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first impressions | jughead jones (riverdale)

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prompt: 63- “i really would’ve liked it if you told me your parents were coming to town” “i really would’ve liked it if you put pants on before coming into the kitchen”

you were bouncing around in your kitchen dancing to old 90’s songs as you cooked breakfast from your boyfriend after you spent the night out drinking with one of your best girl pals veronica.

♫ i know who i want to take me home, i know who i want to take me home, take me hooomee♫

you spin around in jugheads oversized t-shirt, jughead always loved waking up to you cooking in nothing but his shirts it always left a smug smile on his face.

you spin around singing along continuing to cook when you heard the front door open followed by footsteps at the barks of your dog

“in the kitchen” you call out not bothering to turn around when you heard footsteps enter the kitchen “oh (y/n) um?”

you turn around slightly confused plate of eggs in hands “holy fu*k” you exclaim dropping the plate, smashing at your feet as you glance at jughead standing before you with his mother, father and little sister

“oh my god im so sorry- shit” you cuss cursing at yourself A’s jugheads mother covers the younger girls ears FP laughing at your dazzled state

jughead rushes forward helping you out without stepping in any fragments of broken plate. “you okay babe?” you nod tugging your shirt over your visible ass.

“(y/n) this is my mum, you already know my dad and this is jelly bean” you smile awkwardly at the family.

“ive heard such much about you guys it’s so lovely to meet you” the small girl giggling at you “jug tells me that you miss jb are pretty damn cool”

she acts all flustered cuddling into her mum “well please take a seat ill put the kettle on” jughead offers for them to occupy the couch before he whisks you upstairs red in the face.

he starts laughing and you smack his chest “what the hell jug!” you exclaim rushing to your dresser to pull some shorts on.

“your whole family just saw me in my freaking underwear!!” you complain narrowing your eyes as your boyfriend continues to laugh.

“i really would’ve liked it if you told me your whole freaking family were coming to town!” you hiss

“i really would’ve liked it if you put pants on before coming into the kitchen” he teases kissing your hands

“you suck you know that right?” he reaches over wrapping you up into a hug “your such a dork” he replies squeezing me.

“so do you wanna take your shirt off so we can go back down just so they’re familiar with your whole bod-” you smack his chest shaking your head.

“i hate you” you whisper shout as you walk back down the stairs to properly introduce yourself to the jones family, because first impressions are everything, aren’t they?

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Ahhhhhh traditional training today. With a special guest feature of extra conditioning sigh.

Since I don’t have lines to wait in for 10-30 secs break in between exercises like suicides or discos (uh, feet switching on lines) I just did each exercise for 20-30 seconds and moved to the next. So, in order, I did separate foot switching, stance switching, jumping jacks, suicides, 10 sec break and then spamming low round kicks like you would on a standing bag. With no bag. It’s about as fun as it sounds haha– okay, actually, it wasn’t too bad. I think I should’ve done chair stands but those always fuck up my thighs and I wasn’t willing to play roulette today since I need to fit in a Wonder Woman workout tomorrow morning.

I did three or four sets of those conditions thingies in addition to normal squats, ab work, and other stuff, but that was at the end. I also did some sparring kick combos a la YouTube vids and some dusty knowledge from class long ago, and poomsae (still on ee jung) and of course I also implemented some of the kicks and stretches from the book I mentioned last time.

And added bonuses include not needing my inhaler, fucking nailing my spinning kicks, and also having my boyfriend around to encourage me. It was very nice.

A side note; I was very tired starting this. Today has been a somewhat busy day for me at work and I came straight home only to go out and walk around doing Pokemon Go with the boyfriend. And then, came home to start the workout. I yawned all through my warm up but meditating in the beginning really helped me just go slow and focus, and that was pleasantly unexpected.

“… such as someone in the community making a joke about lettuce, which is a reference to the Contendings of Set and Heru-sa-Aset (or Horus the Younger); a long lasting contention for Egypt’s throne that cumulated with Heru-sa-Aset ejaculating into Set’s lettuce, in order to satisfy their eighty-year long pissing contest.”

my friend asked me to take a survey for her classroom presentation. im taking artistic liberties.

