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What exactly is the economic system in the Wings of Fire universe? I feel like it would be kinda like a free market because of the street vendors in possibility and the scorpion den, but so far I haven’t seen any evidence of merchants outside of the desert-like areas of Phyrria.  Obviously wealth and money plays into things since the sky kingdom is described as being decorated with a ton of gold “as a display of wealth” in book one… So that shows that there’s a form of currency or a way to seem rich, meaning that there IS a sort of economic system, because if there was no sense of value in things how would they be able to show off their wealth and power? So does that mean “treasures” like gemstones and precious minerals/ores are traded for goods like a barter system?  I remember Whirlpool mentioning they were charging “an emerald apiece” for people to attend the latest scroll-reading, and Coral responded that she “wanted to reach the eel-eating masses too”.  So obviously there’s some sort of a market system going on in several tribes, and it seems like gemstones or other valuable trinkets are a form of currency… 

But what about the Mudwings who fend for themselves? Or the rainwings that live in the rainforest? And we can’t forget the icewings, although it seems like they fend for themselves as well.  How “strong” are they compared to the other tribes in terms of economy?  Do they trade with outside tribes or within their own tribes as well or are they just self-sufficient? If they did trade they probably wouldn’t use gemstones, since those are quite rare…. maybe they would use ores or exotic fruits?  I remember the rainwing merchant in Darkstalker: Legends showing up every once in a while to sell rare fruits from the rainforest, so it seems pretty likely that they’d use their food source as a currency.

It’s obvious that various dragons have jobs and professions- Mastermind is a scientist, guards and soldiers, the seawings in that undersea workshop making harnesses, and the Old Night Kingdom had numerous teachers.  Do they get paid for their services? Obviously Mastermind didn’t (or his “payment” was being able to hunt whenever he wanted to, like Morrowseer) but Darkstalker:Legends mentioned Clearsight hoping her family could afford a better living space with the extra money she got for being the Queen’s official seer. 

So considering the evidence shown it’s pretty likely that the tribes that are (or were) involved in either their tribe’s economy or other tribes’ economies used a barter and trade system, seeing as the rainwing was selling fruit and gemstones are traded for goods and services.  Maybe the use of gemstones is recent and all the tribes used to trade goods for other goods? Who knows. This is such a small part of the WOF universe but I REALLY hope Tui expands on it for fanfiction writers and artists alike so we would know how a merchant would sell their wares.

for anon who requested something super fluffy about vernon and his long distance girlfriend. i had so so much fun writing this and may have gone a lil overboard, but im still excited. i hope you like it! (also, sorry for any typos or weird grammar errors, i still need to do a lil bit of editing but i didnt want you to wait too long before i posted it <3)

genre: the fluffiest fluff

word count: 1,256

warnings: none <3

Originally posted by xoxo-vernon

     It was early. It was cold. You were tired. Honestly, by this point, the only thing you wanted was food that wasn’t from an airplane, but you still had 3 hours to go. Staring out the window at the perfect, fluffy clouds eventually got boring, so you shut your eyes and tried your hardest to get another nap in.
When you woke up again, the plane was just about to land. It took you a second, but once you came to your surroundings, your heart jumped. You were gonna see him again. Biting back a grin, you waited patiently for the plane to land, and once it did, you were desperate to get back on land.
Coming out of the airport and into a taxi, you had realized a terrible mistake in fashion. Where you lived, it was really warm, but it was still chilly in Korea. You wrapped your arms around yourself and hoped that the dorm the boys stayed in was relatively close. To your relief, the taxi quickly made it to the dorm where your boyfriend and his 12 band mates lived. Biting back nerves and any fears, you swallowed, and raised your hand to the door. A couple short knocks seemed to echo inside until the door opened to a very shocked Seungcheol. Before he could say anything, you interrupted him, praying that he wouldn’t ruin the surprise. 

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Drunk in Love

Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor/Romance/Crack
Rating: T

I got an ask requesting a fic based on the prompt: “Hey shitty glasses, do you know how much I love your smile?”

And naturally, I decided to write a crack-y one shot in which Levi is completely and utterly drunk.

“Hey shitty glasses, do you know how much I love your smile?”

The declaration, sudden as it is unexpected, is accompanied by a wheezing hiccup.

Hanji, whose efforts had been entirely focused on attempting to see through the impenetrable façade that is Erwin Smith’s poker face, looks up from her cards. And nearly drops the hand.

Levi, flushed and listing, stumbles toward the table.

“Levi?” Hanji stares, trying and failing to process the frankly bizarre and unusual sight. “What happened to you?”

The table scrapes, shuddering, as he braces himself on the wood. Levi clears his throat. His eyes are glassy. “The drank. I mean. Drunk. I am. I think?”

Hanji opens her mouth. Closes it. And opens it again. “How?

In all the years she’d known him, no matter the number of drinks the small man poured down his throat, he never seemed to get more than slightly tipsy.

