im sorry about how bad this is

if you’re stressed about your grades/future: “you are young and you will take your damn time.”

A few days ago I had an emotional breakdown about my future (surprise lol.) It’s not as though this doesn’t happen daily, but it’s dawned on me that I couldn’t even discern my true desires from what my lack of self confidence was trying to feed me.

I allowed self-deprecation to get the best of me, and it turned an erroneous decision into one that seemed the most “right for my situation.” I had a plan. But I was not confident nor happy with that plan, so I fell apart. 

Parked in front of my dad’s house, I voiced the concern that–although I thought was a result of flakiness–actually stemmed from an acute source of insecurity. 

My dad then turned around and told me something that I’m positive will stay with me forever. 

“Don’t you dare feel like you have limited options based on your past mistakes. You are not limited and you will never BE limited. Don’t rule any opportunity out right now. You’re not running out of options, you just haven’t found all of them yet. You have so much power left.

I asked him what power a teen/young adult could have, and he looked at me with so much conviction and said, “Youth. You have youth, and youth itself holds so much power. You’re only 17. I wish I were 17. I wish I had that much more left in me, but I don’t. You are 17, you are young, and you will take your damn time.” 

I initially interpreted this as a projection of his own regret. But now, I interpret it as empowerment. I think about it whenever I feel completely overwhelmed by all that I have left to do. Why should I consider quitting now? I’m only 17. Many of you are also of high school, college, or graduate school age, and we have such a long way to go. We’re only so young, and compared to our parents–people who have so many decades of experience under their belt–we don’t know the half of what life has to offer us. And that’s ok, because we have so much left to experience. 

In college, I want to explore different courses. I want to find something that’s right for me, but in order to do so, I need breadth of experience rooted in thoughtful discussion and exposure to a range of things. Although I love art, I want to obtain a liberal arts education as well. And finally having said this, I realized that whatever I thought was “right” was only only a thinly veiled attempt to evade my insecurities.

Records don’t matter. Grades are trifling in the grand scheme of things. My future job is only a portion of what will comprise the best days of my life. Bad teachers, vague assignments, tough environments–I can trudge through the difficulties and I will prosper, because that’s what I can do as someone with youth on my side. This isn’t to say that someone who is older doesn’t have the same privilege. My dad wants to continue to program, and all the more power to him!

But that only exemplifies how much time we have as people who are so young. We have a leg up, and I’m certain that we need to utilize the extra time, stamina, opportunity, and youth that we have to make decisions based on our own situations–not on what other people expect of us, and certainly not according to what our stress and anxiety wants us to believe. 

(The last bit is incredibly difficult, I know. But it’s a process!) 

This isn’t to say that I’m not going to worry and stress. I will! Hell, I’m stressed right now just writing this. But I’m improving. 

Ironically, this studyblr doesn’t thrive in standardized education. This studyblr struggles not with content, but with structure. This studyblr is really nervous about the coming year. But even then, I still have so many choices that it’d be insulting of me to become my only limitation. Obstacles are not impenetrable–not when I have so much power on my side. 

Someone sent me the pun ‘Volpnino’ and i love it. Multi-hero Nino 2k17. My goal is to see Nino in every miraculous at least once, my justification is turtle verse where he is Jade, but a crazy akuma keeps switching everyones stones and he gets hit more than anybody and is SUPER done with it

this picture is 3 years in the making…

Patchouli and lampent (and an extra litwick) for @unmovinggreatlibrary


This story is about the Baudelaires. And they are the sort of people who know that there’s always something. Something to invent, something to read, something to bite, and something to do, to make a sanctuary, no matter how small. And for this reason, I am happy to say, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed.”
Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning

BNHA 119

Do you know the feeling that something is not right or that something really bad will happen?

This chapter was basically this to me: Something will happen and its not good

Ah, I loved how much Midoriya grow up and is more mature, but what I’m talking about it isnt about that. 

In the first page the narrator is the future Midoriya 

“Looking back, my thought process was distorted.”

To me this phrase is basically “I made a bad choice”

And in the end he complements saying…

“And surprisingly, it had never occurred to me… Exactly how much I had been able to traing and polish my body up to now.”

In another word Midoriya didnt know what type of consequences his actions could do.

And to me, the narrator is telling everything with a tone of regret.

