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Hi! I've never been that into reading fics (the curse of being too self-conscious RIP) but I was wondering if you could recommend any good Wrightworth ones? Thank you!

agh i have way too many im so sorry 

check the original tags for warnings ig, this has absolutely 0 order, some of these are gen/other pairings w/ side nrmts, some are just crack but i laughed too hard to not rec it, hell i dont know im sorry

hh there are probably a lot more i forgot im so sorry

i’d like mark which ones are my favorites but that doesnt seem fair and also ive read all of these at least twice im a mess sorry take it

*also a couple i havent read but have been recommended to me like 20x

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1) Hey Saz, this is the person from Tink's long-ass 5-parter ask. This is going to be even longer. I'm on anon because of shyness above all things but I am willing to message you off anon if you want me to do so! I saw what you wrote about that ask and I agree.... to the most point. All the 'characteristics' of Destiel that differenciate it from other ships that you listed were actually applicable to some the ships I was talking about, especially Johnlock. -->

–> 2)The other ships, yes, you may be right, but for Johnlock I felt even more wronged intellectually when it crashed to the ground than I think I’ll feel if the same thing happens to Destiel. I’m going to sound like a Johnlock shipping troll, but I’m not, I ran away from the mess of a fandom it became post-season 4. So bear with me. I really can’t explain what my experience was at the time if you aren’t familiar with tjlc and what the pre-season 4 sherlock fandom was like. –>

–>3)But let me assure you that it was extremely alike the spn/destiel fandom right now. I want to point out the similarities of the fandom and the ship but that would basically mean me explaining why Johnlock should have been canon, and I don’t think you are here for that. So let me just point out a few things. By the end of the honest-to-god fanfic-y 3rd season, the GA were taking notice of it as well, to the point where, yes, the show is being called the worst queerbait ever even to this day.

–> 4)It frankly deserves it. And it was 2017…. we thought it was due fucking time. Guess it wasn’t. When looking ay bibro blogs I can’t help but be reminded of Johnlock antis. At least when that was a thing, you know, because you can’t be an anti of something when it turns out you were right. We made fun of them, because how the fuck can you see jealousy at weddings, literally killing for the other the day they meet, –>

–> 5) having something secret to say that they can’t bring themselves to say even after the other’s death, being broken over the other’s death TWO YEARS LATER AND ON THE DAY YOU FUCKING PROPOSE TO YOUR GF, prefering the other over your string of girlfriends, counting the texts a woman sent the other, COMING BACK TO LIFE AFTER LITERALLY FLATLINING BECAUSE THE OTHER IS IN DANGER, and, you know, constantly making both of them have shitty relationships and be unsatisfied romantically…. –>

…. and read it all as platonic? The show literally falls apart if you take away Johnlock… sounds familiar. You know, one of the writers for Sherlock is gay. So I believed in him, after all gay writers won’t queerbait, how could they? (turns out they could.) ……But I digress. I won’t blame you if you just glossed over what I ranted above. Actually some of the reasons I’m still holding out hope for Destiel is 1) How atrocious the last season of Sherlock was, worst than Supernatral at its worst. 2) The sense that everything is coming full circle in this season(which we didn’t get, btw, in even the last season of Sherlock). 3) Misha fucking Collins. And you know, although i heatedly ranted above in response to your response, I did it only because I wanted to justify what I spent near three years on. I didn’t want to leave you thinking that a ship like this didn’t exist before, because in my opinion, it did. So sorry. I was being spiteful. About the ‘Greatest Love Stoty Ever Told’, which was in fact the big fandom tagline for Johnlock as well……. I think I’ll wait and see. If it is endgame, then I agree that it really is the greatest love story ever told. And I also agree that the show seems to be going that way

Hi Nonny, 

So this is all in relation to this post and I think that the easiest way to answer this is to say to anyone still doubting, including nonny, to just read the various replies and reblogs on that post, because the answers are perfect. 

