im sorry but it's annoying

*hugs you all*

i’ve officially seen la la land 6 times and it never gets any less magical. i love the feeling it gives me. i love how it makes me want to make my life as magical. i love hearing the audience laugh and i love hearing them talk in awe about how amazing it was. i don’t think there will ever be a movie that makes me feel this way and i’m so in love with it.

gotta love that brrrgh aesthetic

I was tagged by @maidofsalt, thank you !!

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Relationship status: single as a pretty sad pringle
Pets: i have a cat whom i love and adore called cassie and a dog whom i also love and adore called kimi
Last song I listened to: nothing but thieves - honey whiskey
Favorite tv show: pprobably steven universe tbh !
First fandom: adventure time !! oh boy finding it was the best thing to happen to me
Hobbies: drawing, sewing (but im shite at it lol), baking sometimes, talking 2 frends, watching cartoons, laying down in a pile of cats, the usual

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i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

listen i love malec with all my heart and i’m happy to have a show that let’s them be canon and open and it’s so so good but freeform keeps marketing the hell out of them and it’s been making me a bit uncomfortable kind of idk

wait so alicia didn’t want to be with cal because he messed with her (he literally did nothing to her) yet she’s quite happy to cheat on him with his own brother… alicia is quite happy to cheat on Cal with his own brother, who would stoop as low as to take his brother’s girlfriend

seriously who wrote this shit

went and looked at a new barn today… pretty lowkey place with pretty nice sized rings. only thing is the turnouts are small:/ but its like 20 mins closer to my house than my current barn and its across the street from a jumper barn so once bella is all better i can walk her over and take lessons again


you’re the dream that I keep thinking about all day  ♥


seungkwan’s friend, john~  ( ̄▽ ̄;;) // (trans ©)

[151129 HYYH PT. 2 ON STAGE] Jimin was panting so hard so he reached out his hand and requested to their leader, “Water please.” But Namjoon didn’t seem to notice so he ignored him. Suddenly, there was a hand from behind Jimin who was giving his bottle instead and it was J-Hope.

cr.  你是我心里的一只鸡腿

when u try and say you’re probably gay af nowadays instead of Pansesual and ur Ma is like 
“so do you still want to be on T??”