It’s just my impression and feelings maybe the things will end well but right now I dont think so~ 

dear future children,

one day you might think back to the year 2016 and think it’s a total dumpster fire

and you’re right it is. i’ve got nothing.


a person who doesn’t know how it got this bad, but im sorry about it



I was just checking Mystic Messenger and then these last few texts happened and Cheritz even gave “a dating simulation game” as a damn answer aND THIS JUST PROVES THE 707 RESET THEORY EVEN MORE AND IM SOBBING

askbutterlord  asked:

:3c rant more on Zen

ask and you shall receive cause only God knows how much i fucking love Hyun Ryu (((trying not to cry while writing this hahahahA))

  • its like, Zen is known as the narcissistic one, right? but like….once you really start getting close to Zen, it seems like he truly displays so much humility in a relationship
  • once he loves you, he’s ready to put himself to the side for you needs
  • the only reason he DOESNT is because MC is a wonderful sweetheart who doesnt let Zen ruing his career for them like, does that make sense?
  • he loves his career but he loves you more. he wants so badly to show the entire world how much he loves you and that you are his
  • and he plays this part of like cool macho actor who never doubts himself and takes the whole world by storm
  • but in his route you find out just how fragile he really is, one ankle injury and all of a sudden he cant seem to stop talking about how pathetic he is
  • he works so fucking hard because he wants people to see him as talent, not a pretty face
  • i mean, as a kid he didnt even like attention
  • and he honestly doesnt want everything to revolve around him. he hates scandal and all that shit and,,
  • in the valentines day dlc he really opened up his heart to MC and told them that their life shouldnt just be about him, it should be about MC too
  • he wants MC to chase their dreams and he wants to be there to see it
  • his heart is truly so full of love and compassion im..,,,
  • he takes care of MC in every single route and in Jaehee’s route he takes care of Jaehee
  • it might seem nosy to some but its just because he cares and he wants to feel like someone important, not just a pretty face
  • he wants everyone to have a voice and the opportunity to be happy, he’s said before that’s why Jumin bothers him so much; he kind of feels like Jumin squishes people who are beneath him and Zen’s heart is just so big and like,,,
  • he’s so incredibly sweet
  • i know a lot of people think Zen is most likely to cheat but i just could never, ever see that
  • he could have anyone he wanted? but he doesnt because he dedicated himself whole heatedly to his work
  • and when he does fall in love, its because there was someone who helped him understand what its like to love someone else and have a healthy relationship with them
  • cause Zen’s familial relationships were pretty toxic..,,
  • also,,he didnt finish high school or go to college but he fucking works his ass off and he is good at what he does

anyway i love Zen and if you dont love him i dont really care,,,i love him enough for both of us

persephonah  asked:

so how about some eposette wedding hcs please

(aaahhh sorry this took me so long! im not quite happy with it but anway here’s some cute gfs getting married)

Cosette and Eponine have been together for years now and they never really discussed the subject of marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, Cosette loves the whole idea of wearing a beautiful dress and walking down the aisle to promise to spend her life loving Eponine but her girlfriend never made any hints that it was something she wanted and she doesn’t want to pressure her. It’s not like she minds - they don’t need a wedding ring to prove their love, so she stays quiet about it.

Little does she know Eponine actually does want to get married and she’s been thinking about it a lot lately, especially after Combeferre and Courfeyrac got married a few months ago as the first ones in their group.

But how on earth do you bring up this kind of topic? Just proposing out of the blue is out of the question. Not if she doesn’t know if Cosette even wants to.

“Just talk about this like adults” Grantaire groans when she talks (read: whines) to him about it. She raises an eyebrow and scoffs in response.

“You mean like you and Enjolras are?” “Shut up” She knows Grantaire has been thinking about proposing as well, however Enjolras has always had pretty clear opinions on marriage in the past and he’s scared of being rejected. What a hypocrite though.

They’re having a quiet night in, curled up on the couch together with a glass of wine, when Eponine does take Grantaire’s advice.

“Hey Zette?” Cosette hums in reponse, her head resting on Eponine’s shoulder.

“Do you ever think about getting married someday?”

She feels the body next to her still. “yeah of course, do you?”

Eponine only nods, nervously skimming her finger over the top of her wine glass.

“And…would you ever consider getting married…to me?” Cosette sits up to look at her but she keeps her gaze firmly on the glass, pressing her lips together.

