im sorry for bothering you guys

“Don’t bother,” he replies grimly, “I said I wasn’t interested in this. If we fucked, sorry for leading you on, if we didn’t, I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with me anyways.” And Harry wants this conversation to end right there, now that he’s said his piece, so he looks back towards Y/N and says, “These are organic grapes, no?”

The girl gets the hint, leaving with a huff and Y/N tuts her tongue at him.

“You’re so mean, Harry! What if she really liked you?”

Harry shakes his head, “She liked my cock not me.” He says apathetically, and Y/N’s face turns towards sheepish like it always does when the mere mention of his escapades comes to head (which it doesn’t often, but he knows Y/N has ears and she hears things), “‘sides, she was rude to you. I don’t like that.” He straightens out, “Did you take your medicine?”


Harry doesn’t really like people, but he likes Y/N

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omg im in love with the parents headcanon one. i almost cried with the one for saeyoung. i dunno if you guys do these or not, but could you write like a small little ficlet sorta thing based on those hcs? like not a huge thing, maybe just with mc's mom??? pleaseeeee. sorry if im bothering you by asking. i just love all your posts

Aww, thanks so much! For those wondering, the anon is reference this post. This ficlet is set after the secret ends, so beware of spoilers. :) Hope you like it!

Saeyoung offered to help with the dishes because he always thought it the proper thing to do. But, now that he was alone in the kitchen with MC’s mother, he wasn’t so sure about his decision.

MC’s mother smiled at him before handing him another dish to dry. “I cannot thank you enough. You seriously don’t have to help me.”

“Oh, no,” he replied. “I’m glad I can be useful somehow. You’ve been so kind so far…it’s the least I can do.”

Saeyoung smiled awkwardly. He tried thinking of another small talk topic, but his brain failed him. Luckily, MC came into the kitchen with more dishes. “Sorry to bring more dishes, but I noticed a lot of side dishes were added.” She looked pointedly at her mother.

Her mother smirked. “I noticed that you ate a lot of those side dishes.”

Saeyoung snorted, but bit his lip when MC glared at him. He could see where she got some of her sharp wit.

“Thank you for all of the food. It was very delicious.” Saeyoung slightly bowed.

The older woman lit up, turning to face him. “Actually, I made extra because I was going to send you and MC home with some.”

Saeyoung eyes widened when he looked at some of the food. “Oh I couldn’t take all of this food. Please don’t worry about me.”

“Thanks,” MC pressed a kiss to her mother’s cheek. “And please don’t listen to him. He barely eats anything but chips when he’s alone.”

He blushed and continued to dry the dishes. “Not all the time…” He muttered under his breath.

A few moments after MC left, her mother let out a soft sigh. “I don’t think your mother would like it if you accidentally starved.”

Saeyoung chuckled distastefully. “She actually did it on purpose.” He continued to wipe the dishes as if he said nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until he looked up to see the woman gaping at him did he realize his slip up. “Oh–ah–” he stammered, trying to amend his mistake. But, how could he? He awkwardly put the dish to the side and grabbed another. “I…didn’t have a good relationship with my mother.”

MC’s mother was silent for a moment before she smiled. She dried off her hands then pulled him into a hug. “If you ever need some motherly nagging, just call me. My trash always needs to be taken out.”

Saeyoung tensed before hesitantly returning the embrace. As a kid, he remembered seeing boys being held by their mothers at church. He remembered the twinge in his chest as he watched, only to return home to find his brother tied up with another bruise. He grew up thinking he would never receive any sort of parental affection. Even V and Rika, who he thought might treat him like that…they failed him. Yet now, this woman unknowingly gave him everything he dreamed of. 

Still, he was shocked at the tears that stung his eyes. She pulled him back and lovingly patted his cheek. “So, you make sure you eat. Three meals a day, okay? And visit often.”

He nodded. “Yes, for you, of course.”

MC slid back into the kitchen. “Saeyoung, have you seen the time? We have to go–wait, were you cry–”

“Shh,” he pressed a finger to his lips.

Thankfully, MC didn’t ask any more questions then. Her mom sent them off with containers of food, her dad even gave Saeyoung and approving pat on the back, and now the couple was driving back to Rika’s apartment in his car.

“So,” MC said, casting him a glance. “What happened in the kitchen?”

A smile tugged on his lips and he shrugged. “I love your mom.”

