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“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

  • Jeremy: Why are you putting on sunblock?
  • Kevin: Bc I'm gonna get sunburned
  • Jeremy: But bro, we're not even outside
  • Kevin: But you are my sunshine bro
  • Jeremy: Bro

honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 


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Will’s stomach was in his throat and his sensible thoughts were buried deep beneath everything else as he clutched at The Wraith like his flaccid form could somehow save them both.

Falling is all heart-wrenching terror, air whipping past and clawing viciously, and too much time to think, but not enough to do. It’s shock and a heartbeat that seems to be frozen, breath being sucked out of lungs. Legs kicking and twitching and wheeling.

Lumine had a brief moment of realization that the boy he was clutching at might have already been dead and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was still alive, anyway, because they were both going to be a large splat on the pavement in a matter of seconds. He was desperately clenching his eyes shut, his mind dredging up hopeless wishes that he could just float, be as light as light itself. So, that’s what he clung to, what his frenzied mind stuck all of its will and strength into instead of the ground rushing up to meet them at dizzying, impossible speeds.

Images of rays bending and swirling and rushing around them, soaking into their skin until they were nothing but blinding, radiate, weightless light.

Will’s whole world jerked, a force knocking him so hard in the ribs that he gasped and almost lost his grip on The Wraith, his eyes flying open and nearly popping out as he tried to suck oxygen back into his caving lungs. It was only when he finally had his breathing under control that his eyes focused and he realized what was happening, what he was seeing.

There, barely five feet below them, was the pavement, and they were hovering above it. Weightless. In that tiny moment of utter disbelief, Will immediately lost whatever concentration he’d been clinging to in the back of his mind, and his stomach took another leap for his throat, coming out in the form of a strangled yelp as they plummeted the remaining distance.

They landed in a mass if limbs and torsos and knocked foreheads and pain. Will rolled off of The Wraith, groaning and trying to decide which part of him hurt the most.

He then remembered that he still wasn’t entirely sure if The Wraith was even still alive, so he forgot about his own injuries and heaved until he was in a sitting position. The Wraith was utterly motionless: jaw slack, hair splayed out around him, one arm bent at an unnatural angle. Will scooted forward and pressed his fingers to The Wraith’s neck, searching for a pulse. His own heart was hammering in his chest and, for a moment, he couldn’t find anything and it skipped a beat.

He moved his fingers an inch to the left and immediately slumped with relief when he found it: The Wraith’s blood thrumming under his fingers, a steady assurance that he was still breathing.

“This might hurt a little, Wraith…” he muttered, setting his hands on his arm. He was already shaking with exertion. “You’re lucky you’re unconscious.”

He reached out with his mind, humming quietly, feeling every break and crack in the bones of his arm and then imagining them righting themselves; drawing them back together, reconstructing and sealing torn muscle and tissue around it. It wasn’t the most serious injury Will had ever healed, but with the amount of energy he’d already used and the lingering effect of The Wraith’s shadows sucking at him, it certainly felt like it.

Will barely managed to pick him up, stumble into the Base, and drape him over the table before he collapsed into a chair next to it.

He’d only laid his head in his arms for a total of five seconds before someone burst in through the door, gasping for breath. “Will, what happened?”

Will pulled his head up, giving Jason a look of utter disbelief, “Your presence would have been really helpful about ten seconds ago when I was falling off a building.”

But Jason wasn’t looking at him. Instead, his gaze was locked on what was laid out on the table behind him. (Or, rather, who.)

“Will,” he said, warily, like if he rushed his words too much The Wraith might have jerked into consciousness and lashed out at him.

Will reached back slowly, put a hand on top of The Wraith’s chest protectively (it was rising and falling shallowly, his breaths were warbled rasps of air). “Jason. Hear me out, alright? I don’t think… I don’t think that he’s dangerous.”

