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(tyler x reader)

word count: 1,128

You were recently on one of marks video for a skit! And you were so so proud of being apart of it. You and the squad helped design this skit. People on twitter were only spouting positivity about it!

Amy warned you about not looking at youtube comments. That even though theres positive comments on twitter there is so much shit on youtube. But you thought maybe you would see advice or more positivity. You just wanted to know you were doing something right..

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@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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gdifbkadb  asked:

can i have a headcanon request about Akaashi, Kuroo, Oikawa and Tsukishima on their instagram? like their bio, feed, captions, followers etc etc thanks!

sure thing chicken wing!

(also these are so long i did not mean for this to happen im sorry if u wanted smth shorter aaaa)


Akaashi’s bio is just “Akaashi Keiji, 2nd yr, Furkurodani.”  the link in his bio is literally just to the school’s website.  it’s so boring it hurts.

He follows some darker themed men’s fashion accounts and some volleyball ones, but he never sees any of it because his feed is always taken over by Bokuto’s excessive posting of outdated white text memes and blurry selfie spams.  Because of this, Kuroo hacked Akaashi’s phone during training camp and made Akaashi follow like four different Really Edgy™ meme accounts and Akaashi still doesn’t know.

(In relation to this, Kuroo also once changed the link in his bio to lead to yvette’s bridal but Akaashi noticed and changed it back).

Akaashi’s captions are probably like…fake deep quotes.  Like the kind of stuff you find edited over pictures of sunsets that have no credit for who says it.  Either that or he just leaves it blank cause he’s a square.

Everyone in Fukurodani is following Akaashi simply because Bokuto would not let anyone rest until he did.  Bokuto has been memeing on instagram so long that he practically went into cardiac arrest when he found out Akaashi made an account, and the next day he showed Akaashi’s account to anyone who would listen.  But, Akaashi does gain quite a few female followers all on his own, cause his account is on private and all the girls wanna stalk the pretty owl boy.

Kuroo’s bio literally just says his name, then a bunch of really dumb emojis.  The link in his bio leads to business cat and you can’t argue with me on this one.

He follows So Many Meme Accounts.  this dork is dank.  He tags Kenma to the shittier ones because he has nothing to lose and Kenma’s dry responses make him laugh.


His captions are all emojis.  He never captions anything with words.  If you went to his account you legit would not be able to figure out even what language he spoke unless you found like…his bucket challenge video from like 2 years ago.

He posts memes so he has a lot of followers.  Not a lot of people from school follow him though.

Oikawa’s bio has his basic info with some kaomoji splashed in, along with “#iwachansmells2k16.”  The link in his bio is to a video of seijou playing the interhigh prelims game against Karasuno.

Oikawa, like Akaashi, follows some men’s fashion accounts and volleyball accounts.  He also follows some more (forgive my phrasing) “mainstream” meme accounts and probably gets tricked into following shoutout accounts a lot. He also follows conspiracy theory accounts unironically.

He posts ton’s of selfies, but they’re always ones where he’s with someone else, how cute.

His captions are explaining whatever he’s doing in the picture, usually.

He has so.  many.  followers.  A lot of them are girls who like him, as one would expect, but there are also a lot of guys following him too.  Pretty much everyone at Aobajohsai is following him, and a lot of people outside of school admire his success in volleyball and follow him too.

(Ushijima tried to follow him and was instantly blocked).

Tsukishima’s instagram might as well not exist.  His bio is completely blank except for a link that leads here.  He doesn’t even have any posts.

He follows a lot of music artists and a couple of volleyball accounts.  He also-regrettably, he says–follows everyone on Karasuno, except for Narita, because he kept posting nothing but closeups of everyone on the team’s faces while they were playing volleyball.

