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Can you imagine human Tae just going out to pick some fruits&flowers but one of them smells danger approaching so they literally go out running while transforming and their wolves just instinctually surround Tae but it was just a sole nymph passing through and Tae never fails to bring it up but he's secretly happy he has the best protectors as his boyfriends& also just imagine him baking and it's kinda bad but they pretend its delicious so that they don't make him sad. man anons back me up here

why must you hurt me like this? this is my new favourite concept istg i will pay money for this (lmao i won’t because i’m broke) but still!!

i can’t get over the idea of wolf pack bts adopting human tae like maybe tae was ‘rejected’ by the human world, his human family didn’t accept him, society doesn’t approve of him so he finds a new welcoming home with a pack of wild wolves in the forest and he’s never been happier. 

bts pack as so smitten with tae, they love him to bits and they’re sooo protective of him (bc even though tae is capable they have this idea that all humans are weak) so they’re constantly by his side and even though he teases them about being overly protective it means the world to him that he’s finally found a family that cares about him :’^) 

pretending to like his subpar human cooking!!! i’m crying, they are so whipped for him. they literally tell him it’s delicious because they want to see him smile <3

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First panel is from chapter 45. When Haise had his little breakdown about his own identity she told him that “he is himself” “names are…”? What? Not important maybe? At least that’s what I read from the whole context. I thought that it was a very intuitive reaction of her seeing him like this and she didn’t speak from the perspective of someone who was ordered to be the fill in for his “mother” but from a very personal standpoint (otherwise she’d have tried to tell him that he is Haise and not anyone else). He was so confused, worked up and scared about who he was and I thought it was great of her to basically tell him to be just himself. It gave a feeling of ‘no matter your past, present or which side you stand on, no matter how you’re called, for me you’re still you.’
^and i really agree with that.

Now in this chapter, she’s saying that titles and names are important attributes of a person and it’s how others identify them and what links them to others. It’s those exterior features that are important, not the thoughts and memories? That’s completely the opposite of what she said. And I think what she says here isn’t what she’s really feeling/thinking. She’s still processing the loads of things and her whole connection with Haise is something she especially needs to find the right way for and she’s now staying in that more distanced and a little cold attitude towards him. They’ll be ok someday as I believe it’s not just Haise who she’s fond of but his person as a whole.
Although, I gotta say it really hurts seeing how Kaneki internally panicked and promptly answer that he still remembers all those things and starts recollecting their times together. He desperately tried to convince her that “he’s still himself” - just like she once told him herself…

Mchanzo tattoo artist au of sorts

An AU in which Hanzo and Genji run a tattoo and piercing parlor together. Their stylistic specialty is Irezumi tattoos as well as their usage of the Tebori tattooing method for said Irezumi tattoos (though per customer request they will use the modern tattooing needle, much to Hanzo’s displeasure). Genji one day gets word from an old friend from his days studying abroad and enthusiastically informs Hanzo that said friend is in a dire need of a place to stay, so of COURSE Genji offered their place. Hanzo is understandably pissed to high heaven but Genji reasons that his friend will repay them by working in their tattoo parlor in exchange for living in their guest room. Hanzo (being a surly ass) retorts that its highly unlikely this strange friend of Genji’s could provide any admirable talent or work. After all, they pride themselves on their craft and this pal of Genji’s could very well be their ruin. Genji in turn attempts to convince Hanzo that having variety in their workplace would be beneficial for business. Hanzo is massively unimpressed, calling American stylistic tattoos (i.e. Sailor Jerry) uncouth, sloppy, and ugly.
Aftet a tense debate Genji eventually gets his way.
Fast forward a week later and Genji’s friend, the most RIDICULOUS cow boy wannabe American Hanzo has ever clapped eyes on, arrives and unpacks his meager two suitcases in their guestroom. Immediately, Hanzo is curious yet annoyed by this man who loudly introduces himself as Jesse McCree. Jesse is boisterous, teeming with odd Western sayings and charm that unsettle Hanzo and aggravate him. Jesse is rough around the edges, far different than Hanzo’s sharp and precise appearance. The two end up clashing heads over tattooing styles, then artwork in general. Hanzo affirms that his traditional and highly detailed work is superior while Jesse tries to appeal to him by showing how many different variations of Western style tattoos there are and how each are unique in their own right.
The argument reaches a peak which results in Hanzo storming out and cursing the infuriating cowboy under his breath. After walking off his frustrations (and being plagued by mixed emotions towards Jesse), Hanzo eventually returns home to find Jesse rummaging through their fridge while wearing nothing but a towel (for he had taken a shower to cool off and clear his head). It is then that Hanzo realises that:

A.) Jesse has a quite appealing and charming body.
B.) For a tattoo artist in his own right, Jesse has an incredible lack of tattoos. And by lack of, he has NONE.

And seeing such a superb blank “canvas” makes Hanzo’s hands absolutely itch with temptation.

