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NozoHono and first date!!!!!

She has been pushing for this; it is the only ride that would end this day off perfectly, after Nozomi had indulged her on various rollercoaster rides. Fifteen times to be specific, they had been on the scariest ride for hours.

Umi’s ‘F-Ferris wheel of course’ rings in her mind, along with Kotori’s affirmative ‘mmm’; Honoka thought that there’s no way they would be wrong.

But at this moment in a tiny carriage of their own, with her favorite person sitting opposite her, the adrenaline is starting to cool, nervousness slipping in. Nozomi sits prim and proper, hands crossed and hair in braids. The evening sun is a perfect backdrop, her friends aren’t wrong; it somehow makes Nozomi even more gorgeous than she already is.

It makes her almost too blinding to look at.

“Hey,” A voice echoes softly, and Honoka looks up in surprise, because it was Nozomi who spoke first.

“It was a fun day. Thank you Honoka-chan,” Nozomi smiles, looking down shyly. The image of the mother of the group is gone, and all Honoka sees is a girl in love.

“I had fun too!” She grabs Nozomi’s hand absentmindedly, noticing a second too late after Nozomi’s fingers curled around her own.

“And Nozomi?” The senior finally looks into her eyes.

“I love you.” Honoka says, closing the distance between them.

She’s going to have to brag about this to Umi later- scoring a kiss on the first date.

Ya know, I was thinking about YOI today and remembered how a lot of people were worried about what Victor (and Yuuri) were going to do after the season. Mostly about if Victor was going to leave.

And I also remembered how Yuuri has mentioned that this will most likely be his last season of skating (due to his age or otherwise.) 

But guess who is most certainly going to keep going?

Thats right. Angry kitten. And who also happened to seem to flourish under Victor during their short time together. 

And while he might not admit it, he does get along with Yuuri. Hell, they even have similar responses to Victor’s shenanigans.

But also, look at how supportive Victor and Yuuri are of the smol blonde:

Also, this boy needs some more positive support in his life. He’s so full of sadness and anger he can hardly control it. So, while the show could (and most likely will) go a different direction from what i’m about to say, it is a happy thought. 

And that would be - Yuuri and Victor taking up the role as Yuri’s coaches after this season. 

Its no secret that Victor is an amazing skater (and is slowly improving his coaching abilities), but he also is already acquainted with Yuri as well. He’s been shown to express something of brotherly affection for him already.

As for Yuuri- who else is more than knowledgeable in emotions and insecurities? He’s always the nicest he can be towards his younger peer, and is actually rooting for him from the get-go (despite having a poor meeting and Yuri always being mean to him.) I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuri already has a firm understanding of how the blonde feels.

Oh, and guess who also has been studying ballet for (what I assume) years ?

So yeah. I would absolutely love if they took up that role for Yuri. I feel it would be a good, wholesome ending to a great show. 

I mean, come on, they’re already acting like embarrassing parents. Might as well adopt him. :) 


Hitting on smart people is hard - but that’s fine, Kuroo has a policy of always giving a chance to whoever can manage to make him laugh that much

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Hey! I love your writing! So, I've never done this before, but I keep seen in my mind a supercorp scene. They fight for some stupid reason and Lena has all her complexes and thinks Kara wont come back, then she suffer an attack, but Kara get there almost too late, and when Lena wakes up, the water works are in full and she confesses she thought Kara wouldn't come back to save her. I know is angst af, but I can't get it out of my mind...

i stared at this all day so if it sucks im sorry


She doesn’t even remember how it started.

It was something stupid to be sure.

She had been snappy from hardly getting any sleep and Kara had been frustrated because of Snapper’s harsh critique on her latest article.

“Maybe you should just leave.”

She hadn’t meant to say it.

Well she had, but she had meant that maybe they just needed some space.

Time to cool down and avoid saying something that neither of them meant because they were grumpy and overworked and underfed.

But apparently Kara had taken her words in a different tone, because she had said them two days ago and she hadn’t heard from Kara since. Not a visit, not a call, not so much as a text.

She had had every intention of going to see Kara for lunch yesterday, but one thing had led to another and she hadn’t had the chance.

Now, as time marched on; she felt herself getting upset all over again, because it wasn’t like Kara didn’t know how to get in touch with her. She was just as much at fault for their separation as Lena.

 Maybe she doesn’t care as much as you thought she did.

 Maybe she realized that a Luthor isn’t worth the trouble.