And it’s impossible, she thinks. But the evidence stands, swaying before her. Levi is, to put it plainly, drunk off his ass.

Mike, the third player in their four person game (Nanaba is the fourth), is folded over the table, shaking in silent laughter.

Nanaba stares over her cards, narrow-eyed and suspicious. “What did you do?”

Mike lifts his head. Face pinched in laughter, he looks positively gleeful.

Erwin, unable to completely shed the cloak of authority, even at their bi-monthly officer’s game night, sighs and sets down his cards. “Mike.

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After All This Time - Daryl Dixon

A/N all you harry potter fans i see u with this title ;) this is v v v short my usual stuff is longer im just trying to get it finished for u guys. also if theres any typos im sorry im tired and i didnt proofread love u


Pairing: Protective!Daryl x Reader / Daryl x Reader

Type: Some angst, some fluff, some smut

Setting: The begining is set before everything, but the end is set in Alexandria time

Warnings: Stealing, panic, runaways, mentioning getting kicked out, walkers, crossbow usage, cursing

It’s a calm evening, and you’re strolling around an empty gas station with your best friend, Daryl, and his brother Merle. You don’t really have a home. You were kicked out at eighteen so you ran to your close neighbors house and ran away with him and his brother. You’ve been on the run with them for about seven years, leaving you now at a ripe age of twenty-five.

You stroll around this gas station and enter the small convenient store, looking through the aisles for some kind of food to steal. It was a calm normal night to you. Oh, how you were so wrong.

It started with a scream. A scream that emitted volumes. It came from the small TV hanging in the gas station that usually displayed some kind of talk show, but instead was interrupted with an emergency news report that something devastating happened and for everyone to take cover. The robotic voice repeated that an outbreak of the CDC had erupted, and was causing infectious diseases. You were freaked out at that point, but then a few minutes of panic later, the TV flashes with an update and you have to read the pixeled words about five times to realize.

The apocalypse has begun.

After you read it for the sixth time, the TV glitches out and turns off, then the power goes out with a spark. As if on cue, you hear alarms ringing through the city. Sirens are flying down the road and chaos is let loose as if Pandora opened her box yet again.

Daryl grabs your arm and rushes out the door and him and Merle get on their motorcycles. You leap onto Daryl’s and they speed off, looking for somewhere to reside where they can figure something out.

That was six years ago.

You now live in a community called Alexandria with your best friend and partner in crime, Daryl. You never are seen without him, which is a blessing and a curse.

You love Daryl, but he was very protective of you. Sometimes you didn’t care. but ever since you had gotten to Alexandria, he wouldn’t leave your side. It drove you nuts.

One night, desperate to get some alone time, you waited until Daryl was asleep and you fetched a gun, then headed to the wall. You climbed it with ease, leaping to the ground. You had your gun loaded and knife at the ready just in case, but if you acted properly, you knew you wouldn’t have to use them.

You came across a pond in the woods, and you slipped off your shoes, aching to just put your feet in the moonlit water. You swished your feet around a little, and looked at the bright moon. It was all peace and serene, but it was quickly interrupted.

“What the hell?” You hear someone whisper-yell at you. You whip around and there stands Daryl, glaring at you through his hair.

“What are you doing out here it’s dangerous and you know that!” he scolds you.

“Why the hell did you fucking follow me?” you ask, enraged.

“No time for stupid questions, I’m taking you back,” he says, making his was over to you.

“I’m not moving so good luck,” you scoff. 

He grabs your arm, whipping you to face him and says, “let’s go” before turning quickly to face the direction you came.

However, that is in vain. The second he turns, a walker appears out of nowhere and grabs Daryl, knocking him over and pinning him to the ground. The walker sent his crossbow flying and you let out a scream.

“Shit!” he curses, trying to fight it off. You run to his crossbow and pick it up, remembering how Daryl taught you how to use it.

You aim at the walkers head and shoot, hitting your target spot on. The walker goes limp and you kick it off Daryl’s body. You help him up and all Daryl can do it stare at you. He stared at you with a look you had never seen before. Usually when he gave looks, it was in a protective parenting way. But this time there was something more behind his eyes. And you knew Daryl wasn’t going to be the one to make the first move, so you throw the crossbow to the ground and grab his face on your tiptoes and softly press your lips to his. It takes him a while to react because this type of thing usually didn’t happen to him, but after a while he got the hang of it. 

Things got messy very quickly as the kiss became sloppy and when you pulled away to gasp for air, you could feel your lips bruising.

“Let’s get back, I need to show you something,” he panted. You nodded.

When you snuck back into the camp, Daryl grabs your hand and leads you to the church. 

“Why the fuck are we here, Daryl?” you inquire.

He leaves you in the aisle as he walks up the altar. He digs in a bowl that was sitting atop and pulls out something small and shiny.

He hides in in his fist and with his other hand, he shakily grabs yours.

