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Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you but can you make a tutorial on colouring? Or more specifically shading? Thank you very much in advance. uwu

Okaay. Shadows are really easy so we got this frustraded bae right here

Choose the Brush Tool

Size (I always use 100, and you can change the opacity if it’s too dark)

after you color (check this tutorial if you dont know how) create a new layer (It have to be at the top of everything) and put it on soft light

then choose the black color and slightly go around the parts you want to shadowing, in this case his facu.

Do the same with the rest. If your coloring looks shitty like this, you can use a PSD, i don’t know how to do them but you can search on this blog, or this one. They have amazing stuff (I always use the first one. but do not forget to like or reblog). After that, open your PSD on Photoshop and drag the folder to your edit (It have to be at the top)

Im very bad explaining stuff sorry anon, but i hope i helped you. this is the result.

(For the lights, do the same but choose the white color. Open a new layer and put it on lighten). Okay i think that’s it. This tutorial is so bad omg bye (◍•﹏•)