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Lucifer characters and what keeps them up at night.

Dan: pudding

Linda: chameleons and her own mortality

Charoltte: the fear of returning to hell, losing custody of her kids and why the hell she owns so much duct tape

Amendiel: nothing, he sleeps like a baby

Chloe: worrying about work and family and occasionally replaying the entirety of hot tub highschool in her head.

Maze: you dont want to know, also she forgot how to pronounce spaghetti and she too afraid to ask.

Lucifer: the heartbreak of being in love with someone you dont deserve, also his one night stand snores really loud.

Ella: badly written females in comics, realizing lucifer isnt a method actor and the fear charoltte is creeping outside her apartment.

Trixie: wondering what shes going to wear at chloe and lucifer wedding


do you ever just get really fucking depressed and feel so alone and sad and just wanna curl up and die. bc that’s honestly me rn. i’ve been getting so many hate anons lately and it just really sucks. my life in general isn’t great right now and i just feel like i can’t do anything right anymore. i just wanna cry but nothing will come out. i need someone. i just feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to because I don’t want to be a bother. I don’t want to annoy people or have people thing I’m just a crybaby. this is stupid and y’all probably don’t care I just… idk. I’m not feeling good tonight.

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I have a HUGE crush on you. You’re just so amazing!! I swear it’s the truth. You’re personality is just so full of of warmth and kindness and your just aahhhhh so amazing and talented. I bet you’re beautiful <3 Also, I know that you’re straight, I just wanted to get my feelings out :p sorry ‘bout that.



AM HORRIBLY AWKWARD AND BLUSH SUPER EASILY AND AM REALLY BAD AT TAKING COMPLIMENTS TTT^TTT everything you said is so sweet and kind and I’m so incredibly honored that you think so highly of me gosh ^\^ I have the biggest grin on my face right now

Thank you….so much for saying all of that, really, my heart is so full of warmth right now ❤️❤️❤️

I’m not really sorry if I stir the pot but it’s literally almost 2018. It’s beyond time to treat people (especially women, in this case) like an equal. Everyone deserves compliments and it shouldn’t matter what someone’s relationship status is. You can be in a relationship and tell someone else that they look nice. If you’re really good friends, you might even be able to tell them they’re hot. Under no circumstances should someone wanting a compliment be taken out of context. And just because it grinds my gears, don’t ever label someone you’re seeing as yours. People aren’t property. That’s just really disrespectful. Also also, when you cross that line, you become that guy and literally no one likes that guy.

Hiraeth Part Two of ???

The shiver through his spine rankled to his hips where he sat on Chidori’s back. The gelding shied from the thunder only slightly. Beneath his hoofs mud splattered and made wet sucking noises hardly audible over the pounding of the rain.

It was not fear that drew his silence and his hesitation however. Being an Uchiha there were few things he feared. Still, the guest house, long abandoned on the outskirts of their large property was much like a thing from a horrible tale.

It sat hunched against the rain, with shutters drawn in places and the porch dark. Sharp points of brick and mortar rose on the roof in shadows that he recognized as chimney tops though none puffed with smoke.

It had been a cold and miserable ride to the guest house. Over an hour he had struggled with Chidori through the fray and more than once had had to tame the beast down when the lightning screamed.

Less fear and more rancor made the gelding rise on back legs, teeth working at the bit with a sort of passion rarely seen in horses. He wanted to fight the rain, the wind, the lightning and thunder. It was one of the things Sasuke loved the most about Chidori. Nothing but his own shadow seemed to give him pause.

Letting out a heavy breath he dismounted. Patting his horse’s neck with a gloved hand before tying him to the bannister of the front steps.

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