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Captive Prince YouTube/Vlogger au??

•Laurent and Damen are both famous YouTube stars
•Laurent does books reviews, life talks and gives advice, talks about fashion and makes clothes, and shows how to do cool things with hair
•He also does videos of like ‘Horse Care 101’ and everyone loves them bc they r informational and he LOVES his horses
•Damen is a super funny Soft Bro™ and does silly things with his friends (Especially Nikandros).
•Damen makes videos where he “tries dumb life hacks” and reviews stuff (like make up) that he knows nothing about. Damen also does daily vlogging videos that are funny and down to earth so everyone watched them bc they brighten their day

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Friendly Fire (pt. 1)

part two

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 824 it wasnt supposed to be this long sorry

Warnings: None?

Notes: god damn it i thought of this idea TWO WEEKS ago, and i kept saying ill write it tomorrow. its 1:53 am right now, and this isn’t what i meant by tomorrow but here i am writing. i dont know if i can consider it a drabble because i feel like its a bit long, but oh well. i may or may not continue writing this, depending how well it does. enjoy
update: because it did so well im continuing this cute drabble series! thanks ~

There are 24 hours in a day. Only a small fraction of those hours were spent sleeping, and you for one, didn’t do much of that. Still, you weren’t one to sleep in, regardless of how many hours of sleep you had. Every morning, you were up at 6:30 on the dot. It had become a ritual to be up before everyone else, so you could make coffee the way you liked it (Steve made it too strong or too weak. There was no in between) and no one ever complained.

This particular day, you slept in.

You had a mission yesterday, and this one was definitely not kind to you. Word came in about a hydra meeting taking place, so Steve organized a group consisting of him, you, Sam and Natasha.

At first everyone was worried; it was 1:26 pm, and still no sign of you.

“Hey, uh, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” Tony called out. He was walking back and forth in the kitchen, arms crossed and wrinkles forming on his forehead.

“Yes, boss?” the irish A.I. replied nonchalantly.

“Whats the status on Y/N? She still alive in there?” he asked back.

Bucky shook his head in disapproval. “That’s not funny Stark, Steve said she took a hard hit yesterday and needs as much rest as sh-” F.R.I.D.A.Y interrupted Bucky, 

“She’s heading out of her room right now, sir.”

Everyone froze and looked towards the hallway that your room was in. Your shadowed entered the room first, but slowly and surely, you came along as well. Steve quickly stood up and approached you cautiously.

“How ya feeling? We were all kind of worried when we didn’t smell coffee this morning” he joked.

You rubbed your eyes for a good moment before looking up at him. You could see he was trying to be playful with the coffee remark, but his eyes spoke a different story. You reached out and patted him on his upper left pect and chuckled.

“I’ve felt better, but I’ll be alright. Thanks for asking” you mumbled back, “What’s that smell? Did you make the coffee again?”

Natasha got up from the kitchen high stool, walking over to you with a mug of what you assumed was coffee.

“Actually, I made it this time. I wasn’t sure which roast you used, so I kind of just mixed some until it smelled like yours” she said, offering you the mug.

Without hesitation, you reached out and took it. Carefully lifting it to your nose, you took a deep whiff and furrowed your brows.

“It smells like you mixed the Hawaiian Kona with Tony’s favourite French Dark Roast? There’s even a hint of something else, but I’m going to assume you added… Lion Coffee?”

“W-wow. That’s exactly what I put! Damn Y/N, if I hadn’t known almost everything about you, I would assume you were a coffee connoisseur.”

“Oh please” you giggled out, “I’ve been making the coffee for over a year now. I think I know my stuff.”

You walked over to the couch, joining Sam and Bucky who were watching the t.v. Both of them acknowledged you, giving you a smile and nod. Bucky looked particularly happy to see you, scooting over more towards you.

“How’d you sleep, doll?”

“Like a princess”

You rolled your eyes in a friendly manner, making him chuckle.

“Hey, any chance you have a hair tie I can use?” you asked him. Your hair was everywhere, pointing out in every possible way.

“Actually, today is your lucky day because I, in fact, do” he replied, taking the tie off his wrist and handing it to you.

Thanking him, you put the mug on the coffee table and took the hair tie. As you collected your tangled mess into a somewhat decent ponytail, you maneuvered the hair tie around your fingers to get it in the right position.

Just as you were about to wrap around, the hair tie came off your thumb and slingshotted directly at Bucky’s face, hitting his cheekbone.