The thought settles  low in her gut like lead, weighing her down, until she feels like she’s drowning, suffocating in the thoughts that swirl in her over active brain.

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suho: *answers phone* hello? *sips on his coconut while relaxing in the shade*

hotel staff: is this kim junmyeon?

suho:…yes? is something wrong?

hotel staff: oh it’s nothing really sir it’s just that your sons having been eating a lot at the snack bar-

suho: wait…my sons?? 

hotel staff: uh yes? a tall fit red head, a tall skinny man with wide shoulders, a tan man that looks like he just woke up, and a short man with brown hair? and they seem to have dragged a reluctant little man with short black hair here too

suho: oh my god that’s- *brings hand to heart* i’m touched my members actually…*tears up*

hotel staff: ok but sir-

suho: i mean i always thought that maybe one day there was a chance they would look at me as a father figure and now finally the day has come 

hotel staff: that’s nice but sir-

suho: ah yes sorry, what did my sons want?

hotel staff: they told me to put all the food and drinks on your card since you are their dad so the total cost comes to about two thousand seven hundre-

suho: *faints*

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You finished the season? Awesome! How do you feel about the ending? Any more Klance headcanons?

im sorry this took so long anon! things got really busy these past couple of weeks but better late than never?? also the ending absolutely killed me i mean who???? ends a season???? like that????? wtf????

and lol my brain just leaks out voltron hcs 24/7 this particular one has been running in my mind all day congrats

  • ok there are a million fics of team voltron scheming to set lance and keith up because the sexual tension is too real BUT PLEASE CONSIDER
  • their lions trying to get them together just fUCKING CONSIDER THIS FOR A MOMENT
  • blue trying to be even just a little bit subtle about dropping hints to lance
  • every now and then she sends compliments about keith’s hair, about how good of a pilot he is, etc. into lance’s brain and lance is like “what the actual fuck blue”
  • and one time lance sees keith running late and rushing to his lion and he suddenly finds himself thinking that mullet-head kind of does have a nice butt
  • and lance doesn’t know if its blue thinking that or him and really, he doesn’t think he wants to know the answer
  • RED, on the other hand, HAS NO SUBTLETY WHATSOEVER and it drives keith INSANE
  • like red doesn’t even know lance’s name she just knows that this sexual tension is too much and she has to do something
  • “hey there’s that blue paladin guy go fuck him keith i know you want to i can read your stupid gay mind”
  • “keith keith keith don’t worry blue tells me her paladin likes your butt and fancy hair. she knows. she read his diary”
  • “FUCK YEAH KICK THEIR ASSES BLUE! and speaking of ass-” “oh my god please stop”
  • and keith is just like please. no more. have mercy.

WARNING: this is a huge long rant I’M SORRY but this has been on my mind for so long and seeing @livingtopanga and @barbells-and-sirens talk about it last night, i kinda came up with this messy rant.

coming from a small town, i know so many kids getting married and settling down at 19! 19!!! even 18 sometimes, and I just want scream “BUT THERE IS SO MUCH OUT THERE! THIS SMALL TOWN LIFE IS NOT THE ONLY THING YOU CAN HAVE!!!” 

I moved away from that small town and trust me it was the greatest thing ever! and don’t get me wrong, i appreciate where i grew up and where i come from and it’s so nice to go back and visit and get away but I dont understand sometimes how these kids are getting married so young, and having kids and buying houses and not experiencing life! i know that people are different and want different things but im so afraid that i’ll start logging on FB one day seeing these people so unhappy. 

I’m not against getting married at a young age. I understand that people can find who they want to be with at a young age, but it feels like such a trend back home and if you’re single and not getting married or having kids, you’re a loser. there is so much to do and live and you’re not even fully grown and you have so much to discover about yourself.

I’ve seen my mom suffer the aftermath of settling down young and it’s not pretty. She had me young, married my father cause she thought she loved and knew him, and didn’t even get to finish where she wanted to go career wise cause life got in the way. she was so unhappy, and only know after everything we went through, is she finally getting to be the person she wanted to be.

so here’s a tip to people out there if you’re feeling left out or that “single life syndrome”:

DON’T RUSH THINGS. I PROMISE YOU WILL FIGURE THINGS OUT. please figure out who you are, where you want to go, experience things you want, and learn the ins and outs of everything you are. it sounds so cliche but please fall in love with yourself. it’s so overused but when you start learning who you are, you’ll attract the right person. being in a relationship isn’t everything, despite what everyone tells you. 

and if you want to be in a relationship, THAT’S OKAY TOO! but i see so many humans think that they’ll be happy once they’re in a relationship and its just not true. 

