im sorry chelsey

Let’s talk about Harper for a moment.

In season 1, all we know is that she is part of the Gunners. Meaning that she has her own form of bravery even if it stems from fear. But season 2 is when she blows me away.

To be quite honest Harper is probably one of the most realistic characters in the show. As they drill into her body all that she can make herself say is how she wants to go home. Home, she begs because she’s a child and she’s scared. Home, to the Dropship where yes she might be at a constant state of war but she’s cared for. And I see this as something very telling of who she is. If you think about it Harper is one of the only Delinquents who has referred to the others as her family as something important and special to her, they are home. And what wouldn’t you do for your home? Harper goes on to show that she would do anything. 

Harper would fight and kill after being tortured for days. After having her body violated. Her fears mocked. Her body is collapsing from the loss of blood we literally shown that she can’t keep herself up. But not even hours later she rises. Because Harper knows who she is, she is a warrior. And a warrior fights for what they believe in. And at that moment she believed that every life in that room, every life that made up her broken home to be more important than the pain of her body. 

Finally their war ends. The war ends and her world is no longer shades of red and they collect their prize. But their trophies come in the form of mangled scars and screams that will never stop. The world is a graveyard, but life moves on and Harper moves with it. And in comes season 3.

She trains under Lincoln. And I just relate her steadiness and full attention as she watched him in that scene as her wanting to take back ownership of what the mountain took from her. Of her wanting to trust again that her body was strong, that it could protect not only others but her.

And now is when Harper gets even more interesting. Harper has always struck me as someone who is confident in herself, she pursues Jasper, she calls him out when they bicker about standing guard, so, it was interesting that the one moment I saw her hesitate is when her and Monroe confront Bellamy. But unlike Monroe, she apologizes for her actions to Lincoln. She knows that whats happening isn’t okay but she doesn’t know what else to do. That doesn’t last for long because she was stuck once and she’s not allowing that a second time. So she aligns with Kane, knows that what Pike is doing is wrong and knows that this could all end with her dying if she’s caught. But she’s ready to do whatever needs to be done, warriors fight for what they believe in.