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Some Black Girl Artists for Blackout

Lauryn Hill 

K. Michelle

Lil Kim


Azealia Banks 

Neon Jungle

Ella Eyre


Janelle Monae

Laura Mvula


Angel Haze 


Bridget Kelly

Elelie Sande

when i wake up

I saw this prompt on phanfic so all credit goes to them lol. 

Idk I just really feel like writing phanfiction today bear with me. 

This song {Afraid by The Neighbourhood} is one of my favorites so yay. 

I hope you enjoy! Remember that my request page is always open. 

Word count: 759 (IM SORRY ITS SO SHORT)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: anxiety mentions 

Extra Tags: Comfort


Phil had always told me that he would be here for me no matter what. That I would always have a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to at 3 am about whatever my mind was stuck on. And it’s not that I didn’t believe him, because I did. He proved his point several times, but I couldn’t help but still feel like I was annoying him to no end. My mind keeps telling me things like “Why would anyone volunteer to deal with your bullshit?” and “You’re too mean to Phil, he doesn’t actually like you. He just pities you.” which gets pretty overwhelming.

It also makes me think about the fact that one day I might wake up and Phil won’t be here. He’ll be off with someone else, his new, better, best friend, or maybe his fiancee. Someone who will replace me and he’ll be happier with. Sometimes I wish he would replace me, but then I realize that I wouldn’t be able to survive without him.

Phil is both my kryptonite and my saving grace. It’s pathetic, really, how much I depend on him to calm me down when I have anxiety attacks, or how well I sleep when he’s next to me.

I’m so needy, and not just lately. It makes me wonder why we even started talking in the first place, all those years ago. It’s been over five years, he’s had plenty of chances to leave me, why didn’t he? That’s the real question. There’s nothing special about me, no matter what he says.

When I wake up I’m terrified that he’s gone, and that isn’t healthy. Not for me, for him, for anyone. Every time I’m slightly mean to him, if I snap at him or I took a joke too far I’m afraid that he’ll realize everything that’s going on in my head and actually will leave.

I keep repeating the same thing over and over, but it’s true. I’m nothing without Phil, absolutely nothing.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door and Phil’s voice.

“Are you quite done in there?” He asked, and I checked my phone to see that, yep, I’d been in the bath for nearly two hours. Shit.

“Yeah sorry, I lost track of time. I’ll be out in a second!” I said in a rushed voice, grabbing my clothes and throwing them on quickly. I pulled the drain in the tub and opened the door to see a very sweaty Phil, who’d just gotten back from running or something.

I don’t know whether my eyes were red and puffy or he just knew me too well, as he almost instantly asked if I was okay.

I just shook my head because what was the point of lying to him?

“I’ll tell you about it after you clean up.” I said, giving him a small smile and leaving.


About 20 minutes later Phil came into our lounge, placed two mugs down and grabbed me into a hug.

“What’s wrong, bear?” He said finally, pulling away slightly so he could look at my face. I kind of regretted saying something, I didn’t want to bother Phil with anything, ever.

So I sat down.

It didn’t take him long to sit with me.

And I broke down.

I completely and utterly broke down.

And he just….listened….for so long. While I ranted/sobbed he just sat there listening, not saying a word, and rubbed small circles into the back of my hand with his thumb.

“Well you know what I think?” He finally spoke up.

“I think that you are the most beautiful, talented, funny, educated, articulate person I know. You have such a good heart in that body of yours. You constantly inspire people, including myself, every single day. I’ll never be able to put into words how much I love you, how much your viewers love you, our friends, your family, because there is simply no phrase to describe it. I’ll do absolutely anything for you. You are my sun, my moon, my stars, the reason I get up in the morning, my everything. And you shouldn’t ever have to worry about anything that contradicts that.” Phil was now crying as well, which made me cry even more.

But the only thing I was able to choke out was “Really?”

He laughed a little and cupped my cheek, bringing his lips to meet mine. We stayed like that for a while, lazily making out on the couch.



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This might be a really random and weird request but could I request a drawing of Hawkins and Zoro together? *-* (I think it's something about their stoicism and height difference that reeeeeally gets me)

Hawkins might be all stoic but I bet he does use those tarots for some pick-up lines. 

^ I like. Random and weird are my life blood, anon~~~ 

i was tagged by my fav nerd lucy falloutskirts to do the press shuffle and write down the first ten songs thing so here we go

  1. hk farewell // placebo
  2. northern downpour (live in chicago) // panic! at the disco
  3. headfirst for halos // my chemical romance
  4. go! // public service broadcasting
  5. talk show host // radiohead
  6. heroes // david bowie
  7. where do we belong? // frnkiero andthe cellabration
  8. robbers // the 1975
  9. 1979 // the smashing pumpkins
  10. teenage riot // sonic youth

and im tagging joetoro, lookseattle, fallouchboy, petewentzdefense and the rest of the aestheticcentral squad damn i love u guys so much

I was tagged by the adorable scodelarino to do the 20 amazing people challenge!! I think every single one of you is truly amazing and spectacular and beautiful and I’m so thankful for all of you, but here are 20 people I tag:

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I love you all!!


