im sorry for the angsty title

Paul Lahote One-Shot

Request: Can you do a little one-shot where the reader is Paul Lahote’s imprint and she has a job that requires her to visit the Cullens and he gets all angry and she has to calm im down? Just something cute and fluffy? Thank you! 

Title: My Girl 

Pairing: Paul x reader 

Type: Fluff (tiny bit of angsty stuff) 

Warnings: Cursing and some suggestive things Paul would undoubtedly say

A/N: Sorry! This one’s kinda short …

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lil-ai-sendou  asked:

Fix title- 'but nobody came' (yes I am an undertale trash kill me plz)

Hey sorry this is late @lil-ai-sendou I didn’t forget I just had to like… Sleep and shit haha.

Alright so with a title like that, this s gonna get angsty. … Or should I say… Klangsty.

Alright so the team ends up losing lance. Im not sure of the details, but he ends up crashing on a planet, and blue isn’t with him. This means that the team can’t easily track him.

No one comes for him. Lance isn’t mad at them. He understands. He’s the most replaceable. He doesn’t add anything to the group. They have blue. They could easily find another pilot. One that’s probably smarter and a better pilot. Probably doesn’t piss Keith off as much, and Shiro actually listens to his ideas.

Nobody is coming. Lance is resigned to that.

Meanwhile, team Voltron is in chaos. They are unable to fight or form Voltron, because of how unstable they are. Allura is consumed with guilt that she couldn’t protect her Paladins better. When shiro had disappeared, that had been awful. She knew shiro could protect himself. Shiro is an adult. But lance is… A child. He’s a child and they lost him! Coran is much quieter.

Shiro is filled with self doubt. He’s not a good leader after all. Pidge is mad at herself for being so hard on lance all the time. But both of them are rational. Their heads are clear.

Hunk and Keith are bereft. Hunk just can’t stop crying. Like he sometimes laughs at how much he can’t stop. He’s building tracking systems. He’s got calculations scrawled all over his room trying to figure out where he could have landed. Keith is there in his room trying to help however he can. Keith is volatile. His temper flares up at the smallest things. He’s panicky, easily agitated. He gets in a fight with Pidge when she tells him that she’s lost people too, and Keith says that lance is more important.

Hunk and Keith work together in secret. Hunks pretty sure that he’s calculated where lance might have landed. He gives the coordinates to Keith. Keith tries to convince hunk to come with, but hunk admits that he thinks Keith should go on his own. Tell lance what he’s been wanting to tell him since they lost him a month ago. Hunk makes Keith promise to bring his best friend back to him.

Keith finds lance. He’s dirty, but alive. Lance notices that Keith looks worst than he does. They both cry a lot. Keith kisses lance all over his face and makes him promise never to leave him again.

Happy Belated Bday @hideyshi!!! I wrote u a thing hehe <3

title: from dusk till dawn
pairing: hidekane
rating: T
notes: yes i was listening to this while writing (and this too??) the links will probably hide this post in the tags ;-;

The night feels sultry, laced with the sweet and sticky smell of fruit and spiked with the salty ocean brine. Hide lay awake, naked under the sheets, alone with only a single shaft of moonlight coming through the gauzy curtains. He raises one arm, bringing it to his lips and tracing them from corner to corner. He tries to do it slowly. Sensually. The way Kaneki did it just an hour before.

It’s impossible to replicate the feeling himself, but it’s enough for him to close his eyes and remember the ghost of Kaneki’s touch, gentle and nervous yet also drenched with desire. Hide feels his cheeks flush. He rolls over into one side and immediately feels the ache in his hips, his back, and his legs. Burying his face into the pillows, he wonders how someone can want him like this—with a brilliant, surging passion that leaves both of them drunk in the feeling, wanting more and more but never getting enough. Is this what it feels like to be addicted to someone? What will Kaneki say if Hide tells him that?

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the credit for this title goes to Vance Joy because he wrote this song lmao

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon: can i request a bucky x reader based off of the song “emmylou” by vance joy? it can be super cute and fluffy!!! thank you, your writing is bomb af 

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: okay anon im sO SORRY BUT THE BEGINNING IS PRETTY ANGSTY it get fluffy tho i promise!! i was just getting angtsy vibes from the song, ya know?? anyways if the lyrics repeated i deleted them!!

Warnings: reader gets a nightmare, theres talk of the avengers dying (listen,,, this sounds bad,,, but i s2g it ends fluffy)

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Oh if you’re losing sleep…
Oh if you’re losing sleep, scared of shadows.
See it’s just a chair, see the clothes hang there.
Oh don’t go losing sleep, scared of shadows.

It happened again.

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