Jason’s mouth dropped open and then closed slowly. He squeezed his eyes shut shook his head like he was trying to shake off Will’s statement. It made his glasses fall down his nose and the way he pushed them back up spoke more of his exasperation than anything else. “Not dangerous?” he repeated, “Will, you know that’s The Wraith, right? The same guy who’s been trying to kill us for years, the son of Hades?”

“Look, Jason, I know how it sounds, alright? I just… I need you to trust me on this one. And I need you to be here when he wakes up… Just in case things don’t go the way I want them to.” Will looked at him with a pleading expression, his mouth bent into a worried frown.

Jason deflated slowly, “Fine. But we’re not letting him take a step out of this room. This is the Base, Solace.” He sounded like he was seriously regretting every single word, even as he said it.

Will brightened immediately, looking so relieved that it almost made it worth it anyway. “Thanks, Jace.”

Jason nodded, kicking the door closed behind him and locking it. He lifted his hand up, speaking into the mic built into his watch, “Everything’s good, guys. The Wraith has been deterred.” He looked up and walked over to plop down in a seat next to Will. And then he glanced at The Wraith and pushed backward, his chair screeching against the tile.

Will laughed softly at him and turned his focus back to The Wraith. He looked peaceful, his head lolling to the side and hair falling across one eye. A cat was curled up beneath his left eye beneath the graceful crescent of his eyelashes, its flank rising and falling softly as it slept. The corner of Will’s mouth twitched upwards at the sight.

“What makes you think that we can trust him?” Jason asked quietly, studying his expression.

Will considered how to answer that question. It was not just one thing in particular, but an accumulation of events that had slowly solidified into this feeling in his gut. Will told him as much. Jason was still frowning, so he took a deep breath and started talking.

He started with the time he had spent in The Wraith’s base, told Jason about how human he looked when his eyes were not pitch black. He explained to him the raw desperation in his voice, the longing when he spoke of the outside world, his apparent fear of his father. He was just moving on to their recent encounters and how The Wraith never seemed to fight anymore–not how he could, anyway–and that was when The Wraith jerked upward, gasping like fish that had been dragged out of water, and reached, floundered for Will–catching at his shirt–like he was fighting not to fall from the edge of a drop-off.

Will turned to him, his heart thrashing and his mind wheeling at the suddenness of it all, and The Wraith’s fingers scrambled upward wildly until he was clutching his face in his hands, his fingers digging into his flesh. His eyes were half-crazed, frightened beyond all belief, but a deep, deep brown that somehow kept Will from panicking completely.

The Wraith’s mouth was stuttering soundlessly, so much that Will almost thought he was trying to scream, but then he just choked, “Lumine,” and it was so much worse.

“Wraith,” Will said, his hands fluttering upward to grip his his wrists, “Wraith, calm down. It’s okay, you’re alright.” His voice is shaky and frantic.

The Wraith was shaking his head, his breaths trembling and tattoos flooding across his cheeks, ugly and hopeless. Will saw the word ‘no’ several times. “Don’t call me that,” he choked. “Don’t call me that. I’m not… I’m not…”

“What should I call you, then?” Will asked, trying to make his voice soothing despite the erratic beats of his heart. He brushed his fingers up and down The Wraith’s forearms without really thinking about it at all.

There were tears dripping down his cheeks now, but his breathing was starting to even out and the tension was leeching out of his limbs. He was not so much gripping Will’s face now as he was holding it. “Nico,” he whispered, like a relief. “My name is Nico. Nico di Angelo.”

Will nodded, staring at him. “Nico,” he whispered, and watched the name be written over and over again. Slowly, it overtook his face like someone was writing lines in detention. On his left temple, Wraith appeared in an ugly scrawl and then quickly got crossed out, scribbled over recklessly.

“My name is Will,” he told him quietly, because it only seemed right. “Will Solace…”

Nico nodded, a tiny smile pulling at his lips, “Will.” It appeared too, written in precise cursive across the bridge of his nose.

Will grinned, “Yeah.” His voice sounded reverent, almost. Awed.

