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“Kenji is my only coworker besides Jiro. Well, that would change if Fumi gets the job. He’s only in his first year of high school and here he is working. I admire that… Jiro is the shop owner. He’s in his late 30′s and he’s been taking care of this shop for a little over a decade. He’s like a second father to me and Kenji. I guess you could say he’s cool too.”


happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

Consider: YouTuber Henry Cheng
  • he probably started it in like 7th grade on a dare and just never stopped
  • no one knows he has it
  • his videos don’t really have a specific kind of video that he does
  • like he’s probably mostly a vlogger but he definitely does makeup tutorials and films and probably the occasional gaming video too
  • the boy is all over the place
  • his titles are all super clickbait-y
  • most of his content comes from him telling stories that no one thinks are true but that are All True 
  • and people love it
  • he’s not really one of the channels with like 5 million subscribers but he’s probably got a good amount like somewhere in the thousands
  • he’s pretty and entertaining what’s not to love???
  • he doesnt have a real schedule but he tries to post at least once a week
  • tbh blue probably found his channel when she was dicking around on youtube at 3 in the morning
  • for some reason it popped up in her recommended
  • and her mouth just drops open
  • because how dare cheng be so good at applying winged eyeliner
  • like he’s always wearing makeup and it always looks perfect but she never thinks about how it got there
  • of course she watches every video and of course she sends the link to his channel to gansey who also watches every video
  • they confront henry about it the next day like “why did you never show us this????”
  • he just “ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” 
  • they end up in a few of his videos and all of his subscribers immediately ship the three together
  • especially after they find out theyre all going on a road trip across the us with each other
  • once they actually start dating gansey and blue end up in like every other video
  • there are so many collabs
  • ‘my boyfriend & girlfriend do my makeup’
  • ‘bf + gf tag ft. my bf and gf’
  • ‘that one time we got stuck in the middle of the desert’
  • (they ran out of gas, called adam in a panic, and then ended up having to walk 10 miles until they found a town)
  • ‘that one time gansey thought he saw an alien’
  • (they were in roswell, gansey almost cried)
  • there are also just a bunch of random q&a videos
  • most of them end in kisses
  • theres just so much love in their little community you guys
  • if anyone tries to come in and start drama theyre shut down so fast
  • and henry is so appreciative of everyone he def does meetups all the time and interacts with e v e r y o n e
  • he also gets really sappy and is always posting videos about how much he loves everyone and hes so grateful and i just
  • youtuber henry you guys

Mi corazón estaba tan roto, que no quería que nadie más entrara en mi vida. Me habían lastimado tanto, que cuando nos conocimos por casualidad, ni si quiera era capaz de hablarte por si tú también te cansabas de escuchar mis problemas. Nunca sabía qué decir por si de nuevo lastimaba a alguien, por si mis temas de conversación te parecerían monótonos o aburridos. No sólo era un manojo de inseguridades y complejos, si no que cargaba en la espalda el creerme insuficiente.

Me avergonzaba cuando decías que te gustaba alguna parte de mí, en la cuál nunca antes me había fijado. No podía evitar que mis mejillas se enrojecieran cuando te miraba y encontraba tus ojos sobre mi cuerpo, contemplándolo en silencio. Como si quisieras adentrarte en mi piel, navegar entre mis lunares y atracar en el puerto de mis caderas. Como si yo fuese una obra a la que admirar, a la que contemplar desde cerca. Te preguntaba qué ocurría y tú simplemente te reías, mirando hacía otra parte y acariciando algunos mechones de mi pelo. Tu tacto se sentía familiar, el roce de tus dedos siempre me sabía a poco, y tal vez en una de esas caricias, algo dentro de mí se volvió a encender.

Tu olor me embriagaba hasta tal punto de olvidarme de la hora de regreso a casa, de no querer volver si no era a tu cama. Deseaba recordarlo para cuando no estuvieras a mi lado, para quedarme dormida cuando me doliera tu ausencia y hubiera demasiada distancia como para poder abrazarte.

