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I wrote abetter fic BUT TUMBLR RELOADED I HATE AKSDJFASKJF. apparently tumblr thought you couldn’t handle my last fic so good luck with this one.

trigger warning: angst, rejection

prince took a deep breath, it was now or never.

he knocked on Anxietys door waiting for a response. after a few minutites Anxiety finally opened his door

“i thought I smelt an egoist prince at my door, whats up?”

“just wanted to check up on you hot topic,” Prince smirked. Anxiety rolled his eyes

“could be worse, it would be better if you were a mile away”

“are you implying I’m too hot to be near you?” Prince asked.

“I’m implying it’s time for you to move so I can leave.”

“I’ll let you leave-on one condition.” prince said. anxiety raised his eyebrows

“whats that?”

“a kiss.”

Anxiety look confused and then horrified.

“wait do you-do you think I have a crush on you?”

prince looked at him confused, wait he wasn’t flirting with him?

“prince… I was just flirting with you, I never meant anything by it.”

prince could feel a lump in my throat, he was surprised when he managed to make himself sound normal.

“gotcha!” prince smirked. Anxiety looked confused;


“you thought I was serious! I can’t believe you thought that!” Prince said, trying to keep his tears from  forming in his eyes,

“prince I don’t-i’m sorry”

“no its fine! I was just teasing you.”

“uh, can I go” he was obviously uncomfortable-why did Prince do that to him. Why couldn’t he have done something more subtle like killing a dragon? prince snapped out of his thoughts,

“oh yeah definitely! sorry, I just psh, I can’t believe you thought I was serious. As if! am I that good of an actor?” Prince couldn’t hold it back longer.

“no youre not, Prince-”

“no its okay, uh-I’m gonna go now.” prince turned around and closed his eyes walking towards his room, almost falling over a couple things on his way, “oh ha, I better watch where I’m going.” he could see pitty and guilty in anxiety’s eyes.
how could be he so stupid thinking that his crush would like him back.

he managed to keep his tears from pouring out until he got in his room.

now he let himself cry.

Arguments Imagine

here’s a stupid imagine i had as a draft im sorry

♡ Phil’s face was hot with anger as he glared at his boyfriend.

♡ “If you hate this so much, then why don’t you just leave!” He yelled, and immediately regretted it.

♡ Dan’s expression changed from pissed to hurt.

♡ “What…?” He asked, completely in shock.

♡ Whenever they fought, Phil was the one who kept his composure and never yelled.

♡ Phil’s heart sank as he watched Dan’s face, “I-” He stopped there.

♡ Dan began to leave the lounge when Phil grabbed Dan’s wrist.

♡ “What?” Dan snapped.

♡ Phil pulled Dan into his chest, wrapping him in a tight hug.

♡ “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean that. Any of it.” Phil said.

♡ Dan immediately melted into Phil’s arms, his anger subsiding.

♡ “I’m sorry too.” He responded.


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Request: Imagine Juice and his old lady being separated but having a 2 year old son. There is some shit going with the club so Juice takes them to a lockdown. They need to share a room and they reconnect. 



“Oliver Juan Ortiz, stop running or you’ll hurt yourself!” You yelled as you watched your toddler running carelessly towards the row of motorcycles.
You shut the car door and slid the keys in your back pocket as a smile grew on your face as you watched Juice run out of the garage and swoop your son into his arms.
Oliver squealed with laughter and you walked closer to the two boys.
“Hey mami.” Juice grinned at you and you slapped his arm.
“I told you not to call me that, Juice.” You laughed.
Juice grinned at you as your son squirmed in his arms.
“I gotta go, Juice, Ive got a meeting.” You said and ran your hands through your hair.
You stepped closer to him and kissed your sons forehead as he giggled at his father.
“Be good for your daddy, Olly.” You said sternly and turned to Juice.
He kissed your cheek and you smiled at him warmly.
“Thank you, Juice. Ill be back in a couple of hours.”
“Take your time, mami.” Juice grinned and you rolled your eyes as you headed back to your car.
You watched them wave to you in the rearview mirror as you pulled out of the lot, identical grins on both their faces.
You smiled too, and waved out the window as you drove away from TM and headed for your work.