Okay this is going to be long so please bear with me. I swear I said I wouldn’t cry when this day would come. It doesn’t seem real and I really want this to be a horrible nightmare and wake tf up. It just hurts so much to type this up because I’m honestly sooo broken inside and I’m just so angry and so emotional right now that I want to shut myself down. I know it’s stupid to say such a thing but Beast was and still is the group that I run to whenever I’m feeling down or happy af. They are the group that I love with all my heart and just like with MBLAQ, I never would have seen this coming. It still seems surreal to me because it honestly felt like they just debuted yesterday. It still seems like they just finished filming an episode for Idol Maid yesterday. It still seems like they got their first win yesterday. It still seems like they’re preparing to release their first full album yesterday. It still seems like they had their first Beautiful Show yesterday!! I have been with a group who had their ups and downs and the best I could do was to support them and I will continue to support them till the very fucking end. It hurts. It fucking HURTS knowing that I might probably never see them on stage as 6 but I promise to support each and every precious member with the utmost admiration and endearment because I love them with all my fucking heart. 

I know it would be greedy for me to want Hyunseung to stay with Beast as OT6 and move on but that wouldn’t be fucking fair to him. It wouldn’t be fair to such a beautiful and passionate person who always gave his all despite whatever was going on in his personal life. He deserves to walk his own path when he needs to and he deserves the respect and love that we always gave him.

To all my b2utys, you are all more than just a fandom. You are my friends, my family, my love, my strength, my home. And I sincerely want you to know that I love you and the support you give to our boys. Whether you’ve just joined us or have been with us since the start, this is still a journey that we must walk together. I know it hurts but we’ve been through so much already so please don’t give up now. They are known as the rediscovered group, not the recycled group. So even if they move on as 5, let them rediscover themselves again. Let Hyunseung find his own individual color and allow him to let him be.

There is so much more that I want to say but I’ll try to wrap this up by saying that I’ll probably crash down and cry till my heart can’t feel anymore when I listen to their songs. However, pain can only last for so long so I know I’ll be okay. We will all be okay because Beast is still Beast and we are still in this together. Ignore the news about Hyunseung’s leave and just focus on healing. I love all my fellow b2utys and I honestly wish Beast and Jang Hyunseung the best because that’s all they deserve.

♥  Thank you ∀ΔΣ and ∀Σ. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥

My Boys

Pairing: Dean and Sam x Mom!Reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word count: 2,354

Request: hey! i have this cute idea /au? dean (9) and sam ( 5) get sent back to bobby where they meet the reader whose around 20 a lawyer and it ends up that the reader takes them to her home and she starts to raise them as her own children and they hunt during the weekend but still go to school and i just like to see the moments like once dean gets arrested and dean thinks shes angry but instead she’s like “YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH MY SON” and like in the beginning dean doesnt trust her (By liveinanimeworld)

Warnings: Cussing, Angst, Violence, Character Death


Have a Request? Message me! My ask is open and has plenty of room.

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I’m angry and I fell.

Prompt: Hey! Can I request a GabrielxReader, where the reader is an angel? She grew up surrounded by Luci and Gabe with whom she got along very well. And then one day, Gabe left without saying anything to her, which greatly hurt her because she was in love with him, so she began to hate him for that. Later, she loses her grace and falls on Earth where she met Gabriel who also is angry against her, because he always believed that she loved Luci. Big argument and reconciliation in bed? (Smut) Thanks <3
Author: J (fandomzilla)
Authors Note: god I suck I’m sorry I couldn’t fit smut anywhere. but if you want a part 2 where there is smut, i’ll find a way. im sorry this sucks so much also.
Word Count: unknown..maybe 2000-3000
Warnings: angst. cussing. old memories.

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  • dick gets really weird and loud he starts dancing while singing till he blacks out
  • jason starts speaking different languages and gives a show while strip teasing 
  • tim just cries. he just fucking cries. 
  • bruce sleeps the min he gets drunk because he never really rests well 
  • they all get in a circle and start talking shit about each other and bruce joins the cussing session

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Hwaiii. ^_^ Can you do a Mark scenario based on GD's (That xx) and can you make that xx's character who is with the girl Jackson? Thank you. :)))

You were sitting in the living room of your and your boyfriend Jackson’s shared apartment when there was a sudden knock on the door. Seeing as you were way too comfortable to move from your spot on the couch where you were watching a k drama, you decided to ignore it. A minute passed before the person knocked again,except this time louder.You sighed dramatically as the person knocked again. Getting up from your spot on the couch you opened the door to find your best friend, and Jackson’s band mate, Mark. He looked up at you and gave you what you knew was a fake smile.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Mark, Jackson went out to go buy some milk but you can come in if you want.” You said smiling at him.

