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Jojo parts as Florida man headlines
  • Part 1:Florida Man Dances on Top of Police Cruiser to Ward Off Vampires
  • Part 2:Florida Man Under Extreme Stress Forgets How to Stand
  • Part 3:Florida Man Who Had Sex with Dolphin Says It Seduced Him
  • Part 4:Florida Man Attacks Nephew Over Undercooked Noodles
  • Part 5:Florida Man Steals Clothes, Bites Security Guard, Flees in Gold Convertible
  • Part 6:Florida Man High on Flakka Rams Car into Jail to "Visit Friends"
  • Part 7:Florida Man Puts Dragon Lizard in His Mouth, Smacks People With It
  • Part 8:Florida Man Resists Arrest While Dressed in Boy Scout Costume

“He always tries to talk to me whenever he sees me.” 

((Huehue look at him blushu ))

One of the main thing I wish for magi’s ending is that it won’t turn out like most series, where all the characters end up in a relationship. As if it was an obligation to be in a (mostly forced) romantic relationship to be happy or to have a complete and successful life… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me being intolerant, but it always made me a bit sad/frustrated when some of my favorite series ended like this (not that I’m mad about the current amount of canon relationships in magi, though)

local queer art student has $24 to live on for the next month

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thanks everybody i love y’all <3

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lmao christ rosso i was just chilling on my bed scrolling thru your tumblr on my phone this morning and when i got to the Reigen Porn i literally threw my phone away and had to sit up for a good minute to mentally prepare for it. bless ur soul (also m-more pls)

skfdjhfsd sdafj anon,, ♥

so ive been rewatching gilmore girls (for the millionth time lmao) and i still just cant stand jess! like ive had people say to me before the reason i don’t like jess/rory is because i love logan/rory but like… i hated jess the moment he came into the show and i still hate him now!! 

the first time i ever watched the show i went into it with my friends telling me that the jess/rory relationship was the best one but i just dont see it? he was so awful. like a terrible person and i know he was only a teenager and he had ‘development’ but please.

also about the whole ‘character development’ that he had - all we know about jess as an adult is that he published a book and has a job. big woop. we saw him for one episode, how are we supposed to know anything about him from that? he could still be a terrible person for all we know!

a lot of people completely ignore logan’s actual character development and that fact that he started to grow up and got a proper job and stuff. we actually see all of this happening. 

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it's alyssa again, did you get my ask about the concert in colorado? if you didnt, i'm gonna tell you about it again, because i am obnoxious and the happiest person on the planet. GOOD GOD WAS IT FUCKING AMAZING OR WHAT BRENDON TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF AND DID TWO BACKFLIPS AND THEY PLAYED THE FIRST EIGHT SONGS OFF DOAB AND HE TALKED ABOUT SPENCER BEFORE THIS IS GOSPEL AND DRUM BATTLED WITH DAN AND IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I CRIED HAPPY TEARS FOR TWO HOURS <3 <3 <3 -alyssa

i probably did but i havent been goin thru my inbox lately bc im lazy fhfjhchjsdfgf sorry about that but that sounds SO GOOD!!! im glad u had fun omg!!!  i love when he does two backflips in one night

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Oh god my ex did the same thing, but she did it after we broke up and it was so fucked up and embarrassing because she sent them to all my friends. Trust me dude if the person your dating is so quick to share something so personal with no second thoughts theirs no doubt theyll also have no problem sharing other things. Like holy fuck dude my ex is a pretty popular artist on deviantart and after we broke up she posted a rant that included my personal life and location it was disgusting

omg im sorry about this & it’s disgusting but i was kidding !!! it didn’t rly happen, i just felt like fucking w/ my Wife 

but srsly im sorry mate that’s a really shitty thing for someone to do  

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I ended up on your moorim school rants and it REKINDLED MY HATE FOR SHIWOO and his stupid love plot. okay the plot & the magic key business didn't make any fucking sense to me in the first place but my heart still hurts for chiang and his need to prove himself and how HE JUST COULD NEVER CATCH A BREAK. ok I don't even remember the plot now so idk what exactly happened but I remember I had a shitton of feels for chiang and im glad someone feels me. i fucking hate shiwoo sorry im super emotional

LOL omg i just about forgot about those. MOORIM SCHOOL MADE ME SO MAD ON A REGULAR BASIS there was so much more they could’ve done with it but they saCRIFICED ALL THAT POTENTIAL FOR LOVE TRIANGLE BULLSHIT

shiwoo was some straight up BULLSHIT

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I know exactly how you feel I'm heavy harassed at school and some times social media my teachers won't do a thing my mom just tells me to hang in there and my friends tell me to either beat them up or ignore them and it makes school almost unbearable because like about 20ish different people say and do a bunch of stuff to me

awww! im so sorry to hear about that! omg :( I dont know what to say, I also used to be bullied at school but at the end of the day, I got thrpugh it so I know that you can remain strong, but please if you can try to get help! you dont have to do it alone (also sorry about the late reply! im not very active on here)

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