You had tried to make things work with Juice, you had both given it everything you had but things had only gotten harder when your son was born.
Things were bad with the club and Juice was torn between his family and his club. In the end you had both decided to break things off. It was better for the both of you. You could focus solely on Oliver and Juice could focus on his club without feeling guilty. You still loved him, despite how much you’d tried to move on but you knew it was for the best. You were still good friends and he saw his son nearly everyday. Olly was so much like his father it almost scared you. Juice often joked about cutting his hair into a mohawk and getting him a little leather kutte and you’d roll your eyes and laugh.
The meeting went by fast and you walked back to your car, your arms full of paperwork.
You dumped it all in the back and slid into the drivers seat.
You turned the ignition and slid your sunglasses on your head as you pulled out of your carpark and headed back to TM.
The drive there was short and you groaned when you pulled into the lot and saw Gemma standing with Tig and Happy, her dark eyes narrowing when she saw your car.
You killed the engine and hopped out, smoothing down your business skirt as you walked.
“Well if it isn’t baby mama.” Gemma smirked as she looked at you.
You rolled your eyes and shifted your sunglasses to your head.
“Hey doll.” Tig smiled at you and Happy nodded his greeting.
They both kissed your cheek when you got closer and Gemma wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you to the side.
“You gonna act like a real old lady now?” She asked, with her eye brows raised.
You rolled your eyes and removed her arm from your shoulders.
“Ive told you before, Gem. I’m not his old lady, not anymore.” You sighed, tired of having the same conversation over again.
Her eyes ran over you and she smirked. “Last I checked, you still had his crow between those sweet kitties of yours. But whatever helps you sleep at night, baby.” She said and walked towards the office.
Tig laughed at your annoyed expression and you raised your middle finger to him as you walked into the clubhouse.

“Momma!” Olivers voice rang out and you smiled as he ran towards you.
You lifted him to your hip and raised an eyebrow at the chocolate all over his face.
“What have you been eating my boy?” You asked.
“Nothing momma.” He grinned up at you and you laugh
Juice walked towards you with guilt all over his face.
“Olly, you weren’t supposed to let your mom see.” He said.
The boy looked between you and Juice.
“Im not allowed to keep secrets from mommy.” He said quietly and you both laughed.
“Good boy.” You whispered in his ear and he giggled.
“C’mon, lets get you cleaned up.” Juice said and took him from your arms.
You went and stood next to Jax at the bar.
“How you doin, darlin?” The handsome blond asked.
You smiled warmly at him as you sunk onto one of the stools.
“Good.” You smiled. “How are you and the boys?” You asked.
He nodded and smiled as Abel came running round the corner and attached himself to Jax’s legs.
“Good.” He repeated your words and you both smirked at each other.
Juice came out of the bathroom with Oliver running closely behind him, both of them giggling.
“Hey, (y/n), we’re having a family dinner at my moms house tomorrow night. You should come.” Jax said.
“Uhh, I dunno, Jax.” You answered quietly as Oliver stopped in front of you.
You lifted him into your lap and smiled at Juice who leant against the back of your stool.
“You should come, (y/n).” Juice said quietly and you looked at him before nodding.
“Yeah, I guess.” You smiled back at him as he beamed at you and your son.

The next day you were at home, cleaning the kitchen as Oliver watched cartoons.
It was your day off and you needed to catch up on your housework. You had just finished wiping the counter when the sound of a motorcycle echoed down your street.
You wiped your hands on a towel and walked into the lounge.
The bike stopped in your drive and you lifted Oliver to your hip as you walked to the door.
Juice reached the door just as you opened it and you smiled at him.
“Daddy!” Olly squealed and you held him out. Juice lifted him from your arms and looked at you.
“Can we talk?”
You frowned slightly at the panic on his voice but nodded and stepped aside so he could come in.
He followed you to the lunge and placed Olly on the floor where his eyes instantly glued to the tv.
“Whats going on, Juicy?” You asked nervously.
“You’ve gotta come with me.” Juice said, staring at his feet. “Lockdown.”
You sighed and crossed your arms.
You had always hated when the club went on lockdown.
It could last a day, a few days or even a week and you would be stuck in the clubhouse, worried sick while Juice was out. You would sit in his dorm all day, your heart in your mouth waiting for him to come home, or waiting to hear the news that he had been killed. You hated lockdown, and it had been a while since the club had had one.
“Im sorry, mami.” Juice said and you glared at him. “It wont be for that long.”
You rolled your eyes. “Thats what you always say, Juice.”
He sighed. “Please,(y/n), don’t make this any harder.”
You looked at his brown eyes filled with guilt and you sighed.
Your hand reached out and rubbed his knee gently.
“C’mon, Oliver. We gotta go.” You said.
“Where we goin, momma?” He asked you.
“Sleepover at daddys.”


