im sorry for it being so ugly

Hug your russian son ? if u feel up to it ofc jfhisl,,

Just saying, but you’re a blessing All Might,, nothing is ever going to change that.I adore you 10000% Stay amazing ilu <3 Would totally smooch u if I could                                                                                  —–                                                                                                 oKAY im sorry if this looks a lil ugly?? i just started drawing humans so im kind of clueless aah,,  

will prbably send more asks if u dont mind me being an annoying kid B")



how dare you come into this inbox, cute ass bnha oc and no other info on him?! :’( I did him no justice here but.. if you let me… I’ll draw him with my own bnha oc who is also Russian!✨ Please feel free to send more asks btw! I’ll do my best to answer them but I am..very…out of order/behind on asks -mod ))

That thing guys do where they approach a girl on the street based on looks is such an ineffective strategy in my experience like its cool to know my outfit is “elegant” but sir I already promise your expectations are wrong the only service I offer is being an awkward meme-loving-fuck you’re literally only signing up for 1am discussions about fanfiction and anime characters and trash jokes

A dude stopped and walked with me last night telling me my outfit reminded him of some fashionista he knew if France and i dont know jack or shit about France or fashion and whatever vibe I was giving off was 100% bullshit because the only thing on my mind was getting on my pjs and watching boku no hero reruns

like whats the right way to communicate “you seem nice but im grappling with the stress of realizing ive somehow set expectation too high and i am in fact 400% more of an awkward loser than you realize and i spent all of middle and high school being super ugly so i really dont know how this ‘lets get coffee’ game works i just wanna watch my japanese cartoons in peace”

Highshool Au in wich Otabek is in senior year and is captain of the football team. Yurio just signed up for his junior year after being recently adopted by two over supportive fathers, and joins the cheerleading team! Otabek becomes Yurio’s first friend and eventually his BFF!! >:D <3 <3

Here’s the Au + fanart no one asked for~!! *jazz hands*

We Don’t Talk Anymore

requested by @meetingtheworld (i think,, i can barely remember, im so sorry for the wait)
awfully based off/inspired by the song ‘we don’t talk anymore’ by charlie puth ft. selena gomez

Pairing: tom x female!reader im really sorry for making it female, it was an accident and just happened im sorRY

Word Count: 730

Warnings: Swearing, and really bad writing im so sorry

side notes: feel free to send me some requests if you dont mind a wait!! yeesh


“She’s going out with a new guy now,” one of Tom’s friends mumble, scrolling through his Instagram and stopping on a photo of yours. “Did you know that?”

“Of course I know that. You dumbass,” Tom says, a slight laugh at the end of it to lighten it up.

Tom picks up his drink and takes a sip, trying to forget the way your name was enough to make him happy, once upon a time. Your eyes usually made him stop speaking in amazement. Your smile distracted him, to the point that you weren’t able to be in the same room as him when he was being interviewed.

He was definitely in love.

“They’re going out tonight,” the same friend states, still looking at the same photo. “She looks nice, do you wanna—”

“I really don’t want to know,” Tom snaps, doing his best not to sound too bothered. “I’m not interested and I’m not curious. What sort of ex-boyfriend wants to know that the ex-girlfriend is in love with someone else, and that they’re going out tonight, and what she looks like now? Who does that? I don’t do that.”

The group of friends stays silent, eyes flicking back from the one that brought you up and Tom.

“I don’t do that,” Tom repeats. He stands up and grabs his car keys, deciding to go home now rather than later. Harrison finishes his drink and stands up to follow him out, both for the reasons that he’s worried for his friend and that he has no other way of getting home.

The entire car ride is silent. Harrison and Tom don’t speak to each other. Maybe Harrison did speak to Tom a few times, but he didn’t hear him because he’s too busy thinking of you.

It’s been like this for a few months now. Two months, one week, and four days to be exact. He goes to bed thinking of you and wakes up thinking of you. He films while thinking of you, and now he’s distracted by the thought of you rather than the sight of you during interviews.

When Tom and Harrison get back to Tom’s apartment, Harrison follows behind Tom with a worried expression setting on his face. When they finally get inside, Tom makes his way to his bedroom.

“Tom,” Harrison speaks, trying to get his attention. Tom continues his way to his room. “Tom.” He tries again. “Tom. Tom! Thomas, you stop right there and park your little ass on that couch, right now!”

Tom stops just when his hand grabs the doorknob. He slowly turns around and walks over to the couch, sitting down silently, looking at Harrison expectantly.

“We need to talk about this,” Harrison states, taking note of the messy hair and tired eyes on his best friend. “We need to fix this.”

“No, we don’t. I’m fine, I’m just tired.”

“No, you were ‘just tired’ three weeks ago! You were ‘just tired’ two months ago, Tom! This isn’t okay, at all! You either need to talk to her, or you need to get over her!”

Tom stands up quickly, anger finally breaking the surface after two months of sadness. “What would talking achieve!? Maybe I’d find out his name, yeah? Maybe I’d find out she was over me within two weeks while I was going to bed crying because I love her so fucking much! She literally won’t leave my fucking brain! She’s there twenty-four-fucking-seven!

