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The reveal this week that the volume cover for volume 12 will be Saiko was surprising, as she hasn’t really featured at all in any of the chapters slated to be included in this volume so far. 

But lined up with the last two Volume covers a clear pattern emerges. Now with Saiko covering her ears, we have the line up of the Three Wise Monkeys.

The Wise Monkey’s come from word play on the Japanese phrases Speak Not, See Not, and Hear Not, the negative conjunction “zaru” sounding like the word for monkey, “saru”, resulting in the iconic image.

While in western context, they are often used to indicate turning a blind eye (or mouth or ear) to evil, their original meaning in Japan was about how to not dwell on evil thoughts and live a good life. However, given the Quinx associated with each, it does suggest a turning away from or ignoring of something important.

This meta took me a while to get out, so I’m sure you’ve all already seen people pointing out this motif, but I wanted to go more into depth on the connection between the Wise Monkey’s and the Quinx associated with them. 

The result is quite long, but I hope the points at the end are worth the read. Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks to everyone who pointed out this connection, as well as to @linkspooky​ for helping me untangle and flesh out some of the connections.

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Masquerade Ball

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff I guess lol?? It’s got a lil suggestive Tae but nothing serious he’s just a little tease

Word Count: 1593

You came to the Masquerade Ball in an attempt to have a thrilling night filled with hidden identities and mystery. What you got in return was no short of that, in fact it was much more than you expected. So what happens when a devilishly handsome young man sweeps you off your feet out of nowhere?

(A/N: Hey guys^^ just wanted to let you know that I’m currently working on some of the requests you guys have sent in I feel guilty bc im posting all this other stuff instead of working on those lol but especially to those who have asked for I’m Sorry Pt. 2 ;)… I just thought I should post some nice Taehyung for you guys since I haven’t posted any yet tae is my main man thank you and good night)

p.s. this gif is huge but im not sorry

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    The air felt significantly hazy, your mind beginning to fog up because of the atmosphere around you as you meandered your way through the mass of bodies swaying on the dance floor. Black, lacy material rested on your face, the intricate mask you adorned seeming to blend in with those surrounding you and keeping you somewhat hidden. The point of the masquerade ball you were attending was to remain anonymous, after all. Tonight was a night of discovering who you were, with the thrill of meeting someone once, only to part ways without so much as an indication of identity. It was the perfect concept, really. A night full of mystery that nobody could possibly reject.

    Yearning for some fresh air, you searched for a way out of the dense crowd. Your eyes landed on an open space and you broke through the people into a hallway, the elegant light fixtures on the walls glowing dimly as they casted silhouettes and shadows across the polished floor. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, you closed your eyes and revelled in the small bit of relief that the moment of peace gave you.

    Suddenly, there was a gentle yank on your wrist, forcing you to jerk around, shrieking slightly in surprise as your face was met unusually close by a dashing young man. His eyes were wide and welcoming as they peered into yours. “What are you doing out here?” he murmured lowly, his face leaning ever so slightly inward as the words left his lips. Normally you would have felt a twinge of annoyance at having been pulled around, but the sight of the man’s face so close to yours slowly washed any of those feelings away. Shocked into silence, your eyes wandered his face.

    Around his eyes laid black upon black, the sharp edges of his mask carved around his eyes. A strip of dark lace lined the outer rim of the mask, with a small silver flare on the end of one side. In your peripheral vision, you noticed a subtle smirk curl on his lips as you continued to stare at his face, eyes trailing down as you studied his features.

    His eyes were kind, a deep brown which resembled rich chocolate. But they were also lined with a hint of mischievousness, glimmering slightly, and you could see how easily he was excited. His skin was smooth and slightly tan, you noticed as you took in the small freckle on the tip of his nose. Resting your eyes on his lips, you swallowed. The curve of his mouth was still pulled slightly into a smirk. He remained still, pleased that you were taking your precious time looking at every aspect of his face. Eyes watching every small movement his lips made, you couldn’t help but think about all of the things those lips could do. What his mouth was capable of. The smirk on his face faded slightly and he raised an eyebrow. “Done yet?” he teased, the deepness of his voice once again striking you, sending a jolt of something unfamiliar through you.