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101. Platonic Logince! ~Your sib from another crib! ❤️

101. “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”

yooo this is an amazing request my sib gets me 😂💖 ((i threw in a lil tiny bit of platonic analogical cos im trash sorry))



The prince turned around to find Logic glaring at him. What did he do to piss off that nerd now?

“Yes, Logan?”

“Did you steal my Brothers Grimm book?”

Roman scoffed in mock offense, and dramatically laid his hand on his chest.

“How dare you accuse me, a noble prince, of such a thing?”

“It’s missing, and you like fairy tales so I assumed-”

“You mean you jumped to a conclusion?”

Roman smirked, and crossed his arms over his chest in a rather smug manner. He knew he had hit a weak point, and he was damn proud of it.

“No, I just.. Look, just tell me you didn’t take it, and we never have to speak of this again. Deal?”

Roman chuckled, and made his way over to where Logan stood so he could look him in the eye.

“I didn’t take it, Logan. I have no interest in something that mutilates beautiful fairy tales into something so dark, and disturbing.”

Logan straightened his necktie as he realized what a fool he was being.

“Yes, I suppose it was rather dumb of me to think that you, “a noble prince” would steal it.“

Despite knowing Logan’s "noble prince” comment was sarcastic Roman nodded in agreement, and returned back to his seat on the couch.

“Besides your brain probably wouldn’t even be able to comprehend the somewhat complex syntactic structure they use.”

Logan was the one to smirk now, and Roman once again scoffed in mock offense.

“Okay. Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.” Roman stifled his laughter. “I’ll have you know I have read things far more complex than your twisted tales.”

Logan chuckled, and sat next to Roman on the couch.

“Shakespeare doesn’t count.”

“Okay, wow. Then what does, Logic?”

“We can discuss complex literature at another time, Roman. Right now I just want to find my book.”

“Don’t you read some of those stories to Virgil when he needs the distraction? Maybe he’s having a bad day, and decided to.. borrow it. Without asking.” Roman suggested. “Like how he "borrowed” your Alice in Wonderland puzzle book.“

Logan once again adjusted his tie, a nervous habit he’s come to adopt, as he realized just how stupid he really was being.

"Yes, I suppose you have a point. He should have been the first person to suspect.”

“Well, there you go. Go interrogate him, nerd.” Roman smirked as he playfully ruffled Logan’s hair.

“Was that really necessary?” Logan asked as he looked up at his once neat hair.

“Of course. Now go.”

Roman chuckled as he listened to Logan grumble under his breath then yell out for Virgil as he headed to wherever he was.

His chuckles evolved into hysterical laughter as he now heard Logan almost yelling at Virgil for taking another book without permission, and Virgil just laughing in response.

His fellow sides could sure be assholes at times, but he loved them nonetheless.

‘Fencing Man’ Kookmin fic - Prologue

OK UM SO…. I tried writing my kookmin Fencing Man fic (based off this fanart I made)… calling this a prologue because nothing really happens AND IT TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE EVEN THO IT’S NOT MUCH!? sob this is like my first time writing a fic in maybe…. 10 years? More than that, probably. So, I apologize for how bad it issss xD I’ll be casually working on it, and hopefully editing along the way.


Jungkook pursed his lips, in an attempt to hide a growing smile as he watched Jimin bouncing in his seat on the couch. Jungkook’s heart had been so thoroughly melted at the sight, one would think Jungkook was the cause behind it. But none of Jimin’s attention was directed towards the youngest at all, but rather on the figure on the TV in front of them.

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Ayo I just wanted to say I LOVE reading your hc coz they are all so good and I was wondering if you could make a jikook hc for this "You pissed me off in class so I threw a book at your head and now I’m in detention and jesus fuck I hate you so much and the teacher made me apologise and wait you’re cuter up close and the way you talk is kind of nice actually oh fuck no" thank you so much!! and hope you have a very very good day!!❤️

hi love!! I’m so sorry for the delay…. i seriously have no excuse for it….hope you enjoy it anyways. Love you, have a beautiful day yourself ❤️ changed a bit the plot, hope you don’t mind :)

//jungkook is fucking annoying and jimin, a pacifist, is this close to killing him.

