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did like a 1 hr sketch of baby face Fareeha because im lovs her also shes angry because i’m angry that I have to keep doing finals when I just wanna nap and play overwatch so here u all go 

my absolute favourite thing is how kageyama - tall, talented, so experienced, finely honed skill - treats hinata - short, a complete newbie, nervous, exciteable, lacking in any real technical skill whatsoever (for now) - as an equal; he grins in his face when he wins and is hot on his feet for a challenge with him and hes not satisfied having won, he wants to keep going up against this kid, he more than anyone sees only his fire and potential, and its frustrating for hinata because lets face it kageyama tobio is perfect, to the real world out there he’s perfect look at him in the national youth camp and him only how do you beat him, but hinata’s mindset is so fiercely strong and healthy; he lets it be the very thing that pushes him to be even better and they are just so good for each other and bring out the best in each other they are so great

‘Fencing Man’ Kookmin fic - Prologue

OK UM SO…. I tried writing my kookmin Fencing Man fic (based off this fanart I made)… calling this a prologue because nothing really happens AND IT TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE EVEN THO IT’S NOT MUCH!? sob this is like my first time writing a fic in maybe…. 10 years? More than that, probably. So, I apologize for how bad it issss xD I’ll be casually working on it, and hopefully editing along the way.


Jungkook pursed his lips, in an attempt to hide a growing smile as he watched Jimin bouncing in his seat on the couch. Jungkook’s heart had been so thoroughly melted at the sight, one would think Jungkook was the cause behind it. But none of Jimin’s attention was directed towards the youngest at all, but rather on the figure on the TV in front of them.

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Council Gajevy though.

I really like the idea of Gajeel trying to act all tough and in charge and at first it works and his underlings whisper about the terrifying Gajeel Redfox and how he’s taken out entire dark guilds all on his own before …

Then Levy enters the picture and everyone stares with bated breath as the small thing strides up to Gajeel and … he blushes.

Gajeel Redfox blushes.

And just like that all of his hard work is destroyed because he can’t keep up the dark and intimidating act in front of Levy, and everyone realizes he is a major dweeb. Like the biggest dork around. (His team finds it endearing though and they poke fun at him, especially when Levy is their backup. She gets the same treatment from her team too.)

And the teams decide to spread a rumor about how Gajeel is an unstoppable force if not for the beast tamer Levy, and they sort of become legends in the council …


Request-Can you do an imagine where you sure short and tiny and you guys play hide and seek and when he finds you you’re under the table and he lays over you in a push up position and does push ups and works out to impress you because you guys are best friends and end up dating Hey guys! I kind of changed this imagine up a little bit, hope you dont mind. Please tell me your thoughts on this but please DONT be mean because remember i did just start writing imagines. Without further ado, here is the imagine 🤗 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y/N POV “Count to 30 and do not peek” i told Justin. As childish as it might be, Justin and i decided to play hide and seek and let our inner child come out. “I promise i wont peek, now go hide shorty” he teased, i pouted “stop calling me that” “im sorry shorty, i love you” “turn” i glared at him. “Alright, alright. 1…2…3..” Running up the stairs, i looked around for a place to hide. Finding a table with a long beige cloth draped over it, i lifted the piece of cloth up and got under the table. “30! Ready or not here i come” i heard Justin yell out. I heard Justin’s loud footsteps climbing up the stairs. Hearing his footsteps come closer and closer my breathing got heavier and i tried hard so hard to not burst out it a fit of giggles. As his footsteps got further away my breathing returned back to normal and i layed down on the floor. Suddenly the cloth was lifted up “BOO!” Justin yelled. “Oh shit.. Justin i fucking hate you, you almost gave me a heart attack” i pouted. “Aww im sorry shorty, i love you” he said smiling cheekily “but i know something that will make you feel better” he continued, “what?” I asked confused. “Lay down on the floor gorgeous” i looked at him in confusion “just do it, please”. Laying down, Justin climber over me and put his hands on either side of my head. I giggled “what are you doing you doing you goofball?” “I need to work out more and you can be my motivation” he said smiling widely “how?” “Every time i go down while doing push-ups ill kiss you” “and how is that motivating you?” “Because every time i go up, ill wanna come down so i can kiss those amazingly sweet lips of yours” he said biting his lip. “Ok” i responded. Justin went up and i could see the muscles in his arm flexing which was extremely hot, he came down and gave me a quick pop kiss. Then the process repeated 2,3,4 times. The 5th time when he came down he left his lips on mine for longer, and i could feel his tongue poking at my lips so i could open my mouth. I pulled away and giggled when he groaned “i don’t think you’re gonna get much done if you keep kissing me for that long” he groaned once again “i don’t even wanna work out anymore” he whined “but I thought i was gonna be your motivation” “you’re starting to motivate me to do other things” he winked “you nasty” i scrunched up my face, he chuckled and got off of me pulling us out of under the table". He turned around and grabbed my waist hoisting me up over his shoulder i shrieked “you animal, what are you doing?” “Im continuing my workout in the bedroom”

imagine getting like. funny and dumb robron scenes though :’) something simple and stupid, like robert coming to the garage while aaron is working under the hood of a car and he decides to scare him so he just yells out a loud and sudden “HI” and aaron jumps and bangs his head into the hood, and robert makes this dumb “ooooh” sound with his hands halfway up in surrender bc he knows he dun fucked up. he know he dead. but he can’t really stop himself from laughing while still trying to make sure aaron is ok like “babe im so sorry are u ok” and aaron glares while rubbing the back of his head and robert just snorts out a laugh.