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hi so u know i said i was gonna tell u more about my helljob right–?

scratch that; it doesn’t matter now – i just came home to my sister crying because she got kicked out of the Ticket Sale Website because she put in the wrong login info (AXX or whatever, i dont know anyhting about how these ticket websites work – also the girl is a nervous wreck;; she did have a pre-sale code that a friend gave her but the website booted her out for some glitchy reason) and the VVIP ticket was almost within her reach ((she’s been saving up for a Seventeen Concert since last year)) and idk mmm I really want her to be able to go to their concert with a VVIP ticket (She likes the Woozi guy) – afaik it’s sold out now from the official site so the only chance is if someone else sells their ticket or something

She tells me she’s willing to pay double or more for the ticket if there’s anyone who is willing to sell us one VVIP ticket ((i can pay more in addition as well – as bad as it looks i do have savings ^o^ – even do commissions or whatever it takes – and you’ll have my undying loyalty and gratitude)) for Seventeen’s NY concert :0

The concert is around her birthday next month and I would really love for her to go and see them ((my birthday is this month but all I want is for my sister to achieve this dream of hers)) So uhh, yeah this is a very long shot but if you know anyone who is selling a Seventeen VVIP ticket please let me know ((to recap, yes we’re willing to buy – we have the money (to some degree – we don’t have the thousand+ for it im so sorry) and we’re not asking to get it for free ;;0;; asjkdhasjd)) Thank you!!!

EDIT: she got one!! somebody sold her a vvip ticket at almost double the price but it was worth it AAA i’m so happy for her (she checked it was legit)!! ^o^ Thanks to everyone who read/liked/reblogged and also offered their help ^__^ we appreciate it so much <3


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Hi! Can you please do a RFA+V reacts to an MC that constantly trash talks Rika please ❤️

A/N: God damn I hate Rika lemme at her ~Admin 404

if y'all are reading this and actually like Rika im sorry but she can catch these fists

(EDIT DUE TO ALL OF THE RECENT V/RIKA DISCOURSE: seriously guys i do respect if you like Rika, but you have to respect if I dont like her, okay? We’re human, we like and dislike different people and that is okay. Just be respectful, because honestly? Attacking others due to what they like is just /fucked/ up, okay? I love you all so please;; ^^;;)


           -MC please stop that

           -He like WORSHIPS his cousin

           -Even after everything is done he still does and he just

           -Why would you say such nasty things about his cousin??? MC that isn’t alright

           -Throws fits all the time. Full on will pout and throw himself to the floor until you apologize

           -HATES IT

           -Loves you, but hates the things you say about his cousin

           -He’s very loving to absolutely everyone and cannot wrap his head around why you would say such mean things about his own family???

           -You work on keeping your opinions to yourself and he’s so proud of you <3

           - but you mainly hold your tongue because you love him and yandere yoosung is scary




           -He thought Rika was really sweet!

           -Of course he was closer with V than he was with Rika and all, but he never saw a reason to dislike her

           -Every time you go to say something bad about her, he’s right there with a finger to your lips

           -“No MC, you don’t talk ill about people, it makes you ugly on the inside”

           - you talk bad about jumin though so like um should we talk about that zen

           -Now yes, you’re allowed to have you opinions, as long as you express them without hate

           -Hate is very strong, MC, don’t just throw it around

           -Eventually you just…kinda stop? Because you don’t end up saying anything anyway since he’s always right there to remind you that it’s bad to talk about people


           -She wasn’t very close to Rika (Since she joined the RFA late and all)

           -But she thought she was a nice and kind person

           - so pure so innocent

           -So when you say something negative about her the first time she’s surprised

           -First, she never expected you to be the type to talk shit about others

           -Second she just can’t see why you would say such things about Rika???

           -Most of the time she just lets you say what you want because they weren’t close enough to know what she was truly like and defend her

           -Like she can’t confirm nor deny that she’s crazy, it’s your opinion and she can’t change that

           -Isn’t the type to talk shit but she’s definitely down for a little gossip if you wanna tone it down a bit

           -As long as you take into consideration other people’s feelings  *coughYoosungcough* and don’t say anything to intentionally harm someone, whatever MC


           -“MC you shouldn’t talk like that”

           - i can talk how i wanna thank you very much mr trustfund kid

           -He obviously knows she’s done some bad things but he can’t talk ill about her

           -Sure he used to have feelings for her and all but that’s not what keeps him from being negative

           -He’s just not the type so see a point in it

           -What will talking shit bring you? What will it fix? What use is it? There is no use for it

           -You can talk all you want but most of the time he just stays quiet and lets it slide

           -But some of the words that come out of your mouth MC, how can such a pretty mouth say such dirty words

           - lets see how dirty your mouth can get, wink wonk im soRRY

           -Just please don’t say anything extremely rude, he doesn’t like it, people deserve some sort of level of respect


           -Preeeetty sure he’d hate her at the end of it all because???