Literally the only people who follow him are the members of Karasuno, his brother, Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi.

fee&kee au - stuff explained

ships: gimli/legolas, aragorn/arwen, faramir/eowyn, bilbo/thorin, ace!fili/kili/tauriel and maybe some bard/thranduil and dwalin/ori ???

what they are all doing generally speaking: 

Thorin - CEO of Erebor Industries (what does it do? idk?), Dis - Corporate Lawyer, Bilbo - English Prof, Elrond - History Prof, Gandalf - Language Prof, Dwalin/ Thranduil/ Bard - idk adults i havent actually come up with jobs for them or any of the rest of the company apart from the obvious things

Ori - grad student studying film making/screen-writing (if im gonna do dwalin/ori he cant be too young ja feel?), Fili - senior in college, Kili/Tauriel/Bolg - juniors in college, Arwen/Legolas - sophomores in college, Gimli/Aragorn/Boromir/Eomer - freshman in college, Faramir/Eowyn - seniors in highschool, Sam/Merry/Pippin/Frodo (yes they will be in this au) - elementary school (like 1st or 2nd grade)

Random Headcanons

Their uni is in rivendell. This au exists in Middle-Earth its just /modern/ and everyone is kinda human sized (although I am trying to keep some of the height differences?? just usually people are sititng or something so you cant even really tell. but leggles is deffo taller than gimli okay cool bye.) So all the places are from Middle-Earth. They dont like go to New York one weekend or something.

apparently tv shows and movies do exist and everyone is obsessed with criminal minds cause lbr criminal minds

Fili, Kili, and Gimli live in a house a block off campus they call House Durin cause they are dumb (gimli got out of living in the dorms cause hes living with “family” way to go cheatin the system babe)

Legolas and Tauriel live in an apartment together they call Greenwood Loft

Boromir and Aragorn are roomies in the dorms and constantly talk about how much they miss Gondor. Faramir (and Eowyn) come visit a lot. 

Fee&Kee got internet famous from some really ridiculous Vines they made. And then they branched out to youtube and insta

tbh instagram is just the easiest format to tell a story with so thats why i use it the most

thorin met bilbo at a coffee shop and had no idea he was fee&kee’s english professor. bilbo corrected his grammar. thorin fell in love. 

eowyn totally had a crush on aragorn cause he was the hot stud at the rohan highschool (he was only there a year cause he kept transferring and moving everywhere) but then he went to college

she met faramir while visiting her brother at rivendell uni where faramir was visiting his brother. what a coincidence…aragorn may have set it up idkidk aNYWAYs instant love. gr8. its a long distance relationship cause they go to highschool in their respected cities but they are both planning on going to rivendell uni next year 

aragorn took a year off to go live in the woods before college and he likes to spend most of his weekends camping

gimli and legolas once went on a camping trip with aragorn cause they thought it was gonna be fun and relaxing. it wasnt.

eomer is punk and wants to be in a biker gang

boromir is great and wonderful and perfect. the end. 


((and tbh i think thats all i really have for this au. again if you want to write fics or something go for it. or if you just want to take it in a different direction thats totally fine too. I would love to see any and all versions ^^ please send me a link if yall do write something cause I would love to read it!!! also if you just want to send me headcanons you have about it thats awesome too!! i have a modern lotr tag for headcanons on this blog btw))

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS WHO ARE PIECES OF SHIT I hope your new year comes with happiness, prosperity, confidence, miracles, and self love. I wanted to thank the following people who have made my last couple of months on tumblr a second home.  

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anonymous asked:

so how it is your list ? most to least favorite on exo? who are your sons? in which place was kaikai before? who is jongdae? so many questions...

I like them all they just go in groups

Top 2 is obviously Chen (Jongdae) and Xiumin (Minseok)

My sons are Kyungsoo (D.O) and Yixing (Lay)

and my precious little dumb sheep boy is Suho (Junmyeon)

and everyone else in exo are just in the group after these kids mentioned above.. kaikai used to be in this group but then after Japan concert I almost wanted to adopt him and make him my 3rd son so he is somewhere in the son zone LMAO

and I’m sorry did I read this right? WHO IS JONGDAE??