“Ep, I love you. Of course I considered it! I just…you never seemed interested in marriage and i didn’t want to scare you off” Eponine’s head shoots back up again “I am interested though!”

“So you want to get married?” “Yes!”  “Good.”

Cue them beaming at each other like the adorable lovebirds they are.

The next weeks Eponine spends looking for a ring and planning the perfect proposal because now that she knows they both want this, she can’t wait. But in the end Cosette beats her to it by proposing first while having a picnic in the park. It’s all sappy and perfect and they proceed to spend the rest of the day dozing cuddled together on the blanket, neither of them quite believing the other is now their fiancée

Of course all of Les Amis are ecstatic when they find out and help out with their wedding arrangements. (Eponine may have whispered “now it’s your turn” into Grantaire’s ear when he hugged her)

Neither Eponine nor Cosette are one for big pompous weddings so it ends up being a small beautiful ceremony with just their friends, Valjean and Eponine’s siblings present (her parents are absolutely not invited).

They rented a lovely little venue and there are flowers everywhere, especially violets, white magnolias and ivy (Jehan helped a lot with that)

Cosette looks stunning in her lacy bohemian dress and flowers in her hair and so does Eponine who decided to wear a dashing tuxedo instead. Both can’t take their eyes off each other as Cosette is led down the aisle by her father.

Both of them cry during their vows but no one’s eyes stay quite dry (even Montparnasse blinks suspiciously often)

When the officiant announces “you may now kiss the bride” Eponine dips Cosette for the big smooch.

During their first dance these two are simply glowing (imagine ‘forever with me’ by nedra johnson this song is gay jsyk)

Valjean of course dances with Cosette for the traditional father-daughter dance whereas Eponine dances with Gavroche who keeps twirling her around to make her laugh.

The newlyweds get home in the early morning hours, drunkenly giggling and clinging to each other happily. Eponine is carrying her shoes in her hands and Cosette’s cheek ended up covered in Eponine’s lipstick during the taxi ride home.

All tiredness is forgotten as soon as they’re over the doorstep and kisses turn heated. “We do have to consumate the marriage properly”, Ep whispers against her new wife’s lips as she guides her into the bedroom.

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

my thoughts on ep8

I’ve been thinking a lot about how yuri is going to handle not having victor as a coach, and how it’s going to reflect on his performance… Because we would have two possibilities :
 - yuri doesn’t skate very well, and doesn’t rank higher than 4th; he wouldn’t be able to participate in the grand prix final. Would Victor still be his coach? that”s something even yuri wondered about in this episode
 - yuri skates well, and rank higher than 4th; would victor think yuri doesn’t need him as a coach? how would yuri be able to skate without victor’s moral support/presence ?

I personally think yuri wouldn’t be able to rank higher than 4th without moral support, and yakov/lilia doesn’t seem to be the “reassuring type”, so, my guess is that during the time where victor isn’t there, yuri & yurio are going to become a lot closer.
let’s not forget yuri himself said he didn’t have a single skater he gets along well there in moscow. He’s completely alone. Yurio probably knows very well that yuri /needs/ victor to be able to skate at his fullest. And in onsen on ice, we saw that even when competing, yurio still helped yuri practice. So maybe yurio will try to assist yuri, in his own way; just like victor & yuri (unvolontary) did during this episode. (and i’m sure yurio wouldn’t enjoy to win against yuri with him in bad conditions!)

as for the true star of the show, makkachin, i’m sincerely not sure. i’m more leaning towards them living, for no other reason than “fuck u if you kill makkachin then i’m gonna flip my shit”

my forecast ranking would be :
1. JJ             /  yurio
2. yurio         /  yuri
3. yuri           /  JJ

things i want to see in episode 9:
 - victor reassuring yuri thought the phone (maybe an “i love you”?)
 - yuri & yurio having a long talk
 - either yuri or yurio doing something not planned in the performance and JJ being shocked
 - yuri & victor’s happy reunion with a big fluffy hug on the mouth


stucky musicians au

bucky is a world famous piano player and music composer and steve is the cute guitar playing boy next door who bucky manages to charm into falling in love with him (feat. sam as steve’s enthusiastic best friend)

requested by @opeggycarter


Newt Scamander x Siren!Reader

Words: 802

You tease Newt because of his looks.

