i read someone in the tags, mentioning libra’s ponytail on my last fanart and it made me want to draw different hairstyles for libra hehe (blank meme here)

can you guess who styled each of these hairstyles?? if not, just click on the read more o/ (or simply just click on it)

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Happy (LATE) Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation Day!~

In honor of that day, I have decided to make a list of my favorite blogs (whether I follow them or not) to help celebrate today!~ This is going down alphabetically.. Kekekeke..

Bolded = mutuals!~ 

beautifykpop - Wooooow! Their stories are amazing and literally one of my faves. T____T So many Baekhyun scenarios, they kill me, and they should definitely be recognized more!

bias-and-you - I fell in love with their account. Not only do they are their scenarios top notch, amazing, and basically life ruining, but they also do ships, and everything is so high quality.. T____T

btsoneshots - My precious ice cream cake Vinye, not only is she one of the sweetest people I’ve met on here (hence her nickname) but her stories (ANGST ANGST ANGST) will absolutely murder you with feels. WARNING - It will hurt you, I swear. SHE IS THE ICE CREAM CAKE. Aka, sweet enough to give you cavities <3

bycupofchoco - She doesn’t post very much, but when she does, it will be an absolute masterpiece <3 

cnsarangkiseu - Where do I start? She’s ABSOLUTELY *cringes* I’m speechless, I can’t even begin with her as a person (she’s so sweet, I might die) and her stories are so good, I might go crazy (literally, I spazz everytime)! Go check her out!~ SHE IS MY SAVIOR.

eatyourkimtaehyung - My dear Katie Cutie (for real), ships and scenarios made just for you!~ Expect lots of multifandom posts, kekekeke, please love her! <3 She’s a precious bomb girl too XD

exobtsimagination - We don’t talk much, I basically am on cloud 9 at her reactions, and scenarios (bonus: ships!) and I’m even surprised that she even follows me (on my personal at least) SHE IS SO SWEET, I see her talking to her followers, and her skills are beyond myself. 

exoticarmy127 - You have to have heard of her, heck, she is the queen of fanfiction, there is NO kidding about that. If you haven’t heard of her, GO CHECK HER OUT ASAP, like, how can you not have heard of her. *fangirling*

exo-and-you - She hasn’t updated in quite a long time now, but nonetheless, her scenarios are absolutely mindblowing, I swear, YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT! I will be patiently waiting for her return (if she does) 

fabuleuxfangirl - Although this blog is no longer active, the old scenarios just absolutely wreck me, so you HAVE to check it out and read some of their old fics!~

g-o-t-7scenarios - Brande is quite new to scenarios, yet has gained LOTS of attention over her scenarios, so not only is she an absolute darling, she has heck of a lot skills that will make you crazy.

got7-scenarios - One of the ultimate GOT7 scenarios blog out there. Just.. If you stan GOT7, you have to have read something from them, I SWEAR. Drabbles, scenarios, reactions, etc, the ultimate.

heungtanbts - I just recently followed her, and let me tell you something, not only is her blog 110% amazing (and have you seen her!?), her stories will show you another level of feels. T___T

igot-scenarios - KAYLAAAA~ Model material, not to mention scenarios that will make you question your existence, seriously. I MEAN, SHE CONVERSES WITH GOT7 COUNTLESS TIMES, IS SUPER PRETTY, and writes amazing scenarios (inspired me to make an account kekekeke) I’m lucky to be acknowledged by her..

igotsevenscenarios - Sara is the ultimate Park Jinyoung stanner, not to mention a total darling I might have to donate a garden/theme park/something to her. AND HER SCENARIOS WILL BE ON THE TOP OF YOUR LIST.

jacksonwangker- Dididididididi, where do I start? She is an angel descended from heaven, with her gorgeous looks and killer personality, not to mention her scenarios gimme life. And she does ships too!~

kbeatzscenarios - The Sunbae-nim~ Her scenarios leave me wanting more and her entire existence is mindblowing. Her reactions are so ahdhjkksh, her scenarios are amazing, and her as a person will make you question if she actually is human..

kiki-thinks-babbles - Her scenarios and reactions are loveeee!~ Go check her out!~

kpopbiased-scenarios - Ran by my cinnamon roll Summer, kekekeke, slow, yet her scenarios will make you repeat it and will make the wait totally worth it!~

markerifics - I don’t read much by her, but I still love her scenarios, for real. Go check them out, I swear!~ She comes up with so many good plots, and makes reality even better!

myexoticfeels - Her stories. Give. Me. Life. Where do I even start, omg, some of them hurt so much, and the rest give me so many feels, my heart hurts from EXO!

sarangscenario - Ran by my dearest Sarang-Unnie!~ She makes so many creative stories, some that I’m jealous about, and her stories are literally the sweetest (just like her) She makes roleplayish scenarios, and I CURRENTLY AM DYING FROM THEM. I overdosed on sarang <3 She’s too sweet T____T

scenarioslovers - My first sunbae, gosh, she leaves me speechless.. I don’t know where to start, the thought of her makes my mind dizzy (in a good way!) She makes the most amazing scenarios out there, not to mention she’s a sweetheart!

sexuality-bangtan - I literally, I know one of the admins: Admin Blxnktae, and their account is literally one of the best BTS scenario/reaction/ships on out there! I love when they do their ships (very detailed) and also when their scenarios, GIVE ME LIFE. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! I love you all

soul-scenarios - One of the best scenarios blogs out there, amazing scenarios. I really don’t know what else to say, except I idiolize them alot.. I’m very sorry for the previous things that had happened also.

whisperedscenarios - One of the first fanfiction writers that made me inspired to write scenarios, thank you very much! Sarah (if I’m allowed to address you by your first name) is literally a bomb goddess, the role model, and her scenarios will either make you cringe or cry. I don’t know if I should continue, but.. Just. Yes.

I KNOW I’M LIKE WEEKS LATE! AND I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE, but these are some of my favorite writers out there and I just want to thank them all for being on here and in my life on Tumblr!~ <3

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WHAT I NEED: PART EIGHT (A Johnny Gaudreau Fanfic)


SUMMARY: A five day camping trip for exes Ava and Johnny is bound to be everything they don’t want but exactly what they need.

A/N: Hey guys, I hope everyone’s doing well and recovering from last chapter because this going to hurt way more. So the chapter is quite dramatic and intense, hopefully you guys take it well. I had a lot of fun writing (mostly because I’m evil) and I can’t wait for you guys to read it. Just know that everything happens for a reason and all will be resolved soon. So enjoy, let me know what you think, drop by if you have any questions or you just wanna chat, I’m always happy too. Also, good luck to anyone starting school tomorrow, may this school year be everything that you want it to be and more! And as always, I love you guys 😘

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