“Look- I’m not real good with this sappy shit but you’ve known me forever and I don’t ever wanna have to live without ya and who knows how long either of us have left so all you gotta say is yes,” he mumbles, looking in your eyes and slowly puts the object in your tiny hand. You look down and see a plain, shiny, silver ring. 

“How did you-”

“Someone that died a while back had these rings on. She had one on her finger and the other one on a necklace. I didn’t think she would need them anymore so I took them. I knew I was going to do this eventually, I just didn’t know when,” he says, still searching your face for an answer. You slip on the ring and chuckle. It’s too big for your ring finger, so you just slip it on your forefinger. It fits fine and you smile at it. 

“Give me your ring, Dixon,” you grin. He hands you the ring for him and you grab his hand, slipping the ring onto his finger which fits perfectly. 

“There is no one I would rather survive an apocalypse with. Of course I will be your wife.”

sorry this was shit requests are open for twenty one pilots and the walking dead!

2017 “N returns” N’s  Birthday Home Party Mini Live:


14th June 2017 (wed)


Zepp Sapporo


16th June 2017 (fri)


Zepp Tokyo


17th June 2017 (sat)


Matsushita IMP hall


19th June 2017 (mon)


ACROS Fukuoka

Fairy tale prince part 1


Harry & Aylin

Friday 3rd May 2013

‘’Oh, my god… yes, I’m coming stop yelling at me!’’ you screamed at your friend Anne. She woke you up from your amazing nap in this great HUGE bed. This bed was bigger than the one you have at home. You see I’m not at home right now, my friend Anne dragged me down to Amsterdam for a one direction concert, so were staying in a hotel.  I’ve known about one direction for a while, but never became a full-on fan. Anne got tickets for the take me home tour and she didn’t want to go alone, so I decided to go with her…. I mean what can happen right? We can go to bars and maybe go out.

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10/21/2015- Happy Back To The Future Day!

Things about the OiYama 50 First Dates AU because I’ve been thinking about it A Lot:

- Karasuno first years were all roommates at uni before the accident

- Yamaguchi was visiting home for the weekend and got into a car accident with his mother on the way to the store

- He was in a coma for 2 months before waking up. The doctors kept him for monitoring for a few more weeks. After having to explain why he was in the hospital every single day without fail they discovered he had severe damage to his temporal lobe and can’t process any new memories. (He loses all his memory of the day when he sleeps but he can remember everything leading up to the day of the accident)

- His parents take him home and live every day over and over and Yamaguchi is none the wiser, thinking he’s just on break from uni

- This goes on for over a year

- Seijoh third years and Kuroo and Bokuto are all close friends and typical party boys and enjoy sleeping around a lot

- Oikawa has issues with commitment and constantly has one night stands with promised phone calls that never happen

- He sees Yamaguchi in a cafe one day and immediately wants to Tap That

- Suga and Daichi own the cafe and are very aware of Yamaguchi’s situation

- Oikawa comes back every day for a week and Yamaguchi is always there eating his french fries and reading a book (it’s the same book every day but Oikawa just figures the boy must really like that book)

- Finally he gets up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the boy and they get along great and he reacts well to his flirtatious advances

- He asks Yamaguchi if he wants to go back to his place with a wink and Yamaguchi is just like ???? No? And he gets indignant and offended because he doesn’t put out on the first date

- And Oikawa is just like, well can I take you out again then? Because damn if this boy isn’t intriguing and hot

- Yamaguchi eventually agrees to meet Oikawa at the cafe again the next day at the same time

- When Oikawa shows up the next day and sits by Yamaguchi asking jokingly if he was ready to sleep with him yet, Yamaguchi looks at him terrified before shakily asking him to leave or he’ll call the cops

- Oikawa is stunned before Daichi is grabbing him and dragging him out of the cafe

- Suga angrily explains everything to Oikawa and warns him to stay away from Yamaguchi

- Cue Oikawa coming back again every now and then and starting random conversations with Yamaguchi, much to Suga and Daichi’s annoyance

- At first Oikawa only does it because it annoys Suga and Daichi and he can flirt with Yamaguchi all day with no strings attached

- But oh no Oikawa catches feelings and that is not good because Yamaguchi will never know who he is

- He attempts though and eventually Suga and Daichi see he’s serious and help him out

- Through videos and journals he explains every day about Yamaguchi’s accident and they start a very shaky relationship that Yamaguchi has to be told about every single day

- Lots of angst and bittersweetness ensue of course

God someone kick me so I actually write this instead of just thinking about it and making myself angry

oh and before i go to bed, a quick update on my situation!! 

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A/N: This is a present for @chimyen, who wanted some fluffy Rasey on New Year’s. It took me?? So long??? To write this?? ? Also there’s implied Woodyangelo, Apritello and Leosagi, because I’m McFreakin’ weak.

For no particular reason, the story is set six years into the future. Everyone’s a little older. Also, I have them living in the lair from The Secret of the Ooze, the one based on the real-life City Hall Loop station in Manhattan. Because it’s pretty.

