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Who are your favorite people on here, whether it's friends or just people you like following?(You're one of my favs lol!)

aww thank you my love!! you’re now automatically a fave of mine :’) i knoow im going to miss some people so i deeply apologise!!

@aleksandr-james, @immortaltxt, @ninja46464, @ah-michal, @ryanbiwood, @james-wilson, @jamesangel (cow chop/rt/ah related babies i adore)

@trippingeyes, @fosterthelyrics (amazing edits for lovely bands)

@sadghostgrl@goldlipgloss (for the aesthetic tbh theyre perf) 

@fairlylokal (real life friend who is honestly the best and has a lovely blog!)

again i know i missed some people and im sorry ily all!! 

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#17challenge: day 02 // favourite unit

ramblings about Doraelin (7PM) pt.3

• CoM: Aelin promised to come back to the land that held so many angry memories—from Nehemia’s death to Sam’s, to everything else—for him.
• Lysandra said the love she wanted to find was like “the beginning and the end and eternity” which is basically how Aelin described her and Dorian’s working together.
• Celaena was deathly terrified of witches. She’d heard the stories, known of Ansel’s experience with them, but she still went into the Yellowlegs’ van to protect his secret.
• “Yellowlegs’ mention of Dorian had stopped her cold.”
• “Dorian KNEW Celaena was watching him.”
• “there was something about Roland’s emerald eyes that made her want to pull Dorian as far away from him as possible.” #protective
• Aelin made Dorian feel like he was a king.
• “Thank you for being my friend. For not being like the others.” –Aelin to Dorian.
• He was the one who practically revived her heart after what happened to Sam—“Even though the thought of kissing anyone else had once made her sick, when she saw Dorian…” “She sort of wanted to kiss him.”
• Also, “Her hand rose to her lips [Dorian had just kissed her] and she stared up at the stars [like in that scene where Dorian watched her, in the beginning] feeling her heart grow, and grow, and grow.”
• Even Chaol recognized something. “She waltz alone, lost in her dreams.” “He knew that her thoughts weren’t of him.” “Even from a distance, he could see the blush upon her cheeks. She seemed young—no, new.” “She never bothered to look down.”
• Hell, even that slimy womanizer saw it. “It looks like he’s in love with her.”
• Chaol saw how Celaena made Dorian stand and act like a man. Like a king.
• “He knew her somehow. And he knew she wouldn’t harm him.” Doesn’t this just scream, MATES?
• Celaena: Im sorry if I’ve hurt you…
• Dorian: Hurt me? You haven’t hurt me!
• When they were dancing, Dorian said he felt lost in a world of which he’d always dreamed—like that place Aelin described as where they came from, the place where they had been crafted, PERFECT AND STRANGE.
• Her eyes burst with light as the Crown Prince said something.
• “Not his enemy. Aelin.”
• She cut off Rowan’s reports to ask about him. “Dorian. Is Dorian—”
• “If you revolt against your new king, if you try to take his castle, then this wall will turn to molten glass and flood your streets, your homes, your throats.”
• “Aelin released Dorian’s hand. Cold emptiness flooded her so violently that she fell to the glass floor.”
• Their magic entwined.
• They started the new world together.
• She brought him back from the brink of succumbing to slavery.
• He brought her back from the brink of succumbing to slavery.
• The times when Dorian fought against his father was when Aelin was involved.
• She changed him
• He changed her.

• Im sorry, but to be honest, I can’t possibly imagine Manon as Dorian’s queen—or wife, or romantically involved in anyway. Im sorry. Manon is Elide’s, okay??! TT^TT and Dorian’s Aelin’s.
• I mean, MANON TOOTH-AND-CLAW BLACKBEAK with a CROWN? HELD DOWN BY RESPONSIBILITIES? Shes going to ride into the sunset with her hair whipping in the wind with Elide and nobody can convince me otherwise.
• And Rowan… he’s hurt her many times, doesn’t that mean… they’re not mates?? Im sorry, im sorry, but I don’t really see them as mates because of this, and Dorian’s never hurt Aelin.
• And the only time Celaena ever physically hurt Dorian was when she slammed his head into a wall to go after Chaol and I think the mate bond allowed her to do that because if she didn’t, she knew he was going to get into bigger trouble, following after her and all?
• Im sorry if ive offended anyone. These are just my bleary thoughts after a long, long day.

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Will you pretty please write a drabble where peeta is a celebrity and katniss is a normal girl who leaves in their hometown (theyre already dating though) and peeta is nominated to an oscar so he calls her to calm his nerves and then he wins and dedicates is to her and after the gala he shows up at her house? Im so sorry if im annoying i just really need this and youre perf <3

I hope this is sort of what you were looking for! Cheers to Oscar-themed drabbles, two days too late.

Supporting Roles

“I don’t think I can do this.”

His voice is gruff andbreathy over the line, like the poor boy’s just run a mile. Her fingers automatically twitch in an innate, reactionary desire to comfort him, but then she remembers she can’t, because they’ve got a television screen and about fifty miles between them.

“You’ll do great, Peeta. You… you looked incredible on the red carpet. The correspondents were all raving about the bowtie.”

“Well, I’m glad I at lease looked okay,” he whispers back, and his consonants have a weird resonating tone to them; is he in a bathroom? God, did he actually leave the auditorium to go hide in a bathroom? “I felt like I was going to spray that lovely lunch we had all over the cameras. Jesus, I’m a mess. I miss you, Katniss.”

She smiles softly, but only slightly regrets her decision to stay back. As a small-town girl who’s never been on a stage in front of more than a hundred people at a time, parading around on the arm of her movie-star-boyfriend hardly seemed like a fair step to take up from what she’s already experienced. At least Peeta’s patient with her, understanding of her hatred for cameras and crowds in general. After all, they’ve been dating since junior high, before he was swept off into stardom; he knows virtually everything about her.

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