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hey i really love your blog all you pictures are so good and i know its new and im being kinda specific but could you do HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T the lyrics "I love you to death" and "Were we ever friends?" and "Hold me tight, or don't" and put them quiten small but right in the center of the picture? I'm im sorry i know im being so picky but its such a good song 💖💖

HECK i cant stop listening to that song lately 😭 it IS a really good song❤️ I’ll do it btw, thnks fr th rqst💕

small brain: what a catch donnie is just abt patricks insecurities

normal brain: what a catch donnie symbolizes fob transitioning into the hiatus

genius brain: what a catch donnie represents petes perspective on patricks development as a person throughout the years, his contributions to the music industry and fall out boy as a band. the scene in which patrick rescues the victims of the sinking ship is a metaphor for the lives of his friends and fans which hes influenced in such a positive way. in the end all good things must come to an end, even if its sad, because whats important is the friends we’ve made along the way and the impact we’ve had. but despite it all petes still thinks hes spiraling into a bad place, because crashing and burning is the only possible outcome for him, even if the rest of fob isn’t. what he cares about is what they want, even if its not he thinks the best for himself - the ship that sinks is fall out boy as a band, the other members escape it because they realize they need it right now, however pete is so attached that no matter how much it hurts him, he clings to it regardless

E n l i g h t e n e d  B r a i n :  P E T E  W E N T Z  I S  T H E  S E A G U L L

How to seduce the man you felt a connection with one (1) time, by Viktor Nikiforov:

Travel to his home without a word of warning and announce your intentions with your dick out

Ask him about his relationship status and hint that your dick is out

Tell him that you should sleep together on day one

When the first steps fail, bluntly try to inquire about his sexual orientation to make sure you didn’t misunderstand him during that one (1) connection

Come up with a program for your crush that solely focuses on sexual and erotic love

Be patient when your crush seems to have forgotten that he’s a sexual demon

Make sure to have your dick out and fully visible as much as possible during normal conversations

Approach your (naked) crush from behind (you should also be naked)

Initiate pda as much as possible

Congratulations! You have now seduced your crush, observe our success story:


#2 Morning Routine

more iwadai headcanons! :>

- iwaizumi is the bigger cuddler and kisser 

- daichi is not a morning person

- iwaizumi spoils him

- iwaizumi likes to work out but another reason he keeps it up is because he doesn’t want daichi to feel insecure about gaining weight ;v;

Traffic with the batfamily
  • *In a car*
  • Damian: Dont you do it Dick, you know how he gets
  • Dick: what? So I cant play..-
  • Jason: Hey, whats that CD?
  • Damian: WHAT THE FUCK DICK!!
  • Dick: DONT CUSS AT ME YOU ONLY 10!!!
  • Damian: IM 13!!
  • *Dick about to insert disc*
  • Tim: *gasp* Dont do it.. think about us, okay just take a moment..
  • Dick: there is no going back..
  • *Inserts disc*
  • Jason: Is this.. is this what I think it is
  • Tim: I am sorry Damian I tried to stop him
  • Damian: *Whispers* I actually dont understand the notes are quiet
  • Dick: *Whispers back* Do not act like you dont blast history maker in the car