Also nonny I know we have spoken in private already and you said that you were feeling better after reading the responses on that post as well so I won’t go into too much depth here, but I still wanted to post your asks in case there are still people out there feeling the way you do.

This is going to be my opinion on the matter, which, of course, is just that. There are many many people out there who were greatly upset by Sherlock and I feel for you all. Its not fair what happened and what that show put you through. Your feelings and your views on the matter are 100% valid and real and nothing that I say here is trying to contradict that. You saw a love story between those characters. That interpretation, like any interpretation of a text, is real and never let anyone say you were wrong. Johnlock still exists within the text of that show, just because it didn’t end with a kiss or a love confession doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid reading. 

I started watching Sherlock before I ever got into Supernatural. When it came out in 2010 I LOVED it. My film student lizard brain picked up on the Johnlock subtext pretty much straight away and aside from some very brief thoughts of “ooh that would be a different spin on it” I didn’t pay much more attention. I continued to watch Sherlock second season in 2012 and again I noticed the subtext, but at this point recognised that it was all done for humorous purposes. I never thought they would go there. I didn’t “ship” it because I didn’t even know what “shipping” was at the time let alone thought John and Sherlock were more than friends who happen to get mistaken for a couple. That was the gag. It was what made my very typically straight male young brother giggle like an idiot because apparently being mistaken for gay was funny. (It’s not. I hate those jokes. They don’t work outside a Carry On film and I don’t even like Carry On films).

When season 3 came out in Jan 2014 I side eyed the series because I had had enough of the gay jokes. I thought it was getting weird and could see that there was a beautiful bond between the characters that imo was being twisted for cheap laughs. I pondered on whether this Sherlock was in fact in the closet, Were they trying to tell us that he was secretly gay? I didn’t get it because it was never clear enough to me that this was the case and yet they continued to play around with the concept whilst the character of John is off with his fiance. My brother continued to find the whole thing hilarious. It was never taken seriously. My musings on Sherlocks sexuality were pushed aside because it seemed clear to me that the writers were not taking it seriously.

Then over the summer of 2014 I binge watched 9 seasons of SPN. I struggled with seasons 1 and 2, made it through 3, watched 4 and fell in love with an Angel of the Lord. It took me 10 episodes to figure out Cas was gay. It took me a further 2 seasons of umming and ahhing in my own head to conclude that yes,  Dean was definitely Bisexual. It took until 6x20 to realise that this was legit something in the text and not my imagination. It took until season 8 for me to believe 100% that they were going there. (I wavered a bit on that belief in seasons 9 and 10 but season 11 pulled me back and I haven’t looked back since.)

In the early seasons, 4, 5 and 6, I recognised the patterns used between Dean and Cas were the same used in Sherlock. I re-watched Sherlock at some point in 2015 and remember thinking damn yeah they really were shoving the subtext in our faces a bit. But I still didn’t ship it, even though I was 100% shipping destiel at that point. I again pondered Sherlock’s sexuality, had a brief thought of “I’d like to see that take on the story” but again discarded any thought that it would actually be textual in a show that imo seemed adamant in keeping it all about the humour. If they weren’t going to take this characters sexuality seriously, then the story was never going to seriously be explored. 

See if Destiel had always remained the way it was in seasons 4, 5 and 6, then I wouldn’t have any belief that it was going canon. I would probably still ship it (the sexual tension in season 4 was insane) but the idea that it would go canon would have always been a pipe dream. So many shows use the queer subtext as a source of humour. So many shows tease their characters as queer and use homoeroticism for titillation. It delights my idiot brother to no end. I hate it. I think it desperately needs to stop. I have never ever watched an episode of Sherlock and thought that it was doing anything other than just that. (I didn’t particularly like the 4th season though because nothing made any bloody sense and I think they kind of butchered the characterisations - I did say this would all be my opinion though so please don’t take offence).

