im sorry every time

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

I haven’t animated in so long??

humans more like ew-mans am i right

things i like (as demonstrated by jensen ackles)
  • the jaw thing:

  • the bicep thing:

  • the arm thing:

  • the back thing:

  • the hip thing:

  • the hip bone thing:

  • the shoulder thing:

  • the perky nipples thing:

  • the butt thing:

  • the tummy thing:

  • the boob bouncing thing:

  • the bowlegs thing:

  • the whatever this thing is:

{Jared Version} {Misha Version}

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi


timmy’s secret wish is the worst episode of fairly oddparents i have ever seen :’D - forget about chloe or sparky or season 10 - this is the one where it turns out that timmy is actually 60 years old and cheated his way into never having to let go of his fairies - which results in cosmo and wanda losing Poof.

Naturally, all of this ends with Timmy getting his fairies, Poof and his youth back, without any permanent consequences or punishment whatsoever.

i cannot believe this ;____;


this is how it happened right


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

Gon broccoli and Killua cauliflower 

yes i know i spelled the end of broccoli and cauliflower wrong please don’t hate me i doodled these at like 4am ok