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guys Im sorry 2 bother again but im finally out of debt !! But Now i just need money to save up for college, pay for gas, food… Please I really need money right now And im getting no commissions so

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Thanks 💛💛💛

lana runs this bitch

i cant believe C$ers are MAD that Lana liked a post about SQ. Like its a show. These characters are FAKE. C$ is not real. Lana doesnt have a contract saying that she has to act like everything on the show is real, because its not. Im so sorry to all of the fans who really got aggravated with this, because its not swens fault, nor is it Lana’s that you guys started spreading rumors and saying Jen was sleeping with Colin, and made Jen feel as if she had to stay 50ft away from all shippers. If you haven’t realized, swen doesnt get a lot (unless Lana is involved). You guys think we’re delusional and Lana is baiting us with every chance she gets. If thats sooo true, Lana liking a post about SQ shouldn’t bother you…unless you feel your ship is threatened by it. And thats not a valid reason for you to start tweeting Adam to fire Lana. You do realize without her the show would be in an even worse place than it is right now…like Hook cannot run the show lol the episode last week purely proved that.

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

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I'm sorry to bother you but I just needed a place to vent a bit. I've been questioning my gender lately, and I'm really scared. When I hear people refer to me as she/her it just feels wrong. Idk how to explain. I don't really feel like I'm a girl, but I don't really know if I'm a guy either? Im so scared and I don't know what this means. Am I trans (ftm)? Nonbinary? I just don't know. I'm sorry this is probably annoying, I just don't have anyone irl that I can talk to about this

It’s okay to experiment with your gender. It’s okay to not know and it’s normal to feel scared. I would experiment with with they/them pronouns or he/his pronouns and see if one of those feel better. Start changing up your style of dress, maybe get a hair cut. Start presenting in a way that feels more you and comfortable!


this is kind of out of nowhere but i’ve been wanting to post about it for weeks now
i keep getting paranoid and just putting it off. but i think im ready to talk about it
so like,, here we go. for a while now i’ve been struggling with my gender identity and i think i’ve finally decided that i feel genderfluid. i don’t really have any pronoun preferences or anything so i guess you guys can just call me he/him or she/her or they/them. i feel like this is stupid and im just being annoying by making a post like this but idk. i felt like i should sorta come out. thats all thank u im sorry for bothering everyone. go on with ur day 🖤


not my gif WARNING SMUT

My heels  clicked on the ground as I ran out of the rain into Oswald’s bar, I was supposed to meet ed here at 8 the time now being 830. Running in I saw him sitting at the bar looking pretty sad, I gave the guy my coat as I walked forward, I could hear him grumbling to himself.

“hey ed.”

He head shot over a smile spreading across his face.

“you came”

“of course, sorry im so late, I missed the bus and the cab took forever.”

“I could of came and got you.”

“ I know, I didn’t wanna bother you.”

“your never a bother y/n”

He grabbed my hand kissing my knuckles, ed and I were friends with tension. We never hooked up or anything of that sort. I helped him get the courage to ask ms.kringle out when he came into my bookstore looking for pick up line books. We started talked and we became very good friends after the fact. We meet for coffee on Tuesdays and he tells me about his crush and I tell him about mine. But I guess after he told me ms.kringle chose a horrible man over him, he got closer to me, I know im only filling a void but he makes me feel warm. He ordered me a Long Island giving the bartender a charming smile.

“your gonna need to catch up y/n.”  

“ no problem.”

Taking my drink, we moved over to a booth. We were in the corner far enough where the horrible music didn’t bother us but we still felt like we were in the club.  

“why this place ed?’

’‘im friends with the owner, free drinks.”

“you know the penguin?”

“saved his life actually.”

“damn well Bravo ed.”

Clicking our glasses together we ordered a round of patron for me and him. Taking down 2 shots, I asked ed if we could step out, I didn’t wanna get drunk but wanted a buzz. We stepped outside the cold air hitting me making goose bumps appear.

“so Ed Tell me what happened with Kirsten?”

“well, I went to ask her out and her boyfriend officer Doherty stepped in and called me a freak and making fun of my riddles and ill show him…….”

He started to trail off, his eye twitching horribly.

“ed calm down, I know it hurts but she isn’t worth your sanity, trust me. I moved here for the man I loved only to find him in bed with some 2 bit whore from the block.”

“im sorry.”

“eh, you move on, forget and forgive, if he hadn’t brought me here, I would of never met you.”

“ that would not be good.”

“not at all.”

We went back in the penguin sitting at the bar waving us over.

“oswald this is y/n my very good friend.”

“ive heard a lot about you y/n , you must mean a lot to Edward.”

“hes my best friend , I’d do anything for him.”