What is a Kim Jongdae you say??

I mean my whole blog is pretty much Kim Jongdae and my icon has his face on a ferrero rocher chocolate.. but trust me I don’t know what is a kim Jongdae either

Kim Jongdae.. Kim daedae.. Kim chenchen … Kim Kittydae.. Kim pikachen is the world’s most precious piece of shit ever..Let me introduce you to my ultimate little shit ….. I AM SORRY IT WILL BE A LONG POST

His smile/laugh can bring world peace (click here to be healed)

His singing will heal you too…. before you scroll through the pictures.. just go to my chenaudio tag for his singing.. laughing and also the weird noises and sounds he makes. TRUST ME.. YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE

He is a kitty because of his lip curl

he is pikachu because his power in exo is thunder/lightning and his lip curl is same as pikachu’s 

(Insert my own pikachu plushie from Japan lol .. yes I went to pokemon centre >.> no shame)

His eyelashes are so long and curly.. it makes me jealous and I want to put mascara on him

and also we need to talk about his moles.. they are like constellations or something lmao.. I’ll just focus on the moles on his face down to collarbone.. body moles shall not be discussed 

from what I remember.. on the right side of his face. there is a straight line of four moles browbone to temple? .. and then I think there are some (2?) hidden in his right sideburn…. one on his right earlobe and one on right jawline/neck… and then we move down to my fave moleee.. THE COLLARBONE ONE.. which i call it the sekshi mole (I have a tag for it)

and then on the left side of his face… there are 2 near his temple area? and then one pretty noticeable one in his sidburn area… and then there is one right underneath the arch of his left eyebrow… and that zit looking thing (i still call it a mole lol) at the beginning part of his left eyebrow… (WOW this did not sound creepy at all.. nope.. WOW I AM TRASH )

and lmao lookie I found a pic that shows most of the moles I mentioned above


some jfan or program? measured his eyebrow tilt lmao

HIS SIDE PROFILE.. his jawline… his forehead.. his *u* HE IS BEAUTIFUL

I think Jongdae srsly gives the best and warmest hugs he snuggles(?) his head into your shoulder when he hugs 

and his facial expressions……i love his face

He is cute and precious and fluffy most of the time.. but sometimes he can be a rude piece of………… oh and did I mention HE CANNOT CONTROL HIS FUCKING TONGUE??? (pls just look at my chentongue tag) 

and let me also introduce you to the Chooty and the thunder guns

and look at this quality footage of his pants flossing his asscrack

Thunder guns =)

I FEEL EXHAUSTED AND I DON’T WANT TO FREEZE EVERYONE’S DASH.. I WILL END THE POST WITH THUNDER GUNS AND CHOOTY.. please just go to my tags page for all the fucking tags I have for Kim Jongdae… i have over 25 at least ………. and there are more but I didn’t include most likely i honestly don’t even know how many tags I have for him… i gave up… i lost track

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I can't stop imagining Emily having problems with someone on campus. Like someone keeps harassing her or something and then Beca finds out and like totally punches the person. And Emily thinks it's just the whole Bella sisterhood thing but really Beca just feels protective of her. And then after the whole fight thing, Emily is like cleaning up Beca's hands and face and the sexual tension is tangible. That's literally what is running though my head right now..

Emily’s always considered herself a pacifist.

She’s never really been a person who’s wanted to hit things, even when she’s mad. Sure, her mom put her in karate when she was seven, but she’s never had to actually use any of the knowledge that she accumulated to get her green belt.

Words can sometimes hurt more than fists anyway, and she’s learning that this week.

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anonymous asked:

have you ever thought about writing superlane with a baby??

Babies aren’t really my thing, so-


There’s the noise again. 

A small scratching sound, just quiet enough to go unnoticed but loud enough while she’s desperately trying to go to sleep.