—  12/4/17


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sorry for the long post, tumblr wouldnt lemme make it different :<

some things i noticed during hamilton
  • king george does the turn off your cellphones announcement right before it starts and he says “enjoy MY show” lmfao
  • i was already tearing up during alexander hamilton rip
  • in the beginning laurens and hercules are v loud and usually drunk there are multiple instances of it in aaron burr, sir, the story of tonight, satisfied, and the story of tonight reprise and they always made the audience laugh
  • in my shot laurens turns to hamilton and says “you and i do or die” more privately and quietly to him alone and then turns back and continues  
  • peggy is actually reluctant in the schuyler sisters and tries to stop angelica before being quite literally dragged across the stage when she sings “and peggy”
  • when everyone exits in the story of tonight hamilton and laurens leave with their arms around each other :’)
  • in farmer refuted the squad is standing off to the side listening to samuel seabury and hercules and lafayette nudge and push hamilton forward while giggling to themselves until he finally challenges seabury
  • during you’ll be back king george jerks his shoulders up and down in time with his da da da das he looked absolutely ridiculous it was so funny
  • in helpless after hamilton gets eliza’s father’s blessing he looks to eliza and does this ridiculous little celebratory dance but then mr schuyler looks back over at him and he makes a show of composing himself
  • also in helpless washington was the one who helped hamilton get ready for the wedding and he fixed up his coat it was such a nice moment :’)
  • yo satisfied literally changed my fucking life ok bc obv renee is SO TALENTED WOW and bc the choreography was so cool man they did actually rewind everything somehow so it was the scene at the beginning of helpless im not entirely sure how they pulled it off tbh
  • in the story of tonight reprise the squad sways/thrusts their hips crudely while they tease hamilton for getting married it’s so fucking funny
  • wait for it is life changing. that is all
  • history has its eyes on you blew me away i love chris so much
  • yorktown is INSANE so many things are happening at once and the lights go crazy and the ensemble dance breakdown is just incredible
  • at the end of what comes next king george held out his hands expectantly then huffed and stomped off stage when no one started clapping immediately honestly all of his appearances were 10/10
  • oh my god dear theodosia was too much for me because it’s just burr and hamilton alone on stage singing tenderly to their newborn children
  • eliza walks in and delivers the news about laurens’ death (it’s not in the soundtrack) and hamilton’s demeanor changes immediately and after about a minute of grim silence he says “i have so much work to do” and exits and during this entire thing laurens stands off to the side surrounded by blue light and quietly and sadly sings the beginning lines of the story of tonight i damn near started bawling y’all
  • in non stop burr and hamilton are at a trial and burr gets v exasperated as hamilton delivers the long winded opening statement and after burr says “that’s all you had to say” hamilton looks like he’s going to stop but then in a typical hamilton fashion he darts back to keep talking when he says “one more thing–”
  • i especially loved nonstop bc the blending of the different character harmonies being sung all at once is phenomenal and outstanding i was completely blown away
  • in what’d i miss jefferson was encouraging the crowd’s applause and cheers and cupped his hand by his ear and leaned forward to hype the crowd up and it made everyone go even crazier it was so great
  • after jefferson finishes his argument in cabinet battle #1 he drops the mic and madison’s hand is waiting underneath to catch it lmaooooo
  • eliza beatboxes during philip’s rap/poem in take a break and philip’s voice breaks really badly so it ended up sounding like “you can write rhymes but you can’t write MINE” and that’s why hamilton says “WHAT”
  • also hamilton declines the invitation to the schuyler vacation and angelica starts after him to talk some sense into him but eliza stops her and shakes her head and they leave arm in arm they don’t even KNOW