//jimin has been trying to study a bit longer for the test they have coming up, trying to get in all the information that wasn’t able to memorize last night. he knows its not hat effective to try to shove knowledge on your brain last minute but he needs to pass this class. and luckily they had free hour previous the test, meaning he could try his best in the last sprint of finals……but jeon fucking jungkook has been impossible to deal with.

//it’s not like the boy is being loud per se, he’s been focused on his phone with his earphones since minute one. the problem is that he’s sitting close to jimin and the music from the game is loud enough for jimin to hear and, really, how is he not deaf yet????

//he’s tried to talk to him, told him to lower it. he said ok and fussed with the volume buttons for a second before going to his phone again but jimin can still hear the fucking annoying song, repetitive and infuriating enough to be the source of jimin’s nightmares for the next month.

//”jeon, could you please turn it off?”
“jeon, please”
jeon jungkook” he says louder, everyone near him has even turned their head towards him and yet jungkook is still playing, ignoring him and jimin can hear the music loud as if it were playing inside his head.
“Jungkook!” he screams and without thinking about it he has throws his notebook to the other boy with the misfortune of hitting him square on his face. It was unintentional, he was aiming to the desk, or his arms, anywhere to catch his attention but his face. even if blinded with rage and impatience he hadn’t meant to hurt him.

//Jungkook releases a painful groan, the other people in the classroom gasp surprised at his outburst and the teacher (who had been too occupied with his phone two seconds ago) screams his name quickly rushing to jungkook’s side to see the damage.

//luckily there’s no bleeding, even if the corner of the notebook had hit his nose. Jungkook holds it with a pained expression, tears on his eyes and the teacher is rambling about not condoning any kind of violence on his class.
“apologize right now”
“what? it was an acciden–”
“I said to apologize, park”
“Im sorry jungkook”
Jungkook sends him a death glare in response but says nothing, getting out the class with the teacher at his side fussing over him.
“You gonna stay after class, park” adds the teacher before closing the door, “i hope an hour is enough time to reflect on what you did”

//jimin does rather well at the test, but fums the entire hour he’s forced to sit on a chair while everyone else leaves school.

//when he gets out, pout on his lips and headache on his head he spots jungkook at the gates and jimin stops in his tracks because oh shit i’m gonna die young. jungkook is not the typical bad boy that punches everyone, but the kid has found himself involved in some fights, he knows how to stand his ground so after what happened jimin’s first thought is that the other is waiting for him to punch the life out of his as revenge.

//before jimin can think of another route to scape jungkook spots him and approaches him, frown between his eyebrows, nose swollen with the first signs of a bruise. he looks cute, jimin thinks, like an angry kitten. but the thought is out his head as quick as it came because damn he has a bruise on his nose now he’s definitively gonna kill me

//”ugh… jungkoo-”
“im sorry”
“I was disturbing you with the music….it wasn’t nice of me,im sorry for that”
“no i— i mean, yeah but that doesn’t justify my behavior…. im sorry too, it must have hurt a lot”
“Yeah it did hurt….”
“I’m honestly sorry” jimin mumbles shyly, his hand lifting up on his own accord to cup jungkook’s cheek, who blushes at the unexpected touch.
“If you feel so sorry you can compensate me”
“Oh?  ok….what do you–”
“you are paying for coffee” says jungkook, smile widening. he looks a bit ridiculous with the start of a bruise on his swollen nose and cheeks pink. cute.
Jimin smiles, internally cooing at jungkook’s cuteness and nods.
“you lead the way”

Not Yet

I know it sucks. Im sorry. Ive never written one like this before…

“No boys!” I glared at him “Dad-” he cut me off. “No. No boys” I sighed “Dad-” “No Boys!” with a defeated sigh I walked to the living room. My 12th birthday was just around the corner and I wanted to invite some of my friends over for a sleep over. That included Jason my best male friend who my mother had no problems with unlike my father. “Don’t you think she deserves a male in her life that isn’t you Jerome?” I heard my mother shout from the laundry. “No, she only needs me. I’m her father and thats the only man who should be in her life besides her older brother sherlock” Dad shouted back from the study. “You had no problems when Sherlock brought a girl over for the first time” my mother argued back. “Thats because I don’t need to polish my pistol around his girly friend, I know he can handle his first broken heart without breaking mine” I rolled my eyes and turned on the Tv. As per usual nothing on was something I would care about. “Yeah but it broke mine” I heard mum mumble as she made her way towards the study. 