(She had just wanted to finally get some sleep. Even Kara had been asleep by the time she came home, hadn’t even moved when she slid into bed.
Well, that’s not entirely true.
Kara had slung one arm out to the side as soon as the mattress dipped beneath her weight, pulling her close once she was underneath the blankets.)

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Hi guys! So, I got the idea for this fic randomly the other night and this is what came of it, I hope you enjoy! 

Forever tag list:  @nemo-miraclegrow-blog grow @areyousad8118 @thisissomefreshbullshit @luckyemcee @mmfdiaryfan @murderyoursoul @kristicallahan  @irish-girl-84  @sey77 @bebelievelive @justagirlnamedkayla @i-love-mmfd @anitavalija @stephlostctrl @milymargot @busstop @pink-royaute @lolflash @youmehellofarollercoasterride @curvygirlonabudget @mellamoaiko @inneedofamoralcompass @paleasalabaster @mmfdfanfic @mallyallyandra @lethallylauren @finnleysraemundo @pissingonursoul @losingpudge @bitchy-broken @fuckintentshop @audisodd @darlingdiver @fantasticab @celestev31 @rinncincin @tinakegg @ducky17 @katywright340 @bitcheslovebeck @raernundo @nutinanutshell @cant-getno-sleep @courtkismet @omgbananasnailus @i-dream-of-emus @guyoverboard @anglophileyoungblood @swooningfangirl @bitchesbecrazy89 @chrryblsms @girlwithafoxhat @annemarieted @sammylbc @sarahlouise88ni @how-ardently @idontliketalkingtoanybody @mmfdblog @phoenixflow @penguinsandbowties @fizzezlikecherrycola @fangirlwithoutshame @africancreativity @alyssaloca @llexis @thatfunnygirllauren @cheersmedear @14000romances @rred87 @nirvanalove27 @takenbyatree @im-an-emu @shashaaussi @mirandasmadeofstone @lililuvlight @flxwxry @slitherouter @saracasm25 @becauseyouarestrong @malvaloca93 @happyfrasers @vmellow @scumothaearff @wandering-soul-7 @hewittgolightly @emmatationsforall @ninjarunningzico @arcticoasisboy @milllott @rafaellabnery @endemictoearth @blackfeministagenda @queenasfuccck @lilaviolet @dianasaurousrexxx @kathhumphreysx @eighty-sixcharlie @flirtmcgirt @nenita1978 @crystalgiddings1993 @girl-looking-out-window @facephase @blobwithagob @freyasfrench @luly310 @borntochaos @likeashootingstarfades @isthistherightwayround @toseeyou-again @emu4ever @carpe-libris @voodoomarie @keisernerosmom @you-are-world-class-i-mean-that @cosiquellocheora  @protectfinnnelson  @stinemarine @rhi3915 @lovinglifeandlivinglove @caitlinmaddyx  @lizzylizard84 @redprairielily @look-how-they-shine-love  @annaplantain @everythingilove-blog @lau-vm @absolutelynotnico @mmfdftw @kingbeeyonce @chelsealorine @jackiewalsh2013 @karinskyme @spreadsomepositivity @justthegoodgirlsreject @tipsylou84 @towongfu2 @lily-pop-2 @fuck-sewing-machine @parisgirly93 as always please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :D   

A/n: So, this starts out with Rinn being 20/21, and basically, its little snippets of their lives through out several months/years. 

*a little bit of smutty times*

sure, yeah, alright

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Steve/Bucky: Feels Like Forever

Steve and Bucky have lived lives full of strife, and after they break down from the grief of their fate, the both of them find comfort in each other’s arms. (Ao3 // Explicit - Bottom!Bucky // 2.8k)

They sat on the roof, legs swinging off the edge like school children in love. Stars were dimmed over the bright city lights in the distance, people with places to be at such an hour. The moon curved on that night, smiling down at the two boys turned men, thrown in turmoil and still finding such solace with each other. Their hands were laced together, the other appropriately gripping the rooftop for good measure.

