• jungkook: yugyeom and i are close
  • jimin: yeah like us
  • jungkook: and im inviting him to do bowling too
  • jimin: mhm
  • jungkook: and we might go bowling soon
  • jimin: yeah like how we did back in osaka
  • jungkook: we hugged too
  • jimin: yeah like we always do
  • jungkook: hYUNG WHY ARE YOU NOT THREATENED am i the only one who's threatened here oh my god ive been talking to yugyeom and i talked about yugyeom on my broadcast saying i invited him to bowling aka something i havent done to u in a while why are u not even jealous like one bit gosh do u know how hard is it for me to watch you breathe next to taemin-sunbaenim i-

Arthit: Kong likes to drink iced coffee and hes the type that likes to wake up very early. When he wakes up he likes to eat soy milk and patongkoh, he likes to eat the same things all the time. he likes to eat really bland food. he cant eat spicy food, when he orders food he likes to order egg omelet with ground pork. Noodles with meatball in soup, he eats very bland food without any flavours. even though he can make this stuff himself, but hes always burning it … even fried eggs. he’s such a prince♡… and about getting dressed, hes so slow at getting ready. hes spot on from head to toe. And when he goes out he never goes anywhere alone he always brings his friends along with him. he probably loves his friends a lot. he likes to act like a hero, he is always protecting his friends in the cheer room. he loves to get on my nerves♡. 

Also Arthit: I don’t have feelings for kong.

EXO Theory Pt. 3 - MAMA 2016

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 2 - It’s all a dream..

I know, I take a long ass time to update these, but tbh I’ve been very busy. However, watching the new MV and the VCR for MAMA 2016 has been making me think a lot more about this stupid overarching plot that EXO seem to be showing through their MVs. I hate them tbh… =/

Anyway, the order of the MVs with new things included (imo) go as such:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - MAMA 2016 VCR - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You - MAMA 2016 Performance.

(Note: I moved Pathcodes/Call Me Baby from after Love Me Right to before Monster because I slightly changed my mind over something I haven’t actually covered in these theory posts yet. It also fits better here with revisions concerning the new stuff!)

So, I’m sure a lot of people have theories about the MAMA stuff because it was confusing and definitely story oriented. I’ve split the VCR and performance stuff (collars and ending lights going out) up as I think they’re separate. I’ll explain why!

Anyway, let’s start with the VCR. For me, the VCR is set very early on in the story. The reason I think this is because of the setting and what happens. First thing I noticed watching the VCR were the chess pieces and trees in the background:

The chess pieces have 2 possible interpretations imo. Either 1) they represent that the members are mere pieces in a larger game or 2) because the chess pieces are white and the people (inc. EXO) are in black, that they are in opposition to the forces at play. Personally, I would suggest it’s a bit of both. The trees, I’m not entirely sure what they exactly represent, but trees are a significant piece in EXO’s storyline so I would think they have some link to the Tree of Life perhaps - or at least are a visual representation of something linking the two.

Next, the guy with the red eye goes through the thing and doesn’t get a collar. The red eye I would think is very obviously eluding to the Red Forces, so it seems like they don’t need a collar. The next person to go through is deemed human and does get a red collar. And the checker writes a character under the ‘Human’ tab: 正 which (if Google translate is correct) means ‘positive’. 

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y'all… i have… a confession… to make… plz don’t… kill me…. listen okay. listen. first let me start by saying… that lukas is not gonna die… tyler and james would not do us so dirty so… he’s gonna be fine… now… for the confession… listen, i’m… i’m glad that lukas got shot… okay for three reasons… the first reason is this will prob lead to philip confessing he was also at the cabin and he can identify ryan plz choke kane. reason number two is ppl will know about philkas. reason number three and this is tbh the main one, is that i live for angst and specifically hospital angst so i’m gonna fucking love next episode unconscious confessions and begging to wake up are my drug okay… like this my shit.