    You blinked up at him, eyes growing wide as you met his gaze. Glints of amusement danced in his dark eyes. They were crinkled softly at the edges, a small smile forming as he watched your cheeks flush with color. Stuttering, you took a quick step back. Your shoes sounded against the floor behind you as you took a few steps backwards, trying to move away from the man before you as fast as possible. “I-I…sorry.” you said, the blush still prominent on your face as your gaze flickered to the floor in front of your feet. A few footsteps toward you sounding on the hard floor caused you to snap your head up, only to see the devilishly handsome young man extend his hand in an unexpectedly gentleman-like manner. Bowing his head formally, the question left his perfect lips, “Would you care for a dance?”

    Slowly, you extended your hand and delicately placed it in his, taking note of the fact of how soft they were, and how his fingers curled perfectly, encompassing yours. He lifted his head up, brown locks softly falling against the dark material of his mask, a twinkle in his eye. His face broke into a smile, letting out a small laugh that you could only count as a giggle. The sound of it made you crack a grin, your hand in his as he gently led you down the hallway, back through the way you had come.

    The people around you seemed less difficult to pass through since you were with him, his aura acting like a sort of protective shield to those around him as the two of you made your way through the main ballroom and outside. A narrow brick-laid path lined its way to a small painted white gazebo, flowers curling up the sides and fairy lights adorning the structure. You made no effort to resist as the strong grip on your hand led you down the path, steps confident as he walked up to the gazebo, turning you around and bringing his arms gently around your waist. You exhaled, looking into his eyes before realizing something. Your voice left in a whisper as you breathed out, “There’s no music out her-” A soft finger pressed against your lips, stopping your words. The masked man in front of you lifted his gaze from your mouth to meet yours, his eyes smoldering. Softly, he whispered, “Who said we needed music?” His hand snaked its way back around your waist as you lifted your arms around his neck, the both of you watching each other as you began to sway to a rhythm of your own making.

    Eventually, he took your hand in his, holding it out to the side as the two of you waltzed across the wooden boards in silence. The low murmur and echo of the party in the distance was forgotten. He held up your hand slightly, indicating he was going to give you a twirl, and you realized there was something you wanted to do. He raised your hand above the both of your heads, and you turned beautifully, the skirt of your dress flowing in the air slightly before you turned back towards him. Without allowing yourself the time to rethink your decision, you took an extra step forward, landing your lips softly on his. The swaying and dancing halted, his arm falling gently back against his side. His eyes grew wide for a split second before easing closed, his lips molding against yours. Warmth blossomed through you as he returned your kiss, softly trailing a hand up your side. The slight pressure of his soft lips felt like heaven against yours, just like you knew they would.

    Eventually, you pulled away from each other, your heavy breaths intertwining in the air as you met each other’s heated gazes. The two of you stood in comfortable silence, studying the features of each other’s hidden faces under the black material. You followed the intricate woven pattern across the edge of his mask, eyeing the pleasant contrast of the black against his honey skintone. Carefully, his eyes casted downwards, you felt soft fingers intertwine with yours as he gently guided you out of the abandoned gazebo. The two of you lazily strided back down the narrow brick path, as if you were trying to savor the moment.

    Stepping back through the door to the party, the sounds inside were amplified. Some were peacefully swaying to the rhythm of the fading music, others shouting and yelling at each other in excitement, clearly having the time of their life. It was the perfect party atmosphere. And while you were taking it all back in, you almost didn’t notice the feeling of his hand leaving yours, his tall figure smoothly starting to make his way back into the crowd of people. Blinking out of your trance, you located the soft brown color of his hair and quickly moved forward, a hand wrapping around his forearm and pulling him around. He met your gaze with wide, surprised eyes. After a moment, the irony of the repeated situation sunk into you and a small smile grew on your face. You laughed breathily before letting go of his firm arm and looking up at him. Trying to be heard over the noise of the people, you projected, “You never told me your name.”