Somewhat related, @ramskulls drew Casey in the outfit I stuck him in and it’s 10/10.

Casey shows up at a little after ten, flushed and windswept, the tips of his ears and the end of his nose bright red with cold. He’s dressed up for the occasion, or as close to it as he’ll come—with a blazer over his hoodie and dark jeans, hair pulled back into a ponytail, and the same pair of tired Chuck Taylors he’ll probably wear to his grave.

His almond-shaped eyes seem to find Raph automatically in the well-lit lair, and that’s the only warning Raph gets before Casey is grinning at him, lopsided and gap-toothed and ridiculously fond.

Holy shit.

Raph feels his face get hot, probably flushing to match his mask, and he doesn’t have winter chill to blame it on. He hides behind his magazine, like a coward.

“Man, you dudes go hard for the holidays,” Casey says by-way of greeting, hopping the steps into the living room and taking a seat next to Raph. He takes in the well-decorated lair for a moment, then nudges Don with the two of his sneaker, where the technical turtle is sitting cross-legged on the floor. “Where did you get all this stuff, anyway?”

“Woody,” the engineer says dryly, without looking up from the tangled string of fairy lights in his lap. Casey expression morphs at once into an ‘I should’ve known’ as Don goes on. “I swear, Mikey could ask that guy for the moon and have it the next day.”

“That’s not a bad thing,” April retorts, coming out of the kitchen with two steaming mugs. “I think it’s cute.”

She looks soft in socks and worn jeans and an over-sized sweater, her hair pulled up into a messy bun—looks like she’s home, as she steps over Don’s legs and settles on his free side, comfortable in the closeness of their shoulders and knees.

But looks aside, she’s as good as a black-belt in ninjutsu, and her peaceful expression is a little predatory when she adds sweetly, “I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees.”

“No, thank you.” Don takes a drink from the mug she handed him, smiling his thanks. The steam fogs his glasses, so he pushes them up to his forehead as he asks wryly, “We can still make fun of them, though, right?”

“Of course. What else is family for? Speaking of which—” April turns an appraising glance Casey’s way, eyes bright with humor. “Looking good Jones. Hot date tonight?”

“I always look good,” Casey replies without batting an eye. “I’m a solid ten, Red. But yeah, I was gonna see if Raph wanted to get up to some shit with me.”

Mikey wolf-whistles from the kitchen, and Raph accidentally crushes his magazine. Suddenly it feels like Casey is sitting too close, and his arm, where it’s slung innocuously over the back of the couch, practically draped around Raph’s shoulders, might as well weigh a hundred pounds.

“Well, don’t let us keep you,” Don says mildly, returning to the mess of tangled lights in his hands. His lips pull up into a smirk that it takes knowing him well to recognize. “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“I’ll kill all of you,” Raph says with feeling, surging to his feet. “Hang on, Jones, lemme get a coat.”

“Sure, babe,” Casey drawls, and laughter follows Raph all the way down the platform to the subway car that serves as his bedroom. It’s only a little humiliating. For all that Raph knows the members of his family—mutant, human or otherwise—are completely incapable of cruelty for cruelty’s sake, sometimes they can be assholes anyway.

But Raph knows all about that.

He takes his time getting ready, the only decent payback he can come up with. Usagi and Leo are sitting on the edge of the car they share when Raph finally emerges from his, talking in low voices with warm smiles. They’re the two quietest members of this loud and lively family, but they come alight and alive when they’re alone together.

Raph, sometimes-asshole that he is, tries not to interrupt them as he leaves.

Casey’s waiting for him by the hidden door, and there’s a playful gleam in his eyes that settles Raph’s nerves—the smirk is, somehow, way better than an apology would have been. Raph’s pretty sure that means his standards have officially reached an all-time low.

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Titanic!Superbat AU tho...

with de-powered Clark Kent and rich and spoiled aristocratic Bruce Wayne

Bruce: I’m flying, Clark!


Bruce: I love you, Clark. *he takes his hand*

Clark: No… don’t say your good-byes, Bruce. Don’t you give up. Don’t do it.

Bruce: I’m so cold.

Clark: You’re going to get out of this… you’re going to go on and you’re going to make babies and watch them grow and you’re going to die an old man, warm in your bed. Not here. Not this night. Do you understand me?

Bruce: I can’t feel my body.

Clark: Bruce, listen to me. Listen. Winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me. *he struggles to breath and speaks, shivering*

It brought me to you. And I’m thankful, Bruce. I’m thankful.

*shivers violently, but trying his best to stay strong for Bruce*

You must do me this honor… promise me you will survive… that you will never give up… no matter what happens… no matter how hopeless…promise me now, and never let go of that promise.

Bruce: I promise.

Clark: Never let go.