Bucky scooted closer to Steve, feet knocking together and thighs close together. He leaned into Steve, moving their hands to his lap and staring at them fondly. It was quiet for a long time, the two of them just enjoying the city noises and distant lights.

“I remember the last time we had a night like this.” Steve turned his head to look at Bucky, soft hair whipping around in the chill, a small smile on his lips. Steve sat quietly.

“I found you on the roof of our place on the anniversary of Sara-” he shook his head, “your mom’s funeral, I think it was a year. I was worried out of my mind, it was so cold and I couldn’t find you for the longest time. But you were just sitting peacefully, didn’t hear me come up and I woulda scared you, you know, if we hadn’t been on the roof.” He laughed, and Steve cracked a smile.

“I remember, Buck. We sat like this all night, I told you to go at first. Glad you didn’t.” Steve turned his head and pressed a kiss to Bucky’s temple, soft hair in the way but it still made his heart flutter. Bucky leaned even closer, resting his head on Steve’s shoulder. He let out a big sigh, as if all his troubles and responsibilities could be exhaled.

“God, I miss those days.” He clapped his hand on his knee, “But, where you go I go right? And, now we’re both here.” His lips were still turned up in a sweet smile, breathing softly against Steve and stroking his thumb back and forth along Steve’s hand.

“Do you regret any of it?” 

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UR NOT LEAVING!, tumblr user zelo/jay’s 2k16 version of please don’t leave me, aka a follow forever for my favorite blogs and a few people I call friends. I have amazingly almost reached 24k followers while being here??? what kind of blasphemy??? anyways, thank you for making my dashboard both beautiful and meme-full, both wonderful and painful. Thank you for making my blogging experience here such a great one. Have the cutest day.

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Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this short fic! If it a jumbled trashy mess blame the pain meds I was on HA! ;)

Forever tag list: nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee mmfdiaryfan murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep omgbananasnailus courtkismet i-dream-of-emus gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted sammylbc abullofshit sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzezlikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame africancreativity alyssaloca llexis thatfunnygirllauren cheersmedear 14000romances rred87 nirvanalove27 takenbyatree im-an-emu shashaaussi mirandasmadeofstone lililuvlight flxwxry slitherouter saracasm25 becauseyouarestrong malvaloca93 happyfrasers vmellow scumothaearff wandering-soul-7 hewittgolightly emmatationsforall please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :D

First Kiss

She supposed it was a silly notion, a fairytale made up of hopes and dreams that would never come true for girls like her. Maybe she should take what she could get, forget about what her heart wants and listen to the venomous logic in her head. The person standing before her, was after all the fittest lad she’s ever cast her eyes on, and she did have a crush on him but was that enough to give away what she built up to be so precious to her.

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tfa thoughts, finally

I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS and im finally writing them down, and this is really incoherent and i meant to finish this ages ago but whoops, the point is: here goes

I’m deliberately sticking with all of the GOOD, because I’ve seen so many criticisms and while criticisms can be and are valid, they’re all grinding my gears because they completely seem to dismiss the revolutionary nature of this film and


This is really incoherent, kind of unstructured, and full of loud yelling, but

Let’s roll

(NOTE: THIS IS FULL OF TFA SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS. DON’T READ IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE FILM. Tagging @cogito-ergo-dumb  and @mlder bc i explicitly remember them yelling at me to let them know when I post this, and rn I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have the energy to scour through my inbox to find everyone else who requested they be tagged. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll come back and add u to this later, peeps. anyway, here goes:)

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Kiss Me

A/N: this was one of the drabble requests (#13: “kiss me”), but it got a little bit long and it looks annoyingly long as an answer to an anon ask so im just positing it by itself! it’s not really a one-shot and it’s also kinda crappy but yall requested it so enjoy! // ps im gonna tag them all as drabble* in case you ever wanna find my mediocre writing 

Your POV

“You know you’re beautiful and I’m beautiful so we should be together so we can be beautiful together!” Justin slurred.