Everything slowly dripped away, all of the ink falling from his face like raindrops running down a window, and then it was just 'Solace’ written on the edge of his jaw. Vines were curling around it, flowers blooming randomly over the edges of the letters.

There was no air left in Will’s lungs. He wanted to take back every single time he ever tore this boy down, wanted to go back and offer him a way out. Wanted to have rescued him instead of ripping him apart time and time again.

“I’m so, so sorry…” he uttered.

Nico laughed quietly. “Me too, Will.”

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This is Gemma Avery the very first time I ever made in the sims 4 !! i had to pull out my dead broken computer to retrieve her but im glad i did!! I don’t really have a sims style so i just played around with what i had and im really pleased with how she turned out both versions are up on my gallery: alwaysimming 

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so. after the new syw update, my phone person interest was piqued even more and i decided to go scouring. i listened to phone person’s entire playlist, analyzed the lyrics, took notes, scrolled through the phone person tag on kira’s oc blog, harassed my kind friend throughout all of this (im so sorry auggie i love you), and i have a sound theory.

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hey i decided to make a proper post. around two days ago my cat started wheezing and wasnt eating and was acting really lethargic and needy and we brought her to the vet today. her x rays showed that her lungs were inflamed and she wasn’t getting enough air. this visit ended up being $240, $30 for her check up, $160 for her chest x rays, and $50 for steroid pills to help the inflammation. i already had to borrow $80 between my brother and my mom to cover these costs. they still don’t know what’s wrong with her (they say that it could be anything from asthma to a serious bacterial infection), so we have a check up on monday, which is another $30, and they want to do bloodwork ($70) and an ultrasound (i don’t remember the cost). they also suggested that i send the x rays to a radiologist, which is an addition $100 cost. thanks to donations people have already made, i can probably cover most of mondays visit (the check up cost and the bloodwork cost). i will try to get a copy of the bill when we go in monday, so you guys can see proof and see the costs broken down. just getting a diagnosis is going to cost over $400, probably more if they decide they want to run additional tests, and obviously i will have no idea how much the actual treatment is going to cost until they figure out the source of the problem. i am so devastated and i hate to ask for money but she’s my world and i don’t know what to do. my paypal is, if you have any more questions about the situation you can dm me. i will keep updates on here and will hopefully post proof of the bill when i get a copy of it on monday.

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no, spn: the next generation?

its not the end yet!! trust me dont be scared. no, the next part is coming later then expected. i’m really busy with writing it but my mind is somewere else to. im going to spain this sunday. im really nervous. so my nerves are really in the way but yeah can happend, right? my notebook is with me so the writing is continue but the part is online what later. i just relise that its always part 3 that is coming later. 

so sorry if there is no part online but there is going to be soon. i keep you guys updated when im back. 

and if you have gifs of girls for me please send it to me. the chat is always open and of course the ask to.

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I started this a few months ago to try things out… now im linking it here!!
copypasted from part of the about page:

More than Grateful is a choose your own adventure comic starring someone with too many arms. She does not know much about the world she lives in as she’s been kept in a box her whole life for reasons unknown.

this comic is something i have been wanting to do for a while… i had one like this in the past (less than plastic) but this time around, I wanted to make sure i was ready… so far im having a lot of fun! this is something im doing more as a side project though so there’s currently no update schedule, however i do tend to post updates pretty consistently based on the frequency of asks being sent (unless im out of town hehe)

You can start at the first post here!

sorry for being a bit ramble-y… thanks for reading this far if you did HAHA!


Due to some money complications that has to do with school (that my parents refuse to help me with as well), I’m kind of desperate for money atm! ;w; Even if you can’t commission, please signal boost/reblog if you can!!!

If text is too small to see:


                          Full Color            Flat Color

Full Body:             25$                        20$

Bust+:                    15$                         10$


Full Body/No Color is 10$!