    The devilish boy’s face only grew into a grin, the mischievous glint reappearing in his eyes as he leaned over, his body balancing on only one foot. Inclining his head, he replied significantly lower, “That would ruin the element of mystery, now wouldn’t it?” His dancing eyes peered into yours for a moment longer before he resteadied himself. His face spread into another blinding grin, showcasing his teeth as you watched, blinking at him in stunned silence. Beneath the dark black and lacy material of the masquerade mask framed around his eyes, he shot you a wink, turning on his heel and waltzing straight through the moving crowd of people like he owned the place. Within seconds, you had lost track of him. He had disappeared, almost as if he had never been real in the first place. It was expected, however. The thrill of a hidden identity, the ability to meet someone and decide to remain anonymous to one another forever. That was the whole point. After all, it was a Masquerade Ball. One that you could never forget.


Jane Eyre Month — Favorite Scene (1/3) 

And I clasped my arms closer round Helen; she seemed dearer to me than ever; I felt as if I could not let her go; I lay with my face hidden on her neck. Presently she said, in the sweetest tone —

“How comfortable I am! That last fit of coughing has tired me a little; I feel as if I could sleep: but don’t leave me, Jane; I like to have you near me.”

“I’ll stay with you, dear Helen: no one shall take me away.”

“Are you warm, darling?”


“Good-night, Jane.”

“Good-night, Helen.”

She kissed me, and I her, and we both soon slumbered.