You say that the show falls apart if you take away the romantic love story and make it platonic. I guess if I was to watch it again I could try to consider that reading, but my own experience watching seasons 1-3 is certainly not from a romantic view point and it all made sense to me. Season 4 didn’t make sense at all, and by the time that was on I was deep in destiel fandom and frequently writing meta, so I DID see the romantic reading in the text and yet still didn’t understand the story. (Again, I stress this is my opinion and is in no way trying to invalidate your own). However, with Destiel, the last three and a bit seasons narratively don’t work without it. I have tried to watch them and ignore every romantic moment, or hint at a romantic love between them, and in doing so, it confuses the fucking plot. I need to sit down and catalogue all the ways seasons 10 to 13 don’t work without destiel to evidence this but it would be a pretty epic job because there are ALOT. 

I understand that you feel that Johnlock and Destiel are similar ships, but my opinion is that they drastically diverted course from each other when SPN went into its eighth season. Since then, there has been nothing quite like destiel in terms of build up and story structure - unless you start comparing it to the straight ships.

Where we are right now, destiel is deeply ingrained into the narrative of the show, and it is never used as a gag. It is never poked fun of in a way that reduces Dean and Cas’s relationship. Something that I believe Sherlock did right up until its last episode. I also 100% believe that the SPN creators and cast have a much greater respect and love for their fans than the Sherlock writers and cast ever did. (I’m not much of a fan of Bendydick Cucumberpatch and I have never been comfortable with Steve Moffat… dunno why the guy just gives me the creeps (then again so does Bob Singer)). They have been so positive towards Destiel recently that I am constantly stunned whenever new media or PR comes out. I am also of the belief that someone as wonderful as Misha Collins who is a champion for the LGBT community and cares deeply about making the world a better place would never ever involve himself in something that if it didn’t happen, would be considered the biggest queerbait in TV history. Breaking the hearts and severely angering millions of fans all over the world. Misha is a very smart man. He knows exactly how much this means to us and what it will do to us if it doesn’t happen. He doesn’t exactly look worried though. He doesn’t ever look like he is guilty over encouraging this ship? He looks like a fucker who knows whats up and can’t wait til we finally get to be in on the joke so he can tweet about it 24/7.

If destiel doesn’t happen, then Misha, of all people…. well… I’d have to rethink my entire opinion of him… the idea is so unfathomable for me, so impossible, it hurts my head to even consider. Did you ever feel this way about BC or Martin Freeman? 

I just can’t believe that the people behind SPN would do that to us, but the people behind Sherlock? Well it didn’t exactly surprise me when it didn’t go canon. The BBC isn’t exactly known for being progressive. It’s known for playing it safe. If Sherlock was on Channel 4 I reckon they would have gone there. The Channel 4 execs probably would have encouraged it from the start. They would have considered it ‘edgy’. 

I know that the CW isn’t exactly the most progressive network either, but its a young network, with a younger demo compared to the grumpy old pensioners who sit and watch BBC every night and complain that their tax payer money shouldn’t be going towards anything other than gardening shows and Eastenders. Soooo I think that has something to do with it too. The CW has a greater chance of pulling something like this off. 

I’m so so sorry that Sherlock burned you. But don’t give up hope on destiel just yet, the factors are all currently in our favour. No two ships are alike, and in my opinion, Destiel is the motherfucking Symphony of the Seas compared to all others. It’s bigger, better, and hopefully, due for launch in Spring 2018.

ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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Study Buddy's - pt 2 - Philip Hamilton x reader

Warnings - swears most likely

Requested by - Me I really wanted to write this

Requests are - Always open and I really need some so :)

Damn this is long whoops sorry :)

“You had 2 weeks Y/N.” your best friend Theo yelled though the phone

“I know! You don’t have to remind me Theo!” You whisper yelled and put a ugly dress back in the rack

You were shopping for a prom dress you hadn’t picked one yet and prom was tomorrow

You had been busy.. Okay that’s a lie you had been getting to know Philip an kinda just forgot.

“Yeah I do!” She yelled again. Mad.

“It’s just a dress Theo. a dress!” You exclaimed as grabbed a black dress.

“OoOoO.” You said when you looked at the dress you had grabbed from the rack

Its was a long black dress with lace it was in your size to. How lucky.

