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thirsty jungkook moments

@seokjinsarmybomb said: If you could make a list of the sexiest moments of Jungkook thirst, what would it be? (towards jimin)

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this is one of my faves honestly. like, jungkook has absolutely zero chill and zero control. dude…you’re on CAMERA. ON STAGE. what you trying to do?

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hes checking out jimin period. like, there’s no way around it. he’s literally looking down at jimin’s glorious ass. #bless

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ZERO. CHILL. calm down jungkook. someone give him a bathtub of water with jimin in it

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i honestly have no words left for jungkook

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remember that time when jungkook kept on filming jimin, kept on saying ‘i want you’ to him. and the way he moaned? well, i do. also; 

  • the way he rubbed jimin’s ass during rehearsal 
  • same rehearsal, jk lifting jimin’s shirt 
  • all the times he orbits around jimin’s ass
  • jk unable to handle jimin’s sexiness during reaction vids
  • jk fanboying over jimin
  • can you believe jungkook touched his crotch while he stared down at jimin’s ass
  • has a thing for jimin’s chest
  • and he called jimin’s toes cute im still not over it. THEY ARE TOES, JUNGKOOK.

there’s so much more so im going to direct you over to my tag for thirsty jungkook.


i know this isn’t exactly thirst but…that’s not how you look at a friend. that look is so fucking loaded im going to go and sob into my pillows. goodbye. 

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can you recommend blogs for every nct member? thanks

hi there!! sure!! thanks for asking me :3 uh it’s hard if i need to recommend for every nct member, but they’re the blogs i know and (i think) their biases:

uh so for 

Taeil: @1aeil @taeiloves @yoonnoh (she always posts how she loves taeil do not be fooled by her url) @icetaeil @planettaeil 

Johnny: @princeyoungho @johnnyseod @pawjohnny @pianistjohnny @suhyoungho @suhsexual (she posts scenarios too!) @deosinnage 

Taeyong: @taebreez @taeyounq @hqleetaeyong @taeyongd @taeyongshi @teewhytrack @tybeoji @cutie-lee-taeyong @1aeyong @chantenyongs @cremethorns @grandpa-ty

Yuta: @yutaf @yutagf @yutaeilsgf @doyouta @nakasyuta (i think she loves mark too…i think..) @nakamuto (ok this one definitely loves mark too :33) @@cherrybomb-yuta @yutasings @nakamottoyuta

Doyoung: @dovounq @doyoungce @papadoyoung @doyoukki @dofawn

Ten: @chittaporno (she’s a hoe for jjh too) @ten-ie @tenrais @cherry-ten

Jaehyun: @taeiljaeh (loves taeil too) @beaujaehyun @why-jaehyun@dimplesjae @thirsty-for-jae

Winwin: @pixiesicheng @sichengz @sichecng @sichoeng 

Mark: @markleetrashh @marksvocals @nctmark @makkeuga @mxrksgf @neocity @murkkuri

Haechan: @haenyan @haecha @haechance @haechanz @haechaa @itshaechan

Jeno: @subleaderjeno @jeno-jeyes @flawlessjeno

Jaemin: @jaeminnana @nctjaemin

Renjun: @fairyprincerenjun @renjunology @renhyucks (alex wtf i tagged u and it disappeared ANYWAY this gal is a trash for jjh too.)

Hansol: @hansolsdeliciousanus @h-nsol @i-adore-jihansol

And some blogs that I just recommend in general: @nctjay @neotechs @nakamotens @starrynct @nctaezen @zeusmayo @yuk-hei @scraemin @fyforeignswaggers

I don’t know which blogs stan Chenle, Jisung, Kun, Jungwoo, and Yukhei im so sorry :( i hope this helps u out, anon! and! im v sure there are lots of other cool blogs out there but yea theyre the only ones i can think of rn :”))

(and for those blogs i tag, i hope u dont mind :”))

yeah tolkien probably didn’t anticipate how bad he messed up by leaving the seduction of mairon so vague…….like if he’d just explained……..did melkor have good campaign ads? did he show mairon a 300 slide powerpoint presentation on why Evil is the Way of the Future? I’m sorry mr tolkein but bc you never specified im free to assume that mairon had a big embarrassing eternal crush on melkor and they held hands a lot and also probably the powerpoint happened at some point. you can’t stop me.