Bruce: I promise. I will never let go, Clark. I’ll never let go.

part I || part II

∟ … Regina desperately searched for something that could help her husband. She found a potion that could revert David’s coma state, however the ingredients were rare on this realm, and it took her 10 years to gather them. Each day, her son would go to the hospital and beg his father to wake, and each day he would fail.

Regina then told him how close she was to finish the potion, but there was a missing ingredient, on an old mine, and it was too dangerous to go get it. Henry didn’t listen to her and went down the mine alone. He found what was missing but the mine collapsed.

Henry was seriously injured when the firefighters found him, and the doctors thought it was for the best to sedate him for a while. As he slept, he managed to meet his father on a fire room for a brief moment, what seemed like a dream was caused by the magic object he had retrieved on the mine.

As he woke up, he told his mother of the things his father said. Together they were able to finish the potion. For the price was already paid, and David could finally be with his family again.

part IV
Bodyguard (JB)

Request: Can I get one when your their bodyguard but they fall in love with you >_<

Length: 2,392 words

Genre: Fluff/Drama

*A/N: Not gonna lie, I had something like this written when I was 2PM af around the time of their LA concert lol. And I apologize for posting so much JB but I felt like it’d be perfect for him. It ended up a bit long because I wanted to give a lot of insight into the situation… which is a lot harder when it’s an AU type of scenario.

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two new bendy and the ink machine oc’s (cause ive lost self control) and taren (0lder batim oc) (cause i wanted them to all be in one place/ picture set  together)

so the first one is doodle (aka the character that i came up with a 3 in the morning and has a rather questionable name)

some info about her

  • she believes in hospitality
  • full stage name (and i quote this is actually what i call her) is doodle the lil country poodle
  • she loves to cook
  • she’s the person who alerts you when the show is about to go on a commercial break and when it returns
  • she wears clothes that originate from the 1920′s through the 1950′s her favorites being farm dresses and poodle skirts
  • country accent ™
  • mom friend ™
  • keeps Taren out of trouble
  • lil darlin™

next up is Martha (aka i was only gonna make two ocs Taren and Doodle but i was talking to some one about how much i love moths and moth ocs and they told me to make on so i did)

some info on her

  • quiet
  • full stage name is Martha the musical moth (alliteration reasons)
  • shes a background character and likes it that way
  • has a 1950′s style likes to wear swing dresses and school uniforms
  • part of Tarens “winged united group” ( a group for characters with wings cause hes lame )
  • likes the night time and pretty lights
  • can play piano and the viola
  • she can sing but doesn’t like to in front of other people
  • loud noises scare her 
  • shy bean ™
  • is a completely different person on stage (that is if you can get her on stage)
  • the tallest of of the three

and here for the sake of it is some updated info on Taren

  • loud af
  • full stage name is Taren the thieving ferret
  • still wears the same clothes but will dress like a 1950′s greaser (he’ll even slick his fur back)
  • still the bad guy
  • will knock all your papers, ink and books in the floor (will even knock over desks
  • steals (intentionally and unintentionally)
  • formed the “winged united group” (his wings are still partially unusable )
  • loves to cause problems for others (most of the time)
  • still has the nail bat
  • still likes getting in trouble
  • still shivers constantly even when hes not cold
  • still edgy™
  • still has his little forked tongue
  • either loves you or hates you no in between (with a few exceptions being bendy and Alice whom he mildly tolerates Martha and Diodle dont mind them however)
  • calls Martha Motha as a joke 

 there a little trio who care about each other

now onto fan art/ gift art for @savanity17 / @savanityart cause their ocs bax a briathos (whom i love!) hopefully ill be able to get briathos’ drawings done tomorrow (my apologies in advance)

bye for now!


Title: Remember
Pairing: Kris x reader
Genre: Smut (daddy!kink)


You woke up to the all too familiar scent of vanilla frappuccino pressed close to your face as your cheek rested against Yifan’s naked chest. ’Daddy smells so yummy’, you thought to yourself as you nuzzled your cheek against him. 

“Are you awake, baby?” His fingers began to string through your hair, his voice scratchy from sleep. 

You nodded your head in reply, wrapping your leg over his. 

“Do you remember what I told you last night?” Something sweet and teasing could be heard in his voice. 

Your eyes fluttered open, because you’d forgotten that you were still deserving of a punishment. “Y-yes..”

“Tell daddy again what you did wrong.” The nonchalant tone in his voice was dangerous, because you knew it wasn’t actually so nonchalant. 

“I.. I played with myself while daddy was at work.”

“What else?”

“I..” You chewed on your lip for a moment as he lifted your chin to look up at him. “I didn’t lock the house door when I came back from my friend’s house and it could have been anyone who walked in on me playing with myself, instead of you, daddy. I could have been put into danger, but I was lucky that it was only daddy who caught me because he was let off of work early.”

“Good girl.” Yifan bent toward you, leaving a kiss to your forehead. “Now, fix my problem.”

Looking down, you could see the tent in the blanket bulging up from his groin region. “C-can I have a glass of water first daddy, my throat feels dr-”

“No.” He crudely interrupted.

