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Eric Bittle with a snapchat.... Thoughts?

  • lowkey snapchat hoe, lbr
  • has streaks with every single one of his best friends
    • bad bob is one of them
      • their highest was 187
  • he’s one of those people who take pictures of their faces where it’s like their nose to their forehead it’s weird
  • he also likes to zoom in and out of his face but he’s making like. no facial expression, also weird
  • bitty was probably one of the first people to get snapchat, like back when it was called picaboo in 2011 or smth
  • is subscribed to buzzfeed, refinery, food network, tastemade, people, and espn
  • his stories are always 100+ seconds long. they’re a mix of random selfies, baking videos/tips, and pictures of/with his team
    • one time after jack and bitty come out, there’s a 300+ sec story just of jack’s butt in different positions/with different emojis
      • shitty cries at the sheer beauty of it
  • bitty also likes to post videos of himself lip syncing to songs (beyonce and nicki usually) and always tries to get the others into it
    • lardo and shitty are fair game, holster belts out the songs, ransom doesn’t really do it unless he’s drunk and jack is a 50/50 chance
  • he actually keeps his snapchat private for a while, but when his twitter starts to get into the thousands of followers he makes it public and starts putting links in his bio/youtube vids
  • is a dog filter HOE it’s so bad omg
  • will post pictures on instagram with the dog filter it’s a little ridiculous
  • again after they come out, bitty will snapchat jack’s hockey games and oh lord that boy goes ALL OUT
    • also bitty: FUCK HIM UP BABY!!! GO #1 BEAT HIS ASS
  • if he wakes up in the morning before Jack, bitty will grab his phone and snap a picture of his boyfriend, so peaceful in sleep and beautiful against the white sheets in the morning light
    • (shitty cries once again)
  • basically bitty loves snapchat and uses it quite frequently to appreciate things such as baking, jack’s butt, good music, jack’s butt, hockey games, and most importantly– jack’s butt
Hi, Honey

“Honey, I just left a silly voicemail on your phone, please don’t listen to it,” Bitty says on the other line, his voice stuffy like he’s been crying. “Delete it.”

“Wait, what? Bits. What’s wrong?

Jack’s heart is racing as he slides into his car, phone pressed hard against his ear. His shirt is damp from the rain, making it stick to his skin. He’s cold all over, from the worry or the weather he doesn’t know. There’d been… what, ten missed calls from Bitty? More?

“… Jack, I… I…,” Bitty starts, long stretches of silence between the words. “… Can we talk?”

Jack’s stomach nearly drops through the floor. He knows what those words mean, said them himself, before, once. Hearing them tumble out of Bitty’s mouth in a rush sets Jack’s whole world off balance. His head feels dizzy, and his throat is tightening up like he might cry, or puke. Outside, the rain beats heavy against his car, and there’s a thunder clap in the distance that rattles his bones.

“Yeah. Yes,” Jack forces out, his mouth dry.

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//tbh all the relationships i have with May (friendship, romantic, student-teacher, familial, etc) give me such happy feelings and i just want to cry because all of them will forever be special and cute an d im sorry y’all gotta put up with a baby like me but ilu and offer u my he a rt

Casey walked around aimlessly, not entirely sure what he was looking for, if he was really looking for anything at all. He admired the twinkling lights of the ferris wheel and the other various carnival rides. Smiling as kids clumsily ran by him to get to the next attraction. Casey’s head snapped up as he heard screams, watching a roller coaster fly by him. Unfortunately, Casey’s feet kept moving as his eyes watched the fast ride, “Oh je- I am so sorry.” He apologized, as he realized that he crossed paths with another and almost practically knocked them to the ground. “I wasn’t paying attention, sorry.” 

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Gosh this is adorable?? Okay okay

So they’re probably in their late teens, still living at home, working to save up enough to get their own place. Brooklyn’s in that awkward not-really-winter-but-not-yet-spring phase, so it’s damp and chilly outside. Steve is really looking forward to the warmer weather because that means going out more and staying out later which means girls (and fellas (and Bucky)) which, wait… means dancing.