“What?” Theo asked confused and yo had heard her grab her keys through the phone.

“I found a dress.” You said happy and started waking towards the change room

“I’m on my way.” She exclaimed and with that hung up you locked the door to the change room and put your phone on the chair that was in the small room

As you slide out of your pants you heard your phone buzz you finished taking your pants off and then grabbed your phone to see a text from Philip

Philly<3: Hey, I’ll be picking you up around 7:30 tomorrow. can’t wait to see you beautiful!!

You blushed and the nickname and pit your phone down and slide your shirt off and carefully slide the dress on

It was perfect!

It fit perfect and looked amazing on your body shape

You must have been starring at yourself or awhile cause you suddenly heard

“Y/N! Which room are you in?”

“Room 5 Theo!”

You in locked the door and she walked in as locked it again then turned around to look at you and gasped

“It’s beautiful!” She screamed and hugged you

“Thanks Theo.” you breathed out

“I think ok going to buy it.” You said looking at yourself once more 

“Duh, i wouldn’t let you leave without it.” she exclaimed with that duh tone you hate.

as you slipped off the dress and slide you pants back on you heard you phone buzz and Theo grab your phone

“Oh you got a text from lover boy.” 

“Theo give me my phone.” you said and put your shirt on.

“Hey Love, Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?” she read and tried to make a Philip voice

“That was terrible! you’ve never met Philip!” you said taking your phone from her hands 

You: Sure Philly!! ill be there in 10 mins! you replied and closed your phone and stuck in your pocket if you were wondering what you were wearing 

its a black crop top, tight jeans and you black Tennis shoes.

“Ok thanks for the help but i have a dinner to got to.” you said and grabbed your dress, your purse, and your black beanie.

“Alright go see lover boy, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Theo.”

“Bye soon to be Mrs. Hamilton!” she yelled.. i mean like screamed.

“Shut up.”



“Hey Love.” Philip exclaimed as he answered the door. you blushed and hid you face by looking down

“Hey, hey, hey, never hide your face.” he said as he cupped your face and gently made you look up

You blushed even more and tried to look down again

“What did i just say.” he laughed and kissed your forehead 

You laughed and grabbed his hands from off your face and then dropped them and wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms found their why to your waist

you guys both were leaning in when

“Philip, Mom said din- oh my god sorry.” you heard a young voice squeal and footsteps running away

“Damn it Angelica” Philip muttered and grabbed your hand and pulled yo through his house to his dinning room

you laughed and stopped him form walking.

“Y/N what we have din-”

You cut him off with your lips on his was about a 3 second kiss when you broke apart he laughed and spoke up “Okay you can stop me for that anytime.”

“Ill hold you to that.” you said and grabbed his face and started tracing circles on his cheek

“Ill count on it.” 


“So Y/N, Have you gotten a dress yet?” Mrs. Hamilton asked.

“Yes i have Mrs. Hamilton.” you said and looked down.

“How many times have i told you to call me Eliza?” she asked and ate her food

“A lot..” 

“Then please do. your part of this family to.” 

this made Mr. Hamilton laugh

“Whats so funny Alexander?” his wife asked you didn’t realize he was there

“You said she’s ‘Family’ she’s not.”

“Alexander!” Eliza yelled

“She just using him for money!” he Exclaimed

That hurt… 

“Pardon me?” you asked

“Your using him, your family’s poor and you want money.”

“Pa stop.” Phil said

“Its the truth Philip.”

“Its not! Yes my family’s poor! but no i am not using your son for money! until i started dating him i didn’t know you had money! so if you could stop accusing me of stuff Mr. Hamilton That would be great!” You said loudly. not yelling, but you said it loudly.

“Philip ill see you tomorrow. Mrs.- Eliza thank you for dinner sorry i cant stay.” You said and pecked Philips cheek and walked out of that house

~*~*~*~*~*~Philips Pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“Philip ill see you tomorrow. Mrs.- Eliza thank you for dinner sorry i cant stay.” she said and Pecked my cheek and walked out of the house

“Damn it Pa.” i yelled and ran after her.