Mark walked into the room, closing the door behind him, as you sat back down on the couch. Mark slowly walked over and sat next to you.

“Mark-ah? What’s wrong?” You asked, your voice filled with concern for your best friend.

Mark hesitated before looking you in the eyes with a serious expression on his face, “Y/N I need to tell you something, please don’t freak out.”

You nodded as a sign to continue so he did,”I saw Jackson walking down the street earlier, and well he wasn’t wearing the ring you gave him.”

You shook your head confused as to why Mark would say that. He obviously had a reason as to why we wasn’t wearing it, maybe he just forgot to put it on or maybe he-he couldn’t wear it in public. and that’s exactly what you told Mark. Mark gave you a look telling you how that was complete bullshit, He and you both knew the fans had seen the ring and never questioned it.

“But Y/N, There’s more, he had his arm around someone else.”

You shook your head not believing him at all. 

“Why would you tell me this? You just really don’t like me dating him do you? Are you afraid i’m gonna distract him from the band?Is that why your telling me this? So i will believe you and end up breaking up with him?”

“Y/N, why are you getting so mad at me? I was just-”

“Because you’re telling me lies Mark! There is no way Jackson would do that to me!”

Mark stared at you, seeing how upset you were. he gave a small smile that was as fake as the one from earlier, before nodding. “Yeah he wouldn’t. I must of just seen some else that looked like him. I have to go now, Y/N, i’ll see you later.” Mark stood up and started walking away which just made you even more angry.

“Mark, you cant just walk away after all this! Every time you tell me something that Jackson supposedly did you always end up agreeing with me and leaving! Why do you always do that?!” You yelled standing up.

And that was when Mark finally snapped,revealing his true thoughts. “Do you not get it Y/N? I hate you for not knowing how i feel! I-I hate this waiting!” 

“Waiting for what?What do you mean "how you feel?!”

“Y/N, do you know how i feel when your sad? I feel like i could die! Most of the time— no wait almost all of the time you are sad it’s because of Jackson! What does that bastard have that i don’t? Exactly why can’t i have you?”

You gasped,a mix of emotions swirling in your head as tears started to build in your eyes for who knows what reason. “Mark, Jackson and I love each-“

“No, Y/N. You love him,but he doesn’t love you! When are you going to stop crying like a fool over him?”

“Mark st-”

“No Y/N, I will not stop.” Mark said more quiet then his last words,“You asked me why right?”

Silence filled the room as you and Mark looked at  each other with intense eyes, yours filled with hurt, his filled with fire.You looked down finally letting all his words come down on you.

“Everyone knows what he’s doing to you, all your friends know him well,” Mark finally spoke a few minutes into the deafening silence, “Why are you the only one who can’t see what everyone else sees? You know that expression "love is blind”? well Y/N, you’re blind. He always smiles fake smiles when he’s next to you.“ Mark sighed for probably the billionth time but continued,this time with a soft voice, "when he touches you, he’s definitely thinking of another girl, Y/N,why can’t you see that? You know that i would treat you better,right? You don’t share your pain with Jackson, but you could with me.”

You kept your eyes on the ground as tears fell down your face. You knew he was right, you just didn’t want to admit it, if you admitted it, that would mean Jackson didn’t love you. Mark’s voice brought you back out of your thoughts.

“Please look at me,y/n.” You felt his hand on your chin as he slowly lifted your head up to look him in the eyes. You looked into his eyes seeing so much sincerity and frustration. There was also something that you had never once saw in Jackson’s eyes, Love. Mark spoke quieter and slower now,“Why don’t you know that your love is me?" 

Mark let go of you and stepped away at the same time the door to your apartment opened. In walked Jackson, his hair was messy like someone had been playing with it. His clothes were messed up and his collar looked to have a lipstick stain that he had tried to fix and hide. Things you wouldn’t have noticed before. You also took notice of the fact that the ring you gave him wasn’t on his finger and he wasn’t carrying milk.