He let out a small yelp out of pure surprise, and turned his face around to see what hit him. Sam leaned forward, letting out a contagious cackle causing everyone else to let out a laugh.

“Was that you?! Did the world’s deadliest assassin just yelp like a little puppy?”

You gave Sam a dirty look, and moved your gaze to Bucky.

“Oh my god, Buck, I am so sorry. Are you okay? I swe-”

“I’m fine! I’m fine Y/N. It was just a hair tie, no harm done. I don’t even have a mark”

You studied his facial expression and let out a laugh. Bucky’s expression soften a bit as the ends of his lips lifted into a smile. After wiping a nonexistent tear, you looked back at Bucky and his playful smile turned into a devious smirk.

“What was that?” you questioned him, raising an eyebrow.

“Sweets, you don’t know what you just started.”

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Live Action cast for Attack On Titan IMO


I was so bored that I just had to spend my evening finding actors simply in my opinion who would kick ass at the Attack on Titan screen if it was ever to be made into a live action movie (which lets hope not because hollywood ruins everything but lemme tell u a thing k) if you don’t agree with some of them sorry but I gave it a shot I’m sorry if you hate me for this cuz i hate myself but fuck I had fun so enjoy my thing.

Suzuka Ohgo as Mikasa Ackerman

If you’re thinking I chose her because she is the only Japanese actress I know, you’re right. But also on screen “Memoirs of a Geisha” she was very good at playing stoic and confused character. I would like to see her take a swing at such a stoic character like Mikasa. It would be interesting to see how she does, but seeing I doubt she can fake a good American accent, I’m not sure she would be a good choice. I did my best okay, not many American-Japanese actresses out there, alright. I had Jamie Chung in mind, but she is Chinese… still she would do good, I reckon.

External image
External image

Nicholas Hault as Eren Yeager

I just thought how perfect he would be in the role of Eren, I think Nick was kind of destined to play the lead “Luke Skywalker” characters IMO, not some supporter. Him and Eren share that cute innocence to their faces and of the world. Seeing Nick on a poster surrounded by Titans in the Survey Corp get-up would be a dream come true for me, honestly. In my opinion, Nick is an awesome actor and great at playing the benevolent hero; he would make a great Eren.

External image
External image

Sterling Knight as Armin Arlert


Armin is one of my favorite characters, so I knew I had to choose the perfect cutie-butt. I chose Sterling Knight, the disney star. I’m kind of wary of any disney actor playing this kind of role and I doubt their agent would allow it, but still, to this kid in the role would be glorious, indeed. Armin is that kinda kid who you can’t believe is even a teenager he looks so young. Sterling is dwelling in his twenties and still looks like a sprouting teen, plus his ability to play the fragile and bullied character was too good in 17 Again, I just figured. It had to happen.

External image
External image

Kieran Culkin as Levi Ackerman

So I had a long discussion of this in my head, Levi too is also one of my favorite characters so I asked myself who could play the most chill yet verbally abrasive character in AOT? I instantly thought of how stoned he looks all the time and the black hair, rimmed eyes, the “zero fucks ever given look” and finalized with Kieran Culkin. He would be so good I would die omg! All that stoic sass, luv it <3 Scott Pilgrim led me to the conclusion, and how good Kieran was as Wallus. That typical “zero fucks” character, its just Kieran okay.

External image
External image

Brandon Jones as Jean Kirstein

Couldn’t help but giving Jean this actor; Brandon is by all means a Jean. He could play the over-confident, laid back, jock with no problem. In fact, he would play it too good. Plus they even have the same look which is just a bonus. It had to be done.

External image
External image

Anna Kendrick as Sasha Blouse

Anna Kendrick is fucking hilarious and so is Sasha, she would play it off awesomely! I have yet to see Anna in an eccentric role, and seeing her try out Sasha would just make my life. xD They both have the perky cuteness to their faces that give Sasha the bubbly and goofy persona. I think Anna should play Sasha, just please. Someone agree with me please omfg.

External image
External image

Saoirse Ronan as Annie Leonhart

I was pretty much scouring the internet forever, until I went on my iTunes to pick a song and accidentally clicked on movies to see The Host in my gallery. I instantly remembered Saoirse xD She would… agh, omg yes she was made for Annie’s role. I couldnt help but toss the idea around in my head and I could honestly see her in the role more than anyone else who came to mind. Saoirse (dont even ask me to pronounce her name who the fuck thinks of these things) is sooo pretty and could pull off the abrasiveness that is Annie with no problem. And I would love to see her in Titan form or how the CGI team would do it.