A/N: Hope you like it!


The first thing you saw when your tired eyes opened was a strange man with pointed and delicate features watching your shining scales with amusement.

“Is there something wrong with them?” You spoke softly, with a raspy voice and a weird English accent. It had been too about a year since the last time you talked, so it was difficult to remember your own voice.

His eyes widened at the sudden sound of someone else’s voice echoing in the room. Newt thought you were going to stay unconscious for another two or three hours so it took him by surprise how the tail he was touching a few seconds ago moved away from his hand.

“I-Im really sorry, I was just trying to h-help you…”he stammered, raising his hands to show you he didn’t mean to do anything bad to your tail and giving you some space. In that moment you realized you were laying on a wood bedroom floor and all your body seemed to be wounded.

“Who are you?” Cautiously, your hands moved and helped your stiff upper-body to awkwardly lean in a somewhat sitting position.

“Are you a human?” Now that you eyed him carefully, you noted his freckled skin and his obvious legs. “Like, an actual human?” Your pupils expanded with amazement, you hadn’t been so close to one since your mother.

“Umm…”He stuttered and a gentle smile took over your alarmed expression. “I´m a wizard…”

“Oh, I´ve heard a lot of stories about wizards…they seem to be scarier than humans.” But in the outside, the man in front of you didn’t look dangerous, not even a tad aggressive.

“Um, I believe we all form part of humanity…but it´s true, we tend to scare magical creatures a lot…at least since the last war-…”He rambled a little confused but more amazed by the way you actually talked. “I thought all the merpeople could only talk underneath water.”

“Oh, that because my mother was a truly powerful witch…she told me that…or something along those words….”Now you looked troubled and that made the strange wizard smile in surprise.

“That’s a thing I would like to put in my book, if you don’t mind.” A book! The human-correction wizard! You have only meet was a writer. By now, you could feel your eyes sparkling and your tail moving around in excitement…till you cringed in pain.

“Oh, I should´ve warned you!” He exclaimed with concern, taking out of his pocket a well conserved wand. You had seen one before, your mother let you play around with it, but it never really functioned with you…”This is not going to hurt, well maybe it´s going to sting… but I pr-promise it won´t last.” The freckled and handsome man, touched slightly a bruise with the tip of his wand and whispered something you couldn’t understand, before your scales tinged their natural color and the pain disappeared.

“That was marvelous!” You shouted in astonishment, letting your tail move side to side on the wood floor.

“W-Was it?” Why did he trembled so much? Maybe you were being a bother with your amazement. “Yes…”Nodding to yourself, you extended one of your hands to him. “It´s nice to meet you, please call me, whatever you want to.” Having no given name…that’s all you could offer to him. Your mother appreciated you in a way you would appreciate a pearl, you would call it pearl…just as she called you siren.

“Nice to meet you too, the name is Newt.”  He murmured, leaning into you.

Newt took your hand and shook it slightly, avoiding your gaze by instinct. You looked at him closely, catching a glimpse of blue in his eyes and trying to analyze every inch of his face.

“All humans look this handsome?” You asked innocently, making your leaned –new- friend fall into his knees and awkwardly raise the hand that was touching yours. “Did I said something to trouble you?”

“No. No. It´s just…people don’t go around saying that type of things…”Newt answered with a flushed face and a pair of crimson ears.

“And why not? I was just curious because you have beautiful features.” He seemed eager to respond so you just watched him with a pout. “I won´t say it again if it makes you uncomfortable, but I must add that my people are really open about this…” You commented, sinking the tip of your index finger in one of his warm and freckled cheeks. “We like to say openly what we think about each other, as much as we adore music.”

His eyes darted to the floor and his hand separated yours from his face, probably feeling even more embarrassed than before. But now, Newt didn´t let go of your hand so you were making a progress.

“I´m fl- thank you.”

“You´re welcome, pretty face.”

Based off of this post

@claryfightwood you said you wanted someone to write it so here I am. It’s probably not really that good?? It’s my first time writing anything romance related so I mean??