“Y/N.” she kept walking.


“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

“What Philip?” she ask still not facing me

“Can you look at me please.” i asked quietly 

“We haven’t been dating long enough for you to see me cry.” she said crying

“Ive seen you cry before.” i told her

“Yeah before we were dating.” she stated 

“Y/N.” i sighed “look i’m sorry about what my dad said he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” i stated she looked away

“its not true right.” i asked tho i really hope its not

“Of course not!” she yelled and turned to face me

“Y/N i love you! i Love you so much. even if i was banned from seeing you i wouldn’t stop!” i yelled getting closer to her

“I love you too Phil! i just-” i cut her off with my lips 

“See you tomorrow?” i asked

“7:30.” she stated 

we kissed again

~*~*~*~*~*~*~Elizas pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“Damn it pa.” My son yelled and stormed after his lover 

“Philip.” i stated and stood up.

“Alexander Hamilton! That was unacceptable! She’s a lovely young Lady. What the Hell is wrong with you.” i heard many gasps i cover my mouth i had never used strong language in front of my kids.

“She using him i will not let my son be seduced by a whore!” i gasped at his words.

“You know you didn’t have any money and my dad let you marry me!”

he stayed silent

“Now apologize to your son!” i said point towards the door.

“Fine.” he stated and got up and i followed him

we walked out side and heard yelling

“its not true right.” i heard Philip say

“Of course not!” she yelled

“Y/N i love you! i Love you so much. even if i was banned from seeing you i wouldn’t stop!” He yelled getting closer to her

“I love you too Phil! i just-” he cut her off with his lips

“See you tomorrow?” he asked

“7:30.” she stated

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Your pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“You look wonderful Darling.” Eliza gasped as you walked out she wanted you to get ready with her. 

“Thank you Eliza. i don’t think i could look this pretty if you didn’t help me.”

“Your mother wouldn’t help?”

You stayed silent  

“Are you okay hun.”

“uh my mom was murdered.. by my dad when i was 4.” 

she gasped and hugged you 

“Im sorry hun.”

“Its okay it was along time ago.”

“Mom philips ready!!”


“Come on hun.”

Philip was down the stairs waiting for you

you walked down and his mouth fell open 

“wow, you look… Wow.” was all he said but he held out his hand so you could grab it and you did

After Eliza toke pictures you guys were on your way


“Everyone thanks for coming to Senior Prom!!” the lady on stage Yelled 

“Its almost time for it to end sadly but we still have to announce Prom king and Queen.”  she said and everyone clapped

“Prom King is.” she Yelled as she open a piece of paper 

“Philip Hamilton.” she Yelled and i clapped and looked at Philip he looked shocked you pushed him and he walked and they put a crown on his head.

“Uh thanks?” he said

everyone laughed

“And the Queen is…” “Y/N Y/L/N.” 

You walked on stage and they put a tiara on your head 

“Uh thanks.” you mocked Phil

everyone laughed

“Time for the last dance.”  she yelled

You and Philip walked to the dance floor

You slid your arms around his neck and he slid his around your waist and he whispered in your ear

“To think… This wouldn’t have happened if weren’t Study buddy’s.”

“Yeah Study Buddys.”  

Need//Peter Parker x Reader

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Peter Parker x Reader 

Requested: No lmao I’m just bored

Summary: Fem!Reader texts Peter and things get a little steamy.