the mrs. and mrs. smith au
  • root and shaw meet on overlapping missions
  • they’re on a plane. two people end up dead
  • air marshals are trying to figure out what the fuck happened and they’re looking for folks without solid alibis
  • shaw’s being interrogated and root’s nearby, also alone
  • they’ve never met but hey, girls gotta stick together
  • especially with an ass like that
  • root’s thirsty as hell
  • shaw does most of the fast talking and root corroborates her–their–story
  • “it’s me and my girlfriend’s first flight, im not even sure what happened, some guy started waving a gun around–”
  • root’s losing it internally ‘oh my god she’s so tiny and strong and hot and her ARM is on my WAIST oh god oh god oh my god’
  • “isn’t that right, /honey/?”
  • root has no idea what’s going on but she’s rolling with it
  • “it was so scary, marshal. why would anyone do such a thing?”
  • the marshal’s studying them skeptically. “you’re flying together?”
  • “separate bookings–you know how tricky those last-minute travel plans can be” shaw smiles disarmingly
  • “she’s meeting my parents” root offers with an excited smile
  • (she doesn’t have parents)
  • (they’ve been dead for 15 years)
  • (it happens)
  • the marshal moves on and they find themselves sitting beside each other in the holding area of the airport terminal waiting for the feds to get through inspecting the plane
  • they won’t find anything
  • “nice job back there” root says
  • “not too bad yourself, /honey/“
  • root smirks. “i had you pegged for more of a ‘darling’ or ‘sweetie’”
  • “try neither”
  • “we could figure it out over coffee if you want”
  • shaw raises an eyebrow. this woman is forward. “you dont even know my name”
  • “touché. you can call me sam. and you are…?”
  • “sameen. and you’re buying”
  • they end up banging in shaw’s hotel room like two hours later
  • fast forward a couple years and they’re married, both knowing that they’re both assassins
  • BUT
  • they’re at the top of their fields. top secret. code names “root” and “indigo five alpha” respectively
  • no one’s ever seen their faces
  • they bitch about each other at home all the time unknowingly
  • “some asshole totally came outta nowhere and stole my kill today”
  • “i’m sorry, sweetie. want to tell me about it?”
  • “you know i cant, sam. it’s classified”
  • root kisses her temple. “im sure you’ll find them one day, sameen”
  • “damn right. and i’ll punch em right in their stupid face”
  • one night they’re eating dinner together
  • root’s talking about redoing the kitchen so she can keep more knives in the stash hidden behind the oven
  • she isnt thinking about it, mentions how she lost her best knife today in the field. she lodged it in someone’s thigh and they got away but didnt even have the decency to return the knife
  • unbelievable
  • shaw traces the bandage around her own leg under the table
  • probably a coincidence
  • the next day they go into work and both have new assignments
  •  john calls shaw over. “we’ve got a priority one here. it’s this so-called ‘root’, reward is 4 million. you up for it?”
  • “hell yeah. sam wants to remodel the kitchen anyway. plus that asshole totally stuck me yesterday.”
  • meanwhile
  • “hey sam, we’ve got a new one. wanna take out indigo five alpha?”
  • “oooo, i love a challenge. i’ve been itching to sink my teeth into her for /years/”
  • “her?”
  • “call it a woman’s intuition. no man could have an ass that nice”
  • root gets to the site hours ahead of time. some spot in the middle of the desert the target’s supposed to pass through
  • she has her plans and her computer and her sniper rifle, she’s hiding behind a big ol’ rock formation
  • shaw’s directed to the same site, shows up with her dunebuggy and rocket launcher
  • starts stretching a little before it’s time for murder
  • root’s almost positive she recognizes that ass
  • and when shaw stretches and her shirt rides up a little, root /definitely/ recognizes that burn from last night’s kinky sex
  • root calls her girl up
  • “hey sweetie, you busy?”
  • “a little. cut the verbal foreplay, babe, why are you calling? im in the middle of a job”
  • “that’s so funny, so am i. although i don’t know how i feel about being called a /job/, i thought we had a little more fun than that. and as much as i love your ass, i’d rather it be in my bed than my scope”
  • shaw spins around, catches her waving from behind the rocks
  • “…’re root?”
  • “indigo five alpha, imagine that. i say we make quite the power couple”
  • "you couldn’t come up with a better name than root?”
  • “youre one to talk, honey”
  • “i didn’t pick the name, /root/”
  • “is this a conversation we could have over dinner instead of across a desert wasteland? this scenery is killing the mood”
  • root makes brisket (shaw’s favorite)
  • they split a bottle of wine
  • trade stories of their proudest kills
  • just a real nice n cozy girls’ night in
  • there’s a lot of “wait that was you???” with a thousand heart eyes
  • they’re both so turned on
  • so in love
  • cue destroying the house via sex scene
  • and then their companies send in the death squad
  • shaw is still tied to the bed when they bust down the door
  • “i’ll be right back, sameen.”
  • “you’re gonna cut me down, right?”
  • “shhh. five minutes, sweetie. dont move a muscle.”
  • root bounds off to the slaughter
  • “sam. sam? ROOT”
  • cue sounds of muffled gun fire
  • then silence
  • root comes back to the bedroom. she’s got a cut on her cheek
  • shaw pouts. she hates finding marks on root that she didnt leave there herself
  • plus root didnt even let her murder anyone
  • rude
  • “im sure there are more on the way, sameen. you just look so good right here, i’d hate to displace you” 
  • sure enough, more goons show up
  • the groves-shaws’ equivalent of pillowtalk is killing dudes while being angry about the bounties placed on each others’ heads
  • “only 4 million? ridiculous. you’re worth at least 10, and that’s on a bad day”
  • “you say the sweetest things, sameen”
  • root confesses “i’ve read your file, y’know. i’d be lying if i said i didn’t kind of have a thing for indigo five alpha”
  • “what, you were gonna cheat on me?“
  •  “of course not, but a girl’s entitled to her fantasies. this is /much/ better”
  • the entire time shaw is still tied to the headboard. root’s shooting people as they come in
  • “i swear, shaw, the standards get lower and lower every year”
  • shaw’s shooting one-handed, despite being tied up
  • root’s VERY into it
  • “we should do this more often. i think it strengthens our marriage”
  • “it’s cheaper than that cruise you wanted us to go on”
  • “oh, like we cant afford it, shaw”
  • “this is more fun”
  • root devours shaw with her eyes. “can’t argue with that”
  • shaw smirks. strains against the rope so her muscles flex. root swoons
  • “c'mon, root. untie me so we can do a sweep and move this somewhere a little more private”
  • root moves towards the door, glances over her shoulder. “you coming, sweetie?”
  • shaw rolls her eyes. breaks the headboard, shakes herself free of the ropes. “i fucking better be”
- Fool’s Gold - A Liam Dunbar Imagine |

 But I don’t regret
                                 Falling for your fool’s gold

Y/n P.O.V

Liam slowly released your bottom lip from his teeth before resting his forehead against yours. The full-blown kiss that you just shared left the both of you absolutely breathless. Liam’s eyes briskly opened, revealing his baby blue orbs which reluctantly searched yours before he opened his mouth to speak, “This means nothing right?” He asked, whispering almost as if he was scared of letting this little secret that you two had out.

