im sobbing ugly tears

coffee-cow  asked:

so, i saw that post about ace and alfred and bruce and i had the biggest sobbing fit. like, ugly, horrible sobbing and uncontrollable tears. im still crying pretty badly. that reminds me so much of my first dog, dash. he was dropped off in my

driveway and obviously abused, and it took so long for us to get along, and then i missed his passing due to a deployment. it still rips me up. god, i wish i could have had more time with him. or just have been around for his death, maybe helped ease his pain. :(


Dogs are so good, so pure I don’t know what we collectively did to deserve them, my first dog was very much the same, I had her from the time I was 10 till I was 23, and she was pretty clearly abused as a pup because she was terrified of everything, even us some times, hid when new people came over, really I was the one person she liked, or at least wasn’t totally scared of, she was getting to be an old lady and I thought I’d be there at the end, hold onto her, but I got a call from my dad that he was coming over and he came over and told me she’d been hit by a car, just like that, I mean I don’t even have a clear memory of the last time I saw her because why would I?