For every extra character it’s half your bill. (I.e; Full Color Full body + Extra Character is 37.50$)

What I won’t draw:

  • nsfw? i’m willing to draw ppl in undies and shit but not… The Sex
  • furries
  • detailed mechas
  • If you’re not sure, please message me!

What I will draw:

  • Self inserts! idgaf
  • same goes for self inserts/canon characters i dont care hmu
  • guro (but i do have a limit so i might have to stop u at some point??)
  • if you’re not sure, please message me!

I have more examples of my art in my art tag, so check that out!

If you’re interested, please message me either here or at my email!!

thank you!!!! :~)

Hello tumblr team grimmie,

I am very aware of what has happened to Christina, it’s so heartbreaking and I don’t have words to describe what I feel. My apologies to people following me as I haven’t posted anything on the matter for 2 days- my posts are queued- and tumblr doesnt take my first priority.

However I have been active on twitter, so please head there for up-to-date things. I am not really in a position to to sit on my laptop and reposst horrific things. I will be back to tumblr tho as I do not want Christina’s fanbase to disapear. Team Grimmie will be forever and Christina will live on through us. Thank you for your kind messages. I hope you understand. 

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I woke up the next day not remembering what happened. I felt a sting boil in my chest. I grabbed my chest with my right hand and felt my heart ache. I tried regathering my thoughts. I remember seeing my mom’s emails to my dad asking to see me and my dad threatened her. I was so pist yesterday I just wanted to drink it all away. I just don’t remember much.
There was too much beer in me. I couldn’t walk down the stairs right. Cross-faded. The last time I was this crazy was back home, after my parent’s divorce and the first party I’ve been to in Omaha with the guys. That’s were half the school thought I was some player because I was destructive and made out with some dude’s girl. I tried to control myself for Y/N. I can’t let me see her like that or this.
Half way into this beer pong game I started for getting where I was at. I started saying random stuff and acted like a dick. Y/N left a while ago with Ariana. I started forgetting her. I lost or perharps won the game, and I was too drunk to know what I was doing.
“I’ll probably find some around here, but you should probably find a new personality or ya know…. mind your own business.” that bitch, Y/N, had the nerve to tell me that.
I rolled my eyes as she walked away. I don’t know, something about Y/N makes me not like her. She seems like those stuck up honors student. She follows Jack around and has him so whipped that he can never party with us. It took a miracle to make him come to this one. But ever since she’s been treated me like shit I want to get back at her. Sabrina had told me she had a little crush on me in middle school and ever since that I kind of been creeped out. She told me to make her feel like shit and make her hate me so Sabrina can leave her and become the little slut she is. People don’t have crushes on me. I just have bitches and side hoes. That’s why me and Sabrina get a long because she knows she’s a slut and he knows not to be a bitch.
I bumped into the little devil herself.
“Hey, cutie.”
“Hey.” she said too drunk to function.
I pulled myself closed to her whispering in her ear “You want to pay me back for the weed and that favor I did for you?” I said pointing my index finger to the middle of her chest.
“I’ll do anything” she said slinging her arm over my neck and brought her body closer to me.
“Follow me” I said. Sabrina laid on the wall of the hallway between the kitchen and living room and I stood in front of her. “You see that guy there? Jawline, hair, tall. That’s Y/N’s new man. I want you to go do your thang. Break some hearts.”
“What’s in it for me?”
“Making Y\N’s life hell.” It was almost. funny how slutty she was.
A sly smile smeared on her face and I walked back to the kitchen waiting for Y/N. Soon enough she came back.
“You’re welcome, sweetie. Jack knows his place now.”
I was surprised by a girl tugging me into the dance for. I didn’t care. I should of stopped myself for Y/N, but when I was drunk I didn’t care. I was angry at my dad. I was really drunk and at that moment I wanted to let everything go.
