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I have to tell you something

So some of you might have noticed I haven’t been posting the stuff I usually do and that has a reason. At first it was mainly because I had no time with school and all and that I believe is fine. However because of that pressure I had from school I didn’t feel so good so I just ignored tumblr to kinda try to feel a little bit more relieved because it does take time to keep the blog running the way it normally does. On top of that I felt a huge social pressure in the way that everyone around seems to fall in love and have fun and all and I don’t seem to get that so I tried to kinda make it happen. Though my attemds to find someone I like (where I live there aren’t many gay girls around) it doesn’t seem to get better. My social life did improve a little which made things better. Overall I still feel overwhelmed especially with finals coming up and the overall social pressure still there. I will try and get back here as soon as school is over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I hope you understand. Thank you.

- Christy

It never bothered me too much before

but I swear to god
If i ever hear anyone say that a tv show made in toonboom is lower quality or ‘cheap’ or ‘stiff’ or ‘lazy’ animation

I will personally phase into being in front of them and axe kick them over the head with my old soccer cleats.

This shit is hard. For nearly 3 months now I have been going in to work a 7am and leaving at 11-11:30pm, sitting in front of this fucking screen, breaking my brain over how to make things work. It is mentally exhausting.
I saw one comment the other day, saying that the animation on the show I worked on, was half assed and I was livid.
Just because it’s not being drawn on paper, does not make it any easier. Not even a little bit.

You have no fucking idea.
what people put themselves through, the sacrifices they make to constantly be here to make a show worth watching.

anonymous asked:

Michael gets braces? Prefer a fic, but you can do some Headcanons too

I don’t know how to put this into a fic so I’ll do a headcanon list I’m sorry I know you’d prefer a fic but feel free to send a more specific prompt if you’d still like one (more detailed a prompt the better I can write lol)

-Michael was that kid who fucked around with the colors a lot. He had Halloween themed, Christmas themed, rainbow

-Michael also ignored the warnings of what foods not to eat. Essentially he’d throw gum into his mouth while saying “life is too short to not take risks”

-these were during late middle school early high school years!

-once Jeremy was being a little shit and Michael but him with full intent on extra pain

-Jeremy still has the bite mark and it reminds him of what that boy is capable off

-for a while he joked around about it being his secret weapon cuz he’d bite bullies and they’d scream

-you know Chester from fairly odd parents? I swear there was a special where they were super heroes and his braces were like drills? Michael sees that and just “that me.”

-Michael getsnhis braces stuck on everything because his top lip is usually curled up a lot

-like when he’s relaxing, face in arms, his braces get stuck on the cloth of shirt shirt and he’s flipping out in class

-“…is this what it tastes like to be a robot?”

-Jeremy won’t tell him but damn he looks adorable with them

-Michael licks and plays with them a lot and it worries Jeremy that he’s gonna fuck up his braces

-Michael was never really unconfident with them, he felt the same as before but…they were still really fucking annoying

-he hung out with Jeremy those first few painful days and basically laid in his lap and whined while Jer attempted comfort

- Michael, after getting the rainbow bands: I can taste the rainbow jeremy. I have gay in my mouth.