  • maria wore a red dress with red lipstick in say no to this and i got chills bc jasmine is so talented and i am very gay that’s all i have to say
  • ok i lied towards the end of say no to this maria to sits on hamilton’s lap and places one of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest i was vvv side eye emoji
  • i also got chills during room where it happens and one last time and literally every song ngl i’m trash
  • jefferson literally sniffs hamilton and makes a disgusted face when he says hamilton “smells like new money” in cabinet battle #2
  • king george comes back in i know him as the others are exiting and he flinches away in disgust if any of them got close to him it’s hysterical and then he jumps around as he excitedly anticipates being able to see adams crash and burn as president
  • KING GEORGE ALSO GOT BURR TO BREAK CHARACTER!!! burr laughed as he sang the beginning of the adams administration because george was making exaggerated gestures from where he set up a stool on the end of the stage to watch adams’ disastrous presidency i feel so #blessed
  • oh my god and then when hamilton calls john adams a “FAT MOTHERF–” in his iconic drag he drops a stack of books off the balcony so the thud censors the rest of it as the red strobe lights flashed it’s so extra i love it
  • in we know jefferson’s “whaaaaat” is pure giddiness and he rushes over to snatch james reynolds’ letter out of burr’s hands to read for himself he’s such an asshole
  • hurricane is AWESOME ok it’s one of my faves the lights were dimmed and hamilton is alone on stage singing and then maria gives hamilton the quill i was like bro…… that’s some poetic shit………
  • lord the reynolds pamphlet was crazy everyone was moving around and making it rain and then king george came down the stairs and smugly pranced across the stage while hamilton is trying to plead with everyone that at least he was honest about the money
  • burn was so fucking sad and it didn’t help that eliza was on her knees for half of it just lay me to rest y’all
  • JESUS and then after philip’s death in stay alive reprise eliza wails mournfully as she sobs over his body it’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard i felt like i was hit by a train
  • sjdfnskfnksfj nothing will ever prepare you for seeing it’s quiet uptown live it’s a beautifully sad number bc hamilton and eliza are standing center stage while people move in slow motion in dim blue light around them but eliza stares straight ahead while hamilton begs for forgiveness until she finally reaches for his arm and rests her head on his shoulder and says “it’s quiet uptown”
  • burr actually runs around grinning as he eavesdrops on all the peoples’ views of him and he even fist pumps a bit in the election of 1800
  • your obedient servant was so funny bc there was only one desk and burr wrote one letter to hamilton and after a dancer delivered it burr and hamilton switched places at the desk and hamilton handed off letter after letter to be delivered to burr and burr just looked so done
  • god the choreography in the world was wide enough was a++++ because burr fires the gun and a dancer shows the motion of the bullet by acting as if she was holding it and moved it closer to hamilton and then everything slows down as hamilton has his moment of reflection and he actually runs away when he notices how close the bullet is getting at one point but then he finally decides to accept his fate and doesn’t move as the bullet comes rushing towards him when time resumes normal speed
  • towards the end of who lives, who dies, who tells your story eliza and alexander face each other and hold hands but then hamilton steps back and eliza turns to the audience and at the veeeeery last moment she holds her hands out and gasps and smiles as if she sees him on the ~other side~ after decades of being apart and she’s ready to go be with him forever and then the lights cut to black and it ends i stood up immediately and clapped with goddamn tears in my eyes
  • TL;DR there are a lot of little quirks in hamilton that make it a wonderful live experience and basically however you imagine the show it’s 100000x better trust me