Trying to swallow through the thick feeling in your throat was hard, but you knew you didn’t deserve to prepare yourself before your punishment. You broke two of daddy’s very strict rules when you knew better.

You removed yourself from Yifan’s bare chest and slipped beneath the duvet. His member was already hot and heavy as you wrapped your fingers around the shaft, gently tugging downward before he interrupted your actions.

“You know I don’t like that, baby.” Pure husk and slight aggravation vibrated through his throat because he hated when you jacked him off dry.

You grimaced under the covers as you realized your mistake. “Sorry daddy..” Voice merely a whisper. You let spit drip from your lips and onto the tip of his member, trailing your fingers over the saliva and down the length of his dick. 

“There you go,” he breathed out into words as he let his head rest against the headboard. 

Adjusting yourself, you moved so that you were in between Yifan’s legs; your fingers tightening around him as you tugged in an up and down pattern. 

“Lick them,” he placed his hand on the top of your head and began to push downward as he tangled your hair between his fisted fingers.

Your tongue pressed flat against his balls, dragging up to the base of his cock until you dragged it in circular motions around the tender skin of his testicles. A wet sound made a rhythm beneath the blanket as your hand continued to jerk him off and your tongue pleasured his balls with warmth. Yifan groaned in a low and quiet tone, his fists pulling your hair tighter. You flicked your tongue in patterns and drawn out licks, his silent moans sounding muffled with you being beneath the blanket. Daddy’s hips jerked when your thumb rubbed gentle circles over his slit as you sucked one of his balls into your mouth and began twirling your tongue around it.

“Don’t you dare.” Sparked from his lips when he felt your arm skim his leg when you went to bring it between your own legs. You whined, sending a small jolt of vibration through his groin. He pulled your head away in reaction and pushed it closer to his member.

“Suck.” The command was strong and unforgiving, so you wrapped your lips around the pulsing muscle in your hand. Yifan pushed your head further down, his hips thrusting upward. His dick slid forcefully into your throat and he let out a choked moan when the muscles contracted around him. 

“So tight on daddy’s cock..” A breathy pant emptied from his lungs and he pushed the duvet off of your nude body; watching the way your eyes would water when you’d gag on his length. 

Daddy’s hips left all restraint behind and he began to really fuck your face; his pubis bone slamming against your lips every time his cock would hit the back of your throat. Sometimes he’d forget to let you breath when he’d keep his length shoved down your neck for a little too long; but he’d cup your face so sweetly and tell you what a good girl you were being when he’d finally let you catch your breath.

But it was never long until your mouth was forced to be engulfing the extreme girth of daddy again; cheeks hollowed and saliva bubbling at the corners of your lips. He thought it was such a beautiful scene, and he loved the flushed tint of your cheeks. 

Your hands cupped his balls and massaged them as his member thrust between your suctioning lips. Daddy’s voice was always sexy, but it always sounded best when his cock was pushed as far down your throat as it could go, and it made your lower region ache for attention. 

“Ahh, baby’s such a good girl for daddy, isn’t she?” He said, resting his head on the headboard again as he let you take control of his member once more. You nodded your head with his member in your mouth as you innocently looked up at him with wide eyes. The image had electricity sparking through Yifan’s blood stream and his hips gave a forceful thrust upward. You began to bob your head along the hot skin expanding over his hardened muscle, your tongue cupping the shaft of his rod. 

It wasn’t long before he forced you off of his cock again, and gave you a command. “Lay down.” And when you laid on your back, he flipped you over, your cheek pressed against a pillow that smelled of daddy.


“Ahh!” You cried; his large hand whipping against your bottom before he grabbed a handful. His nails sank into your skin as he spread the cheek. A moment later, his hand was coming down on your ass again, hard enough to leave a very visible print of a palm and fingers. It sent scintilla up his spine to see the pretty marks he left on you, and the hickies and fingerprint bruises he’d also left the night before.

He straddled your thighs, gripping one ass cheek in his left hand as the other continued to get swatted and smacked all but gently. Your cries and moans had his insides boiling, and he began to rub his member between the cheeks of your ass, giving your reddened bum a break from the hits as he would thrust. Daddy’s hands ran up the arch of your back, his cock slipping between your thighs and prodding at your pussy. 

“D-daddy..” It was inevitable to whimper at his gentle touch as the head of his member pushed at your entrance.

“Yes, baby?” Yifan’s hands began to move south; his nails scratching red lines down the length of your back. 

“I- I want it..” Your words were quiet and shy.

“Hmm, is that so?” He pressed feather light kisses along your shoulder blades as his member slipped up and down between your folds, spreading the wet lubricant coming from your core. “That’s just too bad, baby. It seems like you can’t do what I ask, so why should I reward you?”

Yifan got up from on top of you and walked toward the other side of the room, leaving you behind and making you feel incredibly small without him. 

