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Come on Cas, it’s just prom, not the end of the world

This is my second amazing commission from linneart, it’s the last one for now but definitely looking forward to working with her again if I ever need another commission ;)

It’s the same idea as my first one, this time it’s them from ‘Free to Be You and Me’, which is season five where they were actually dealing with the end of the world. Get it? Anyways, the only thing world ending in that high school is probably not getting a date for prom. I am so happy that I got my two perfect and amazing commissions from such a talented artist and cool person. Thanks!

on the way home (wonwoo)

+ summary: wherein she notices that quiet boy who falls asleep on the bus everyday +

{a/n: unedited bc I feel sick and shitty, but wonwoo’s still cute af and I was bored so idk ight here u go?? I apologize in advance}


Long, tedious bus rides felt ordinary to her. 

Every morning was the same routine– which meant her begrudgingly waking up an hour earlier than she needed to, simply because she was sadly the first (and furthest) stop from school. Being the first stop consequently meant the shitty feeling of morning dew at its peak– when the sun hadn’t even risen and nothing moved outside except for the empty yellow school bus approaching her usual stop at the intersection. Morning bus rides were boring, and she often found herself too sleepy to stay awake even before she reached the next stop. She’d only wake up last-minute, with a panicked jump, when the bus finally came to a halting stop in front of school.

Bus rides in the afternoon, however, were a completely different story. The trips on the way home bustled with noise; friends chattered about, teenagers played rap on blast speakers, and people would obnoxiously laugh at some joke that a goofy guy sitting in the back row (his name was Soonyoung, she believed?) would crack every now and then.

Yet, arguably the most noticeable difference during these afternoon bus rides was the presence of a quiet, black-haired boy seated directly across from her.

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Hey girl!! How about s/o's of kiyoshi, sakurai, atsushi, kasamatsu, takao, and reo finding out the guys only went out with them cause they lost in a bet. And then like they've been daying for quite sometime now.

@ofballsandboobies: (2/2) This is part of my earlier rq the one with the bet. S/o finds out on their anniversary. And she prepared something aaesome for them :D


It wasn’t easy for you to stay hidden as the basketball team asked Sakurai how he actually pulled off dating you for this long even if it was a bet. Your heart broke at every word they said. Their insults at your personality and Sakurai’s lack of response. It was like he was trying to prove himself to them. He did mention that he felt inferior with how good everyone was at the team, and how he envied their confidence. You guessed this was a test of confidence and courage and you couldn’t help but laugh bitterly about it.

So after school, when Sakurai came over practice with some flowers, and gifts to celebrate your anniversary, you looked at him with every ounce of your being. The coldness of your gaze oozing out of you. 

“We’re over. I don’t date people to prove people wrong.” 

You pushed all of your small but meaningful gifts for Sakurai into his arms, and threw a gym bag full of his things at him.


“Save it asshole. You finally got what you wanted. 


“Oi Kazunari how’s our bet going on?” Takao’s friend grinned at him while he wrapped his arm around the raven haired man.

“Hmm. Nothing much, she’s boring that’s all.” Takao shrugged. 

You froze at his words, what were they talking about? You were supposedly going to surprised Takao with some snacks you made from scratch, and he told you he was going to play basketball with his old teammates back in middle school. 

“So when are you breaking up with her? Tonight? It is your anniversary after all.” The guy cackled.

You didn’t bother hearing the rest. You knew it was you all along. And it hurt so bad. You didn’t expect this to happen at all since Takao was the best guy you could have asked for and here he was admitted it out loud that you were just a bet. Another girl on notch on his bed. Another faceless girl. 

Stepping out of the shadows and squaring you stared at the group of guys hard.

“Don’t bother Takao-kun, we’re over.” You threw the things you made for him for your anniversary at his face and ran off. 

You don’t need an asshole like him in your life. You definitely deserved better. 