Jonas x Noora pt. 2

((S/o to everyone who gave my first post so much love back in January!! It was literally just a random idea that popped into my head and I was expecting like 2 notes, and I suggest you read that first if you haven’t already!.))

•So a few people have mentioned how it might be kind of weird for Noora to date yet another one of her best friends exes

•But in actuality it wouldn’t be weird at all. In fact Eva is one of their number one supporters. Being close to both of them, she realizes more than anyone that they are perfect for eachother. She’s always going to have some lingering feelings toward Jonas but she has her own boyfriend now and she’s just happy that Noora is over that dickhead William.

•Also I live for Eva being their go to for any problems! “What should I get Noora for her birthday?” “Do you think Jonas’ parents will like me?” “Do you think Noora would get mad if I send a dick pic?” “How do I get Jonas to cut his hair?”

As for the rest of their friends:

•Jonas and Noora are a force to be reckoned with. When both of them get fired up it gets a little bit scary. 

•Magnus and Vilde are probably the most intimidated. It’s one thing to get called out by one of them, but when both of them get on you it’s terrifying. And let’s be real the two of them can make some pretty ignorant comments. 

•They are THE power couple. Evak is that gross domestic couple that are probably going to adopt like 3 kids and rescue a dog, but Joora are that world domination type.

•But that doesn’t stop them from constant couple competitions, because Isak and Jonas are typical bros and proud boyfriends and can’t help it. “Nooras article was just featured in the news.” “Even’s painting is going to be in that new art exhibit.” “Guess who got laid last night!” “Guess who got laid last night…twice!”

•Everyone in the group would refer to them as mom and dad (it started as a joke but let’s be real, they are totally the parentals)

•Jonas, Noora, Sana and Mahdi. Do I need to explain?

•They debate a lot, but they rarely fight. But when they do fight it’s like World War IV. Everyone around them feels it. (You know it’s bad when Linn is asking you what crawled up your ass).

Some more Random HCs:

•They lowkey have pet names.Jonas calls her “Red” and Noora calls him “Curly” (and sometimes Jonas is a brat and calls her “Palída” and then she calls him “Cabezal” or “Pendejo” because my favorite hispanoblantes are sassy as fuck)

•They support the hell out of eachother. Jonas sends her articles for her feminist fashion blog, and Noora makes occasional appearances on the new YouTube channel Jonas starts. Even though Noora doesn’t use most the articles (because “Jooooonas complimenting a girl’s ass is NOT empowerment!”) and they usually just end up bickering on his channel (it was actually going to be a couple channel but 3 videos in they realized that was not going to work) {s/o to @shadeandadidas for helping me sort out the blog v. YouTube thing}

•They are super competitive but it’s always passive aggressive. Noora will casually mention she got a 6 on the essay that she heard Jonas telling Isak he got a 5 on. Jonas then casually mentioning the article he sent her for the blog got more notes than the other ones she had posted over the week.

•Jonas and Noora trying to be #fitnessgoals, but it’s not exactly working. Neither of them are that great at sports (they tried to play basketball once with Sana and it was a disaster). They tried running for a while, but running sucks so that ends pretty quickly. They try going to the gym, because dammit Evak cannot be in better shape than them and they are running out of options.

-One day they head off to the gym, but are informed that the space is being used for a yoga class. But it took way too much effort for them to get here and they’ll be damned it they leave now, so they end up taking the class! And that’s how Joora become yogis. They start posting couple poses on IG much to the dismay of Evak (“Faen Even! Why didn’t we think of that??”) Sometimes before class Jonas pops an edible, but Noora doesn’t mind turning a blind eye (and if she tried it once no one has to know).

•And to answer the question from earlier Jonas’ parents fucking adore Noora


R: …. Yes

J: He might be small, but DAMN he’s strong

R: But he’s been feeling lighter recently, so it’s even easier

R: You been exercising more, man?

J: Hahahahaha

J: Yyyyyes

J: …. E-Exercising

I have decided that these are my favourite photos from the released photographs of Thomas Brodie-Sangster from his cover shoot for the Boys By Girl Magazine and here are my reasons that I am not at all sorry for:

Because yes, what a darling in blue. He looks so stunning like a beautiful sculpture - a sweet masterpiece. A nymph in human clothing that I want to protect from all the horrors of the human world.

Because all I want to do is snuggle him up and hold him and make sure the world is safe for him. I want to sit close, lounging in a cool morning with the sun on our skin and I want to look at every spot on his speckled skin and just snuggle and be so darn cute.

But then there’s this hot shot with the long hair + leather jacket on a slender bod combination that will forever be the death of me. All I want to do is him, ngl. On those stairs? Yeah, sure! I’m down just please go down on me gosh dang.


“Does Dex pretend [Nursey’s tatoo is] not cool yet always sneak glances at it whenever Nursey’s in a tank or they’re in the locker room or when Nursey’s adjusting his cap and his sleeve rides up his bicep and Dex is transfixed for a second and a half at the intricacy of the design? No. None of these things happen.” [x]