im sorry but i feel bitter okay

no offence but no one deserves having shit parents, even if they pay the bills and feed you. im sorry but people are allowed to feel sad about it instead of denying their abuse with, “i could be homeless” or “it could be worse”. no; you’re allowed to feel sorry for yourself instead of internalising that shit to the point you feel numb inside because you didn’t allow yourself to address your abuse. because you didn’t allow yourself to accept how badly you were treated. you’re allowed to grieve. you’re allowed to fucking feel sad. you allowed to be bitter and you’re allowed to feel scared. it’s okay to not 100% be okay, it’s okay to feel down and it’s okay to realise you deserve more. you do deserve more. thankyou for being brave, you don’t even know what a miracle it is to have made it through alive with the circumstances you’ve been through.