So Bucky, like the good ol’ pal he is (he is absolutely not going to get anything out of this, of course not, he’s just helping out a friend, yeah, that’s all), is all, “Hey Stevie, if you’re so keen on dancin’, I could show you a few steps sometime.” And Steve absolutely beams at this. Because even if he hasn’t realized that oh, hey, I’m kind of in love with my best friend yet, he still craves being close to Bucky in a way that he can’t really explain.

It’s a few days later before Steve actually takes him up on the offer. They’re in Steve’s apartment and his ma is at work so it’s just the two of them. Dinner is boiling on the stove, so while they’re waiting Bucky is listening to a game on the radio and Steve is in the corner under the window staring blankly at his art journal. Eventually he shuts it and stands, reaching out his hand to help up Bucky.

“I think I’m ready for those dance lessons,” he says, smiling. They’re both in their socks and undershirts, so when Bucky grins and pulls him close, Steve can’t really help but blush. (And if it goes a little further down than his belly, well, who can blame him?)

“Just follow me, babydoll,” Bucky tells him, and when Steve tries to hit him for the name, all Bucky does is throw his head back and laugh. Which makes Steve kind of want to kiss him. Oh God.

They go on like that for a while, shuffling back and forth in a slow movement. Bucky’s murmuring encouragements all the time, “Yeah, you got it,” and “That’s right, keep doing it just like that”. Somehow Steve ends up actually standing on Bucky’s feet while he leads them, Steve’s hands wrapped around Bucky’s waist and shoulder as he moves them around the apartment. All the while Steve’s moaning and griping, apologizing for every misstep and looking up sheepishly when he stumbles.

And, god, they are so close. Steve knows this isn’t really the kind of dancing that goes on at the halls, but Bucky’s presence is so warm and inviting that he can’t really complain. He’s tempted to lean his head on Bucky’s shoulder but he doesn’t want to ruin this moment between them, so he just keeps himself still, following Bucky’s movements.

And they don’t kiss, at least not this time. But the dance lessons do continue, and after a particularly bad double date where Bucky’s gal was just trying to get back at her dad and Steve’s wanted nothing to do with them, Steve just grabs Bucky’s hand and starts dancing in the middle of their kitchen. It’s close to one in the morning and they’re both exhausted and a little tipsy, but when they bump noses and Bucky presses his lips against Steve’s, it just about feels like the best goddamn thing ever.


“Could mean something to someone, how I’d love to play that part!”

In both the beginning and the end of the movie, Anna is seen pulling someone while by the arm while saying “Come on, come on, come on!”. Now this could just be a coincidence, but it could also be a very crucial aspect of her character.

Anna is a bubbly girl who is usually overenthusiastic and over excited. I could easily see her pulling someone to show them something cool every day. But she hasn’t.

Anna was first pulling down Elsa so that they could have fun in the snow. So that her sister could be happy since she knew her sister loved to make snow. However, after this night, everything stopped. Elsa stopped talking to her and she couldn’t make her sister happy anymore. She probably thought that she even made her sister sad and angry. And she was alone. With no one to share happiness with…

…until Kristoff.

After the whole adventure, Anna starts pulling Kristoff to show him his new sled. She is so excited even though the surprise is for him. Why?

Because she can finally make someone she loves happy again.

(please ignore my terrible, terrible graphic) hello friends! since everyone’s doing follow forevers, I decided to join in on all the fun :) this blog is pretty new so I don’t follow too many people, but the ones that I do are amazing and kind and love their gay superheroes as much as I do. I hope to become friends with all of you at some point, and I wish everyone a happy new year ❤

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No matter how much love, validation, attention, acceptance, etc Bitty gives Jack, it will not fix him. He’s still going to have anxiety and bad days. He’s still going to hate himself a lot. Because things like that aren’t fixed by someone else loving you–they’re fixed by you learning to love yourself.

sailor kiss!


  • hoon as sailor moon
  • kevin as sailor venus 
  • eli as sailor mars 
  • kiseop as sailor mercury 
  • jaeseop as sailor jupiter 

also starring: 

  • soohyun as tuxedo mask
  • jun as sailor chibi moon

with recurring appearances by: 

  • alexander as sailor uranus
  • kibum as sailor neptune
  • manager shim as sailor pluto (lmao sorry)
  • dongho as sailor saturn