After a few failed attempts she stopped trying to stop her hand. Even clasping her other hand over it didn’t stop it. It was most likely due to the fact that both her hands were shaking, not just one. She wanted it to stop, to calm her feelings, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t wipe the large grin off her face or stop her hands shaking from excitement. She was sure that if someone were to walk in on her at that very moment that they would give her a look. Not a bad one, perhaps one of concern trying to figure out what was happening. She couldn’t care less if someone walked in on her at that very moment. The feelings of joy were not going to be destroyed anytime soon. She felt like she was living a dream.

Isabelle Lightwood was going to visit the Iron Sisters.

She could still see it clearly. The grin on her brother’s face when he had told her. The feelings of excitement she felt, she knew she would feel extremely tired when it wore off. But she didn’t care. Not right now, later perhaps.

- - - - -

When she had arrived at the Citadel the excitement had turned into slight nervousness. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Would the Iron Sisters like her? But she knew when they had arrived, informing her that she needed to do a purity trail, from the smile of a redheaded Iron Sister that she was fine. She was safe. Nothing to worry about.

- - - - -

Isabelle had grown up admiring the Iron Sisters. Each and everything single thing she heard about them rose her love for them. So when she had walked into the garden of the Citadel and sat down next to the same redheaded girl who had given her a kind smile, she was confused about her feelings. But she knew, after spending her last day in the Citadel. She and the redhead both knew as they exchanged a hug and held hands for a minute or two. They knew. She couldn’t keep the idea out of her head. Did Clary Lightwood or Isabelle Fairchild sound better?

- - - - -

When she had come home to the Institute, she was practically glowing. She had a big smile on her face, and it was contagious. Even the grumpiest of people in the Institute were smiling. Her time at the Citadel, with the Iron Sisters, with Clary, had been the greatest thing to happen to her.

So when she entered her room only to find a letter waiting for her on her desk with the smooth, light handwriting that she had come to recognize. She loved the name.

She couldn’t stop looking at it. She didn’t want to open it, afraid that she would ruin the paper. Her eyes couldn’t come off from the finely printed words that stood on the outside of the letter.


- - - - -

It had become a routine for her. She would wake up and head straight to her desk, hoping, waiting, to see a letter with the same colored ink, with the same handwriting, with the same name she had fallen in love with.

Today was no exception.

She couldn’t stop the stupid looking grin that appeared on her face as she laid on her bed, eyes glued to each and every word that was written. Written for her by the girl she loved.

- - - - -

She had hoped the letters would never stop. But alas, they did. Words could not express the fear she had felt when she had woken up only to find her desk barren of the familiar paper with the name she loved. Had she said something? Was she overreacting? Had something happened? Questions rushed in and out of her mind as the day progressed.

She was flooded with worry and fear.

It wasn’t until one of her brother’s had told her to go out into the city. To relax. She had nothing to worry about. She loved him, her brother, she trusted him. So she had taken his advice. She would go out and relax, the lateness of the letter was probably because her girlfriend was busy being a badass warrior. Girlfriend? Yes, girlfriend, she liked the sound of that.

Her worries, her hopes, her fears. They all snapped in an instant. She was headed towards the doors of the institute, but who was this person in front of her? They looked familiar. She couldn’t put a name to the face that smiled at her. Why couldn’t she? She had a wonderful memory when it came to names and faces. Had she seen them in the Institute before? She was sure she would be able to recognize them anywhere. This person with the red hair.

Her mind was racing as she tried to figure out just who they were. But it all came to her in an instant.

That smile.

She could recognize it anywhere. The smile that she fell in love with. The smile she loved to see. The smile she loved to touch. To kiss. The smile that belonged to the Iron Sister that she had fallen in love with. The girl with the red hair. The red hair she loved to touch, to feel, to hold, to run her hands through.

She knew who this was. The girl in front of her.

It was her.

It was her Clary.

Silent Treatment

dannylopez1d said:

can you write an imagine were the reader applies the ice law to Peter ‘cause he has been so bad with her? End it how you want and sorry if my english is bad, im mexican. LY

Warning/s: swearing


summary: Pan says something mean so you ignore him 

Pan has been a dick to you ever since you were taken to Neverland. You didn’t know why but he’s always there to laugh at your mistakes, make fun of you or just simply make you feel awful about yourself and you will always insult him back or give a sarcastic remark. Pan enjoys seeing you annoyed so he does this every day. But today, he went too far and you didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

You were walking through the jungle, searching for dinner when Pan decided to taunt you.

