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If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

@oquiznakitznary @spacedorksandlions this is the thing I was talking about HAHAHAHA 

this is still a rough WIP btw 

This is your daily PSA to listen to the following podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale, Wolf 359, Our Fair City, The Penumbra Podcast, Wolf 359, ars PARADOXICA, Tanis, Wolf 359,The Penumbra Podcast, The Black Tapes, Wolf 359, Wolf 359, The Penumbra Podcast, Wolf 359, Wolf 359, Sayer, and finally, Wolf 359. Thank you for reading this PSA. All these podcasts are available on their respective websites and iTunes.

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(Victory Tour vs. Brazil, 10/25/15) PHOTOCRED: @home–town !!!!!

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omg I’m getting so impatient waiting for new andi mack episodes bc I can FEEL cyrus’s sexuality arc coming and it’s progressing really slow which is good I guess?? but I just know it’s gonna be so great having a canon gay character and i can’t wait. I’m almost sure it’s gonna happen in season one bc of that one promo (‘do you like andi?’) and I feel like THAT will be the episode where he’s no i like jonah.

whiskey in the netherlands ; espresso in france ; hot chocolate at midnight 

for @apprenticedmagician‘s spy au

Andrew glared and pressed a knife to Abram’s thigh in one quick move. “I am nobody’s answer.”

Abram pushed on, “Kevin’s Queensguard has all the pieces but he’s no match for Riko as a mastermind. You? You’ve already outsmarted Riko a dozen times over, toying with him on this wild goose chase. But Riko’s gonna tire of playing the game by your rules and when he sends Drake for you and discovers the truth, there will be nothing you can do to protect your brother.”

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Omg yes Jin ain't my bias but at the same time he is lmao I'm excited to read iiitttt

this is why i cant bias cus i could write essays about why i love all of them honestly 

but yes i just completed the first chapter, someone pry all these aus from me,,

what we’ve got is gold (chapter one)
fiore/deblanc, m, 4.1k
deblanc buys tea for a stranger in a cafe. things go from there.

He’s got writer’s block.

It’s a pain, is what it is. It’s hours worth of sitting in front of his laptop, tapping a pen up and down and up and down on his notepad over and over again while sunlight pours in through the windows, and coming up with absolutely nothing. DeBlanc’s got the first couple of chapters down, but as his editor likes to remind him over and over again, deadlines aren’t going to go away just because you can’t come up with anything. He’s half expecting her to call any second, harried and furious.

His desk is pressed up against the window, which is nice enough sometimes, but right now it’s leading to him staring past the curtains, watching as mothers walk by with their strollers, as birds chirp in the trees and leaves flutter happily in the light wind. It looks quite nice out; maybe going outside and taking in some fresh air would be good for him. Maybe he might catch some inspiration on the breeze.

He ends up not moving at all, but it’s a nice enough thought.

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