Oswald didn’t let go of my hand, he started to squeeze rather hard on my hand. He let me go my hand pulsing from the lack of blood flow. Edward came back over with drinks in his hand. Handing me one and Oswald the other, we all sat talking for a bit. When I started to feel claustrophobic and I needed to go outside. Crashing through the crowd I ran out the bar catching my breath as the cold air rushed by. Ed ran after me, grabbing my hand when he caught up.

“are you okay?”

'i’m okay, just felt smothered.“

Ed lead me over to the wall wear I leaned against it looked up at the city lights, cop sirens and dogs barking filling the air.

’'gotham is a dump.”

“ its not to bad.”

“name one thing.”


I looked at ed who was just smiling at me, so sweetly. I was about to speak when a rather large hand slapped me on my butt. I spun around to see a man, standing not 2 feet away from me. Ed came over leading me back inside when we got back to our booth I excused myself to the ladies room, coming out  I could hear some guy giving ed a hard time, he was wearing a GCPD uniform the badge reading Doherty, the same guy from outside.

“damn ed did your girl leave you, no surprise you are a creep.”

Ed didn’t say anything. He just put his head down. He was stronger than he though I know he is. The guy kept yelling at ed, finally walking away, I headed over.

“why didn’t you yell back ed, your not lesser than him.”

“I don’t want trouble,”

“you don’t deserve to be treated like a weirdo, when there’s nothing wrong with you ,I’m gonna get us some shots, when I come back we are gonna box.”

Winking at him, making him laugh as I walked away. Getting to the bar I ordered to jager and redbull. The man who was yelling at ed, came my way, placing his hand on my lower back. His touch just giving me the creeps, I grabbed his hand removing it. He has a lot of nerve his hand coming back up this time grabbing my butt firmly.

“how you doin hunny , im Danny, whats your name.”

“ gett tha , get tha fuck away from  me.”

His hand came up to my chin making my head snap his way.

“who you hear with baby.”

“edward nygma, whats is to you”

“ha that little punk.”

His hand started to squeeze harder on my chin making my cheeks hurt, when his hand was ripped away I opened my eyes to see ed holding his wrist pushing him back.

“you okay y/n?”

“im okay, thank you.”

Danny pushed ed back, standing up puffing his chest up, like a ape.

“the fuck, why the hell are you touching me nygma?”

“don’t touch the lady then.”

“ill do whatever the fuck I want with the lady, hey baby why don’t you leave the zero and see what it’s liked to get fucked by a real man.”

I lunged forward to slapped him across the face, when ed grabbed my wrist dragging me out of the club. Getting in his car we drove off to his place.

“ed slow down your drunk.”

“ Don’t call me that, my name is Edward.”

“im sorry, slow down, you shouldn’t be driving Edward.”

Pulling up to his house, we went inside, ed went straight into his bathroom, placing my ear against the door I wanted to make sure he wasn’t sick, all I could hear is talking.

“let’s prove you’re a man.”

“not with her please , she’s all I got.”

“lets make her ours then.”

Knocking on the door, he started yelling shut up before opening it just a crack.  

“hey ed, im too drunk to walk home , I’m gonna crash here, take a shower and come chill.”

“ of course, take the bed.”

He came out about five min later a robe wrapped around him.

“im not naked don’t worry.”


Winking at him always made him blush.  I pulled a rolled joint out of my purse, waving it in the air.

“I know you work with cops, but come on.”

“ okay.”

I lit the joint taking to hits before passing it to him, his first hit he choked horribly. He smiled at me after a while he got used to it taking hit. Ed sat up hitting the joint softly.

“ I wanna try something.”

Leaning over to me his lips connected to mine passing the hit from him to me. After the hit was given he didn’t move our lips still locked he started to actually kiss me. Kissing back his lips moved with mine the smoke coming out over out faces.   pushing  me down he started climbing onto of me. His eyes were dark he didn’t look like the ed I knew.

“you okay ed, I know we drank but we can stop.”

'shhh its Edward remember.“

’'okay? , are you okay?”

“im great thinking about how the cop at the bar called to you, telling you he was gonna fuck you like a real man, like I couldn’t do that already.”

My face grew red, Edward had never been this blunt before.

“you know sweet Eddie here, thinking about you naked daily. He thinks about all the things he wants to do to you.”

“eddie doesn’t think of me like that ,he’s too sweet.”

“well that’s why he has me , doll”

“what do you mean?”

“oh, well see your little geeky sidekick here, is a phsyco. There’s Eddie, little punk who gets bullied around then there’s me Edward, the one who doesn’t fuck around.”