“Hey Y/N! Keep up will you? No wonder your parents despise you. You’re a bit useless eh?” he chuckled, making the lost boys laugh. You opened your mouth to make a nasty remark but decided against it. What he said hit a nerve. Your parents did despise you but you always thought that it’s because they’re just one of those parents who neglects their child. You never thought that they hated you because you were useless. Are you even useless? Maybe you are. Maybe that’s why they hated you. Maybe that’s why everyone else hated you. Maybe that’s why even here in Neverland, everyone hated you. It’s because you’re useless. You looked down and ignored Pan’s remark. Pan on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Confused because you didn’t answer his stupid remark. He brushed it off thinking that you’re just not in the mood.

You were aiming at your catch when you let go of the arrow. It hit your prey directly in the head so it’s dead by now. “Impressive” Pan appeared beside you and smirked. You ignored his presence and walked over to the dead animal and picked it up. You walked off to tell the lost boys that you caught dinner.

You sat in front of a table eating peacefully with the other lost boys. Though at the side of your eyes, you saw someone walking over. And that someone is Pan. Just as he sat down beside you, you stood up, taking your finished plate with you. You can feel Pan’s eyes burning holes at your back but you ignored it and continued walking.

You were sitting on a log, sharpening your knife. Beside you was Felix. He wasn’t someone who talked much but he’s still comforting to be around so you’re sitting with him. “Something is wrong” he stated. “What?” you asked, confused. “You’re acting different. Why?” he looked at you. You just shrugged. “Hey lads!” Pan appeared in front of you two. “Hey Pan” Felix greeted. Pan looked at you. You stood up and walked away, leaving Pan very confused. Pan sat down beside Felix. “What’s up with her? She’s been ignoring me.” Pan sighed. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued sharpening his dagger.

It continued like that. You ignored Pan every time he tries talking to you and it agitates him. He wanted to hear your voice again. Even if it’s a stupid remark or something mean. He just wanted to hear your voice again. He can’t stand the silence anymore. He will do something about it and he will do it now.

You and the lost boys were ready to haunt again. You were about to dash into the woods when a hand stopped you. You turned around just to be faced with Pan. You went to tug your hand back but his grip tightened. “Look at me” he said. You didn’t so he gripped your hands tighter, “Look at me!” he hissed. You look at him and frowned. “What?” your voice was filled with so much hatred. “What are you playing at?” he growled. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Oh you know exactly what I’m saying! Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I don’t know. Why do you hate me so much?!” you yelled at him. He squinted his eyes at you, “What are you talking about?”. “Oh come on Pan! You’re the one who’s always there to make me feel like shit!” you tried getting out of his hand but his grip was strong. “What?” he whispered. “When you told me that my parents despised me because I was useless.. I can’t help but to think that you were right. I thought about it and I AM indeed useless! I don’t know what I did to you but ever since I set foot on this island, it’s like you just made it your mission to make me feel like shit! Well guess what? You already did. Congratulations!” you broke down crying. Peter caught you, held your crying figure and tried to hush you. “Y/N” he whispered, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “What did you think I would feel?” you cried through his chest. “I-I just did all that because I like it when your attention was on me a-and I guess I went overboard that time. I-I’m sorry” he said, hugging you closer to his body. “So you made me feel like shit for attention?” you sobbed. “I know it sounds fucked up but that’s the only way I can think of to get your attention” he sighed, “I’m really sorry.”. “You know you should’ve just been nice to me, right?” you chuckled. Pan pulled away from the hug and caressed your face. “Yeah, I was stupid. Forgive me?” he asked. You slightly smiled and nodded. Pan jumped around “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” he caressed your face again and kissed your nose over and over.

“Okay stop” you chuckled. He stopped and chuckled too.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your forehead.

I just watched x-men: apocalypse and damn evan peters :3

oh yeah.. I hope you liked this one hehe

requests are open guys

Honestly that pisses me off because everyone complains about how hacking towns is bad but when there’s a nice looking NON HACKED TOWN you guys don’t believe it and think it’s hacked like what kind of logic is this? I don’t think anybody realized how hard I worked on Crystal… how long it took me to plot the villagers, figure out the sailor moon references, growing hybrid carnations to fill my WHOLE TOWN… come on dont discredit me like that, and although hacking has it’s shortcuts it is damn difficult to create a town either way.