“All I’m saying is, we let her invite him but then we send him home early. That way she at least gets to see him” my ears theoretically perked up at the sound of that suggestion. Mum was slowly going to make dad bend to her will again. “Fine but if he hugs her for more then 30 seconds I’m burying the body outside Jimbo’s house” 

Transfer Student pt. 3

pt1 pt2

Prompt: coming from the american school of witchcraft and wizardry, Ilvermorny, the new student at hogwarts seems to impress everyone.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x The Reader

Words: 1121

Warnings: Hufflepuff reader!!!

“You look so stunning!” Y/N complimented her friend, who twirled in her dress. “You should totally wear that to the ball!” The two of them grinned, her friend spinning around in her dress once more.

“You can head out to dinner, I’ll catch up with you after I change back into my robes!” Y/N nodded, and headed out of the girls dormitory.

Y/N headed to the Great Hall, everyone chatting with one another. Laughter came from the Gryffindor table, some of the Slytherins glaring at them. Y/N never understood the rivalry between them, but continued to mind her own business as she took a seat at the Hufflepuff table.

“Oh man I’m starving!” Y/N called out, everyone laughing at her.

“You always say that don’t you?” Someone next to her asked, Y/N shrugging.

“I just happen to have a large appetite.” She grinned, taking some chicken that was on her plate.

Loads of people continued to joke around, everyone glad that exams were over, and that Christmas break was heading their way.

“Y/N,” Someone spoke her name, gaining her attention.

“Draco, hey!” Y/N exclaimed, when she saw him standing behind her. “I was actually about to go talk to you, what a coincidence!” Y/N smiled, as Draco stood there behind her.

Draco took in a nervous breath, before standing up on a bench, everyong looking their way. “Y/N, would you like to accompany me to the Yule Ball as my date?” Draco asked as loud as possible, on lookers watched Y/N, adn waited for her answer.

“Y-Yeah, I’d love to..” She squeaked out, her face turning scarlet red. People cheered, most of them congratulating the two as they headed out of the Great Hall.

Draco sat next to her on the bench, the two of them watching everyone flood out of the Great Hall. Y/N had so much going through her mind she couldn’t think of anything to say to him.

“You alright? Whats on your mind?” Draco asked, watching Y/N crack her knuckles, a habit she did when she was nervous, or when she was thinking about something.

“I just didn’t think you’d ask me, thats all.” Y/N shrugged, Draco frowning.

“Y/N I’ve spent these past couple of months learning everything about you, you really didn’t think i wouldnt ask you?” Draco spoke  as if everyone knew he was going to ask her, and everyone did, all except Y/N.

Y/N shook her head. “I actually didn’t think you would.” She then shrugged, before leaning her head on his shoulder.

“What color dress are you wearing?” Draco asked after a moment of silence, Y/N looking up at him.

“Color? I was thinking maybe blue or yellow, but I haven’t decided.” Y/N told him, then stood up. “Why’d you ask?” Draco slightly smirked as he stood up.

“We’ve got to match now, don’t we?” Draco smirked as Y/N giggled at him.

The two of them headed out, Y/N cracking a joke once in a while, Draco laughing. Y/N bumped into someone, immediately apologizing.

“Gosh im sorry, I wasnt looking!” Y/N mumbled, while Draco spoke behind her, glaring at the person she bumped into.

“Weasley, can’t you look where you’re goi-” Y/N gave him a look, shutting him up.

“Draco i wasn’t looking where i was going, theres no need in trying to start something.” Y/N told him, Draco tried to say something, but got another look from Y/N.

“Yeah Malfoy.” One of them with glasses snickered, Y/N looking at him.

“Potter, you bloody gi-” Draco started off, but was cut off by Y/N.

“Draco Malfoy I dare you to finish that sentence.” Y/N told him off, not wanting to deal with him and his snarky comments.

“Y/N, they-” Draco stopped, sighing, before beginning to start walking, making Y/N grin.

