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Question tag

Tagged by: @iuniversefingers thank you so sooo much for tagging me!!! ^^

so im pretty sure you just answer the questions the tagger has given you and then you write your own and tag as many other people as you like.

so yep, that ^

1. How tall are you?
1′67 if I remember well!

2. Are you satisfied with your height or would you like to be taller/shorter?
Sometimes I would like to be shorter bc all the girls my age I know are pretty shorter than me. But seeing I can’t become smaller, I would love to at least reach the 1′70!! >_<

3. Favourite memory?
I really have no idea, but probably one with my family

4. Anime waifu/husband?
Buff, mmm… I think I’m gonna say Iwa-chan and Akiteru… And maybe Hide too, yeah…

5. Favourite food?
I don’t really have a favourite one i think, but I love peruvian food(at least the one my father cooks), and Idk, the typical things like ice cream, chocolate, etc.

6. When’s your birthday?
25 of December!

7. Any siblings?
Yep, 3. Two sisters and one brother (so many people at home!)

8. What was the last anime/manga you last watched/read?
Haikyuu!! (well, reread it), and anime I think Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

9. Did you enjoy it?
Yeees, both of them!! So much!!!

10. Your favourite/current fandom?
Haikyuu!! is the one I’m the deepest right now!!(my volleygay nerds<3)

11. Which country would you like to visit one day?
Canada and Japan

12. Something on your bucket list?
Mmm… Right now I think I would say… To meet Dan and Phil, travel to Canada and Japan at least once, and learn to play volleyball at least a bit decently ‘-_-

My questions:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What’s your current guilty pleasure?
  3. What’s your dream trip?
  4. What are your 3 favorite animes/mangas?
  5. Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks?
  6. Who’s your favorite celebrity/celebrities?
  7. Beach or mountain?
  8. How would your perfect holidays be?
  9. Current obsession?
  10. Night or day?
  11. What do you like about it?
  12. What would be your 3 wishes? 
  13. What is/was your favorite subject at school? Why?
  14. What’s your dreamed job?

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