“Yeah.” You replied, before averting your eyes away from his agonizing stare. “Nothing at all.”

With a short term agreement that consists of giving affection to one when needed which was nothing more than a kiss. But the thing was- there was no strings attached. The second someone admits to falling for the other then the deal would be off. It was simple really, what happens in your room stays in your room and you just can’t fall in love.

But that’s what you exactly did,


You fell for Liam Dunbar.

A week later…

The bed dipped slowly once the clock struck midnight. You laid still as you recognised the scent of no one other than Liam, who for the first time was late and had an enormous grin on his face which made you curious to why he was so giddy at this time of night.

“Y/n, I did it. I actually did it.” He began as rested on his side so he could face you.

Your brows furrowed, “Did what Liam?”

But you instantly regretted that question which escaped your mouth. As much as you wanted to know why Liam was like this, you hoped it wasn’t what you were thinking.

“I kissed her. I kissed Hayden.

Your heart felt as if the person who had control of it clenched it so tight, it could break. And that person was Liam. He looked after it, kept it safe but now he mishandled it before crushing it between his fingers.

“What’s going to happen now? I-I mean the deal?” You questioned, concerned that all this would be over.

And without any hesitation, Liam’s smile widened, “It’ll be over! There will be no more sleepless nights for you and you won’t need to see me anymore.”

With every muscle, you forced your lips into a tight smile as you tried to hide away your hurt. So you then turned the other way before feeling Liam’s arm snake around your waist and lull you towards him.

As much as you don’t want to sound clingy, you didn’t want the thing between you and Liam to end. But we all know nothing lasts forever, that’s a fact.

But that night, the one thing that made your chest painfully wheeze even more was that fact that you swore you heard Liam whisper,

“Goodbye Y/n.”


As you were strolling to your locker, you immediately caught sight of a mop of brown hair heading straight past, so you grasp their arm and pulled them into an empty classroom.

Y/n, what the hell?” Liam asked, his voice rising slightly. His blue orbs glaring at you as you blocked the door.

You gulped, “Liam, I-I need to speak to you.”

“Well hurry up because Hayden i-”

I’m in love with you.” You blurted out, interrupting him before you instantly cover your mouth with your hand.

Liam frowned, “What do you mean? You’re not supposed to, it was part of the deal Y/n.”

That wasn’t the reaction you expected. In movies, once the main character confesses their love, they get it in return, but isn’t everything too good to be true.

“It just happened okay! I can’t help it Liam, I’m in love with you and have been ever since.” You then paused with your heart pounding in your chest at the question that invaded your mind all night. “Do I mean anything to you?”

An eerie silence invaded the room as Liam kept his stern eyes on you the whole time. You hoped Liam would say the word you would want to hear but you knew he would say the other. The word that no one would want to hear.

No.” He stated. “You mean nothing to me Y/n. You were only there to help me with my nightmares, that’s all.”

Feeling a sudden lump inside your throat, your eyes blurred with tears before you turned away from Liam because of utter embarrassment and hurt. He only used you and that was the worst feeling in the world. You were only there for his needs but he was never there when you needed him. 

With that, Liam sighed and pushed past you then headed straight out of the door.

Your breathing began to lose rhythm before you pressed your hand harder against your lips trying to stop the sobs from escaping whilst the tears drizzled out of your eyes.

You felt helpless.

A hand soon clasped around your shoulder before turning you towards them. “Shh. Y/n, It’s alright.” A low voice soothed.

You glanced up and felt Theo dragged his thumb on your wet cheeks. “Theo? You heard-”

He nodded before wrapping his arms around you, completely taking you by surprise. “I know how it feels.” He muttered. “You know what? I’ll do you a favour.”

You pulled away before wiping you cheeks with your sleeve. “What is it?”

A hidden smirk made its way to Theo’s face before his blue eyes stared down at you mischievously, “I’ll get rid of Hayden only if-” He began before leaning in closer.

“-You break Liam’s heart.”


OO.. whats going to happen next?