You blushed and continued to carry his body across his bedroom and eventually managed to settle him on his bed. God, what have they been feeding him? If he were sober, he’d probably reply with “I’m 167 pounds of straight mass,” but drunk Justin seemed to think he was a feather on your shoulder. 

“Thanks, Justin, but you should get some sleep. You’re gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow.” You told him.

Justin shook his head excessively. His hair looked ridiculous after and the there was a haziness to his face that told you he was definitely drunk, but he still looked incredible. His eyes were glazed over, but they held their usual sparkle and his lips were stained from all the drinks he took.

He was right. He is beautiful.

“I– I don’t get hangovers.” He protested. “‘Nd I don’t wanna sleep. I wanna talk to yooooooooou.”

You smiled a little and sat next to him, the mattress sinking underneath the weight of the both of you. “We can talk tomorrow, but sleep now.” You told him.

He beamed down at you with a glowing eyes and slightly parted lips. “Ya know I meant it when I said you’re beautiful. I think you’re the most beautifulest girl in the world.” He had a cheesy grin on his face and he sounded like a five year old, but you blushed nonetheless.

“See? Your cheeks went all red that means you agree!” He said too loudly. “Why would you make me go to sleep when the prettiest girl is next to me?”

You sighed. Taking care of your drunk best friend is a lot harder than they make it seem in the movies. Why are drunk people so stubborn?

You stayed silent and Justin stared at you, a million thought racing through his intoxicated mind.

“I don’t get why you don’t have a boyfriend, you know.” He rambled softly, in contrast to his previous obnoxious tone. “Like I said, you’re the prettiest girl and you’re nice and you’re cute and you laugh at all my jokes so I don’t get why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“It’s fine, Justin, I don’t need a boyfriend, okay?”

“I know… But, but it keeps me up at night because millions – no, wait billions of boys must ask you out but you don’t have a boyfriend so you must turn them down so how would I get you to go out with me, huh? No way I could do that.” He grumbled and played with his fingers.

You stared at him. Did Justin say he wanted to ask you out but he was too scared? That couldn’t be. One, there’s no way Justin had any romantic feelings for you; this was the boy who had threatened to make his dog shit in your shoes last week. And secondly, what did he have to be scared of?

“Not that many people ask me out, Justin.” You corrected him. You weren’t sure of how to tell his drunken mind that he was wrong, or how to ask him what he meant, so you kept your tone soft.

“But you’re still pretty.” He said quietly. “And I dunno how to get a pretty girl like you to like me.”

“Uh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” You patted his back. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Kiss me.” He blurted.

“What? Justin, no – I can’t. You’re drunk.” You stuttered. You knew he was drunk, but you didn’t expect him to go from rambling about your lack of a boyfriend to kissing him. 

“So? I’d wanna kiss you if I was sober, too.” He mumbled. “How come you don’t wanna kiss me?”

“‘Cause we’re friends, Justin. You don’t just kiss your friends.” You explained.

Justin pouted and fell back on his bed. “Well that’s a stupid rule.” He huffed. “I wanna kiss you and I can’t even do that and that sucks ‘cause you’re the prettiest girl in the world but we’re friends so I can’t kiss you. Who made that rule (Y/N)? I need to have a talk with them because they’re stupid, dumb… very stupid rule is keeping my lips away from yours and I don’t want that. I– I just want to kiss you and now I can’t ‘cause some stupid guy with a stupid rule said I can’t. I hate rules.”

You smiled at his rant. You were extremely flattered, but you tried not to let it sink too deep. He was extremely drunk after all; you doubted he’d remember a thing. Much less actually have feelings for you.

“Sorry, buddy.” You chuckled.

Justin sat up in a flash. “I know!” He quipped. “We can get married. If we’re married then we can kiss, right? I think so, right, (Y/N)? Yeah, I think that’s how it works. Scooter and Yael kiss and they’re married so that must be it! So we should just get married so you can kiss me. Marriage is a good rule.”