Word Count: 1797

Warnings: LANGUAGE, fluff? Kind of? poorly written smut, BUT STILL SMUT NONETHELESS, and i’m pretty sure there’s more but I forgot

A/N: I haven’t written in so long??? I actually forgot how to make sentences ??? I’m so sorry for this mess?? Please enjoy it tho?? ily. oh and Peter is suppose to be 18 here but he’s still a little awkward (:

My parents are out, come over ;) - Y/N

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okay so i was tagged to post some selfies by absolutely stunning @daegucrew (took me a while) and the cutest baby @budapestalloveragain (why 7 tho? it was harder than i thought!!!) 

tagging @softertae & @bandlost too, my honey girl @geisterfxhrer and also some of gorgeous people id like to know better and see your beautiful faces more: @vanillalattaes @yoongsb @itsjinmin @jinandtonics @yoonseok @kthish @taejinmin @cowjimin @syubdaegu @zaepsae @jiminchimins @cinnamonsuga @pansugah @idol-rapper you dont have to post 7 ofc! but if you post any pls remember to tag me so i can give you some love and reblog them!!!

i know that im not mutuals for a long time with some of you or we havent really talked before, but i hope its not gonna mess up your notifications and that you’re okay with seeing my face lol! also posting 7 selfies feels a little weird but april complimented me very nicely today and thats her fault okay i love you all!

The Best and the Worst of You

Chapter 6: Triste Arin

(WARNING: contains mention of a suicide attempt. please read at your own risk. take care of yourselves - i’ll link some resources that you can use if you’re struggling with mental health, and as always, i’m here to talk if you need support and/or guidance <3)

AO3 linkRead Chapter 1 | more

It took him a moment to adjust, but when his eyes focused and he realised where he was, his jaw fell wide open. To the left of him was a large ceiling-to-floor windowed door, and outside - the city of Paris, at night, paths and walkways illuminated by dim streetlamps. What on Earth would Arin be in Paris for?! Then he remembered - the last time he travelled, Arin was a fucking princess in a castle, so this was probably more realistic. Squinting at the door, he realised that there was what seemed to be a balcony; moreso, there was someone stood on the balcony. Curious, Dan slowly made his way over to the door, dragging the glass open as quietly as he could, so as not to disturb the person on the other side (which he assumed was Arin).

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hey goop sorry this is long but im creating an oc whos from a country in south america (i havent decided yet, probably argentina) and wanted to make them have an alcoholic parent because i wanted to talk about my experience in my story. the thing is, isnt that a common stereotype with latinx? i want to avoid stereotypes since im white but i couldnt find anything on google, can you tell me if it is or any other stereotypes i should avoid? thank you so much <3

While I don’t recall the whole “Alcoholic parent” being a stereotype specifically done for latinx and more a TV trope that has gotten stuck into popular culture (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Rick Sanchez, Miriam Pataki, etc) that has gotten almost as stuck as “overprotective mom and stupid dad in a dysfunctional family) I’ve always said that stereotypes does not count as such if its just a tiny well developed aspect.

You can have a latinx character, have a thick accent, but that cannot be all their character, it’s also bad when you mix more than one stereotype because it maxifies the idea that you are unaware of how to write outside your bubble our in worse case you simply don’t care. 

I am, for example, pretty short and fat, with long messy curly hair, and I am pretty butchy and hairy, that kind of fits on ton of latinx stereotypes, but my accent isn’t that thick, I think I am pretty fluid in english, I cannot handle spice and my skin note while not white its pretty “caramel toned” bc its kinda light, my family is also pretty small and I only live with my mother in a tiny apartment, those are all attributes that break with ton of latinx stereotypes.

My best friend is latinx too, she has long black straight hair, she is incredibly pale, her eyes are kinda… scratched I think it’s the term and she in general has a junk of east asian features, she is not wacky or a party animal and she does not like eating, she is latinx even tho she barely fits in the idea people have of our culture.

My point is that you gotta be really careful when you write and NEVER fit us in one bag, if someone who knows about latinx culture and cares writes me for example, they would keep me who I am, if someone who does not know about me writes me they would delete ton of the aspects that are not stereotypes or maxify the ones that I have.

Another point is never close ANY feature to just an ethnicy.

Yes, there is hairy latinx people but there’s also hairy white people. Yes there is latinx people that have a lot of brothers and sisters but so there’s white people.

If you’re gonna write for one write for the other, if you limit certain attributes to certain kind of characters it’s going to give a really bad vibe.


