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GOT7 as gang members.

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“ugh.” ace had his hands covering his cheeks, simply embarrassed by the outcome of this night. stood up…again by his stupid boyfriend, who seemingly cared more about well…anything else but him right now. even more so, this restaurant was a place he regularly went to and now he looked like a fool in front of the waitress. she seemed to be sending him sympathy glances all night, along with the manager who knew him as well. why did he have to make friends with everyone he met? it was a blessing and a curse. “stupid, stupid me…” he mumbled to himself, blinking away any tears that were starting to form. he was even garnering looks from the tables next to him, a family of four who were whispering among themselves and even an elderly couple that had been staring at him for the past 10 minutes. he should just leave, it was better that way. he started to get up from his seat, and grab his petticoat jacket, tucking it beneath his arms. “so much for date night.”

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Could you do a scenario where 2 of the members get into a fight (like Mark vs. Jackson, JB vs. Jr., etc.), then the other members take sides, and Yugyeom is left to be the peacemaker?

After rushing to the toilet during their practice break, Yoogyeom came back to a divided practice room. At the wall closest to the door was Jaebum, Jackson, and Bam Bam eyeing the other far corner of the room (Jinyoung, Mark, and Youngjae).

“What’s going on?” Yoogyeom coughed, earning all six of the members’ attentions.

“Maknae!” They all screamed in unison. The older ones surrounded their giant maknae.

“How’s our little maknae?” Jackson cooed as he lightly pinched his cheeks.

Mark quickly smacked Jackson’s hand off of Yoogyeom. “Yah! Don’t touch him! Did he say you could pinch his cheeks?”

“Did he say that you could slap me?” Jackson barked back as Bam Bam pulled him back before anything else happened.

“Yoogyeom-ah, Jinyoung hyung can cook up your favourite dinner tonight if you want,” Jinyoung smiled as he nudge his younger but taller friend.

“Forget that!” Jaebum interrupted, pushing Jinyoung aside. “You won’t have to do chores for the rest of the month!”

“That’s counter productive!” Jinyoung protested.

“You’re the one bribing him with food!” Jaebum argued back. “You’re going to make him fat!”

“The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach first!” Jinyoung huffed as Youngjae held him back from any other comment.

“YAH!” Yoogyeom cried out. His hyungs stopped their fighting and looked up at him. “What happened when I was gone?”

Youngjae sighed. “Well, y'know how we were deciding where to eat for dinner?”

“I said we should go to the pizzeria in Gangnam because it’s been so long since we ate pizza as a group,” Mark said.

“And I said that we should go to a galbi restaurant because we deserve a nice meat dinner after working so much,” Jackson added.

Yoogyeom blankly stared at his hyungs. “..That’s it?”

“Basically,” Bam Bam nodded.

“Look,” Jaebum sighed. “Let’s just all agree to go to the galbi restaurant and call it a night, alright?”

“Um, excuse me?” Jinyoung asked with a raised brow. Yoogyeom sighed and made his way over to the black couch, far away from his bickering hyungs.

“You’re excused,” Jaebum snickered as Jackson and Bam Bam joined.

“Yah!” Mark yelled pointing at Jackson. “I thought you were the one who said you wanted pizza the other night?”

“Just because I wanted pizza two nights ago doesn’t mean I want pizza tonight,” Jackson replied.

“Yeah, plus, Jaebum hyung doesn’t like western food!” Bam Bam added.

“Ha!” Youngjae let out a laugh. “That’s funny, because last night hyung was talking in his sleep about how much he wanted fried chicken and hamburgers.”

Jaebum glared at Youngjae, who then glared back. “That was low.”

“Y'know what else is low?” Jinyoung interrupted. “The price of pizza. And do you know how much galbi cost? Dinner for one costs about 36,000 won*!”

“A good quality meal costs a lot, Jinyoung-ah!” Jaebum said as he pushed his head against Jinyoung’s forehead.

As his hyungs kept arguing, Yoogyeom carefully made his way past his them to sneak out of the door. “Why are you all like this?” he sighed as he quietly opened the door and left the room.

Just as the older six kept arguing, Mark tapped Jinyoung. “Where’d Yoogyeom go?" The others grew silent as they looked around the room to see that their maknae was nowhere in sight.

The members checked around the room and the smaller room near the couch. Yoogyeom wasn’t in sight. Still divided, the members sat on the couch. "Nice going, guys,” Jackson scoffed. “You scared our little maknae away!”

“We scared him away?” Youngjae questioned. “We weren’t the ones who were making death glares!”

Jackson almost stood up from his end of the couch, making Youngjae flinch. Luckily, Jaebum was there to block Jackson and calm him down while Jinyoung was there to comfort Youngjae.

Mark moved from sitting to the armrest to sitting onto the floor. Bam Bam mimicked his hyung’s movements on the other side. “Oh, so now you’re copying my moves too, huh?”

Bam Bam scrunched his nose at Mark. “Maybe my butt just happen to grow numb at the same time!”

Just then, Yoogyeom barged through the door with three plastic bags hanging on his arm. He was hugging two liters worth of iced tea and his free hands held chopsticks. “I’m back,” he smiled.

He walked over to his hyungs who looked more confused than ever. “Where did you go?” Jinyoung asked.

Yoogyeom laid the bags on the floor and untied them, revealing seven bowls of jjajangmyeon. The members all gasped as their mouths water just by the smell. “I was waiting for the delivery guy outside the building,” Yoogyeom replied as he passed out a bowl to all of his hyungs. “They’re still hot, so be careful when you uncover the plastic wrap.”

“Did you do this while we were– fighting?” Jaebum asked as the members began to open their bowls and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the smell of the sauce with the noodles.

Yoogyeom sat down on the floor between Bam Bam and Mark as he opened his bowl and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. “Yup!” he smiled as he began to mix the noodles and the sauce. “I figured you guys were more hungry than angry at each other, so I ordered food while I was laying on the couch.”

The older six looked at each other and frowned. “Sorry for all of that,” Jaebum apologized to their maknae. 

“It’s true,” Jinyoung nodded. “We were just hungry. You know how we get when we’re hungry.” The others nodded and laughed as they began to eat.

“Mark hyung, do you want me to feed you the mushrooms?” Bam Bam asked as he crawled over to the other side. “I know they’re your favourite~”

Mark smiled as he opened his mouth so that Bam Bam could place a mushroom in it. “Thanks, Bam Bam,” Mark said with a happy expression.

“Yah,” Youngjae grinned as he poured himself a cup of iced tea that Yoogyeom brought along. “Leave it to Yoogyeom-ah to settle this stupid argument!”

Yoogyeom looked up and smiled as he saw that his hyungs weren’t arguing anymore.

“But wait–” Jackson said as he swallowed the food in his mouth. “What are we going to eat tomorrow night?”


* 36,000 won is equivalent to $33.50 USD, which is more expensive than your average steak dinner.