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think This Beautiful Fantastic has already been released on dvd in France, called "Le Merveilleux Jardin Secret de Bella Brown" 👌👌

Hey there! 

First of all I’m so sorry for taking so long to answer this, I’ve been pretty busy today 
But also thank you for letting us know about this! I checked up on Amazon France and you can definitely order it there, so for any of our followers in France who might want to buy This Beautiful Fantastic I’ll link it here 

By the looks of it the audio can be set to either English or French on the DVD (i think that’s what it says, or at least that’s what is listed on amazon) and amazon ships worldwide (I’ve ordered US ‘exclusive’ things off of there a lot and I live in the UK) so if anyone else that understands French/English is really desperate to get a copy you can probably order one too!.. Just so long as you don’t mind the DVD casing being in French and as long as you have a Region 2 compatible DVD player!

Thank you again!

Amber <3 

P.s. I just realised on the amazon listing it says there’s only one option for subtitles, and they’re in French (i mean, it is a french copy), but for anyone that might need subtitles while watching movies, bear in mind that there are only French ones available on this copy!

"Safe" for a person like me

What is safe? Have I ever known it? Has there ever been a place that has ever given me that sense of security? A person? As far as I’m concerned I don’t know what “safe” is. I most certainly know what feeling unsafe is. Unsafe in the confines of my life. In the confines of my heart. In the confines of my mind. I have never been safe. Matter of fact I feel increasingly more unsafe every day. I fear myself above all else. That’s a lie, I fear what comes after I can no longer handle fearing myself.

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Hey there! 😊 I've been wondering for a while why you write your scenarios with such strange punctuation? You add spaces inbetween every comma, exclaimation and question mark, etc. It's distracting and takes away from the story. I don't want to come across as an asshole, but could you please fix that? I'm only asking you to fix your punctuation in scenarios, since the stories just look really sloppy. I hope I didn't offend you, just trying to give some constructive criticism. Have a nice day! 😄

nope it’s not offensive at all! it’s just habit i have while typing ( and i type my stories & scenarios on mobile so ), i’ll to fix it if i can and im sorry if it has caused you any inconvenience 😉😭 also i wont be able to fix the ones in my previous scenarios as it’d affect the masterlist in any way possible, hope you don’t mind!

My hand is dead. But yeah basically (idk if this has been done before but if it has im really sorry i didn’t know and I wouldn’t mind you telling me) I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days,, it started with soriel doodles in some of the rupphire poses from The Answer but I got carried away and started developing the idea,,, but i guess this is something?? i dunno if ill do something more but maybe/probably,,, this is just really fun lmao

uh yeah my name is linds, i’m 20 years old, and i’m sort of unsure about myself. haha i’m actually shaking as i’m typing this. i guess im sort of coming out for the first time, seeing as the only one who knows how i have felt is my best friend, cat.

before coming to tumblr, i didn’t actually know there was a way to be not a girl but also not be a boy at the same time. i never minded being assumed my pronouns were she/her because i just thought there would be no other way to live. i’ve been here for 20 years rejecting my voice, rejecting how i looked so feminine and spoke so feminine. so annoyingly like a girl. i remember that i at least took pride in the fact that my breasts had never grown in, but still crying myself to sleep at night when my mom, who has very large breasts, would assure me that some day i won’t be able to even hold onto that.

cutting my hair short helped me, but only for a short period of time. i felt like i could dress how i wanted and people wouldn’t be able to just misgender me if only i never spoke. nothing really just helps because i’m always confused.

even now, i don’t put my gender on my blog because i just don’t know what or who i am, and it just sucks. i figured that by now i’d be able to figure out who i am, but i just know who i am isn’t a girl. or a boy. what kind of therapist would treat me seriously if i told them that? i guess i just don’t know anymore haha.

not a girl. also not a boy.

so taylorswift I finally after 6 days of exhaustion finished this bad boy today! I have taken up the awesome hobby of cross stitching to keep my mind distracted from not being at school this semester and this, for me, is the pinnacle of motivation. Ever since being 12 (now 19) Taylor has always been that person I can’t not have in my day to day life. She’s a constant reminder to me that even if you are lonely, you are never alone.  I hope one day she can see this and can confirm that she is indeed my lobster. I love you taylorswift!

(for those of you that don’t understand this I feel so sorry for you, please go marathon friends)

sincerely, your lobster liz