           -She brain washed his brother and all this shit?????

           -No thank you

           -Wouldn’t say anything when you say negative things about her

           -Gets quiet and just nods

           -He doesn’t bring anything up but if you’re already talking about her, he’ll input his opinion if you want it

           -Actually thinks it’s a little funny? Because you’re just so feisty and just bring it up randomly

           -Y'all could be laying in bed, 2 AM, almost asleep, and you just whisper “god I hate her”

           -And he can’t help but laugh because it’s just so out of nowhere

           -Just wow MC, you can hold a grudge can’t you?


           -MC that was the love of his life at one time

           -Yes, he knows that she’s crazy but he still loved her

           -Yes, he loves you now, but still

           -He isn’t the type to hold grudges or to really talk ill about someone

           -Understands that you’re angry about everything she’s done and everything she’s put him through

           -Lowkey takes it as a compliment because wow you love me this much to hate this person

           -But is also like “MC hate is a strong word- MC YOU SHOULDN’T CALL ANYONE THAT NAME THAT IS A BAD WORD”

           - okay but listen v,,,,, am i wrong???? no i am not

           -Just quietly listens to you rant and say what you want most of the time because you’re allowed to have your own opinions

           -But you can’t help but apologize because?? He’s so sweet and it’s kind of heartbreaking to talk about his past love that way when it was very obvious he really loved her


           -“Fuck her she’s crazy” “I know right?”

           -Seriously I think he’d talk shit too

           -Like sure at one point he was like “THIS IS MY SAVIOUR” but once he’s gotten help and like out of her control

           -Wouldn’t you talk shit too??

           -At the beginning I’m sure he’d get angry and tell you to just knock it off

           -But as time goes on I think he’d start to realize how terrible she really is

           -So go ahead MC, trash talk all you want

           -He’ll just nod along or tell you some things you didn’t even know about her

           -Loves the fire you get in your eyes when you talk about it though because WOW

           -You care about him that much??? To have these feelings towards her??? That strongly???

Someone (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

TW: a lil bit of smut, angst, offensive humor, and swearing

Words: 2,428

Requested: yes! 


           Biology was a subject made by the devil. Learning about cells and other useless things was never the first thing on your mind. You wanted to be a writer, a poet, anything that didn’t relate to science. Sitting in your biology class made time go by at the pace of molasses. The class consisted of you, barely listening, scratching down lines of poems in the back of your notebook.

           There was only one kid in your class who liked the work. Jared fucking Kleinman. The kid was a dork. You could practically see the imprints of his computer screen monitor in his glasses. All he ever did was answer questions without trying. When he would complete his work, he bothered the rest of his friends with dark memes that he either made or found on the internet; you could never tell which one it was.

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Awkward Encounters

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  can i request a scenario where steve accidentally walks in on the reader changing for the mission and awkwardness ensues on the quinjet ride and maybe bucky or sam teases steve about it (knowing that steve and the reader like each other)?

A/N: i wrote about steve like three days ago but ive been writing so much peter (not that im complaing) that i forgot about the man that this blog was literally formed around so here is this (not edited)(sorry)

Originally posted by bluebrooklynkid

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lbr nuest only got this far because of their fandom

Nu’est could barely fill a 100 person fan signing event during Love Paint era. Canvas sold less than the albums of other rookie groups. It may seem like they have a large fandom but most of the buzz you hear are new fans. And old fans were mostly international. Their Korean fandom was not large. 

They’re also not being voted for as a group. If they were Minki wouldn’t be so low compared to 2Hyun. They’ve gained a LOT of individual fans and I sincerely hope those fans stay on as LO/\ES. 

Let’s be real, the only reason you’re grasping at straws is because you feel threatened by them. I’m sorry if your favorites weren’t ranked high, I really am. It hurts to love someone and then see them be treated unfairly. But Nu’est didn’t do that to them. Mnet played a part in it through lack of screen time, or evil editing. Luck is also another player. But Nu’est has never stolen the center from someone, or purposely talked bad about someone, or done anything other than be friendly and supportive to the other trainees.

I hope you follow their example and learn to be friendly and supportive to fans of other trainees, too. 

coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo”

Requested by my darling @c-3pno, I hope you like it babe!

Feel free to send a request!

Please do not repost/ use without permission

Cat's out of the bag - Harry/Wroetoshaw

Pairing: Harry/Wroetoshaw & Y/N
Words: 840
Warning(s): a few bad words
A/N: this is so damn late im so sorry and its kinda short so sorry about that
Request/summary:  Can you make an imagine where Y/N and Harry are cuddling while watching a movie and they fall asleep on each other and the Cals sees them and takes a picture of them and post it on social media?

