keith: shiro, i think there’s something wrong with me.

shiro: what? why? what’s wrong?

keith: i think i have allergies.

shiro: allergies?

keith: yeah, i think i’m allergic… to lance.

shiro: … say what now?

keith: look, every time we’re near each other i feel all warm and sweaty and my face gets all red like i’m getting a fever. but then if he touches me i get chills. whenever he smiles my stomach feels like its flipping over. 

shiro: are you serious?

keith: yes!! i don’t know what to do, shiro! do you think this could be a galra thing?

keith: … shiro? shiro? hey! shiro, where are you going? you have to help me! shiro!!!

shiro: *briskly walking away* nope nope nope that is not my job

Persona Crossing

…I have no excuse other than being really excited about Pocket Camp. i am weak I hope you like it regardless!


  • Akira’s definitely going to be a fluffy black cat.
  • His outfit consists of his signature black glasses and his casual winter attire. stylish without trying
  • He’s the one that helps everyone get their life together while simultaneously renovating the town.
  • His house is a mix of retro, industrial, and shabby chic; it’s very welcoming and warm.
  • Everyone visits his house so often that they may as well live there.
  • If you snoop around a bit you’ll find his man-cave with so many plushies of Jack Frost and cool little trinkets from his friends (there’s a pool table too).
  • He runs around T&T Mart just so Timmy / Tommy will chase after him. he even giggles while doing it
  • As soon as the monocle was available in Label’s shop, he bought it.
  • He and his friends go to sing karaoke at the club every Saturday night.
  • K.K. almost retired because Akira showed him up once.
  • If he sees Blathers sleeping, Akira will put a blanket around him because it gets cold in the museum. 


  • Ryuji would be a dog, no doubt.
  • More specifically, a golden Shiba with floppy ears. so cute
  • Band-aids are his accessories and cool t-shirts / tank tops are his wardrobe.
  • His catch-phrase is probably ‘bro’, ‘dude’ or ‘man’.
  • “if you were a god you’d be broseiden”
  • His house is the gym.
  • Actually, his house is pretty average-looking since he spends most of his time outside; therefore, he doesn’t worry about decorating.
  • He isn’t opposed to plastering a few posters on his walls, though.
  • He also has a weakness for vintage novelties, so expect his house to have a jukebox, record player, popcorn-maker, and even a pinball machine. there’s a disco ball too
  • A fishing rod is his item of choice and he accidentally tramples flowers on his jogs.
  • He always gets stuck in the pitfalls, and it’s always Akechi that finds him. akechi is obnoxiously smug about it too


  • Ann is going to be a blonde panther. although i considered a bunny with droopy ears
  • She’s the villager that gives Akira all the stylish clothes. bless her
  • The entire shopping plaza is her house because she spends most of her time there.
  • Her real house has a slightly bohemian style, and upbeat music is constantly playing from her speakers.
  • Gracie has definitely hired her for numerous high-fashion modelling jobs.
  • Ann added a patisserie to the public works project list and she’ll drop hints until Akira finally decides to have it built.
  • Occasionally, she’ll join Ryuji on his nightly jogs; when they get tired they’ll just sit along the beach’s cliff-side and chat while the night breeze cools them down.
  • Due to her popularity, a lot of people visit town to see her, and Akira eventually builds a hotel because of it; meanwhile, Makoto will try to regulate the number of visitors so Ann doesn’t feel overwhelmed. they are good friends


  • he has to be redd
  • Really though, Yusuke is definitely a fox.
  • His house has an art-deco style interior, of course.
  • He’s the villager that’s ALWAYS losing their stuff.
  • Additionally, he’s the villager that’s genuinely happy to receive a fish as a gift. a treasure
  • It rains every time he shows up to the fireworks festival, so Akira has Futaba create water-proof fireworks so Yusuke can enjoy them too. 
  • Yusuke visits Celeste constantly because he loves using the telescope to stargaze and she always gives him interesting, random space trivia.
  • He calls Crazy Redd out for fraud every time he visits, and Redd hates him because he can tell which artifact is genuine at a glance.
  • Needless to say, Yusuke is the top contributor for the museum’s art exhibit.
  • When he walked out of Shampoodle with a fluffy pink afro everyone was so confused until he explained that he lost a bet.
  • He actually ended up really liking the hairstyle and he kept it until the color faded.


  • Makoto would probably be a doe.
  • She’s the one keeping the town running while Akira socializes and sells his soul for Bells. she’s literally isabel
  • Her house is very contemporary and sleek.
  • Her entire house is spotless, especially the room where she keeps her collection of motorcycles. they are her babies
  • Speaking of which, Ryuji begs her to teach him how to ride a motorcycle until she gives in.
  • Then everyone wants to learn how to ride, so she ends up teaching all of them.
  • Makoto is the police commissioner of the region, and she will join Yusuke in reprimanding Crazy Redd. why does he keep visiting smh
  • If she ever catches Booker recklessly giving away lost-and-found items, he will not see the light of day ever again.


  • Futaba is totally going to be a frog.
  • She is always finding new and innovative ways to irritate Mr. Resetti; Akira has to pretend to chastise her about it, but he’ll high five her as soon as Mr. Resetti leaves. she’s doing god’s work
  • She typically wears her signature black glasses along with graphic tees; sometimes she’ll wear a cute bow on her head. 
  • The inside of her house looks like it got ransacked by a tornado, so Akira sends a housekeeper there once a week.
  • She uses gyroids to decorate.
  • Futaba works as the town’s researcher, although she’ll occasionally accept cybersecurity jobs from the Resetti Surveillance Center.
  • She never goes outside during winter (unless there’s a bonfire).
  • Sometimes Ryuji will visit her to play video games and eat ramen all day.
  • Yusuke will knock on the door as soon as he gets a whiff of the ramen, and he looks so hopeful that Futaba can’t bring herself to kick him out. she won’t hesitate to murder him at video games tho


  • she is reese
  • Haru has to be a sheep, and she always wears dresses (except when she’s gardening).
  • Her house has a modern French style interior, and she definitely has a gramophone that plays K.K. Etude.
  • She’s the adorable villager that CAN NOT leave the town no matter what.
  • She waters and plants the flowers with Leif to make the town more lively.
  • Although, someone has been trampling them a lot lately… don’t let her catch you ryuji
  • Haru invites everyone to her cafe on weekends for coffee and sweets.
  • She donates the most to public works projects so that Akira doesn’t end up paying for all of it. the guardian angel of the town
  • She squeaks with joy every time someone gives her a perfect fruit.
  • Brewster actually works for her as a barista, and the two get along pretty well.
  • She and Ann love to visit Katrina because her fortunes for them are extremely accurate.

        BONUS ROUND - Akechi:

        • he’s the fish that actually turns out to be a piece of trash
        • Akechi is going to be a raven, although a mouse would suit him just as well. so akira can toy with him
        • His house has a secret room that’s casino-themed, but the rest of it is pretty traditional.
        • Akechi will occasionally peek in Ryuji’s house and marvel at it because he also loves vintage novelties.
        • He’s the villager that's secretly excited to see Akira when he finally shows up after months / years of being MIA.
        • Akechi takes forever to drink a cup of coffee and it drives Brewster insane.
        • In addition to Ann, visitors come to town because of Akechi.
        • Being a detective, he frequently works with Makoto, and the two have intellectual discussions over a cup of coffee after a hard day of work. they’re actually pretty close
        • Even though he doesn’t like bugs, he’ll still help Futaba catch them for her research.
        • He’s the villager that’s always down to hang out, and he always collects the most badges from Phineas; he is secretly very proud of his collection.


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