She spun her body so her back was faced to me. Her ass was brushing against me and I couldn’t help but grab her closer. We swayed to the music playing that was too loud and the smell of sweat lingered in the air. She surprised me and turned around to kiss me on the lips.
I kissed back not knowing how to stop. I stuck my tongue inside her earning a moan from her. I didn’t know who I was in the 2 minutes I was with this fucking chick. I tugged her hair from the back and she pressed her body against me but we were quickly seperated.
She ran into the living room. She froze at the sight of it.
“He doesn’t belong with you. He was using you. He never liked you. You were a bet.” I whispered in her ear but I don’t think she heard because this fucking band geek walked in between them. Fuck.
After seeing Jack party the first time I know he gets destructive and viscious. This guy better not fuck up and make Jack mad.
As I saw Y/N I let out a long sigh. I knew she was right I shouldn’t get in between her and Jack. Jack was a lucky man, he’d be crazy to loose someone like Y/N. I wanted to run to her and kiss her but she had company.
“Well, we just wanted to tell you what your Jack is doing inside.”
I heard as Y/N face turned worried. She ran inside and I knew something was wrong. I contemplated weather or not I should go for what seemed like hours. I got up not knowing how to stop my feet. I just have to help her. I just had to.
I walked through the sliding doors to see Y/N frozen in the hallway. I walked into the living room and couldn’t bare to see what was in front of me. I felt bad what did Y/N do? I thought Jack loved her? I reacted in seconds and got in between them. I pulled Sabrina to the side and started yelling.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you trying to ruin Y/N’s life?” I was slightly pushed away from Jack.
“And who the fuck do you think you are? Band geek. Get the fuck out. Leave us alone.” Jack yelled over the loud music and tried grabbing Sabrina.
I pushed his chest with enough force to make him unstable. “No. I’m not letting you hurt Y/N. Not like I did.”
I turned around to make Sabrina leave and as soon as I turned back around to face Jack I was on the floor. My left eye was in pain and I saw Y/N leave out the front door.
How did this kid know Y/N? Who the fuck is he? Why the fuck is he putting his hands on me? As soon as I heard Y/N’s he was done. I turned my hands to fists and swung the moment he had his faced turned towards me. I was heated.
I wanted to die knowing I broke Y/N’s heart. Why did I get drunk? This was a bad idea. We should have never came. I turned to find Y/N but she was standing there the whole time. I fucked up. I’m such a dick. How am I gonna explain this? I’m so fucking stupid. She was frozen but she wasn’t crying. My lips barely moved as I said her name. My whole world had fallen in one single night. I promised I would never lose her. She was mine. Who am I?
I saw Sammy laughing as Y/N ran out the door and the kid in the ground ran after her. I’m so fucked. My face turned hot and I punched a hole in the dry wall next to Sammy’s face. He kept laughing and that’s when the music stopped and I punched him in the nose.
I was so pist I ran over to a frame in the hallway and puching in it leaving glass shreds in my hands. I went back to Sammy still on the floor and kept punching him. He managed to hit back and stood up.
“You fucked up. I didn’t. You’re the one who made that bet. I didn’t. Watch who you fuck with next time.” I ran up with a fist ready to hit him.
I stopped as soon a hand grabbed mine and pushed me down.
I questioned Y/N as she left and that band guy ran after her. Gilinsky shouldn’t have drank. He should know better. I’m wondering what he did and I ran inside to hope that Gilinsky didn’t destroy anything.
I was late as I swung the door open and Sam’s nose was bent with blood running down it. Gilinsky’s hand was ready to take another swing and I stopped him and pushed him to the ground.
“Jack quit alright. He’s telling the truth.”
“Not you, too. Where you up to this?”
“Look Jack I don’t know what the fuck you did but I sure as hell know you fucked up. You loved Y/N. It’s you’re fault you made that stupid bet. You need to fucking chill.”
“No.” Jack yelled and he got back up.
I pushed him down with force before he hit me. “Chill. The. Fuck. Down.”
“Fuck this. Fuck all of this. And you,” He said pointing to Sam “you’re going to regret this” and he stormed out the front door.
Chapter 15 ____
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