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it was this young man jon snow who took the qall and held it, against all the fury of the north. he has proved himself valiant, loyal, and resourceful.

If the MC was easily distracted
  • Saeran: Ok so i'm going to need you to go to this address
  • MC: Ok! *walks to the apartment, sees a dog* Omg a DO G I MUST PET IT! *pets dog, forgets what they was supposed to be doing*
  • Saeran: *watching them* What the fuck. I gave her a simple job.

Again haha! ( sorry long post!) 

 So My computer just die… ( Rip 2010 - 2017 ) So Im a working on the old lap of my mom. I really Need my own computer! aahh I always dreamed with a nice computer! So guys if you want to help me, can you considering commissioning me? Or just a reblog, that would be amazing!  
I dont like talk about my personal situation but, I live in a country very…sad? I’m from Venezuela, so is impossible for just buy something like a computer here, And I was helping my family with the commissions that I done before ( thanks!). ( Im not lying! read about the inflation in my country here )

Now I want to save all my money just for my little whim ♥   If you have Any kind of doubt please feel free to ask me!

I dont have any problem drawing guys or girls together ( love wins ♥) or something a little sexy. But I can’t draw Mecha/bara ( I cant srly haha) 

♥   Only paypal
♥   I only start work after payment has been made!
♥   Do not pay me before I accept your commission
♥   Process: Send me some reference pictures and I will make a sketch. You pay me the half and can ask me to change everything you want. when the color process ends I  will contact you, you pay me the rest and I send you the final drawing. Feel free ask me to see the process anytime c:
♥ 1 Commission (waist-up ) will Take around 1 week as max, Completeboy 2 week as max 
♥ You can contact me too via mail: <- this is NOT my paypal account!
So I think that is all, here some expamples…Thanks for reading/sharing/reblog/favs!  

And thanks to all those people who commissioned me before, I have amazing examples with beautiful characters!♥ 

If you share this, srly thanks! ♥ Have a nice day! and sorry for my poor english x_x


fucccc i love her work so much guys i swear it’s the funniest and most embarrassing crack ever please read it for me and scream with or at me

IN OTHER NEWS here’s a little teaser of my piece for the book that i worked on all day insert eye emoji


AAAAAAAAAAAA i drew the 1st one as sort of a vent after being super pissed off, didn’t work, i was still pissed, thanks school! BUT ANYWAYS, i talked about fluffy angels with Aki and IM STILL WAITING FOR HER TO MAKE HER OWN I NEED U TO HAVE UR OWN MOTHGEL PLEASE. Also also - why is there a shitty glamoured angel? To be honest, I really like how the angels look with this smoky, ethereal effect on them. So i decided to leave it and spammity spam you guys. sorry .m.

ALSO ALSO ALSO - THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE. A JEST - unlike my other more creepy angels (i guess?) buuuuut i ended up really liking them… dangiiiit… helpppppp

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heyyyy could i ask you for some advice ?? im sorry to spam your ask box but i feel this is the best way to ask without getting judged erm so im not good with guys like I can't talk to them properly without embarrassing myself and then i see people who are so comfortable with talking to guys and even going out with them like a small group of friends and I've never experienced that except for class outing and basically i feel weird and awkward when even when socializing with them so going out

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Im the same anon about the blacklist! Im sorry if that came off a bit rude! but i just said it like it is ;; And someome replied to that ask to just unfollow you.. but? I do love sarahs work and art thats why i follow her lmfao its just the spam.

plz guys i rlly didnt see it as hate or smt its alright i rly understand what anon meant!!

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If you sent me an ask about how much u luv my blog and bendy ver Thank you!! i i luv u!!! im sorry i wont answer but i read all your guy’s msgs !!! ༶ඬ༝ඬ༶


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Sana! I was wondering how you guys would feel about maybe promoting a bts witch au ask blog? You guys are just lovely and you have hilarious, lovely followers, but I don't want to use your blog as a sort of platform or anything, especially if it would upset any of you

hi sweetheart, this is actually the nicest promotion request we’ve ever gotten, but it wouldnt be fair because we’ve said no to everyone else before you ;-; sorry bae <333 good luck with your blog (i think i follow it lmao)

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