“Sorry to trouble you guys, I hope you guys have a nice night!” Y/N waved before chasing after Draco, who had began ranting about Potter and his friends.

“Sometimes you just have to kill them with kindness, thats all.” Y/N told him, making Draco pout.

“But that Granger punched me in the face last year!” He complained, Y/N rolling her eyes as they walked up the stairs.

“Oh hush up, your fine. Now are we done talking about them? I hate hearing you all angry and worked up.” Draco didn’t say anything and nodded, following her step after step.

The two of them wandered around the castle, till it was time they had to part ways to their common rooms. Draco walked Y/N to the door of her common room, which was at the rightside of the kitchen hall, like he always did whenever they spent time together.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Draco told her, giving her a hug, before starting to head to the Slytherin common room.

“Wait, Draco!” He paused, and made his way back to her. “What are we? Like what would you consider us now?” Y/N asked, looking up at Draco, since he towered over her.

“We can be whatever you want us to be.” He shrugged, stuffing his hands into his robe pockets.

“Ok,” Y/N nodded, pulling him into her embrace once more. “Night Draco!” She grinned, before opening the door to the Hufflepuff common room, and climbing in, leaving Draco standing there confused.

Once Y/N was inside the common room, she was bombarded with questions about her and Draco. As most of the Hufflepuffs fell asleep, Y/N and one of her friends continued to talk about the Yule Ball, and what they would wear, and all exciting stuff like that.

“Im not sure what dress i should wear, I have a nice blue one, or a really cute yellow one, but im not sure.” Y/N shrugged, and her friend encouraged her to show her the dresses.

Y/N pulled the dresses out of her trunk, and showed them to her friend. Her friend had told her to go with the blue, since it brought out her eyes. The two of them continued to talk, her friend explaining how no one had ever seen Draco act like how he acted with her ever, Y/N instantly becoming a tomato. The two of them fell asleep after a while, Y/N still having the thought of whatever her and Draco were supposed to be on her mind.

Its so wild…you’d think me leaving the USA means I don’t have to hear ppl mocking the Chinese language by making sounds that “sound” like you’re speaking Chinese yet here I am in many of my classes w my kids doing exactly that. Like y'all….why u gotta be like this …why Koreans gotta be so damn racist

did like a 1 hr sketch of baby face Fareeha because im lovs her also shes angry because i’m angry that I have to keep doing finals when I just wanna nap and play overwatch so here u all go 

Shawn Mendes-Trouble In Paradise

Requested: anonymous
Word count: 1325
Warning: angsty
Summary: You and Shawn are famous and have a daughter but dont spend enough time with her which leads to you and Shawn to fight. Thus the thought of divorce is brought into your daughter’s mind and issues arise.

Y/D/N-Your daughter’s name
~ ~ ~
“Shawn and I are totally booked that day, sorry. Is there any other dates available for that?” You say with your cell phone held to your ear with your shoulder as you mix a vegetable stir fry on the stove.

You sigh in annoyance when your manager makes it a big deal that you and your husband Shawn can’t make it to the wanted interview.
“Im sorry but you can’t pin this on me. I have other plans too and you can’t just ring me up a few days before and expect a ‘yes’ for a event” you argue back, being irritable from the past few weeks being non stop jam packed with work and in the community eye. I mean. You and Shawn were famous and world known.
“You knew these circumstances would arise when you signed our contract, y/n” your manager; Claire spoke.
“I did. But know after months without sleep and something close to normality, Claire. Im losing my mind and can’t take on any extra projects. Shawn and I have a daughter for goodness sake. We need to be parents! And it’s especially hard given the situation” you counteract, getting more and more flustered.
“Breathe, y/n. Breathe” Claire told you, hearing your patience diminish over the phone with her.
“No! I’m not going to just 'breathe’! I’m a normal person with the same bills and problems as everyone else! I’m not immune to life’s issues and I’m fed up that everyone thinks so” you carry on.