You heard the jingle of what sounded like mettle and leather coming from the closet, and when you turned around to see what it was you began to squirm away.

“Stay.” His stern voice was loud as he folded the belt in half, holding the two ends in the palm of his hand. 

A nervous sigh left your lips as you settled back into the spot you were lying in. 

“Ass up, baby." 

"Yes, Daddy..” You placed your knees to the mattress, raising your bottom as the side of your face pressed into the pillow. 

“Daddy’s girl is so pretty.” He said as he rubbed the skin of the round cheek before he stained it with pain, the belt feeling like a switch against your flesh.

Your cry was loud, but not as loud as the next, or the one after that, because daddy’s whippings became harder with every swing. Saying that the whip of the belt stung your skin would be an understatement, but it sent a variation of satisfying feelings through your body.

“Daddy! Ple- ahh!” Another swat of the belt. “D-daddy, please!" 

"Please, what?” He sounded so calm and composed as he landed yet another excruciatingly hard whipping to your ass with the thin leather belt. 

“Please just fuck me,” Your voice cracked through a cry.

He quickly got behind you on the bed and forcefully wrapped the belt around your neck, pulling you up toward him so that your back was against his chest. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Pl-” his hold on the belt began to grow tighter. “Please fuck me, daddy” you begged through choked words. 

His free hand ventured to your front, sliding down your tummy to your clit, rubbing two fingers in gentle circular motions over the sensitive tissue. “Baby wants daddy to play with her?” His mouth was against your ear and his careful voice rang through your brain.

“Yes, daddy. Yes, please!” It was hard to hear your words through the shallow gasps of breaths, until his grip on the belt squeezed so tight that you no longer could breathe at all.

Yifan thrust his cock between your thighs as his fingers rubbed faster, and his grip stayed strong on the belt. “You’ve been a bad girl, baby. Daddy doesn’t like that.” His teeth sunk into your earlobe, your entire body stiffening when you felt his long middle finger slip inside of your entrance. “Why won’t you just listen to what I tell you?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Because I’m a bad girl, a-and I’m sorry daddy.” It felt like his teeth would tear through your skin at any moment as his teeth continued sinking deeper.

“Mmm,” was Yifan’s only reply, along with the sudden movement of his finger slipping in and out of you at a steady pace. Despite how it made his lower region throb, hearing your words squeezed beneath the belt, he let up on the grip to let you catch a small amount of breath.

The hold around your neck was still tight, but the gasp of breath that was able to slip through the grip had you feeling wonderfully light headed.

“Daddy’s so disappointed, baby. So, so disappointed.” His mouth moved from your ear to your shoulder, sucking and nibbling on sensitive skin as he slipped another finger into you. Yifan groaned at the sounds of your blissful moans; the pace of his fingers increasing and his palm rubbing against your clit.

“Daddy, please. I pr-“ You slightly choked on your words and he held tighter to the belt again. “I promise I’ll be a good girl.”

Daddy’s fingers slipped out and he pushed your face into the pillow. Your ass was pressed against his hips as his member again began to prod at your pussy. “Do you know what daddy’s going to do next time you’re bad?” Your jaw dropped into a silent moan as the head of his cock pushed in to your hole. He jerked at the belt when you didn’t give him an answer.

“No.. No daddy, I don’t know..”

A wicked smile that you could not see, graced his face at the sound of your shaky words. His length sunk deeper into your pussy as he bent toward your ear, a sultry moan seeping from your swollen lips. His voice was merely but a whisper. “Daddy’s going to tie you up. He’s going to wrap your neck so tight that you can’t breathe, and he’s going to mark you all over. He’ll bite your inner thighs until you bleed, and he’s going to paint all of your pretty skin in marks of hot leather,” he began to move his hips, inching them back and forth at an annoyingly slow pace. “And when baby starts to cry and beg for daddy to stop, he’ll dig his nails into your skin, he’ll tear your body with scratches.” His creamy voice had you in a whirl, and the scenes playing in your head had you groaning more than his penetration already was causing. “Daddy will cum all over his girl, and he’ll kiss over all of those beautiful marks. But baby wont cum; not for a long, long time. Understand?” He gave a definite hard thrust with his last word, earning a loud ‘yes’ as you grabbed at the sheets of the bed.

Yifan let out a heavy breath and he sat back up. He tied the belt in a knot around your neck so that he no longer had to hold it, and instead held tightly to your hips. One hard push into you was all it took and he was gone into a fever of not so gentle thrusts and stinging spanks against spent skin.

You never quite understood what it was about the piercing of sharp nails, the lack of air, the bruising of skin, or the searing pain of abusively loving antics that made you scream for more. But more was what you always received.

He shoved into you with fast and harsh motions, his hand leaving red prints all over your body as he’d smack your flesh. He’d growl when you’d become tense around his muscle, and he’d only thrust harder, forcing moans and wails to burst from your constrained throat.

