im sorry i dont know your recent url

mutual appreciation post  ‘”

  hey yall soooo i am so sorry for being absent for the past few days, but recently ( on my 4th!! month!! ) i hit 3k ( ???? ) and honestly i just want to thanK all of you?? so much?? like i don’t know what i’d be doing rn if i wasnt on tumblr lbr ;; so here’s my mutual appreciation ( because i really appreciate yall i know i never say shit anymore but here look ) 

  ⌜smol shoutout to my og tag list / @ctaeth @howlingremus @expelumos @puveblood @scourgify @evanrsiers 

 ⌜#razorgulls4lyfe / @delaqour @fleurrdelacour

 ⌜i love you all more than earl grey?? / @amhinyard @blcise @cuipid @deadgwen @ilyiad @jilys @lilyqvans @mavencalore @mermaeids

if it weren’t for yall discord would be gone by now / @cedrjcdiggory @cruciotus @fortesques @katie-bell @kingscross@lunsy@narclssa@pctter@pxnsypctter@rosevtyler​ @rowle@scamandersnewt

 ⌜a-m / @abrcxasmalfoy @aelin @alrightpotter @arrtemiss @cabeswaeter​ @charluspotters @draconismalfoi @drerry @driacomalfoy @efruse @euphemiapottcr @faeheys @finnblush @fortesques @ginevraparkinson @ginnyweaslcy @goldweasley @gryewaren @hermioneggranger @hermionegrangcr @jamespottuh @katiebells​ @kiyioko@lilyevians @looonyluna @lunaloved @merflk @milliebobby @mollywealsey @mytholgie

 ⌜n-z@nejighafa @neljostns @njmphadora @oblviqte @okayjily @orestiea @oylmpians @padfootd @padmaspatil@petuniaevans@poethry@pure-blooded@ravehclaw​ @rrey@salazarslytherin​ @septimvsmalfoy​​ @siruisblack@stormybisexual@theodorenctt@thestrlas@theunseeliecourt@tonqs@valxyries@virtuestars@wintercovrt@zabiniblaise

  if i forgot about you most likely you recently changed your url and i couldnt find you /// and there are so many of you?? who i love so much ?? but i couldnt find you a category because i dont know if you would consider us friends ( or like we dont talk as much now so i couldn’t think of a category to add you into ) im sorry fr like just know ily ok ( if you wanted a personalised message i’m sorry i’ll do something about that soon