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One of my newer OCs; Robin !

They ran away from Octo Valley almost a year ago and lost their arm during their time there. They’re an exceptional mechanic and dabble in electrical engineering as well, but tend to stick to mechanic work. They’re still learning the Inkling language and aren’t so confident, so they don’t talk much. They’re currently working with Cordelle (@squendigo) at her shop after she found them working with a sketchy guy who was taking advantage of them.

Oh, they also really love green tea boba! 💚

I made a thing for you! :D I wanted to say that your comic is amazing, your art is wonderful and inspirational! And you should be proud! ^w^

amber: OH MY GOSH thank you!! Wow this looks amazing, this is so epic!! I love it! :D

oblivious (part 2)

a/n: some people seemed to want a part 2 and i’d never let you babes down! also this is really bad im actually sorry like seriously lmao oh and these series aren’t just going to be fluff and all that i already planned this all out so enoy!

pairing: chris schistad x reader

word count: 1.1k

warnings: making out and such

You hadn’t talked to Jonas since the night of the party and honestly you were feeling slightly guilty, you knew he had no right to pull you away from Chris like that but he was just being protective so here you were looking as lost as ever walking around the school grounds looking for him. 

That’s when you bumped into Chris, you smiled up at him and you were about to greet him when he rolled his eyes and walked off making sure to hit you hard in the shoulder on the way. Honestly you were quite hurt by his actions but thought nothing of it as you thought he maybe just had a rough day or something like that. 

You finally saw Jonas and ran over to him grabbing his wrist so he wouldn’t walk off like he did before “What the hell is your problem” you growled keeping your voice down as there were tons of other students there and the last thing you wanted was to make a scene “my problem!? You can’t be serious right now (y/n)” he laughed before yanking your arm off of him “you’ve been ignoring me all day, what’s going on?”  You asked crossing your arms over your chest whilst raising your eyebrows in a questioning manner 

“What’s going on is that you choose Chris over me, shit (y/n) we’ve been best friends forever and I know exactly what’s going to happen between the two of you he’s going to break your heart and than you’re going to be coming crying to me and I can’t deal with that right now, do you know how much it hurts me to see you hurt!? And that’s exactly what he’s going to do to you hurt you. Guys like that don’t change and you know it just as well as I do” you were shocked to say the least you had no idea he felt this way. You knew that some of the stuff he was saying was a 100% true but you were ready to give Chris a chance, even though it might end up with heartbreak, tears and ice cream. 

“I’m sorry Jonas but I do believe he can change I mean I don’t know if he even likes me or not” You sighed, Jonas rubbed his hands over his face before wrapping his arms around you as to pull you into a hug “I just don’t want to see you get hurt” he sighed whilst stroking your hair “you don’t have to worry about that it’ll be fine I promise” you smiled squeezing his waist and burying your head even further down into his neck. 

You let go off him smiling up at him before walking off happy that you made up with your best friend. Later that night you got a text from Chris asking if you wanted to come over and of course you replied yes making sure to put a few heart emojis at the end of the message. You arrived at Chris’s apartment knocking on the door nervously biting your nails a habit you had gotten from your mother that you hated with a passion. Soon the door swung open revealing a very shirtless Chris. 

Your cheeks burned a deep shade of red as you let your eyes travel down his abs “like what you see ey?” He laughed grabbing your wrist pulling you up against his chest, you chuckled, lightly pushing him back causing him to slam your back against the door whilst attaching his lips to your neck. 

You moaned as he bit the sensitive skin right under neath your ear earning a smirk from him he then wrapped his arms around your thighs whispering “jump” into your ear, you did as he said and wrapped your legs around his waist. He connected his lips to yours before he slightly backed away from the door never breaking the kiss as he walked you into his bedroom slamming the door with his foot. 

You woke up the next morning with Chris’s arms tightly wrapped around your naked body. You smiled admiring his beautiful features before you very carefully removed his arms from around you so you could go get a t-shirt but as soon as you stood up he grabbed your hand pulling you back to him before mumbling “where are you going” earning a slight chuckle from your lips “just gonna get a shirt” you said again trying to remove his arms from around you but he wouldn’t budge “chriiiiisss let goooo” you whined feeling your heart melt at the adorable boy in front of you “fine you can go get a shirt but then your coming back or else” you smiled kissing his nose, before grabbing the sheets and wrapping them around your naked figure. 

 You walked over to Chris’s wardrobe and grabbed one of his white shirts pulling it over your head dropping the sheets in the progress “come back now” he smiled looking up at you, but you just gave him the finger (ya know Noora style) before walking out of the bedroom to go and make breakfast “your such a tease (y/n)!” You heard Chris’s raspy voice yell from upstairs. You laughed looking around Chris’s kitchen in search for anything to eat but of course you found nothing 

You frowned but it was replaced by a warm smile as you felt Chris’s arms wrap around your waist “why don’t you have any food?” You asked turning around laughing slightly at his messy hair “I don’t know” he shrugged lifting you up onto the kitchen counter connecting his lips to yours.

You smiled into the kiss wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him even closer to your body “Lets go back to bed” he whined pulling you back off the counter “no" 

“Why not” he asked frowning in the progress “because we have school in an hour” you said enjoying the shocked expression on his face as he looked at the clock above his fridge “it’s 8 am what the hell!?” He yelled, You raised your eyebrows removing his arms for your waist so you could take another look into his fridge but to your disappointment there was nothing there “well I guess I’m going to have to start getting ready than”

“Wait I don’t have any off my stuff, damn I can’t wear the same clothes I did yesterday.. can you drive me home?” You asked slamming the fridge shut turning your attention back to Chris “no you can just wear something of mine to school” he smirked 

“Shut the hell up”

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pxcifrisktic  asked:

They take his hand to display the bear that's lovingly been propped beside a toychest with smaller stuffed monsters. In front of the bear is a number of pink and red pieces of paper. All Valentine's addressed to the child. They tell him what it is, "My fanmail."

 ( he’s touched to even discover frisk made an effort to bring that bear and make it part of their room )

       when brought into the bedroom, mettaton sits himself at the foot of frisk’s bed, observing the pieces of paper that frisk eagerly wanted to show him. he doesn’t understand, at first, and has to look at the child quizzically. “ my fanmail. ”  the very words touch his SOUL  in such a way – immediately, he’s taken aback – and it shows. his eye widens at what he’s heard, frozen, before looking back to the pieces of paper. where did they get all of this ?? all of that was just from one day?

                                                                  ‘  well, well, well …  ’

        he was silent, at first. that was before dark lips spread across his face, forming into a smile.

             ‘  if i didn’t know any better, honey, i’d say there’s a pretty good chance you might be a little more popular than me.~  ’  loads of people adored frisk. he knew so. he couldn’t blame them for having fans ( even he’s guilty of being a fan, himself ). they were a piece of work. admirable.

                              ‘  i guess this means you’re for sure superstar material, hmm ??  
                                                                                       just like him.