im sorry i caught up with the manga

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Hi! I've seen people act like Toru is dead, which I doubt because it's a sports manga?? I just assume he's gone to college and that's the last we see of him... Im not caught up and just wondering what's going on? Sorry if this is a spoil to anyone :(

Oh no baby don’t worry, Oikawa is not dead! He’s well and very much alive! He’s not in college again, he still has to graduate from high school. We don’t see him anymore because Aoba Johsai is not into any official tournament…not till next year, but by then Oikawa (along with Iwa, Makki and Mattsun) will be gone :( 

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hey sunny!! sorry if this has been asked about before or seems a little bit like a weird question, but i recently saw on your fandoms page youre 'currently keeping track' of other listed cartoons and voltron, and i was just wonderin what that means haha? have ya started watching it or thinking of checking it out? youre probably my absolute favorite artist and if you were developing in interest in voltron id prolly like cry of joy omg. anyways yeah sorry weird question but im just kinda curious!!

ohh I have to update that but yeah they’re all series I’m caught up with and if I’m keeping track of them it means I usually check out the new episodes when they’re out (= not as much for those listed under manga because I always forget to lmao

I watched it last month :^) and I have some wips laying around I might finish one of these times

and thank you I’m glad!! ;v;

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You're friend Kozuo reblogs their own posts on multiple accounts to up the notes. Check her posts and count the notes lol. She gets caught and blocks people when they find out

im sorry but why does this matter? so what she uses a couple or more accounts to reblog her content, i think shes fairly new to the monochrome/manga side and it is kinda hard when you’re starting up and getting a good following. its not like shes self promoting on like ‘ ☯✞Pastel Goth/Soft Grunge✞☯ ‘ on artist’s sources where u gotta delete the whole text, nor are they reposting manga caps from google with no name or source n is just a bunch of “manga cap, manga, cute manga, manga girl,” with no title. she’s not harming anyone, we all start at somewhere to get to where we are. who cares if she uses some blogs (either if that is true or not) to reblog her own content, gotta be ya own #1 fan. go moisturize n take a nap, these things don’t really matter if ur upset the that that a manga blog on this god forsaken site reblogs her own content 

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whats your fav things abt tododeku/your fav headcanons??? bc idk im just getting into the manga so i havent seen them interact much but the pairing is super cute from the fanart ive seen owo

i dont wanna spoil anything for u if ure not caught up on the manga but!! i just rlly like how healthy their friendship is? i dont know if that makes much sense but like (trying to be as Vague as Possible here for spoilers sake) i love that midoriya helps todoroki and that their friendship is just built off of Good Emotions if that makes sense. positive, healthy friendships built off of mutual respect and understanding is always my favorite. im not rlly good at explaining why i like most things tbh ahhh im sorry ;w;

as for Headcanons hon es tly listen……………….

  • everyone in class 1-a knows they have a thing for each other. literalyl everyone but them two. ochako and momo r the Best Friends trying to get them to Stop being stupid about their feelings but these boys r so awkward and horrible that they dont get together until like their third year
  • listen shouto doesnt laugh a lot but when he does midoriya is like  wh a t the f cuk who ALLowe d this to happen…… that i mean he loves it and thats honestly probably what gets him to realize he has a crush
  • post-ua theyre the Best super hero duo
  • also??? our-dads-are-rivals trope??? cmON
  • anyway shouto thinks izukus freckles r the best thing to happen to this earth and hes not quiet abt it. listen. post-getting together he is NOt Quiet abt it. he will tell his bf things he likes abt him all the time. constantly and it Kills izuku bc hes still not used to that but he loves it
  • they have this habit of kissing each others scars bc theyre ridiculously sappy and horrible like that and it gets ,, super grossly romantic
  • shouto bought izuku flowers once when they first started dating bc he was like?? isnt that what u do on dates??? and izuku was Very surprised when he got them but also he loved them and cldnt stop smiling abt it and then it became A Thing. izuku bought shouto flowers their next date. they just took turns doing that for a while until they both had miniature gardens hanging out so they eventually had to stop

……..not to be gay but i love them??