He seemed proud of his idea and looked at you with hope in his hazy eyes.

“Okay, we can get married tomorrow, alright, Justin?” You gave in. “But only if you go to sleep now.”

He nodded his head just as excessively as he had shook it before.

“Okay, I promise. I can’t wait for us to get married. I’ll show you that I wanna kiss you even when I’m not drunk too.” He lay back down and hugged a pillow near him. You watched over him for a bit, making sure he didn’t vomit anymore and that we was okay to rest. “You’ll see, (Y/N). You’re gonna look even prettier in your dress and then we can kiss all day long and I’ll buy you the biggest ring ever and you’ll finally see how much so love you and we’ll live happily ever after…”

He mumbled out loud. You saw the sleep clouding over him and soon enough he was knocked out, hugging a pillow as if it was a person.

You smiled and walked out of his room, leaving the door open in case you heard him get up to vomit.

You walked to his guest room across the all and lay in the comfy bed, replaying the night in your head. You couldn’t help but get warm inside at the thought of marrying Justin. Of course he was a perfect gentleman and would treat you right, but you had to remember that he was drunk. He couldn’t possibly have meant all of that…

You’ll finally see how much I love you.” You couldn’t stop thinking about that. There’s no way Justin was in love with you. A boy like him wouldn’t fall in love with his best friend. That kinda stuff only happened in books.

You shook your head. Justin wasn’t in love with you, he was just drunk and probably a bit horny.

But you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it was true.

Hi Guys! This is a very short fic, about miscommunication. Thanks to ililypop for the advice on this :)

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i saw @academla write her post about natural beauty (!!!) on my dash, and i completely forgot that i was tagged in her 6 selfies post! and, so in honor of chinese new year(???) and my forever on-going battle to learn to love myself more, here are a couple of random selfies within the last year or so?? dis me with no makeup (bc how to do makeup someone teach me pls) (but for real though i feel like i should learn how to makeup……) and no filters, with the exception of the haircut one (i couldn’t find one w/o a filter) and the last one

they go in order actually from when they were taken hehe from january of last year to when i got my hair cut sometime in march, the #deerinheadlights look, my triumphant bathroom selfie from being able to successfully drive to the grocery store on a busy sunday afternoon HAH and finally the last one is just literally because why the fuck not LOL #yesfilter #tysnapchatforbeautification

honestly i’m still far from being comfortable with how i look (in pretty much all aspects), and selflove2k15 was far from a success, so idk if anyone has any tips i am all for that !!!!

i tag the following people because i want to see ur cute faces (sorry if i left out your url and we talk normally i’m just really scatter-brained right now because cramming in hw before CNY prep officially begins) (and aLSo, sorry if you’ve already been tagged oof) (but u can do it again e u e) (or reblog it if you already did it!! o u o) as well as anyone who sees/likes/does anything with this post. like honestly and if you do post it please tag me so i can reblog ur v cute ~*visages*~ yum

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anonymous asked:

"fuck you and your cute face and your cute nose and your cute thighs and your cute hair and your cute everything ugh " for jikook please 💐

woOOWoOWOW soMEOnE ACTUALLY ASKING ME TO WRITE I CANT BELIEVE, also im sorry if this doesnt satisfy you lmao, im trying

Buying a pack of cigarette should be an easy thing, Jungkook does it almost everyday anyway, but he found his heart skip a beat once he stepped in to the convenience store and found a cute orange haired guy standing behind the cash register, saying a welcome greeting as he flash a smile

Jungkook was used to buying cigarette, its not supposed to be this hard, but as he try to talk to jimin, the cute cashier guy’s name that jungkook figured when he saw the name tag on his cute convenience uniform, he felt like he suddenly forget every vocabularies in english language that he use in his daily life for a proper communication

Jimin smile falter a bit as he watch Jungkook stareing into his face, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, Jimin tilts his head, a small smile still attached on his face as he ask Jungkook what he is gonna buy one more time