Sorry for any mistakes, i wrote this yesterday at 1 am. 

Any one for part two? 

And sorry layden shippers! 

School and homework has been tiring me out so im sorry if i havent been active :(  I haven't had time to edit and finish my other imagines and wonderwall on wattpad, and hopefully it will be up soon so please bear with me! I know i keep delaying but school has taking a major toll on me lately. 

Also, does anyone know any free art software online? Or any recommendations for any softwares where i can do digital painting? If so please do let me know! 

Thank you ever so much for reading!

-Liam dunbar

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A little apology gift for @ebbnfloww because I promised her a Minty fic this week which isn’t anywhere near done. Sorry Kels, :( Also, I’m so sorry for the sloppiness - i pounded this out during my lunch hour yesterday :/

Your Voice, My Tether

The world is falling apart.

‘Raven, it’s not working!’ Abby yells, frustrated and terrified, ‘She’s not waking up.’

'Then find a way to bring her out - we don’t have much time!’ Raven’s voice and the urgency in it comes clear through the open line, 'She’s not tethered like the rest of them, Abby, if she’s still in there when the City of Light falls, her mind will be stuck there.’ Raven pauses and when she speaks again, it’s in a horrified whisper, 'Abby, she’ll be brain dead.’

Abby drops the radio, leaning in to call Clarke again, but her daughter doesn’t move, doesn’t open her eyes.

What am I missing?

Unbidden, Marcus’s voice whispers a solution and Abby knows.

She spins around to yell, harsh and desperate. 'Bellamy, we need you!’

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me at the entire book of hidden oracle:</b> where is percy? where is nico? where is leo? where is will? where is annabeth? where is jason? where is piper? where is reyna? where is frank? where is hazel? where is grover? where is rachel? where is chiron? where is coach hedge? where is that guy percy killed a gazillion years ago? where is everybody?<p/><b>apollo:</b> dude, just because i didnt have my eight packs and my maserati sun chariot and my bag of goddy awesome things anymore doesnt mean you can shut me down like that im still the most handsome mortal here i just got the damn acne on my face you should've burn some betadint offering for me<p/><b>apollo:</b> gimme some love<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Preference #34: Cuddle.

A/N: my heart kind of broke writing this. this was shit im so sorry its three am help

Lucas: His arms wrapped tightly around your abdomen, preventing you from moving. Sun rays gleamed through the thin curtains and engulfs you in light. Your eyes flutter open, adjusting to your surroundings. He faces you but his eyes are hidden. A small smile plays at his lips as he remains in slumber peacefully. His hair is tousled, hanging in different angles yet he still manages to take your breath away. You slightly shift closer to his warm body, placing gentle kisses along his jawline. "I love you.“ you whisper, once more closing your eyes. 

Ashton: Your hands tightly grip the bed sheets as the fabric laces between your fingers. You lay on your side with your knees tucked in toward your chest. Silent sobs escape your mouth as heated tears spill from your eyes. The sound of shuffled footsteps reaches your ears and you are soon engulfed in his arms. "Everything is going to be okay.” he coos, your tense structure softening. His fingers comb through your hair and his chin rests upon your head as he faintly hums you to sleep.

Michael: Music gently plays beside the bed, as you rest your head on his chest. His heartbeat is steady, following along beside his breaths. Your fingers are intertwined together while his thumb moves slowly across your hand. “Are you asleep?” he whispers, slightly lifting his head from the pillow. You don’t reply nor showing any sign of recognition. He places his head back down, and chuckles closing his own eyes. He inhales deeply, using his other arm to turn down the volume of the music. “Goodnight, (Y/N)” he sighs “I love you so much." 

Calum: "I never loved you.” Calum yells, with his eyes focused on the ground. “No,” you shake your head “I don’t believe that.” you sob, as you rake your fingers through your hair. “I think you should leave.” he mumbles, looking at you. You nod yet your whimpers echo the room. You feel someone shake you. Opening your eyes, you see Calum hovered above you. “You were having a nightmare, sweetie.” he whispers, brushing stray hair from your face. Your body felt tense, radiating heat. You lean forward placing your lips on his soft ones. “Don’t ever leave."