Kasamatsu wouldn’t do something like this. At best he would do what was right. But he had to prove Kise wrong that he wasn’t always nice to girls just because he didn’t have the courage to talk to them, hence the bet. When he picked you for the bet, he picked you because he knew he wouldn’t fall in love with you. 

He knew that you had better things to do than take this seriously. But little did he know that in a course of a year, he did fall in love with you, and you were the best thing that happened in his life. 

So when you found out that you were a bet by walking in on his conversation with Moriyama, and how you wanted to stop it. 

His heart clenched at your words.

“Yukio…let’s just end it…” Your eyes filled with sadness while you tried your best to smile. 

“No wait____-chan I can explain.” Kasamatsu said as he walked closer to you. 

You shook your head sadly and walked up to him to kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you for everything. I don’t regret it at all.”



“But Hyuuga.” Kiyoshi whined.

“You’re a fucking idiot for making a bet with Hanamiya of all people to date this wonderful girl that changed your life, only to break her heart in the end.”

Kiyoshi hung his head in shame only for it to whip around at the sound of your voice. 

“I guess I don’t need to give you this gift and my other surprises huh?” You smiled at Kiyoshi sadly, as Hyuuga cursed out at the sight of you.

“_____-chan I’m so sorry, please let me explain.” Kiyoshi walked towards you pleading. 

“No need Kiyoshi. I get it.”

“You get it?” Kiyoshi asked perplexed.

“I do. We’re over, despite me getting it. I don’t want to continue a relationship based on something that might not be real in the first place.”

“Wait ____-chan I…”

“Its Kiyoshi…I forgive you…Just give me space okay?”


You found out about you being a bet when you overheard Himuro trying to explain to Murasakibara how he could fix it. But you had to stop the conversation there.

You had with you a huge cake for the purple haired giant for your anniversary, and you stepped out from the wall you were hiding from and smiled sadly at the two men. 

“Sushi-kun… I just wanted to give you this.” You walked up to Murasakibara and handed him the cake. 

Murasakibara froze at the sight of you and gingerly grabbed the boxed cake.

“_____-chin… can we talk…?” Murasakibara asked nervously.

“No Sushi-kun…Its okay I get it…” You took a deep breath. “ But it’s over.”

Murasakibara’s eyes widened and Himuro looked away at your words. 

“I can’t do this. Date you when everything we founded it all on was a lie… So I’m sorry Sushi-kun. But thank you for everything. I had fun being with you.”


after the crazy response to the 20 SECOND (literally) freak song teaser i posted yesterday, I was in a really singing mood & im off college and bored anyway soo….I did a quick cover of Gasoline (i dont need to say who by now do i). Sorry for my lame guitar skills & things but I adore this song and did my best:) I also did a Touch cover here (Which btw has got 100 downloads thank you thats kinda scary…) <3

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BEN SERIOUS QUESTION do you watch home and away

NO i dont sorry but i used to watch neighbours every single day up until like idk and then a guy from my school was in it and he played kyle so i watched it again and then it got boring again so i just stopped. i pretty much found it boring after they randomly switched the declans over like remember how declan was this one guy and then randomly the next episode there was a completely different actor playing the same character omg i was so mad about that

anyway this ask was about home and away and i managed to talk about the rival show for 95% of it im sorry haha


i was tagged in the 6 pictures of you (or me i guess idk) by kurtswagners awhile ago (thank you btw!!) but since im lame i didn’t do it until now, after i saw it in my tag while scrolling down my tag. other people have tagged me in this that i also haven’t done, but i saw her’s most recently so let’s pretend all the others are listed here too, sorry for not tagging you.

not that anyone cares but the pictures are in chronological order, the first two are from fall 2013, the third from winter, the next two from the last week of school, and the last from three weeks ago (can you tell when i got braces?!? yea i thought so).

and yes, i am also uncomfortable with my face being that large, and im only on mobile. forgive me.

anyways- i’ll tag watsonisgay molliehooper greglestrudal whykhan hailhydrra solvecrimes (obviously not that any of you have to or that im really expecting you to)