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The deadly fight: part one

a/n you caught seb cheating in an attempt to get away from him you just start driving but you get into a car accident that turns out to be fatal 

Warnings: Swearing,cheating,death,angst I am so sorry i wrote this this broke my heart i may post the finale part in the next few days please send in request for imagines! i’m running out of ideas and  feedback would be nice thanks mates-Kenny 

 You walked through yours and Sebs house you were so happy to be home. You were away in London to shoot a new movie, They let you go home early to see your fiance Seb.                                                                                  As you walked up to your room hoping he would be in there you quickly realized something was wrong you saw a trail of women’s and men’s clothing leading to your room. Your heart sank  but you tried to think of a reason as to why women’s clothing was everywhere, You walked up to the doors of the master bedroom you put your ears up to the door to hear if any unwanted guest where in there. As you listened you heard a woman moaning Sebs name as your heart sank even more you listened  some more to hear him moaning her name.     You were frozen and heartbroken this couldn’t be he promised he loved you he always told you you were the love of his life but he was cheating?????

You quickly swung open the door to show your fiance having sex with some slut you didn’t know, You gasped as he quickly pulled off of her covered him self and her he rolled over to make eye contact with you broken teary eyes.”Y/N! Its not what you think.” He quickly shouted as he made eye contact with you. 

You didn’t want this to be happening, The woman looked just as surprised as Seb did you started to talk very fast its what you did when you were upset. You quickly but loudly said “ Really because it looks like you are fucking another woman in  our bed I hope she was wroth it Seb really I do because were through.”  His heart shattered you ran out of the room and quickly made your way to your car to get away from it all, You heard him calling after you, you made it to your car you took a moment to let out your held in sobs.                    You locked the doors and sobbed for a moment  when you looked to your left you saw him standing right beside your car with a dark blue robe on tears in his eyes, He was trying to talk to you you just rolled your eyes and put your seat belt on you rolled down your window to say one finale thing “I will be back to collect my stuff tomorrow.” You said in a cold tone he looked at you and said “Y/N I am so so so sorry please comeback I messed up” you  scoffed before you rolled your window up you yelled a loud “Fuck off” than drove away. 

As you were driving you made a mental note that it was a Friday night drunk drivers where out you needed to be extra safe .                                           As you pulled up to a red light you got carried away in your thoughts of what just happened. As you were thinking a truck rammed into your car causing you to shoot forwards hitting your head very hard as you blacked out all you could think of whats coming next? were you going to die? the blood slowly started to pool around you.

I hope you liked it!  i would love some feedback and my requests are open please send some in i’m begging ya I am slowly running  out of ideas i will write any request for the flowing fandoms  Harry Potter, Avengers, Sherlock (BBC) SPN Gotham and suicide squad and any of the actors out of these fandoms 


Imagine Request by Anon: Hey can you make a one shot where Jared ask the reader to marry him please ?

Your name: submit What is this?

Author’s P.O.V.

There weren’t that many things which made Jared nervous. But proposing to the woman he loved, was definitely one of them. You two had been a couple for about 3 years now and Jared knew that you were the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