The Edge of Seventeen Tag

Thanks for tagging me @cookiesimslp967!

Here’s the original tag post by @alwaysimming

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

For this tag, we have my dearest Amara, a sim for a story im writing (which I haven’t updated in over a month). I won’t reveal too much about teen Amara because she’ll actually make an appearance in my story at some point. But, for the sake of this tag, i’ll throw in a few things. 

As a teen, I would say that Amara was sort of dependent on others in the sense that she would make decisions based on the opinions of others. For example, most of Amara’s fashion choices were heavily influenced by her ‘friends’ opinions, like trading in her ‘dorky’ glasses for contacts. She’s grown out of this for the most part, but when faced with difficult or important choices to make, she’ll still tend to lean on others a little. 

Boyfriend Jeno pt.2

Request: BF JENO PART 2 WITH ME IN IT(i mean if you dont wanna add me into it im cool too)

A/N: jsksms happy birthday jeno, i’ve been dragging this request for so long i finally decided to post it today, but this is so short im sorry ahh

  • whoop it’s this angel’s birthday today so i’m blessing y'all with this post!
  • but idk if this will turn out well though oh my
  • you might want to check out part 1 here first!
  • okay without further a do,
  • let’s start!!

  • okay so 4 months into dating

  • jeno’s still as sweet as ever!!
  • he still loves showering you with gifts and compliments
  • and showing affection to you in general
  • backhugs
  • poking your cheeks
  • and random pecks on your forehead and cheeks!!
  • he loves all of them
  • literally smiles at the mention of your name
  • and gets all smiley and happy when someone compliments you
  • because inside he’s all like
  • “yes that’s my girl!!”
  • “im happy to be with her yes”
  • “isn’t she just perfect!!”
  • heart eyes everywhere
  • okay but both of you are so cute together the other members are jealous
  • especially salty hyuck™
  • who has something against y'all
  • but lowkey still ships it
  • “ew stop hugging here, this isn’t some kind of hugging session, we’re in the DORM right now”
  • “it isn’t the first time you’re seeing us like this though?”
  • “exactly why”
  • “someone’s in a bad mood today”
  • “shut up, i’ll go tell mark hyung”
  • “he was the one who suggested y/n come over so-”
  • “oh god that hyung seriously”
  • but at times you catch haechan smiling and just giggling at the both of you
  • and when he’s feeling good he’d compliment the both you so
  • and thanks to jeno, he got you interested/more involved in dancing
  • he dragged you to the practice room with him once
  • and taught you how to dance to nct’s songs
  • and some of the sm’s seniors’ songs
  • and even choreographed a few for you
  • so y'all spend at least two times a week in the dance studio
  • you love stealing his hoodies and pullovers because they’re just so soft??
  • and it smells of peaches and just him in general and you love it
  • jeno loves it too
  • so he always makes sure to bring an extra one for you
  • loves bringing you out on dates
  • cafes, carnivals and small little walks in the parks
  • he loves it all
  • and cherishes every moment
  • becomes your personal photographer and probably sets it as his lockscreen
  • he has so many photos of you, he changes his lockscreen almost every week
  • most of the time he’s all sweet and fluffy
  • except when he gets jealous
  • he becomes all moody and becomes a small child
  • pouts a lot and probably tries his best to act tough
  • but you always notice first so you assure him with a hug and kiss
  • which softens him all the time
  • saves your contact name as “mine 💖💖”
  • sweet texts every morning and day
  • “have you eaten well?”
  • “i couldn’t sleep well last night, i was thinking of you. i miss you so much :-(”
  • “good morning angel”
  • probably talks about you to the other members and gets all excited when he does
  • but only taeyong, doyoung, mark, jaehyun & johnny are willing to listen fully
  • the rest are all too jealous or end up cringing from all the sweetness
  • “both of you are so cute!! my children” -taeyong
  • “im happy for you, jeno ah” -mark
  • “y/n’s really nice! im glad you chose her” -johnny
  • “hyung is happy that you’re happy” -jaehyun
  • “if any of you need help, you can come to me!!” -doyoung
  • okay maybe winwin and taeil are willing to listen too
  • but sometimes they end up screaming
  • okay back to jeno
  • probably shows up with a puppy in his hands in front of you one day,
  • “surprise!!”
  • “oh my goodness jeno, WHAT IS THIS-”
  • “i thought you might like it so hehe, i got it for you”
  • “i love you more”
  • why is he like this
  • your #1 motivator and supporter
  • is always there to cheer you on
  • but his smile itself could boost you up by 2933822% so
  • because of his good looks and visuals you often feel insecure
  • and he knows
  • which is why he always has his hands on you in public to show that you’re his
  • and shows his love to you every day
  • honestly you’re also his main source of happiness too so his main goal everyday is to make you happy
  • which always succeed and work because how can one not be happy with him?
  • he’s an angel sent from above
  • please don’t sleep on him and start loving him more thanks
  • i love jeno

Anonymous said: Does Dean or Cas ever ask each other out on a date??

Dean did ask Cas to hang out, he insist that it isn’t a date though. By the afternoon shift everyone in the hospital knew about it because of Jimmy.

[Part 1] [Part 2][Part 3][Part 3 Bonus][Part 4]


firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer

I can’t stop thinking about how the trailer was more literal then we originally thought. Like it’s set up to tell you exactly what’s going to happen but you have to piece it together with the clips. Like: 

Evak. In the trailer, Even is bleeding and hurt and Isak is there for him, providing unyielding support and love. So far in the clips, we don’t see Even hurt (thankfully) but the boys have moved in together and we get to see Isak completely open in his affection and adoration for Even. 