External image

External image

Chris Evans as Erwin Smith

This was already a thing on Tumblr okay I know but I agreed like a psychopath with my hands in the air happy and free. I agree goddammit i agree with u. Too perfect. That chisel chin just tops it off. The two of them have that manly “no one left behind” stature to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chris was cast for the part.

External image

External image

Sarah Silverman as Hanji Zoe 

MY DECISION AND IM STICKING TO IT. Seriously what is more funny and ridiculous than Sarah Silverman? She would pull it off no problem, don’t even tell me not. She is fucking hilarious and I think I laugh most at the parts with Hanji, the adorable Titan-nerd. She is really too cute.

External image

External image

Kellan Lutz as Reiner Braun 

I really don’t have much to say about this. The buffness, quite obviously. The buffness is everything.

External image

External image

Dave Franco as Connie Springer

I can imagine Dave Franco shaven and I see a perfect Connie. I personally am a ConniexSasha shipper and seeing Dave Franco with my Sasha choice, Anna Kendrick would be the simplest of magic to my philistine eyes I would cry. 

External image

External image

Gemma Ward as Krista Lenz

I just had to pick the most beautiful blonde actress in the world for Krista. Gemma is so gorgeous words cannot describe, I mean look at her she is a goddess <3 Gemma is soo sweet and so is Krista. It would be a great set. But Krista is pretty tiny and Gemma is almost 6ft, so I’m not sure how that would work :/

External image

Sarah Drew as Petra Ral

I love Sarah Drew in Grey’s Anatomy! She would be pretty fucking incredible in the roll IMO. They both have the typical heroism and feminism that Petra deals. Its a shame Petra (SPOILER) dies, I liked her and would have liked to see how her relationship could have gone with Levi.

External image

External image

James Patrick Stuart as Oluo Bozado

James! Look at these pompous turd bums, they is sooo perfect. I have yet to see James on screen to do some major rolls. He has been on Supernatural and a few funny sitcoms.  To see him in a movie roll would be great, especially as Oluo :)

External image

External image

That’s all I have for now, I just wanted to do the top main so I could get done quicker, not some supportive peeps would slow me down a bit. So here it is. If you guys agree awesome! I would like to know which you agree with most and why. I wouldn’t mind a movie of AOT, honestly. But seeing it would be weird, and anime's IMO just shouldn’t be made into movies.

dating nct dream; jeno ver.

-so, like jaemin’s ver., youre a badass

-except, youre actually a badass

-NOBODY fucks with you

-N O B O D Y

-youre not afraid to deck someone if they cross the line

-if you see someone picking on someone else, youll help the kid and scare the fuck out of whoever was bullying them

-you do everything EFFORTLESSLY

-instead of your school jacket, you wear a leather one wow what a baddie!!!

-jeno instantly fell for you

-he was walking down the halls to leave the school but he saw you defending someone from a group of guys

-he was ready to swoop in and help you but you managed to do everything yourself

-and he saw you help the kid up and smile softly and jeno fucking melted

-he immediately bolted the other way to leave the school before you saw him and ever since he’s been in love with you

-he’s so shy around you and he jumbles his words around a lot when youre in the room

-you two met bc you were paired up for a project

-and he couldnt even BREATHE IN FRONT OF YOU

-you were like “alright so what’s the question about?”

-and he was like “OMG SHE’S TALKING TO ME” and he couldnt even respond

-so you were like “uh… jeno?” 


-”uh, dude, you okay man?”

-”IM OKAY” he SCREAMS IT which makes everybody stare at you two

-you sigh but youre like “ok w/e let’s just do this”

-you end up not finishing the project at school so youre like “i can do the rest by myself at home if you want”

-but jeno’s like “no!!!” bc 1. it’s wrong and 2. he wants to get closer to you!!

-so he refuses and was like “no oh my gosh that’s so wrong do you always do that when you get partners??”

-you shrug and say “they dont care, they’re all too scared of me to go against me for some reason”

-jeno smiles a bit bc he knows youre not very scary so he asks “am i the first person to do this?”

-and you smile a little (IT MAKES JENO SCREAM ON THE INSIDE) “yeah.”