More Yakunoya HCs

-Noya hugs are like the best things ever and Yaku lives for them.
- Noya knits sweaters like a boss and does it for all his friends. The one he gives Yaku is crimson red and says “Nishinoya’s receiver”
-Yaku throws a fit but Noya sees him wearing it the next week.
-They have movie night ever Friday night.
-Noya likes watching action movies and, like Tanaka has said, goes “WOAHH” or “YASSS” throughout the whole movie while jumping on the couch. Yaku usually rolls his eyes but finds it endearing.
-Yaku likes horror/thriller films. It’s not a widely known fact but he loves those gory death scenes and haunting images of ghosts and what not. Noya in all his manliness tries his best not to freak out but all the movies are just so damn scary he just buries his face in Yaku’s neck and Yaku soothingly hugs him. But of course it’s totally understandable if Noya gets absolutely terrified when he hears Yaku laughing as a killer with a chainsaw slices a girl’s head off.
-When they go out for drinks and casual chatter, Yaku would order milk tea because milk tea is good and Noya would attempt to get the sugariest thing ever and Yaku just needs to restrain him because 1) Diabetes risk. 2) Noya + 10x more sugar intake than normal is a hurricane waiting to happen.
-Yaku and Suga chat alot. Like Alot. So sometimes Suga would just send the c u t e s t pictures of Noya some of them include drooling on Tanaka’s shoulder on the bus, hugging a random dog, hugging Hinata (which adds 1000 times more cuteness to any picture.), etc.
-Suga is a troll so he sends those pictures when Yaku is in VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE and Kuroo and Kenma share a knowing look when they see their precious Yakkun blushing from ear to ear staring at his phone in his shaky hands.
-“Hmmm~ Yakkun whatchu got there~~~”
-“Yaku-kun… Shouyou sent me more pictures of Nishinoya-san would you like them?”
-“Y-yes… please…”
-Kuroo and Nishinoya are good friends and Kuroo secretly sends him Yaku pics that he and Kenma take. No one dares to tell Yaku. Yet.
-Noya goes to Yaku’s University and they become roommates!!
-They share Garigari-kun popsicle sticks while watching the sunset and chatting together on the beach.
-Nights spent just lazing on the couch and watching mindless television while  cuddling.
-Tanaka and Yaku surprisingly get along really well.
-“He’s just like another Tora.”
-Tanaka sees him as another super cool mom senpai.
-So sometimes Yaku babysits the tanatoranoya trio with Ennoshita.
-Ennoshita and Yaku sit like Adults™ and talk like Adults™ while the other 3 goof off and do tanatoranoya things.
-It’s fun though and Ennoshita and Yaku are like long lost mother like siblings.
-Yaku likes kissing Noya on the forehead because 1) Noya blushing is ADORABLE. 2) He likes to be reminded that he’s taller than Noya.
-Noya likes to stare at Yaku sometimes.
-“What’s the matter, Yuu?”
-“Just admiring some beautiful art.” *winks*
-Say goodbye to Yaku’s heart.
-When Yaku actually ditches his pride and says cute pick up lines, it makes Noya’s heart flutter.
-Say goodbye to both their hearts.

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HI!! Your blog is amazing!! Bless you!! I'm gonna put a little sin on your blog haha. Can I request a morning sex scenario for Bakugou with his s/o? (I prefer it if s/o would ride him ;)) I just find it really romantic im so sorry im strange-

Sweetheart, you are not strange at all 💫 I love this ask, give me sin, I’m thirsty 😉 I hope that’s what you wanted to read!

Thank you for your appreciation and bless your soul 💕

I made this a reader insert, I hope it’s fine 🌌

Further, I’m so sorry it took so long 🙈 my surface died around seven times due to the humid-heat 😐 I actually thought I could never finish this…

[Bakugou x reader] [Word Count: 1.095] [NSFW]

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Excerpt“That’s right, Babyboy,” Phil breathed shakily as he carded his fingers through Dan’s brown locks. “Take all my cock like the thirsty bitch you really are.”

Summary: (Prison!AU) In which Dan had been in a fight in prison(again) and Phil came to…remind him of his place.

Genre: smut wow

Warning: Uhm the whole fic is just sex.  Contains shower sex, themes of dom/sub, lots of bAD WORDS, if you squint you’ll see degradation!kink.  LOTS OF SIN!!

Words: 1, 906 sins

A/N: of first of all this is for my thirsty friend glossybutt cHRIST who introduced me to some website that inspired me to write this. thanks shae!!! im so ashaemed!! also thanks to beb cherryblossom-phil on reading through this fic(she told me there weren’t any errors so im sO SORRY IF YOU SAW ONE). oh wow look alice have added another thing on the a/n bit BRO i just hiT seven thousand??? br rorbro br o im so supposed to be doing my research project but oh well

Droplets of water fell gently on Dan’s shoulders, its cold temperature hitting Dan’s warm skin.

Then he let out a sigh.

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