Social Media. In the trailer, Even gets hit by Chris’ phone on her selfie stick. I saw a post here explain that it could mean Even being hurt by social media. That blew my mind! Especially when I recently saw another post mentioning one of Vildes text from season 3. Even apparently wrote things on the school facebook. So definitely him being hurt by that. But in relation to Season 4 and the recent clips we have two interesting things:

  • The Balloon Squad’s Youtube page (lets not forget Mikael’s love for filming)
  • And in the trailer, Chris and Eva are attempting a selfie before Eva falls and the selfie stick hits Even. I find nothing a coincidence on skam so I thought it was interesting that the jacket Chris is wearing in the trailer, she’s wearing in her recent IG post with…Eva. 

Eva and Chris being Party Girls. In the trailer, Chris is happily getting ready to take a selfie with Eva who is also happily walking towards her, drink in hand. I’m not sure if there is any more depth to this but it’s clear in the trailer that the girls are closer. In the clips we don’t really see that but in the group chat and said IG photo above, they both seem to be on the same page about drinking and partying and generally being a little wild. 

Vilde in Contrast. This I only really noticed after today’s gym clip. In the trailer, Vilde looks absolutely fabulous. That is to say, she is dressed to the nines. Her hair perfectly done as well as her make up being full on, even fake lashes. She has a perfect pink party dress and pearls. (which i know people are saying symbolize purity. I don’t negate that at all! but i also think it means sophistication. pearls are also associated with wealth and class) She seems angry or annoyed in the trailer as well. (though that could just be noora falling on her) In the clips though, shes been happy and vibrant, more calm then we are used to seeing and has a very relaxed look. I don’t think we’ve seen her with make up on at all and her hair was gloriously messy in its waves today. She also has nice comfy clothes like jeans and sweaters. I’m curious what this contrast means, is she pretending to be something shes not? and if so which version is he fake one?

“It will always be me and William.” In the trailer Noora is wearing her sensible standard Noora outfit in sensible shoes but as she pulls away from Vilde we see absolutely shock on her face and happiness at seeing Vilde. I’m not saying lesbians (i am) but I think Noora gets herself in a situation she didn’t see coming and somehow gets Vilde involved with it. In the clips, it does look like the two girls will be linked together, as Vilde has made it her mission to hook Noora up with someone so she isn’t moping around. (the moping we have also seen in the clips). Also that line she says at the end of clip 1, that it will always be her and William? It feels vaguely threatening. It would not be so tense a phrase if it weren’t for the tea whistle in the background giving the scene a sense of urgency and the sharp cut ending of the clip. Possibly, Noora does something rash and ends up needing Vilde’s support. (unhappy support)

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood. Coming up on the end of the trailer, We see that Sana tripped Noora after seeing her coming that way. We also see Sana slowly smirk while looking into the camera. She’s our Main so clearly we see her setting off the chain of events in the trailer. What I found interesting though is that before we see her stick her foot out, we see Noora coming forward and essentially ignoring Sana, not even glancing at her as she goes to greet Vilde. In the clips, we have already seen that Sana feels alone even with her friends, who have been ignoring her without really realizing. We also know that it’s Vilde’s idea to hook Noora up with one of the boys from Balloon Squad. That could lead to some jealousy i think. Her smirk I think is just her signature look and what is more important to note is that in the trailer as well as in the clips, it seems like a facade? Like shes protecting herself. What ever the case, She sets things in motion I believe unintentionally and will likely get blamed for it. 

Those are my thoughts so far, I’m curious to hear theories from everyone!

omfgo like. i went to a 4/20 party yda and got talking to the prettiest babe and she shared a lot of hair tips with me but we didn’t talk for long cuz i had the munchies and left to get pizza

turns out we didn’t even get each other’s names/numbers but somehow?? she??? sent me a fb request???? like,,,,how the shit did she find me???????? was i the victim of light-stalking,,,,is she like,,,,,,,,interested??????


Page 11-13 / Chapter 4 / first - previous - next (coming 2017)

in which Snas gets slammed and the artist has no excuse for this part being so short other than: im so sorry, im so lazy and i procrastinate a lot

FiNaGLC belongs to @unrestedjade


reunion falls- sock opera (part 2) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4)

sorry for the wait on this one, it has been a busy month for me and ive had to be working on this on and off for all of it! but it’s been a lot of fun and im excited to draw even more

next time: demonic possession