“Ci- cigarette” Jungkook managed to answer, he let out a small relieved sigh after answering the cute cashier guy

“It would be five dollars” Jimin said once again with that sweet smiles that once again blooming on his face

Jungkook never knew what people means by ‘i feel butterfly in my stomach when i see his smile” phrases, but right now, as much as he hate to admit it, in a stupid convenience store, in front of a cute cashier with a cute orange colored hair, with a cute uniform that is not supposed to look that cute on anyone, he finally understand it

“Are you okay? You look,” Jimin paused his words, hestitating to what he wanna say, he watch Jungkook biting his lips nervously, as if telling Jimin to just hurry up with his small talks and let him go, but the tall, and not to mention attractive guy, looks so troubled by something and Jimin wants to help

“Do you want to use the toiled or something?” Jimin changed his question, he dont even realize how awkward it is to ask that question to a total stranger, handsome stranger, with a leather jacket and tight jeans

“N- NO!” Jungkook said, yelled, startling Jimin

“O- okay, i- i’m sorry i just-”

“No- no, oh my god, no, i am sorry, i was just, i’m okay, i just, i dont know, you are so cute and your orange hair looks so cute, and that smile and that uniform, its just so cute, i dont know what happened, but i suddenly get nervous, you looks so cute goddamnit” Jungkook finished his long sentance, panting as he try to catch his breathe

It doesnt take more than five seconds for a realization to hit Jungkook

The seed of embarrassment gets wedged inside him ready to blossom red upon his cheeks. He stood there, frozen, he doesnt even dare to look up to see what kind of expression the cute cashier have on his face right now, not until a small giggle was heard

Jungkook collectiong some courage as he turned his gaze towards Jimin’s face and oh god, Jungkook wish that he never did because theres a light pink blush on Jimin’s cheeks, complementing his cute face and cute orange hair

Jungkook doesnt feel his heart beating above the average often, he can even counts when he feels like this before in his life, it was only once when Taehyung, the dumb senior in his gang, was missing after the fight they had with another gang, Taehyung was always like a brother to Jungkook, just dumber. Taehyung was the first friend he made when he joined Bulletproof, so losing him doesnt sounds a good idea for him

Jungkook never thought that the reason of the second time he felt his heart beating so fast that it felt like its about to jumps off of his body would be as stupid as watching a cute cashier laughing with a slightly pink cheeks

“You’re cuter when you are laughing” Jungkook eyes widen in disbelief as he cover his mouth with his palm

Jungkook doesnt really remember what happened to him this morning, but when he managed to let out another compliments come out from his mouth unconciously, he starts to blame the breakfast Jin cooked for him this morning

‘What kind of strange drugs did he put there, fuck’ he thought. He was about to start setting up plans on how to kill seokjin without him getting killed by Namjoon, Seokjin’s boyfriend that is accidentaly the leader of Bulletproof, when he heard a small coughs

Jungkook return his attention to the smiling jimin, he can set up the murder plan later

“Five” Jimin said as he handed up the cigarettes to Jungkook

“Ah- ah yeah- sorry, i forgot” Jungkook said nervously as he took five dollars out of his wallet in a rush and handing it to Jimin’s cute small hand

“Okay, but i was meaning to tell you another five” Jimin said again, a playful smile playing on his lips, Jungkook has to remind himself not to pull the cute cashier guy closer and kiss that lips

“What- what do you mean?”

“Five, My shift ends on five in the evening”


“Lets meet here again and eat some cheap street food with me if you really do think that i’m that cute”

And oh does they meet again

Hi guys!  I wanted to see if my tags are working so I’m reposting a fic :) let me know if your notifications work please :) 

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For Love

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It is now OFFICIALLY the 23rd of April in my timezone, so I just want to say HAPPY B1A4TH ANNIVERSARY, MY SWEET BOYS <3 and many more to come hehe. 

(talk about B1A4 is under cut but note that it is VERY text heavy :) )

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