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Happy Birthday Camus!

January 23  

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  • Cake or sweets is a MUST if you’re throwing Camus a party. Only the highest quality sweets, of course 
  • He doesn’t really celebrate birthdays that much, but if his s/o insists, he’d go along with it, but only with the two of them~ 
  • Just wants to relax on his birthday 
  • His gifts to you are usually jewelry. Only the best for his royal partner, after all~ 
  • Would be absolutely delighted if he got some words from the Queen 

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This was supposed to cheer me up, I’m sorry it turned kind of angsty. Also, more apologies for the lack of stuff and quality I’m postig, school’s been sucking the life out of me

A while ago i asked if anyone would like to see a drawing of L so. Uh. Here. I’m, y'know, moderately frustrated at the moment (damn those 13 year olds, always playing the victim…. :|) so I sketched him frustrated- not that he isn’t already frustrated a lot of the time. He’s not the most patient teacher. Or calm. He’s nice, though, I swear of it.

 I guess you guys now kinda know what he looks like… remotely, as im not the best at drawing.I got his boop-able nose (it looks more boop-able from the front) right… i have his appearance memorized at this point lmao. My style is kind of improving. Sorry for the low quality of the picture, the camera’s absolutely horrid.

Why do I ship hunhan?

Maybe it’s because of the way Sehun looks at Luhan…

Or the way Luhan looks at Sehun….

Or because Sehun never really got annoyed when Luhan did anything to him…

Maybe it’s because of their special moments…

Or maybe it’s because of the way they hold hands, how their fingers automatically interlock with each other, how they perfectly fit…

Maybe they’ve had their final moments together, in-front of cameras…

But I know that they’ll always be watching over each other…. 

Even from a distance….

I know that this special ship will last…. 

For ages and ages to come ♥

Hunhan have this special bond between them. An unbreakable bond, that can’t easily be broken off by distance. The way they act around each other is so natural and they always look so comfortable around each other and I feel like they don’t really need to hide anything from each other because of their level of trust. Their relationship is so special and cute and sweet and every moment they share with us is so special and precious, they’re like treasures to us, Hunhan shippers. Every moment of theirs leaves me almost crying. 

There are a lot of things our eyes can not see. We do not know what happens behind cameras, we can only see those moments which the cameras captured. 

I miss seeing Hunhan together so much, and I hope that faith can bring them together once again. 

Hunhan is special, Hunhan is treasure. Hunhan makes me happy and I’m glad I ship this precious ship.

I hope Hunhan keeps on sailing even if there is some distance between them. I hope this royal ship continues to sail. 

I love them, Sehun and Luhan, so much.

All I know, is that I’ll continue to ship Hunhan for as long as I can. :)

when seungkwan tries to feed vernon peanuts
  • vernon: im hungry
  • seungkwan: i got some peanuts. here
  • vernon: ew no
  • seungkwan: what
  • vernon: those r probably low quality anyway
  • vernon:
  • seungkwan:
  • vernon: im still not eating those

Tiny high-fives because YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations, therealjacksepticeye!! Sorry, this is my first time drawing you (and Sam!) so I probably got a lot of things wrong- I hope it’s okay I drew this for you!! c:

Love Like You (Cover)
  • Love Like You (Cover)
  • Rebecca Sugar


I’m also sorry that its not the best I could do, and my bedroom doesn’t have the best acoustics. I recorded way too many times, and then I finally got to this one, which was the best result out of 20 or so. 

I want to thank you all again for over 500 followers! The fact that you’re following me, encouraging me to do stuff like this, and putting up with anything/everything on this blog is amazing. This goes out to all of you!!