A sudden empty feeling plagued you as he pulled out. He held your waist and turned you to your back, pressing you to lie against the fluffy mattress. Yifan placed his hands on your knees and spread them apart, following by trailing his hands down your inner thighs with slow and gentle caution. You were so sensitive down there, and his touch had you crying out for more more more.

Yifan pressed his fingers to your clit and began to rub, and he smiled as your back went up into an arch; a pretty noise weeping from your mouth. He pressed his dick against your entrance, prodding with a teasing manner as he began to rub faster.

“Daddy, stop-“

He smacked your clit, and prodded harder at your pussy. “You don’t tell me what to do, baby.”

“Please, please, please!” Your begging had him with a lustful smirk, and he pressed into you, his cock squeezing between your walls and he started to rub your pussy again. A relieved groan passed through his lips, and his pace picked up quickly.

His spare hand snuck up your torso, his hand cupping just beneath your breast and compressing his fingers tightly to your frame. You were clenched around him, and only became tighter as you felt yourself nearing your orgasm. Daddy’s head leaned back in pure satisfaction, low breaths panting from his lungs as his thrusting didn’t dare let up, nor the rubbing of your clit. “Cum for daddy, baby.” Because he wasn’t going to last much longer himself.

Yifan moved his hand back down to your hip, holding onto you as he shoved himself deep over and over with a breathtaking harshness. He rubbed and pinched at your clit with rhythms to match his thrusts, and it didn’t take long before your walls clamped around him hard enough to have him gushing cum inside of you before he pulled out to spirt the rest over your tummy and breasts. He continued rubbing your clit through it all, and the site of his seed spewing over you, had your orgasm crashing through your body. It was hard to catch your breath past the belt that was pulling so tightly around it, but it didn’t matter when all you saw was daddy panting on top of you, sweaty and worn; his cum decorating his hand and your torso.

He left sweet kisses along your collar bones, and his finger traced swirls in the cum that landed on your ribcage. Daddy’s mouth made its way to your ear in a trail of feeble kisses before he whispered gruffly into your ear. “Just remember what will happen next time, baby.”

details of an asteroid - part 1

for the phandom big bang 2015

Title: details of an asteroid
Author: dantiloquent
Artist: philslesters (see the beautiful art here and here!)
Beta: blossomphan
Overall word count: 88,888 (hell yeah)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild alcohol use, brief homo/biphobia, brief internalized biphobia, implied depression, some existential talk

Summary:  “If you think about it, aliens probably believe in us, too. We’ve got our own intergalactic cheerleaders.” 

When Dan and Phil keep bumping into each other, they eventually give in to chance and start talking. Soon enough, Dan makes a home at the library Phil works at, and they talk about nothing and everything so often that there is no going back. The two survive the future just fine, until they learn the flaws of leaning the weight of your existence on someone else’s shoulders.

Disclaimers: none of the opinions voiced in this fic are necessarily the opinions of any of the people involved in this fic. some of the events may seem to be unrealistic; this is because some are exaggerated or made into real things to symbolise something people do in their heads, or to convey a message. this is all fiction.    

Author’s Notes: this has been in the works for a year!!! what the hell??? it’s my baby. i’m so so excited (and nervous) for this to be done and for u all to read it!! i really hope u enjoy (lemme know if u do!) reblogs are really appreciated and are my saviours.

a huge huge thank u to my beta, aqua, who did such a great job and probably did more than what she signed up for!!! i am so grateful and u helped me make this the best i could. and thanks to alex, who has made some beautiful art, i am in total awe!!!! (and for loving this fic and being so supportive, i really appreciate it!) thank u to the pbb team who organised this fab event, and thank u to all of u, my lovely readers!! without u guys’ support i would never have done this, so thank u so much!!!

there is so much i want to say, but can’t, so here u go. the first chapter…..

[click here for the masterpost!]


It has a bed.

That’s a good start, Dan reckons; the room has a bed, as well as a small selection of other furniture that he is slowly taking in. All of them are rickety and worn, a broken could-be family, but they provide a place to sleep and a place to work, at the least, so he’s grateful. They’re well loved, he firmly decides. There’s a pall of dust over the desk and set of drawers, and the walls are four blank edges of plain wallpaper that are all flushed with sunlight, but give it a few posters and a few nights sleep, and he can see himself settled in. He’s always had a certain weakness for beams that streak through the ceiling.

A breeze slips under the door and skips at his feet, skittering across the floorboards and leaving cold kisses on his ankles. The hum of traffic tangles in the curtains but gets no farther.

“You reckon you’re gonna be ok?” his mother asks as she manoeuvres another box through the door. It lands on the mattress with a muffled thud, sending another one knocking into the wall. Outside the window, someone is calling another person’s name.

His parents aren’t leaving for a while - they’re helping him unpack, thank God - but Dan knows why his mother is asking as if she’s leaving already. In some ways, she already has.

Dan casts his gaze around the room, pretending she’s only talking about the room.

“I’ll try.”

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