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Yo my dudes!! This is my snazzy 1k follow forever :’)) i just wanted to thank a lot of people (not just the people listed below) for helping me out because I got deleted about two months ago and already got a lot of my followers back since I got deleted at 1.5k! i hit 1k like two weeks ago but i kept forgetting to do this sORRY,, thanks all, have a great day/night idek wherever you are :’)) (also sorry there’s no header im lazy let me live)

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Did the guitarist Ashely (I think that's her name)leave fifth harmony to go with camila ??

Well, I don’t have any hard evidence (if someone else does feel free to share) that she is working for Camila now, but I feel as though it’s pretty evident that she left Fifth Harmony for Camila. It’s all such bullshit honestly. You can literally tell that her and Camila are just alike; seeking attention and fame. I mean put this all into perspective. Do you know how many people work for Fifth Harmony? The choreographers , the musicians, the crew, the hired hair and makeup artists that tend to remain pretty consistent, literally a SHIT-TON of people. They are all on the side of 5h. Then you have Camila and Ashlee, on the other. Typically, when you have that many people against you, or at least not FOLLOWING you, i think it’s pretty evident whose side is the right side to stand on. And YES, there is ACTUAL beef aside from PR, like it’s so fucking obvious, and it has always been. Y'all out here praising Camila for not “shit-talking” the girls, like what tf did you expect???? She literally CAN’T shit-talk them because SHE is in the wrong and EVERYONE knows it…? Plus, it would look GREAT if she talked shit on them while shes trying to build a following😑(note the sarcasm). At this point, if y'all DEADASS think Camila left to “break-out of creative hindering, and sexualization” then you are a gullible, naive, dimwit. And she likes Ashlee Juno because Ashlee kisses her ass, and Ashlee likes her because Camila gets her followers and attention. A match made in heaven, honestly! 🤗💯🙃

Ok not naming any names here, but there has veen alot of “haven’t we already seen this? Why is this so important? This has already happened! Aren’t they cannon?” Going around and not to get on my soap box here but, THIS IS IMPORTANT CUZ OF ALL THE MELIODAS SHE IS BLURTING OUT! *puts megaphone down* also look at the tears and the faces pressed together andthe way he looks at her with this “yea bitches im back and i got my girl with me” look! So what if we have seen this and its happened, this is a different prespective of it! Yea its not a new thing but it is still exciting cuz of how we get to see her react! She keeps repeating his name so many times! She is so happy! I love seeing her happy! And his face. Its. So. Cloooose!!!! Anyways sorry about the rant its just so *cries* so good

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I'd like to learn more about your synesthesia if you wouldn't mind sharing!! Any information you could provide would be amazing! Your own personal experiences, how it works for /you/, etc etc explain it how you like!

ok so this is probably gonna get a bit long and boring so im gonna put it under a read more!! also sorry this is the last ask im answeing today bc im ssuper tired ~ o ~ ill try to answer the rest of the asks tomorrow tho!

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I'd love to see the reasons you chose the pokemon and names!

Thank you so much for asking!! This is going to be a long post, and I’m sorry about that, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the chance to talk about the things I care about. All art used is official art, by the way. (I had to put it under the cut because I talked too much)

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Pure Theory time: Given his personality, character design, and actions so far, I believe that Watts is going to be something of an armchair general who reserves himself for single combat instead of the battlefield. I keep picturing him using a rapier or dueling saber as his weapon like Winter. As his name relates to electricity, his Semblence may have something to do with that power. Put all this together, and we might have a RWBY version of Count Dooku from Star Wars.


ok sorry. back to your theory

 i mean im getting more of a general feel from Hazel since he was sent to meet with the white fang who are Salem’s army while Watts was sent to meet with the Mistral informant (aka Lionheart spoilers). Watts while I definitely get a Count Dooku vibe from him (I’m an old star wars fan and I love the comparison) I see more of a mad scientist in Watts. but then again Watts could be a general like Ironwood.

weapon wise I never really tried to guess weapons but I could see him with a rapier or something very simple like a revolver 

as for the semblance, I could see him have something to do with electricity but semblances aren’t always based off names or character inspiration 

but then again there isnt anything to prove/disprove your theory. I loved hearing it though. I love discussing theories