im sorry for the english mistakes on these tags

About some YT comments I see and the lack of respect they are

First of all, if there’s any mistakes in my English, I’m sorry, I’m not a native speaker.
Second, if anything doesn’t make sense or is out of order, I’m also sorry.
Third, I hope I don’t come off as rude.

I’ll write most stuff under a cut because this is long.

Now then:

It’s about comments on YouTube videos, a topic which I think is long overdue in this fandom. I don’t know if anyone has talked about this before, so forgive me if that’s the case and it’s a topic you’re tired of and don’t wish to speak about, if no one has talked about this before, then I think it’s about time someone did.

I frequently see comments (and the worst ones as top comments, most of the time) in different utaite’s YouTube video uploads (worst ones I’ve seen being in Kradness’ videos, for whatever reason) which are extremely disrespectful, and that’s been bothering me for a while, so I decided to finally say something.

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this is my first follow forever (DONT JUDGE THE PICTURE I CANT EDIT LIKE YOU GUYS OK BUT BEFORE YOU GUYS ASK IVE IT WITH THE NEWEST VERSION OF PAINT) and i will mention every blog that i will really follow forever out of different reasons. This will be a long post and thats the reason why ¾ of this post hidden under the read more option. I am sorry in advance for my english :D (im 100% sure i made some major mistakes)

I really appreciate the presence of every person im going to mention now. I love every single blog so much and some of you are crazy edit makers and i actually read every tag of you guys and I also follow your personal problems and your funny days and whatever you guys share on here. You are making tumblr special to me. Even if I barely talk to you or hardly ever reblog your stuff, I love your blogs more than you could imagine :)

(dont take it personally if I didnt wrote a text about you, thats probably bc we havent talked as much as I talked to the others or we stopped talking at one point. But I still love you guys ok

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and yeah i do follow more blogs that i really like and recommend you to follow, you can see them in my blogroll :) the ones i mentioned are just my absolute favorite mutuals!

now comes the part where i just thank all the people who made my time here more than just enjoyable. the people i consider as my close tumblr friends. i hope ill meet some of you one day, especially my european friends (+ yooneroos and officialyanghyunsuk :D)

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