You had been away for a week, visiting a friend, who unfortunately lived half way across the country, so you hardly so each other. Luckily you had a job that allowed you to work from home on your laptop, which you could take with you. You had had a great time at your friends but really missed your boyfriend. So, you were glad to be coming back home today. Jared texted you, saying that he sadly couldn’t pick you up at the airport because there had been a few problems at the studio. You understood, and called yourself a cab to home. It had already been late when your plane landed but now it was completely dark outside.
You entered your house and just dropped your baggage right then and there. Kicking of your shoes, you called for Jared. Silently hoping that whatever held him up before was now resolved and he might be home. No answer came. You walked into the kitchen to make yourself some dinner, when something caught your attention. There was an envelope with your name on it stuck to the fridge. You opened it and read ‘Y/N, welcome home. You have no idea how much I missed you. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up at the airport but I still had to prepare a few things before your arrival.’ Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion ‘don’t worry, you’ll understand soon in enough. Please make your way outside into our garden, there’s something waiting for you. Or someone, who knows.’ You smiled and put the letter down, immediately heading towards your garden. Before you even stepped outside you could see that someone had hung up fairy lights in various colors. You walked outside and now you were able to hear music. You recognized it, it was your favorite song.
“So, what do you think?”, said a very familiar voice coming from behind you. You turn around and see Jared standing there, all dressed up in a suit. You can’t help but smile widely. “This is beautiful. You really missed me that much, huh?”, you wink at him. He steps closer to you, your faces only inches from each other. “I did.”, he bends down and kisses you softly. “I missed you, too.”, you half whisper. He puts his hands on your hips and slowly starts swaying to the rhythm of the music. In return, you wrap your arms around his neck, rest your head against his chest and start moving with him. You don’t know how long you were dancing until Jared finally speaks up “There is one more thing.” You lift you head off his chest and look at him “Yeah, and what’s that?”. He lets go of your hips and goes down on one knee. “Y/N Y/L/N, from the moment I met you, you took my breath away. I love you so much and I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming Mrs. Leto?”. For a moment, there was complete silence. Tears started to form in your eyes, then you nodded. Jared stood back up. “Love, I know this might come as a surprise but I really need you to say it out loud.”. You laughed, “Yes, I mean yes of course I’ll marry you.”. Jared let out a relieved sigh. He pulls out a ring out of his pocket “May I?”, you nod again. He takes your hand and puts the ring on your finger.
Finally, he kisses you. A kiss filled with passion and love.

anonymous asked:

Hii, I'm here to help, tho I'm not sure I can 😅 I have a few asks for you: - What's your favourite place in your house, and why? - What do you do on cold winter days when you're free? - Is it as hot at where you live as here? ( It's over 30 °C !!!) How can you take this crazy summer temprature?? - What's your favourite dish? Can you make it? I f yes, you should! Eating my favorites always makes me feel better :3 I hope you are feeling better bit by bit.

aah, thank you so much, anon, both for offering me a distraction and for sending me such a sweet message!! ( ; ω ; ) please know that you did help, and im really grateful for it!! im sending you a huge virtual hug ❤

moving on to your questions!!

- y'all are gonna make fun of me now, but…….my favorite part of the house has always been the bathroom;;;;; growing up with an older brother and an older sister, i always had to share my bedroom with one of them, so i never felt completely at peace in there, and even now that im back living in my parents’ house and i have the room all for myself, it still doesn’t feel like it’s mine. i mean, it’s not like i’ve ever had a private bathroom or anything like that, but when there when i was a child and there were fights in my house, that’s where i usually hid, and then growing up it just became the place where no one would bother me while i was there, so a lot of times i went to the bathroom to just sit inside the bathtub and study;;;;; also, even if i changed house three times in my life, in each of them the bathroom was the one room that was warm in winter and cool in summer, so they have always been a blessing to me;;;;;;;

- cold winter days are one of my favorite kinds of weather tbh, especially because when i have some free time i can curl up in my favorite corner of the couch, with a warm blanket wrapped around myself and a hot cup of tea in my hands!! my favorite thing to do in those moments is either read a book or watch a movie!!

- it is extremely hot where i am as well and I. ABSOLUTELY. HATE IT. we reached 38°C outside today, and when i woke up this morning there were 30°C inside the house, i was HORRIFIED. i know hate is a strong word, but i really can’t stand hot temperatures: no matter how many showers i take, i always feel so disgusting during summer, and my body doesn’t handle the heat very well, so i end up with lots of headaches and extremely low blood pressure, I CAN’T TAKE IT (which is one of the reasons why im often in the bathroom when im home, it’s the only cool place in the house)

- im gonna be the classic italian stereotype right now and say that my favorite dishes are pasta and pizza, and i can make both of them!! i already have a huge bowl of pasta salad (im not sure if that’s how is it called in english??) in the fridge ready for dinner, actually, that’s basically all i eat in summer, because i can’t bring myself to eat anything hot!! thank you for the advice!!