Shawn was in the next room over; the dining room, working intensely on the finishing songs he had to have written and recorded by the end of the month. He had 1 ½ week to do 5 songs and the pressure was on.
But he broke focus and heard your little meltdown with your manager.
He pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head to himself as he dropped his pen. He knew how much the industry worked you both. You especially because you were so beautiful and talented.
And what made you both feel worse about your careers, was the fact that you both were slacking with your young daughter.
* * *

Shawn still sat at the dinner table as you began to set it, wanting to work every second he could.
And unfortunately, the phone was still glued to your ear.
You balance a stack of 3 plates, cups, and forks to the table, then place them on the table.
“Hold on one second” you tell your daughter’s speech therapist.
You put the speaker of your phone to your chest to muffler your call to your child for dinner.
“Y/D/N! Dinner” you call from in the dining room, hoping your 8 year old can hear you from up in her room.
Instantly, you hear her bedroom door open and her feet rush down the stairs.
You resume talking with the speech pathologist.

“Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! Guess what!” Your daughter cheered happily with something within her small little fist.
You continued talking terms with the doctor and Shawn was so engrossed in his writing that he didn’t really hear y/d/n.
“Mommy’s on the phone, y/d/n” Shawn told her.
“Guess what!” Your daughter said even more loudly, capturing a bit more of Shawn’s attention. But missing yours.
“Mommy and Daddy are busy right now, hun” Shawn replied and continued to write.
“Hold on” you tell the pathologist and put the phone back to your chest.
“I lost a tooth today!” She chimed anyways, opening her hand to show you two.
“That’s great. Go put it under the pillow and I’ll put a dollar under there later” he said, not thinking twice of his words.
Y/D/N’s face drops and Shawn just realises what he said.
You immediately stare wide eyed at him. Did he really just say that?!
“There’s no tooth fairy?” She says.
Shawn looks like he was just caught in exposing a big secret and immediately regrets it.
“No, y/d/n-” Shawn tries.
But she’s already gone and upstairs to cry.
“Let me call you back” you say into your phone and end your call quickly.
Immediately you glare into your husband’s eyes.
“What? Im sorry” Shawn apologizes.
“Sorry? You shouldn’t be apologizing to me and that’s certainly not going to cut it Mendes” you huff.
“Hey, dont get all huffy with me. Im not the only one who has poor parenting skills” Shawn argues back.
“Poor parenting skills?” you laugh back, “I didn’t crush a childhood symbol you nimrod!”.
“Names now? Thats real childish of you y/n” Shawn retorts.
“Im not childish, Shawn. I dont let my manager overbook me so Im coming home at 2 in the morning. I make sure I see my daughter everyday. We may not be doing much, but I still see her every freakin day! You on the other hand, want to be your industry and fans’ best friend. You have never grown up and never will grow up!” You argue back.
“So Im childish, will never grow up and love the world more than my child” Shawn asked like it was a stupid question.
“Yeah, that’s exactly it” you agreed.
He shakes his head and places his hands on his hips as he looks away, “You’re unbelievable. You dont see the whole the whole picture”.
“What can’t I see Shawn?!” You respond.
“Mommy…daddy” a small voice says from around the corner of the wall.
You and Shawn turn your head to see y/d/n slightly hiding.
“Come on out, y/d/n. You’re okay” you tell your little girl.
She slowly steps out from behind the corner.
“Are you and daddy going to get a divorce?” She asks softly, hugging her stuffed bear to her chest.
“Mommy and I are not going to get a divorce, honey” Shawn says as he goes and crouches to her height and holds her small hand in his big one.
“Then why were you fighting?” She asks.
“Mommy’s and daddy’s sometimes dont always get along and disagree on things. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to split up because of it” Shawn tries to explain to the 8 year old.
Shawn turns his head and looks to you seriously, “I want us to break from our career for a bit. Our attention needs to be elsewhere and we should have realised that sooner”.
You nodded in agreement.
Y/D/N cracks a slight smile.
“I love you mommy and daddy” she tells you both.
“We love you too” you both respond.

Shawn reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his walls as he tells his girl, “Daddy is sorry about earlier. I was just so excited about you losing you’re tooth that I forgot to mention that I wanted to give you a dollar on top of what the tooth fairy was going to give you”.
He pulls out a loonie and places the cool coin in his daughter’s small palm.
Her smile gets bigger and she jumps to give him a hug.
“Thanks daddy!” She grins.
“You’re welcome sweetheart” He replies and rubs her back.
You lean into Shawn’s ear and whisper, “nice save”.
He smiles.