If you want them to be from X place and not keep their country vague (that can work for certain characters that beside being latinx where born on the US), learn about the country they come from, how do they talk? do they use their hands a lot while talking or they speak too fast? do they speak too loud or too low? In Chile, for example, people tend to speak too fast, in Colombia we talk A LOT with our hands, moving them to not lose track.

That’s just a lil example because there are certain things that we learn from the enviroment we live on, our culture and traditions are different even tho some look pretty similar, the list goes on. 

hah whoops

so uh sorry for disappearing for like 2 weeks? i’ve been in danganronpa hell, still am, but uh…. let’s see if i can manage to make some content for this blog, bc i feel slightly guilty to not have any update after so long. 

and if u get a ton of likes, it’s just me catching up on simblr again, yea. 

also no progress on requests bc i am actually a horrible person who doesn’t keep their promises i guess. will try and kick myself in the ass to actually fisnish something

would people be interested in a lil Blush story for simblreen? did i already ask this? can i finish it in time? im not sure what the answer is to any of those questions. 

uh yeah thanks for reading, and sorry again.

I’m Just Thinking Bout You

[prompt: 2009/10 D&P skyping & P tells D that he’s going to go take a shower & D can’t stop thinking about P hot, naked, & wet in the shower so he decides to finger himself & hump into a pillow in front of the camera. P took a quick shower & walks in on D moaning his name & say things like “faster please” “don’t stop” “harder phil”. P doesn’t announce himself bc he really wants to hear this through & he starts masturbating too. they finish at the same time. the author can decide what to do from there~~]

this one is nsfw af (and short) but whatevs tbh (also the title is a ariana grande lyric lol i love her)

holy shit i havent posted a fic in so fuckin long im so sorry you guys aaaaa
ive been trying to write a fic but i keep losin inspiration :// but hopefully ill be writing fics regularly again !!

[Contains: masturbation lmao, pillow (talk) grinding, possible exhibition??]

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let’s play how much selfies do you post on Tumblr? I was tagged by @bulba-suho-r​ 💞 💞 💞 this babe lookin’ so beautiful and I think it’s alr my 3rd time doing this??? still I am not worthy for Junmyeon yet? guurl I really want to bite his cheeks   😔 😔 😔 

i’m gonna try my bestest to tag new people and those who havent done this yet bec I want to see all of your beauties  😘 @byunvoyage​ tho I saw you pretty on IG 😍, @topfied​, hey I can feel beauty in you, do this//  @baekhyunsama​, ah you’re so adorable what more should I sayy @princejunmyeon​ hey I miss you badlyyy :( you dont message me anymore @theseoks​ too omg i know you’re busy imma get you on Line @sehuntiago​ we just talked but im always available if you need someone to talk to @kahaengchu​, hey beautiful  💞 and mutuals I’ve tagged but havent done this @kimjunnoodle​, @baekhyunsjackpot​, @kyungsoosjigglynalgas​ i miss talking to you were mutuals for like sooooo sooo long alr @xingmebaektosleep show pics of you in kr I miss you!!!

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so a while ago, an anon asked for archie pretending to be a mermaid and i thought of this

i wonder a lot what maxie even talks about in the speeches he supposedly gives to all of team magma every morning. i bet bullshit like this


Hi~ hope u r doing it okayy :) Can i get a text scenario where the boys try to give jealousy their gf talking about their first love, but they actually talk about her (cs she’s their first [true] love) ?¿? Thanks ♡

req by: anonymous 

sorry for the spam guysssss, i havent been able to be this active in so long im just doin alot of catchin up. hope you enjoy this one !! xoxo

anonymous asked:

how are you so sure you'll marry Erik? havent you only been dating for a few months? isn't it scary to think that way? does he know you think that way?

You know, I’m not at all certain I’ll marry him. but it’s currently the plan. 