He leaned over me running his hand up my shirt while the other removed his glasses.

“im gonna switch between Eddie and I and let’s see how he really see’s you..”

His lips crashed into mine, his tongue demanding entrance, opening my mouth I felt his hand running up my shirt rubbing over my nipples grabbing the between his fingers. He sat up removing my shirt and his own before coming down and biting on my neck, a moan escaped my mouth as my legs wrapped around his hips when suddenly he stopped. Sitting up the look of embarrassment and horror spread across his face. Ed sat up crawling over the edge of the bed burying his head into his pillow.

“im sorry y.n , he didn’t hurt you did he?”

Without thinking I went over, pulling his face to mine, pulling his lips into a deep kiss as I straddled his lap. His hands reaching up to my hips pulling me into him, pulling back I looked at him.

“show me how a real man does it Eddie.”

His eyes went dark as he flipped me over his lips connecting to my neck immediately. Biting down I stripped out of my panties and was now laying here naked, ed only in his boxers. Reaching down for his boxers he caught my hand before I could. Putting my hand inside his boxers I could feel his hard dick waiting for me, grabbing his dick, I started to stroke it making him moan into my neck. Pulling my hand away. He looked down at me, he started to leave kisses traveling down my side to my hips. Finally getting to between my thighs. He kissed each side of my thighs. Looking back up at me, I could see his smile spreading across his face.

“you know ed thinks about him using his tongue on you, hearing you moan his name, god how he thinks about fucking you.”

I felt his tongue go up my slit making me moan and arch my back, he started to lick me all over, using his tongue in very intricate ways. Dipping my nails into his hair my back arching to every move he made.

“oh god Edward don’t stop”  

His paced began to slow down, his voice not so harsh but he never stopped, making me moan and whimper his name. Feeling my orgasm near, I started to moan and beg as I came clenching my thighs around him. He crawled up his lips connecting with mine, his face still wet from me. I began running my hand down his stomach feeling his tense up at my touch. Going into his boxer I gripped his dick and began stroking it while whimper how bad I wanted him. He lips reconnected with my neck this time softly and gently. I could feel myself wanting him so bad. His lips comes up connecting with mine, his kiss hard but passionate, his hand started to grip my hip tightly, bring his lips to my ear.

“tell me what you want.”

“ I want you to fuck me Eddie , please!”

Sitting up he removed his boxers quickly, flipping me onto my knees and hands. He pushed my head down onto a pillow his hand rubbing up my back. Stopping at my tailbone slapping my ass. Lining his dick up with me I could feel him start to rub his head on me.

“ now when I fuck you ,im gonna let little Eddie know and hear you moan.”


Slamming his dick into my I screamed his name as his pace started strong and deep. His hands grabbed my hips pulling me up more, making his dick hit my g spot over and over.

“oh god Eddie please don’t stop, your gonna make me cum.”

His hand traveled around finding my clit as he fucked me in sync. I could feel my orgasm approaching his fingers working wonders at I screamed his name, my pussy clenching around his dick. I could feel warm liquid coming down my thighs as he began to thrust again. His hands rubbing up the side of my body.

Feeling his breath start hitting the back of my neck, I knew this was Eddie, he wanted to be slow and close. His thrust began to speed up his nails digging into my sides.

“god this better than I imagined.”

His began to thrust harder, making my hand slip. He flipped me onto my back, sticking his dick back into him, his pace felt like he never stopped. He bit down on my bottom lip. Arching my back I could feel another orgasm approaching. Wrapping my legs around his waist, whimpers coming out of my mouth I could hear him growl.

“cum for me!.”

His demanding tone sent me over the edge, climaxing around his dick once again, he pulled out jerking it over me, cum spilling all over me, he let out a quiet shudder before rolling over to my side out of breath and speechless.


'ed you don’t have to say anything.“

We sat for a moment, staring at the ceiling.

’'excuse me.”

I walked over to the bathroom, cleaning myself off, I realized I didn’t bring my clothes, walking out ed walked over in his sweatpants handing me his shirt and my panties. Slipping them both on , he picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist, walking over to the bed he fell on top of me, his lips meeting mine.

I just went through  facebook and all the mcl beta page was leaked! like…wtf guys! why are you doing this? 