As you finished editing the last of your videos that would be going up while you were on holiday next month you got a skype call request from your boyfriend. Fixing yourself slightly you accepted it, your boyfriends comfortable form pop onto the screen. He was snuggled into his duvet that he had wrapped around his shoulders.
“Babeeee,” he whined, pouting slightly.
Chuckling lightly, you answered him, “Whatttt.”
He smiled as he answered, “I’m finished all my work now and I miss you. I need you to come over, right now, no excuses. We need to cuddle and watch a movie and maybe take a nap…” He trailed off in thought.
You laugh at his demand, although with not much power behind it due to the yawn he took half way through it. You agree and say that you’ll be at his in 10 minutes.

You put on some leggings, loose hoodie, and a pair of vans, not wanting to wait too long to get there.
Harry answered his door, messy hair, pj bottoms on and the duvet still wrapped around his shoulders. He opened his arms and pulled you into the flat and into his warm blanket cocoon.
He had already put a movie on in the background, a stupid comedy that you had both seen 100 times already. He removed his duvet and lay down on the sofa, pulling your hand that was closest to him and pulling you down on top of him, covering us up with the blanket.
He wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, hugging you closer to him, placing tiny kisses to your forehead.
“I missed you, so much.” He whispered, not wanting to destroy the soft atmosphere that had been created around you.
“I missed you too.” You replied, placing a kiss to his chest.
“I can’t wait to do this while its sunny when we go to Italy.” He said, rubbing his hand in small circles across your back.
You hummed and felt your eyes slowly getting heavier, falling asleep to the slow breaths he was taking.

Harry’s other two roommates, Cal, and Lux, had been out around London shopping. While you were both sleeping on the sofa, they had arrived home.
Cal walked over to the sofa, seeing that the movie was playing the menu repeatedly, and found you and harry cuddled up under a warm pile of blankets.
“Oi Lux, get over here.” He whispered, getting his phone out of his pocket.
He took a picture of the two of them and went on to his Twitter, captioning the photo with “wanted to watch tv but these two are hogging the sofa 😫”

You woke up to your phone going off incessantly with notifications.
You felt Harry stirring underneath you due to the noise as well. Moving slightly to get your phone from your hoodie pocket, you looked to see what the commotion was. Harry doing the same.
Finally getting onto Twitter after your phone froze four times, you found why everyone was freaking out.
“CALLUM!” Harry shouted, evidently getting to the picture at the same time as you did. “You fucker, why the hell would you do that!”
You sat up, going to one end of the sofa, pulling your legs up to your chest. You scrolled through what everyone was saying, while attempting to block out the shouting going on in the flat around you.
As you read, you found confused messages, excited messages, happy messages, but had not get come across any rude or hurtful ones. Harry’s viewers knew of you, being in the back of the boys’ vlogs and snapchats and such, but just assumed you were just friends with them. Which you were, but that wasn’t the only reason you were there.

“Harry,” you said, interrupting his shouting at the two boys.
He looked over to you, seeing how you were curled up and staring at your phone and assuming the worst.
He got up on his knees, shuffling over to you and wrapping his arms around you tightly.
“Hey, it’s okay, we’ll get it sorted.” He whispered, running his hand through your hair in a comforting manner.
“No, Harry, look.” You said, giving him your phone and letting him scroll through the messages of support for the both of you.
“I know I shouldn’t have posted it, but everyone is really supportive of the both of you. You’ve been going out for a year and a half, I think it’s time that we don’t have to nit-pick our vlogs to make sure you aren’t making out in the back ground.” Cal said, laughing.
“Yeah I guess so,” Harry replied, chuckling softly. He looked up from your phone and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

About an hour or so later both you and Harry put up tweets with a cute picture you had taken, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”


so I was rambling about thanatos/ryoji possessing yu on twitter the other day and…

(using some screenshots instead for the commentary)

edit: I might be continuing more doodles of these on twitter but probably won’t be uploading them here until I have enough to make a more full photoset on tumblr 

edit: some more here and here

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probably a dumb question but what is a hixtape?? i've been seeing it on twitter and the fans use it to refer to jhope's mixtape but idk the difference :c

Hixtape is just mixtape + h(oseok). Nothing too complicated. Just a nickname they made as a way to refer to Hoseok’s (upcoming) mixtape.

hello, do you know if the puma shoes are limited time only?

Not quite sure. Probably not since they do have a fansign campaign for this shoe release (each shoe comes with a ticket for a BTS PUMA fansign held in Seoul that has yet to be announced). Also they didn’t disclose that it is limited edition, so I hope it isn’t…I’m honestly worried about this to since I won’t be able to buy my shoes until Aug 10…

Hi did u guys ever get a question about bts mvs? Im not sure if my ask went through the other day

No I’m sorry we did not. Would you mind sending it again?
- Kylie


Nekoma High ☆ Kozume Kenma ☆ || 音駒高校 - 孤爪研磨 ( insp. )

↳ Requsted by Anonymous ♡ . *:・゚✧

I never made many friends. I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them. And yet, I’m very concerned about what others think of me. My nerves were always on edge, because I didn’t want to be noticed. My only buddy was Kuroo, who is my age and lives nearby. I don’t particularly like sports, but I’ve played volleyball for a long time..