Yeah we’ve only been dating a few months, five to be exact haha, but I’ve known him for uhh six going on seven years now? He’s been my best friend since freshman year of high school and I’ve had a crush on him since the day I met him if I’m honest. He knows me better than anybody. knows what makes me tick what scares me what i looked like in 2012 lets be honest no one escaped the emo phase that’s what gives me hope i guess because before anything, he is my best friend

It is scary to think that way because it means I know that I’ve got a lot to lose but I’m trying this new thing where I’m trying not to be so negative with my thoughts and I know “let’s be realistic” is a factor… but it’s something I really want so I’m working towards it?

Yes he does know I think that way. Lol believe it or not I wasn’t the one to start speaking like this first. One day outta the blue he told me he wanted to change his major from engineering to architecture and he said “so when we’re married I can build you the house of your dreams” and god I didn’t even know what to say. But it’s really become a normal thing to just be like “so when we move in together” “so when we’re married” because it’s something we’re both striving for… even if we’re 19 and nothing is set in stone, we are trying. And i guess that’s where it gets more scary… not because of the commitment, but because it would hurt if it didn’t happen. 

Look At What I Bought You

Prompt from phanfic - Shy!Dan in panties. ily.

yesssssss (i love shy!dan doing sexual stuff oh my)

you guys can imagine this in 2009 or now depends on what you like (i see it in 2009 lololol)

ALSO sorry i havent posted for a long ass time omfg im so sorry omgomg k go tell ur friends about this smut lmao (the end gets sappy oops)

Contains: fingering (bc lmao why not), phil calling dan princess, shy!dan, multiple orgasms (like 2), crossdressing slightly, phil calls dan a slut!!!, dirty talk woo, fucking with the panties on!!!


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2PM  Nichkhun ‘Que Sera’

Anonymous asked: Hello! Im loving your pillow talk extensions! Could you do one for Nichkhun if you havent already? Your writing is amazing!!

A/N: Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it Anonie. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

The bed dipped and soon there’s an arm around you and the scent of toothpaste and faded cologne. Khun nuzzled behind your ear as he apologized.

“Sorry I’m so late. Shoot ran long, Taec was being ornery.”

You snort. “I’m sure he had an accomplice.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Pure as the driven snow over here. So how was your day?”

Settling yourself more comfortably in his embrace you run your hand along the arm that held you. “That’s it? You don’t want to tell me more about the shoot?”

You could feel him shrug against your back. “There were cameras, high fashion and lots of angsty expressions. The usual. Now what about you?”

Taking a deep breath you told him what had been weighing on your mind since that afternoon. “I heard my boss mention today that what I do at work may be phased out. I asked her about it later and she said that I was a good worker and would always have a place there. But what if I don’t like what my job turns into? It took me years to get to that position and really like what I do now. I don’t want it to change.”

Khun kissed your temple. “I’m sorry, hon. But maybe this is a good thing, maybe this will give you a chance to pursue your painting or do something else you’re passionate about.”

“And for money in the meantime?”

“Hello, I’m an international kpop star. Nice to meet you.”

You felt yourself tense without meaning to. “You know I don’t want your money. I don’t need you to be my sugar daddy.”

Suddenly his gentle touches along your arm turned into tickling your sides that brought peals of laughter from you. “I thought I told you not to say the word ‘daddy’ in this bed unless you meant it.”

Finding yourself on your back, out of breath and looking up into those doe eyes of his that you loved so much you wondered what could possibly be so worrisome in life when you had this.

“If we’re ever going to be a family some day you have to get used to the idea of sharing my money. Don’t borrow trouble for your job until it actually changes. If you don’t like it I’ll help you move on to another one or support you while you pursue your dream of being an artist. The main thing is not to worry. That’s what I’m here for. So no more stress, okay?” He smirked and he lowered himself to place kisses all over your face and in between each one he repeated 'okay?’ until you laughed and pushed him off.

With twinkling eyes he asked, “Better?”

“Hmm, better.” Nodding you turned your back to him and snuggled into his embrace.

“Good.” All was still and you started drifting in that place between wakefulness and dreams. “Now let’s talk about that ‘daddy’ thing.”