-so you two end up exchanging numbers and he says he’s gonna text you his address but he’s also like “oh wait but the security will f them up omg”

-so now you two have each other’s numbers for no reason bc you walk to his place with him

-a bunch of people nwatch you two walk into sm together but you dot mind bc holy shit is this building cool

-when you arrive at the dorm, ren’s chasing chen around, screaming in chinese and you hear mark scream at hae to put his pants back on omg you start laughing so hard

-jeno’s SO red he’s so embarrassed

-”im so sorry for my roommates” 

-”it’s ok lmfao i havent laughed this hard in forever your roommates are funny”

-”how dare she think my roommates are funny!! she should think IM funny!!!” -jeno, probably

-so the only normal ones approach you two (coughs jaemin and jisung) and are like “oh man you finally asked her out?”



-”theyre joking im sorry” -jeno, while he’s still strangling jisung

-jaemin’s prying jeno’s fingers off jisung’s neck im laughing so hard

-”it’s okay oh my gosh” -you, covering your mouth bc youre laughing really hard


-”why are you covering your mouth?” -jeno, immediately releasing jisung, jisung flops on the floor gasping for air

-you shrug and youre just like “i dont like my smile”

-”you should. you have a cute one.” -SLY ASS JENO


-”shut the fuck up jeno, let’s just work on the project”

-after the project is finished and the assignment is done, jeno’s so sad bc he wont have any excuse to see you anymore!! 


-youre like “wtf dude??? you have like straight a’s???” but youre like “uh… sure i guess…”

-when you tutor him, he always just stares at you and you pretend not to notice but when he looks away you smile at how lame he is

-you tutor him everyday after school until one day youre like “is this kid seriously not gonna ask me out already” so yOU MAKE THE FIRST MOVE

-youre about to leave after a tutor session but before you do, you ask him “are you busy tomorrow after school?”

-he’s literally at a loss for words and mark has to help him 

-he pops up from behind a wall and screams “HE’S NOT BUSY”

-and jeno’s like “yeah omg what he said”

-”do you wanna catch a movie with me or something?” 

-so after that you guys go on a bunch of dates and end up dating

-and he ends up realizing youre not even scary omg

-he finds out youre like a lil marshmallow and people have the wrong idea about you

-he likes trying to protect you even tho he knows you can protect yourself

-he’s afraid that youll actually get hurt really bad one day even tho it never happens :cc

-jeno’s definitely the type of boyfriend to ask you if youve eaten or something, it’s so cute

-he can cheer you up just by smiling and he loves that

-youre like, in love with his eye smiles oh my gosh

-his lockscreen is most definitely a candid pic he took of you on one of your dates

-jeno probably buys you a lot of things which make you feel bad so you tell him not to waste money on you but he still buys them anyway


-he makes you wear them to school even tho you complain bc it makes you look ‘less intimidating’ 

-you guys have matching phone cases probably omg


-jeno saves ALL your selfies 

-all of them

-a l l o f t h e m

-people are like “what’s a sweet person like jeno doing with someone like y/n omg??” but jeno knows how soft and smol you are

-he always wants to correct them and tell them that youre such a lil sweetiepie but he knows youll probably murder him

-he just wishes everybody knew how sweet you are deep down

-but you always tell him that you dont mind as long as he knows the truth ♡

-jeno is a clumsy loser but youre there to laugh at his messes (which doesnt help but w/e amirite)

-one time you guys had smoothies and jeno accidentally spilled it all over himself

-oh man it was so funny but also so sad it’s like dating a 5 year old

-from that point on, your contact him for him was ‘a literal mess’

-his contact name for you is ‘muffin’ with a million hearts beside it what a dweeb

-he holds your hand whenever he can even tho you dont really like skinship

-you dont mind bc it makes him smile a lot

-you probably kissed him first tbh

-he’s always a blushing mess around you

-tl;dr the toughest but sweetest and softest couple ever!!! you two seem like complete opposites but in reality, you two are sweet lil sugarplums together ♡

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moments before he lost it :D

Imagine : Lost Memory 2 : Before He Lost It

Alright so here’s one imagine for two requests : Before Stiles lost his memory and smut/fluff moment for the anon who asked for. (Sorry for the wait)

The whole pack was having fun and you had to admit that it was cool to have a good time. You and all the others didn’t really have the time to party because of school or pack stuff.

You looked at Scott who was probably flirting with Kira and it made you smile, Lydia and Malia were talking and Stiles, well you didn’t know where he was but even if you were curious, you just shrugged and waited for your drink. There were a lot of people and it was hot, you just couldnt do anything anymore without a drink, you were so thirsty that you could kill someone.

“Here you drink sweetheart.” The guy who takes care of the drinks smiled at you and you smiled back, thanking him.

Thinking it was water, you took it all but damn, you were wrong. You almost threw up, it wasn’t your first drink but you thought you already had a lot. You just wanted water, was it too hard to get ? Even in a party ?