So, um, Beekeeper, where are we heading off to?

Beexton. It’s a small little settlement right along the
river. We’ve got about, oh, three-hundred people or so,
and our main exports are honey, metal, and books.

And you just know all that off the top of your head?

Well, a mayor best know most about their town, I

(an aesthetic for Beexton and its inhabitants for anon)


Hey! How’s your day?

Well, Would you mind reading this opinion I have regarding shipping whoever in ANS? Thank you then. If you don’t, you can always scroll down.

So, first of all, I’m not always in tumblr because I need to focus on my academics. I’m not updated on whatever shit is happening in this site. Especially on my fandoms.

And when I checked, I’m surprised on how some people changed their ships and how big the fandom has become. I’ve been a fan of Akagami No Shirayukihime since it’s not that popular, meaning smaller number of fans. I remember reading the fanfictions and just being happy with it published. The times when I reread the first arc again and again. In all honesty, I just want it to stay like that.

The problem I always encounter while being on the fandom is the shipping wars. And the most talked about right now is Shirayuki x Obi and the canon (for now, no ones knows) Shirayuki x Zen.

((I am updated with the manga. I just finished the latest chapter. (still amazed by her amazing art syle) Oh, did I mention I’m a Shirayuki x Zen trash? ))

To my fellow Zenyuki shippers, please don’t hate those who changed their ship because If you reread the manga, there’s really an unspoken bond between the two. Obi had that character that fans love. And they had been together more than Zen.( I think? Correct me if I’m wrong please) And some like stories where the second guy can get the girl. (I’m one of them)

I admit, I’m sad that almost everyone changed their ship. But who can I blame? Everyone has their own preferences.

Please know that I’m not saying this to my fellow zenyki trash, but to everyone that has ships within this fandom. I will not coerce you into shipping my ship, but tell you that it’s okay to ship who you ship. It’s your life anyway.

Shirayuki x Zen, Obi x Shirayuki, Zen x Obi, Obi x Shirayuki x Zen, Mitsuhide x Kiki, Zen x Mitsuhide, Kiki x Obi, Izana x Shirayuki, Raji x Shirayuki.

Shirayuki can form her own harem with this guys. (omg i just imagined it)

Anyways, I know there are already others who wrote things like this but can we just relax and think about the whole thing without being upset? Handle it like Shirayuki handles things.

If you don’t like it, ignore it :) saves you from being stressed.

(oh god im sorry if this wont make sense)

Oh, and I want to thank you guys for the follows! Those always make my day :))

Just tell me if I should delete this post if it just causes more fights! Thank you!

Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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why do you hate the 4th of July :o

Im sorry if I seem flippant but I can’t tell if this is a joke or not??

Edit: Okay, you were serious, so… Myriad of reasons. Reasons I’d think were… laughably obvious? Nationalistic fervor is poison, mindless patriotism kills, the history of the founding of this country is one of genocide, I’m not one to buy into a holiday that’s 50% insidious fanaticism propaganda and 50% conspiratorial capitalistic marketing, the Fourth isn’t even the actual day the Declaration was signed anyway, I’m ashamed of the US and all it stands for? The Founding Fathers were slaveowners, the system itself is corrupt, and the people I share this stolen land with elected a monster to lead us. Each and every sparkly, expensive, wasteful firework in the sky every Fourth of July doesn’t make up for the millions of indigenous lives lost to the white man’s guns and disease and greed. This lovely, hypocritical ‘free’ country is trying to take away my medicine and deport my family and murder my friends on the street. It’s funny because I apparently have the right to party and no other basic human rights. Why would I enjoy a day dedicated to obnoxiously circle-jerking about our fascist nightmare of a country? I wouldn’t willingly wave an American flag today unless I were about to burn it. I hope that sums it up okay.

Ohm revealing himself(maybe not) Edited

Guys I think Ohm is gonna revel himself at the 2017 choice award. He’s tweeting things about positive body types lately.

I know we’d be proud no matter what he looks like but every day he probably sees high expectation fan art n stuff.. it would make him worry..

And it’s a huge honor and a huge reason.. I just don’t know.. it has just been on my mind.. I thought someone should say something

-Edit- Okay so it looks like I made a post about something that I had no idea about what happened or what I was getting into. Things about exploded a little. It looking better tho! I wanted to apologise about not doing all of my research and asking questions before posting. I probably dragged alot of others into either what’s happening or made their hopes fly or crash n burn. I just wanted to say Im sorry.