“Can daddy and I tuck you in?” You ask y/d/n and extend your hand down to the short little one, as does Shawn.
“Yes” she smiled and took both your hands, leading the way.
Your husband looks to you with a smile, showing that this is what he was wanting to do in life with you. To have a family and be happy.

if Akechi actually spent a day with me

I’d be surprised if he lasted 30 minutes with me tbh


“Wow you wake up incredibly early. I like your style✨”

“Please tell me you’re going to eat breakfast”

“Why does your hair look like a bird’s nest” *glares at him* “wait im sorry it looks fine”

“The red part in your hair, it’s beautiful! It’s almost like a flame. I’m jealous you’re allowed to style your hair how you want.”

“You wear… chokers and bows?”

“How can you walk around in those *points to my platform boots*

*sees my bag, the one that has all of my goro stuff on it* O-oh..”

“your family looks like a biker gang..” i know

“YOU HAVE A DOG!!” i have two “CAN I PET HIM??” heck yea he loves people so but careful fam he’s a jumper

“This building is enormous how do you not get lost”

“Oh, this is school.” aka hell

“Gym is first? that sounds horrible.” it i s

“This class is so quiet” this is math class-

*Why does your English teacher have a giant Joker head (the batman one) in the corner of the room?” there’s a lot of weird stuff here

“Everyone here sounds… bleh” exactly

“Wait you’re sick?? Why are you at school?!” i need the credits man “T-that’s still not an excuse!”

“Homer wasn’t a philosopher.” i said the same thing i don’t know how he’s on this list

*does the pledge because he’s confused and doesn’t understand anything about this place*

“Doesn’t it get tiring to walk back and forth to your locker, especially in those shoes. Your feet have to hurt.” 

“Do the people you sit with know about personal space.” yes, they do

“How have you sworn more than Ryuji it’s been three hours.”

“Eat your lunch”

“Why are you throwing that apple away you barely even touched it” yOU EAT IT THAT’S ALL YOU EVER PACK ANYWAY “*fake gasp* I’m offended”

“You speak French?!” no, but that sounds fun. im just there to work on my homework

“So you guys have a book that goes over events in the year, and you all work together to make it? That sounds wonderful!” it’s not very fun when you’re the youngest one here… “*laughs* Story of my life.”

“Please tell me what you’re saying. I can’t understand that language”
tú eres muy hermosa~ “I can’t understand that but it sounds like you said something nice.” *writes down translation* *Akechi.exe has stopped working*

“Is the day almost over?” after this class we’re free

“I don’t know these guys but they look and sound incredibly stupid” you are correct, Goro

“*whispers to me* I know you’ve probably heard the other people in this room tell you a lot, but I think you should join basketball. You seem to be very good at it!”

“Did you just call that guy a pussy-” pretty much “You really don’t like them don’t you?” even a rock has more intelligence than them

“How can you run in heels?!” it’s in my blood, Akechi

“I’ve never thought I’d be slower at running next to a girl wearing heels.” I’ll take that as a compliment

“I just want to see your dog that’s all I’m here for”

anonymous asked:

how would they react if their SO shoved their cold hands under his shirt? heh

sorry for the wait! you didn’t specify characters, so here’s Light and Mello.


     It was night. It was cold. And Light was still working. (Y/N) absolutely could not get Light to pay attention to them. All they wanted was cuddles and warmth.

     Seemingly all plans had failed, but (Y/N) had one left. All of their body warmth had left them, including their hands. That being said, Light was being creeped up on by his lover and their hands of ice. Light could start to barely hear them, but it was too late.

     "(Y/N)-“ He couldn’t finish before he felt two extremely cold palms on his torso. A large gasp was sucked in as the hands were slapped away.
“Do not ever do that again. Just ask for affection.” Light growled, lightly blushing.


     (Y/N)’s own shivering woke them up from their slumber. No mornings were ever this cold, which made them wonder one thing. Why wasn’t their human furnace of a boyfriend around them? Mello’s back was facing them, providing no warmth. This upsetted (Y/N) to an explainable extent.

     This only meant revenge. Mello’s snores could clearly be heard, so it was proved to be a perfect time to get said revenge. Slowly but surely, (Y/N) scooted their way up the the male. And shoved their freezing hands around his bare torso.

     Mello immediately tensed up and pried the hands off. A string of curses rang out in the midst of such actions. He only turned around to glare at his laughing lover.

this sucks im sorry??? what happened