You know i’m not the type of person who complains about literally anything, but what it really bothered me was the answer of the person who posted it: 

If she (Chinomiko) wanted no leaks, she should have trust the mods, not us

Like…are you serious?! That’s your fucking answer?! You just said that you can’t be trusted, that you lied to the people working in My Candy Love right to their faces! What kind of shitty people does that? Instead of acknowledging your mistake you just put your “i don’t give a fuck” attitude

Maybe it’s me, i’m too sincere and when I give my word I give it for real…but omg! I just can’t 

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hey! i understand if you guys aren't comfortable posting this, (it's a big favor to ask) but i need some help from the stormers! when dan walked through the crowd in montreal last night he stopped to hold my hand and i was really focused on the show and him lol so i didnt have my phone out or get any pics... but im wondering if anybody else has some of him in the crowd that maybe i'm in! i was on the floor, so if anybody has any photos like that i would love to see them! sorry to bother ya xx

Hey Stormers can you help a buddy out and hook us up with any possibly Dan hand-holding videos please! :)

- C -

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Hi i saw an ask about hanzo's voice actor playing a role in a new death note movie. Is it a bad thing or something? I think its good dude got a job. I don't really now anything abt that new movie but im curious. Sorry to bother you. Ps. Love all your art. Wish u all the best.

im just fucking around im sure hanzo’s va is a nice dude

ppl are upset bc death note is staring a white guy instead of an asian actor, bc its a japanese anime, but theyre not mad at hanzo’s va 

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Ever since i found your blog, i've tried to send an ask but was too shy cause you are soooo gorgeous, like hellooo could i cuddle you for ages?😶 hello could you please post more of your sexy selfies cause like they make my life a trillion times better?😘ps im sorry for bothering you godess!🙊

Don’t be shy! I’m kind, and I have a amazing appreciation for my followers (you guys have no idea). I get to wake up to an inbox everyday full of love and admiration. Thank you.

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Hi! I don't know if you heard what's happening in Perú, but would you please share a little about it? My country is really suffering because of mudslides and we need all the help we can get. There's floods, mudslides and water shortages. Pleasepleaseplease just a link with info helps. Sorry if this bothers you, but please 😢😞

//Oh ma n I had no idea that such things were happening???;;;;;; I found few links, i hope these helps at least a bit;;;

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hey. im havign alot of dysphoria right now, i currently identify as nonbinary but i'd also really like to get on T and bind and all that stuff. (which would probably never happen cuz my parents are transphobic.) but i feel like i want to do all of the ftm stuff, but im still not a guy?? im just really messed up and confused right now. sorry to bother.

i’m nonbinary and i’m in the middle of a “””standard transmasc transition””” (as standard as something like medical transition can be). i’m on T, and i’m having top surgery in june, and i’m planning on having lower surgery. you can transition however you feel you need to and still be nonbinary. 

- jay

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Hey Evans, I uh, got punched today? Nothin new for a Slytherin. But this time I wasn't tying to be rude? I just...I got really angry and I snapped and I didn't mean to. Now I have no idea how to apologize; I just feel like sobbing and hitting a wall at the same time? I don't know how to say I'm sorry, while also explaining myself, without sounding like I'm giving excuses. Sorry for bothering you, Evans.

((OOC: Guys as much as Im loving this can we stop villainizing Slytherin? I don’t want to annoy or upset anyone)) 

anonymous asked:

King, I triple dog dare you to in this answer, tell all the turtles (and tag them) your sexual fantasies for each one

Really? oh god… Sorry guys, but Im not going to wuss out.

@the-older-brother-in-blue I guess if anything I would like us maybe sparring during a hot night, maybe on a rooftop, or someplace just alone a quite. As the night goes on we start to sweat, loose clothes, a few accidental brushes during our sparring matches start to get us hot and bothered, until we throw caution to the wind and just have sex, enjoying each others company. Or just give him a blowjob.  But I just met him kind of so..

@saismatters Well, I mean… we have done it like 100000000 times already. But I guess something I want to do is just pump his cock until its like three sizes the size of mine, watch him live with that like 6 foot long dong for a day then let him just plow me until he cant move. (and since its in heat season, if we did this it would take a while)

@residenttechnomancer mmmm I think I would like it if he sat on my cock, full in balls deep, and tried to continue on his work as I thrusted into him, until he cums all over himself. Then Im pretty sure he would have some tests for me, So I would let him do them, teasing him until he fucks me, or face fucks me… guy cums like a volcano.

Mikey (sorry I dont know his tumblr): Oddly enough, I kind of want me, and his other brothers just to gang bang him until he cant move. Me and Raph double stuffing his big ass, Leo and Donnie stuffing his mouth….

So..Um. if you guys want to any of this or have any questions…just find me… if not… just forget this question was ever asked…..