You first went downstairs, in the shed to find some bottle but there was nothing.

“Are you kidding me ?” You sighed.

You went back to the party upstairs and tried to find the girls, hopefully they were easy to find.

“Hey guys, please tell me you have some water ? I’m so thirsty.” You put your hand on your forehead, the music was suddenly too loud and everything was moving too fast. Fucking alcohol.

“And now I have a headache.”

“Sorry honey, I don’t.” Lydia said and Malia shook her head no. “You wanna go upstairs ? Whoever own the place might have some pills. And water. I hope.”

“I will go, don’t worry I’m fine. Don’t miss me too much” You pull out your tongs and they laughed. You quickly went upstairs, wishing there were some painkiller, anything that could makes you forget your headache.

Sadly, the bathroom was taken and people were waiting to get in. You sighed, completely done. But instead of coming back to the party, you went in a room so you could rest in peace, without people singing out loud or screaming. You jumped on the bed and closed your eyes, you were finally alone and it was calm.

“What are you doing here ?” A voice asked, a familiar voice.

Until someone came.

You sighed and opened one eye, you frowned when you saw it was Stiles.

“What do you mean ? I needed to get some rest, I don’t feel really well.”

He shook his head. “I don’t really care (Y/N). I just wanted the room for myself.” He sighed.

Feeling upset because of his attitude, you decide to upset him too. Well, at least you were trying.

“Well, I don’t really care Stiles. This isn’t your room as far as I know.” You said and added “Plus, Im sure I need it more than you.”

“Can you be more a pain in the ass seriously ? Find another room !”

“No !” You laughed. “I was there first.”

“Ha ha.” He said with sarcasm. “So funny.”

And nobody said a word, it was calm for a moment but then you felt something, the bed was moving.

“What are you doing ?” You asked, your eyes closed.

“Im laying on the bed smart ass.”

And you sighed but opened your eyes, and smiled. He was cute, you couldn’t deny it. His eyes were closed but he wasnt sleeping. He licked his lips and you couldn’t help but stare at them. You felt the need to kiss them but you closed your eyes and sighed. You were drunk, thats why you wanted to kiss him. It wasn’t possible other way.

But you could feel his body heat and it was like his body was calling yours. You imagined his strong arms around you and his lips on you.

“Fuck.” you muttered.

You got close and put your head on his chest, clearly you didn’t care at the moment of what he could do or think or say.

“(Y/N) ?” He asked, not really sure about what was happening. “What are y-”

“Shut up Stiles.”

And he did for a moment. He didn’t pull you away and you could imagine him frowning, wondering why you did that.

“Are you drunk ?” He finally said and you laughed. So hard that he smiled but you couldn’t see it.

“Probably. Just like you. But I just don’t feel well.”

As you said it, he slowly put one arm on your back, holding you gently.

“Oh and when you don’t feel well, you climb on people ?” Sarcasm was here but you knew he wasn’t mean. It was just him, sarcastic Stiles.

“Only when people still my bed.” You smiled.

“As far as I know its not your bedroom. So not your bed.”

You sighed and simply said “That’s your fault.”

“What ? How its my fault ?”

“Your body is tempting.”

And you mentally slapped yourself in the face for saying that. That was all the drink you had fault, but you were only one to blame.

“I guess you’re really drunk.” He smirked. “I wish I had this recorded.”

“God.” You said. “It’s just.. You’re so warm.”

He laughed, “You’re cute.”

It was your turn to smirk. “I wish I had this recorded.” making you both laugh but you stopped when you felt both of his arms around you. It actually felt nice and you hated yourself for thinking that.

Your relationship with Stiles was complicated. You wouldn’t say that you hate each other because it was maybe too much but could you say that you were friends ?

You looked at him but your eyes quickly focused on his lips and he noticed. He could feel your heart beating faster against his chest and he was wondering if it was the same for him. Yes, he knew that your relationship was not like the others, it wasn’t simple but he couldn’t help but find you attractive.

“Wanna know how they taste ?” He asked, not really knowing what he was doing. But he continued “Because I would like to know how taste yours.”

Your eyes widened at his words, your heart beating fast. It was like you could only hear your heart beating and nothing else.


He looked at yours lips and got closer, his nose was touching yours and his lips were so close. You wanted it so bad but was it right ?

“You’re drunk..”

“And so are you.” He whispered, his lips caressing yours. “But we are doing nothing wrong. Why are you afraid ?” He asked with a low voice but damn, it was sexy.

