as he threw the panties off of you, next to his clothes. He started licking your lips, the ecstacy riding you. Fuck, he felt so good. He started to lick it like a fucking ice cream cone which made your face start to become deformed and shit from all of the pleasure he’s giving you. “Mm.. you taste so fucking good. Shit.”

Negan then took his fingers and slid a couple of them into you, it hitting you like a truck. He got the spot which made you basically fucking scream.

“Fuck! M-Mr. Negan…” You cooed before he kept inserting more and more fingers into that one spot. He was like a fucking God at this. “NEGAN!” You screamed, already almost at your edge. It has been a very long time since you’ve had any dick, before the apocalypse even started. Noticing you were almost there, he pulled out his fingers and looked at you with a smirk, licking them intensely. You whimpered, very upset that he didn’t let you finish.

“Mmm.. chocolate. My favorite,” Negan smirked before he came back up and started to kiss your lips passionately. You kissed him back to, very roughly meaning you needed all of him. “You want me to fuck you, baby?” He cooed in your ear which made you eager. You looked at him and nodded which he smirked. “Beg for it. I want you to beg so fucking hard.” He said as you whimpered.

“Please, just fuck me,” You said with a small groan as he looked at you with his eyebrows raised. That obviously didn’t convince him. “Negan, please.” You begged as he looked at you intensely.

“What the FUCK did I say about that?” Negan asked you with anger before suddenly pushed into you hard. You gasped at the sudden feeling, the foreign object inside of you making you want more and more. He slowly rid you before he pulled out with a wide smirk plastered on his face. “Would you like to try and beg again?” He asked.

“Please, Mr. Negan. I want you to fuck my pussy.” You whimpered as he smirked.

“Good girl,” Negan said as he inserted into you slowly. Feeling your heart race, you rested your head on the table and enjoyed the moment. He fucked you hard and fast like no one has ever fucked you before. “Shit, baby.” Negan moaned as the both of you were like wild animals, rusting in the bushes. The two of you fucked and fucked until you couldn’t know more, feeling your climax coming up.

“M-Mr. Negan! Im- I’m gonna-” You were cut off by what you were gonna say. You cummed and spilled your juices on his dick before he slowed down and pushed into you a couple more times before pulling out and spreading his white juices onto your body.

“Fuck, baby. Shit!” Negan moaned before he just stood there and rested his head on your stomach, clearly exhausted. “Shit, sweetheart. That was fucking amazing. Wished I woulda came to you sooner if you had good sex like that,” Negan panted as he looked at you. “Now, what do you say?”

“Th-thank you, Mr. Negan.” You said with a small blush before Negan just smirked at you before he walked away and started to get dressed. You waited a few seconds to catch your breath before you too got dressed. When the two of you were finished, he smirked at you.

“Shit, baby. You’re gonna make me think dirty thoughts all day long,” Negan said before taking the belt off of your tied wrists and put it back around his pants. “I’ll see you around, darlin’.” He smirked before walking out of the little room.

You couldn’t believe it. You just fucked Negan and completely enjoyed it.

- [hope you enjoyed, i guess. i didn’t enjoy that, mostly because i just cringed the whole time. im very bad at writing smut, but all that matters is if you enjoyed it or not !! hope you did :))]