im sorry but i could see myself shipping it

Honestly while I’m just so hyped for Rad like robots, I really wanna shout out the fandom as a whole. I’ve already seen several post about not bothering the creators and just genuine hopefullness/happiness for the episode and its… just so refreshing to see coming from other fandoms where if a ship/pairing doesn’t happen everyone loses their shit. Sorry but I just wanted to let y'all know how cool everyone here is. Here’s to hoping this episode gives what a bunch of us really wants??

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Im so sorry for this: (All lance ship puns.) 1) "Keith can you KLANCE this way please?" 2) "Shiro just give me a SHANCE!!" 3) "Hey hunk could you give me a HANCE?" 4) "Pidge do i look fat in these PANCE?" 5) "Princess has anyone said You're very ALLURANCE" Couldnt make one for Lancelot. Im so sorry this was on impulse...

this must’ve taken you a LANCELOT of time

(i’ll see myself out now lmfao ilysm anon this made me laugh so hard i am ALL ABOUT the puns dude)

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How do you feel about the latest chapter? With the Tou//Ken marriage, Tsuki//yama's reaction, a possible death flag raised for Tou//ka, and plenty of other things? I've really tried to be hopeful about everything that has been going on in the recent chapters. I've really tried to be hopeful and tell myself that Ishi//da is going to work everything out and that something WILL go down... Because it IS a tragedy manga, after all... Right? Regardless, everything is going completely downhill.

i feel you anon,, i want to be hopeful and believe that this is just the calm before a massive storm but i honestly dont want to delude myself only to end up disappointed, so i’ll just keep reading and hope we can go back to our regular dose of suffering (remember when we were so caught up in tragedy that nobody had the energy for ship wars? i miss that)

now onto the wedding; well it was obviously rushed (they talked properly for the first time like ~10 chapters ago, had sex about 5 chapters ago, and suddenly theyre getting married) like ive seen MANY rushed relationships in animanga but tou//ken takes the cake honestly. it makes me wonder if ishida died and was replaced or some shit because this is definitely not the tokyo ghoul i know (like even the poor attempts at foreshadowing… ishida was better than that???). ngl i thought their outfits looked kinda cool but like, not really suitable for a wedding?? ghouls arent some tribe that has never been in contact w/ humanity after all, and tsukiyama of all ppl (who was responsible for wedding shit, sigh) would know what a proper wedding dress looks like. or maybe he didnt want to see kaneki and touka in those and went for bdsm costumes instead lmao

as for tsukiyamas reaction,, like honestly, i didnt expect him to be super angry or cry on the spot or whatever, knowing him he would smile through it all but i didnt want him to be the wedding planner, although it doesnt seem TOO out of place. tsukiyama changed tremendously and started valuing other people over himself to the point where he would give up certain things for them (perhaps to make up for his selfishness before) and like. its good and all but GOD I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM…. i want him to be a lil more selfish!! like son please think of your own wellbeing more,,,, its difficult to tell what hes thinking too bc throughout the manga we’ve always gotten tsukiyamas thoughts along with his actions, but recently we don’t know what he’s thinking so i guess that also contributes to him seeming kind of ooc… like for all we know he could be BOILING inside and playing it off yknow. i dont wanna be hopeful and say ishida is preparing us for a plot twist involving him but idk… it’d be nice to have him be relevant again

and about other things happening.. some plot points do interest me (the dragon thing which seems like a Shirazu Comeback™) but some are like. so random? for example that underground city with the one-eyed ghoul like where tf did that come from? and why was that plot suddenly pushed aside like everything else for some tou////ken shit? i feel like ishida could use the space he wasted on toeken interactions to shed light on more important matters, like perhaps have kaneki fucking TALK to all the other characters he has unresolved business with instead of dedicating an entire chapter to bad sex (god im still salty about that). that reminds me!!!!

i really hate what ishidas doing with kanekis characterization where he tosses literally everyone he ever cared about aside (didnt even bother talking to mutsuki when he showed up at :re like biiiih yall spent the last 3 years together have some common decency, or where he called toeka his best friend, like whats with hide????? i dont even like hide that much but ishida doin him dirty) to highlight tou///kas presence in his life? and you just KNOW that this’ll obviously end in her or the baby’s death. its tragic how ppl are so ready to see their fave be reduced to a petty love interest for breeding a baby and later on dying for his Man Pain™ just cause their ship became canon,,, makes me think that they dont care abt tou/ka as a character but only as an accessory to kaneki lmao..

im sorry this got a lil long but i hope i could explain myself well OTL