“Now, when I thought that maybe I can get over her, she’s dating again! She’s probably making out with him right fucking now! Maybe she’s dancing with him. Maybe she’s finally happy in a relationship because I don’t think she was happy in ours. Maybe she—maybe she’s—”

Harrison pulls Tom into a hug as he bursts into tears, the first time he’s actually seen him cry over you. His head falls onto Harrison’s shoulder as ugly sobs leaves his lips.

“I just…I feel like even being—even being friends would be better than this. I miss her, so—so much. So fucking much. I miss talking to her and laughing with her and I just…I miss her.”

Harrison moves over to the couch and sits down, hugging Tom the entire time.

“I know, man. I know,” Harrison says quietly, focusing on comforting his best friend.

Yeah, he’s definitely still in love.

seventeen as things i’ve heard people at my school say

S.coups- *coming up with nicknames so the teacher can remember our names easier* “just call me daddy danny”

Jeonghan- “i hope your middle school ugly phase returns so i can be the hot friend again”

Joshua- “watch your profanity you’re only 18”

Jun- “the only reason he invited you on a boba date is because those boba balls won’t be the only thing you’re sucking”

Hoshi- “i feel like when i die they’re just gonna cut me open and pull a big strip of bacon out of my heart”

Wonwoo- "you run like a fucking book character, you skrub”

Woozi- “i would say im sorry for you but, you know, its rough out there. especially when youre a pussy"

Dk- “if being awesome was a subject, i’d have an A+” *instant laughing and disagreement*

MIngyu-  “do you think if i just start crying they’ll let me go home?”

The8- “ladybugs are just girl beetles"

Seungkwan- “you bit- *biology teacher walks by* biotic factor!”

Vernon- “i’m not going to answer your question until you ungay it”

Dino- “you may be a soccer mom, but you’re not my soccer mom!”

This is random but…

I really appreciate the fact that in My Hero Academia, the girls (more specifically Mina) find Todoroki to be one of the most attractive in their class

I know I know, it sounds weird. But hear me out!!

Usually, most people give a character a scar when they want them to be ugly or scary. Scars are never usually associated with being a hero (which is why I appreciate both Todo and Deku so much). But the girls aren’t at all phased by this giant burn on his left eye. They still think he’s good looking, which you don’t see a lot.

(Sorry, maybe I’m bias because I have scars)


“I felt like I hadn’t changed between 18 and 27, which is a really long fucking time to not grow up or not deal with certain issues. I feel lighter now. I feel very different. The weirdest thing was that it was almost overnight. I’m 29 and I’ve not experienced this in my life before. I think it was something that I was looking for. The previous years when I was projecting cynicism, or when I was being snarky or whatever, I was myself all the time.”



SO ALAN WAS SO CUTE AND SWEET he even remembered us!! and he writes cute little things on autographs. he wrote a k2 line for me - “ariana, you are being resuced” and it’s adORABLE

he? Soft™

“ You could be so much better …”

You could be so much better ,you could be a better person ,being at peace by yourself ,being an whole ,revealing how deep ,emotional ,delicate and lyrical as the man you are,but no ,you keep smashing into pieces your beautiful mind ,the ropes and strings of your heart pouring sliliness into words and actions like a clown ,a lost soul with nothing more to lose ….

You could be so much better ,you could be the Poet with kindness in your heart ,be wise and greatful  about your state as a human ,but no ,you keep enjoying  displaying the most awful roots and egocentric manners of someone who still wants to get back his youth  by wandering and rambling across garbage mingled words of others ,stealing the other’s lives ,calling attention to youself…

You could be so much better ,you could be the reason of other’s delight by showing your side of light instead of a rotten old prey bird searching to a place by pouring your ego trying to catch all that is gone ,trying to overcome opinions ,invading spaces those arent yours nor will never be ….

You could be so much better ,you could be ,a simply and powerful reason by using your inteligence in the benefit of others with small deeds , full of significance ,but no ,instead you prefer to waste your precious life by selling ,by trading ,my hurting yourself among a crowd which is fading away and you are the only one who can not see …

You  could be so much beter,you could reach out the control of your vessel ,being an anchor ,resting in peace with your conscience but you prefer calling yourself unspeakable and dirty names spoiling the true meaning of you ….

You could be so much better, if you looked  youself in the mirror and accept that you cant achieve what is gone ,what you had made wrong ,what led you to your insanity …now, you are like a swan in the pond staring the mist of your future ,shallow ,empty, getting lost ,alone ,screaming as  a dying creature but look at yourself ,you are merely a shadow of what you once were…

You could be so much better ,not because i have a meaning or i ever saved you ,no, i was all along watching you drowing and i could not be held by you to the bottom  of the pond and yet,  im sad and my sorrow ,is only for seeing you’r drowing more and more and my hand is not the hand you want to held  you back  nevertheless in that misery with your ridiculous behavior, i know there  is still goodness in you …

You could be so much better ,not because im  better than you or nor because  im the owner of the truth or  owner of the reason but because you have lost yourself to another side of the pond’s bank, you merged deeper and one day you will not see the difference between the reality and your foolish ideals of being grandeur….

Im so sorry for you because you could be so much better and leave a mark in this insane world as a reminder of beauty   but the more you merge  i realize you will be sooner or later only an ugly mere bird who got lost because could not fix the map of his existence…

You could be so much better ,i think now it is too late …you are broken and from that journey that you insisted on doing you will never return…

and i weep for you …