“I know its gonna change tomorrow.” You said sadly and you didn’t know why. Maybe you liked him but you never got to explore things out because you were both busy pretending to hate each other.

“What if it doesn’t ?”

“Then what are you waiting for ?” You blushed a little but you didn’t care. What was important right now was his lips on yours and it was like you were in heaven. Everything was silent around you. You even forgot your headache. The only thing you were focusing on was his warm lips.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine for Emma: Its been too many years

Song: Be my Forever - Christina Perri

 It was the last day of school before winter break. You had been really excited to have time to hangout with your friends…including Stiles. You two had been close for years and years but things had been getting interesting lately.

“Hey so do you want to hangout tonight Lydia?” You asked as you both walked towards the parking lot. “umm…i would but i think you may be busy.” She smirked. “What? what do you mean?” you asked extremely confused. “Hey Emma!” You felt a poke in your side that tickled. “Hey you freak you know not to tickle me!” You laughed as Stiles joined you. “Need a ride home Emmeria?” He leaned against his jeep with a goofy smile. “Must your mix my name with Diarrhea?” He rolled your eyes teasingly. “I mean i dont have to…but its funny.” You gave him a sassy look you with eyes. “Ok, im going to go, ill see you two later.” Lydia walked away. “Umm.. i guess i do need a ride apparently.”

You and Stiles decided to stop for hot chocolate to celebrate the last day of school. “Oh my gosh Stiles, today i saw Jenny Chow.” He looked at you abruptly. “WHAT we havent seen her since like grade 3!” You both laughed. “Yeah! Haha i remember her having a huge crush on you! She used to ask me to ask you if you liked her."  You took another sip of hot chocolate. "naww i wouldnt have gone for her.” He became more serious. “haha why? had a secret girlfriend or just not into her pig tails?” He smirked. “There was just a different girl on my mind…or…still on my mind."  Lydia. You knew it was her. He was always with you when you were with her. "OOOO lala who? I think i know who. A certain ginger?” You laughed. He didnt. “uhh no.” he looked up. A certain look in his eyes made me feel uneasy. “Oh. Who?” You asked. “Well..the only girl i know who doesnt like whip cream on her hot chocolate.” You looked at your hot chocolate. No whip cream. “DO you wanna go out with me tonight?” He asked. “Umm…uh yeah, yes sure.” You couldnt help but giggle.

It was seven oclock. You were sitting on the front step of your house trying to stay warm. He should be here now. Hes late. He wouldnt bail, Stiles wouldnt. Another ten minutes past, and another, and another. The movie had already started. Why did Stiles like you for so long without saying anything? But then again, you did the same to him. This was something you have wanted for so long and its turning out wrong. You felt tears swell in your eyes. You pulled out your phone and called the only person you knew could help. Lydia.

“Wait he didnt text you? Didnt call?” you were sitting on Lydias bed with tissues. “No. I texted Scott too but he didnt answer. I thought maybe they were together and Stiles just…forgot about me.” You sniffled. “Emma cmon you know Stiles wouldnt forget about you. He talked to me last week about you. He told me he was gunna ask you out and take you to a movie and then get take out and sit in the car together. He was really excited.” Alll of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You and Lydia both looked at eachother. “You gotta talk to him Em.” You wiped your eyes and headed for the door,.

“Emma. Thank god. I went to your house but you werent there. My phone died. I was with Scott dealing with wolf problems. Im so sorry i wasnt there i swear i wanted to be i tried to be but i couldnt leave i-” You interrupted. “Stiles. Its okay i believe you. Theres plenty of time to go on a date. You go deal with wolf stuff if you have to.” You said coldly. “No Emma no. I- i dont want to deal with wolf stuff i want to deal with us stuff. You stuff…right now.” You stepped out the door and closed it. “Stiles i im tired. I just want to go inside and sleep tonight ok? We can do whatever tomorrow. I mean we waiting years to decide to go out, whats another day.” You started for the door but he pulled you towards him. “Thats what i mean. Its been too long i let myself be too afraid to say anything. So many years i was terrified to confront the girl that i have been dreaming of. Well i did it and i just want to spend time with that her now. You Emma.” You couldnt help but let out a smile. You moved in closer to him, looked up at his eyes. “Kiss me then. Now.” You said. He smiled and put his lips to yours. he was warm, just what you need to keep you happy through the winter. “Im sorry, my lips are freezing.” You laughed. “Well we can continue this to warm them up.” He said before he kissed you again.