I am so SO sorry for being a piece of shit when it comes to keeping in contact with you! I sincerely apologize for not continuing the conversation! you are all so amazing and interesting and I honestly really REALLY want to get to know you so bad!!!!!! I am just so horrible at replying and since im lazy AF, getting tagged for stuff and doing them doesn’t happen as often as it should! so! I am so very sorry if it takes me a year to do the things i am tagged in or reply to that message you sent! BUT, I AM GOING TO GET BETTER AT IT SO I CAN GET TO KNOW YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! <333333 

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AND LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT FOLLOWS ME!! I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!!! <33333333333333 (this is not in any particular order!) i love you all so much!!!!! <33333333333 

Ramblings of Those Who Are in the Background Constantly Wondering How All the Main Characters Usually Manage to Survive the Longest Despite All Their Bullshit

summary: Because nobody wants to be the red coat, the storm trooper, the unsung extra. Giving voice to all those faces in Supernatural we never get to hear from.

characters: Crowley, Lackey #827, Juliet

words: 451

also on: AO3

a/n: I suddenly had the urge to write more of people using baby talk with Juliet. And I felt guilty for not writing today. Part 1 of 1? 1 of ???  ?¿?

I train hellhounds.

What, you think they obey by instinct? Cosmic abracadabra? Hellllll no. Stuff the manic energy of a goldendoodle into the body of a magically steel-enforced doberman, toss in a temperament that makes Cerberus seem like Lassie in comparison, and that’s what I’ve got to work with.

And don’t think just because they’re not alive that makes them easier to care for. Fact of life, kiddies — if something goes down one way, it’s gonna pop out the other end sooner or later.

Don’t even get me started on the dog breath.

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hey babe! i don't mean to bother you but what is #whiteout? (lmao i googled it but i'm still not positive, again sorry for bothering you)

well i dont know a lot about it really and im not interested in it at all but im p sure it’s where shitty white people are going to invade the #blackout tag by posting selfies or uploading obscene images or creating a new tag as #whiteout to display their ‘white pride’ but im not really sure about the specifics. #blackout is going on tomorrow where the black tumblr community will be posting selfies, etc. and some white people are so angered by the fact that black people are enjoying themselves and having fun, #whiteout is literally so ridiculous and i urge everyone not to participate in something so gross, ridiculous, and dehumanizing. please let black people have this, don’t take #blackout away from them.


I was tagged to post 6 selfies by gorgeousness themselves: stephsadickhead and ducky17 <3 Much love, ladies!

They’re all from tonight and you can tell my dog, Dexter Dylan, thinks I’m a moron and is sooo not impressed. Oh well.

I tag these beauties: llexis kneekeyta anitavalija borntosik and idontliketalkingtoanybody <3

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Hi sorry if im bothering u, but whats white out??

no its fine !!!! therse gonna be a blackout day tomorrow which is for black folks to show how awesome and beautiful they are by posting selfies/ect!!!! but a lot of racist white people wanna take over blackout day instead of letting black folks have a day to themselves and posting their own selfies in the tag or the whiteout tag which is rlly rlly unfair bc pretty much every single day is “whiteout day” bc u know literally all u see on tv is white people allllll the time 

yeaa its just rllly racist and its just white people -___ - being rlly bad

Rules: Repost and tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

i was tagged by pissboss c::

Name: Nyx
Nicknames: nyxy + kyo
Birthday: august 18 !!
Gender: ???? Fuck gender man idk not cis is all I can say ?? Prob genderfluid
Height: 5’4 I’m a tint baby

Sexual Orientation: ace !

Favorite Colour: greeny blue [the colour of my highlighter actually]

Time & Date at the current moment: march 5th 21:47
Average hours of sleep: 6 ://

Lucky Number: 8
Last thing I Googled: ml to mass [for science data analysis]
First word that comes to mind: shit
One place that makes me happy: beds ♥
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
Favourite Fictional Character: kyoko sakura, Isabel magnolia
Favourite Books: the power of 5 series by Anthony Horowitz
Favorite Animes: Puella magi Madoka Magica, Tokyo Ghoul
Favorite TV Shows: ?? Idk I don’t watch much

Last Movie I’ve seen in cinema: big hero 6 !!!
Dream Holiday: ahh man to Kentucky probably ??
Dream Wedding: ??? Idk

Dream Job: radiotherapist n running an online store
What are you wearing right now: just plain pjs
Last book you read: a series of unfortunate events: the bad beginning

ok um I tag walmart-dot-com boku-gaytalia homucifur and idk anyone else that wants to do it ??

List 15 things that make you happy, then tag 15 people
I was tagged by my number one stan zachfuckale
1. looking at old photo albums
2. my doggy
3. my kitty
4. staying in pools til im pruny bc im a child
5. the piña colada song
6. tatertots
7. being under 10 blankets when it’s cold out
8. john tortorella
9. that one video where brian boyle dressed up like buddy the elf
10. disposable cameras
11. that other video where carl hagelin didn’t know the words to this is how we do it- montell jordan
12. the mist above the sea in the winter
13. waking up to snow
14. taking baths until my fingers are all pruny bc im a child
15. bats


idk who to tag sorry if you did this staalsie sidcrosbyhoverhandmybussy sheatriceisreal segweenie zdenocharazard daddytomwilson and 9 others

hello everyone !! i currently identify as mothkin, deerkin, mousekin and rabbitkin!! if it’s not too much trouble, please tag anything to do with:

- fires
-pinned/dead insects
-bright flashing lights
-animal traps
-dead animals in general

these things have all been added to my blacklist now, which is here for anyone who has not yet seen it!

im sorry if it’s a nuisance to anyone, it’s very alarming to see these things come up on my dash;; thank you to everyone who reads this!!